Earls of Glencairn

and Baronets




Part 1


Sir William Cunningham, of Kilmaurs, d.1396/9; m. Margaret ___


1a) Robert, d. before 1385


2a) Sir William, d.1413/5; m.1st Margaret Danielston (d.before Jul 1409); he had dispensation in 1409 to marry Mary, dau of King Robert III, but there is no evidence that the marriage took place; she had already been twice married and is known to have married again


1b) Sir Robert, of Kilmaurs; 1425 Anne Montgomery


1c) Alexander, cr 1464 Lord Kilmaurs, cr 1488 Earl of Glencairn [to him and his heirs], k.a.Sauchieburn 11 Jun 1488; m.Margaret Hepburn


1d) Robert, 2nd Earl of Glencairn, 1490; the earldom was annulled by Act of Parliament 17 Oct 1488, and he was thereafter known as Lord Kilmaurs; he m.Christian, dau of John, Lord Lindsay, and widow of John, Master of Seton


1e) Cuthbert, d.1540/1; by 1503 he was acknowledged [or created] as Earl of Glencairn, and is generally known as 3rd Earl; he m.1492 Mariot, dau of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus


1f) William, 4th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1493-Mar 1548); m.1st by 10 Jul 1509 Katharine Borthwick; m.2nd after Jan 1536 Elizabeth, Lady Crichton, ne Campbell


1g) Alexander, 5th Earl of Glencairn, d.23 Dec 1574; m.1st ca 26 Nov 1526 (div by 11 Jul 1545) Joan, dau of James Hamilton, Earl of Arran; m.2nd 1550 Janet, dau of Cunningham of Caprington (below)


[by 1st m.]:


1h) William, 6th Earl of Glencairn, d.1576/80; 24 Aug 1549 Janet Gordon (d.18 Nov 1596)


1i) James, 7th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1552-ca 1630); m.1st Perth 5 Sep 1574 Mariot Campbell (d.Jun 1610); m.2nd 1610/2 Agnes, Lady Preston, ne Hay


1j) William, 8th Earl of Glencairn, d.Oct 1631; 1609 Lady Janet Kerr


1k) William, 9th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1610-Belton, co Haddington 30 May 1664); m.1st1637 Lady Anne Ogilvy (d.Jan 1661); m.2nd Margaret (20 Feb 1617-Edinburgh 27 Jan 1665), dau of Earl of Eglinton, and widow of Earl of Tweeddale


1l) William, Lord Kilmaurs, dvp


2l) James, Lord Kilmaurs, dvp; m.1662 Lady Elizabeth Hamilton, later wife of Sir David Cuningham of Robertland, 4th Bt.


3l) Alexander, 10th Earl of Glencairn, d.26 May 1670; 1660 Nicol Stewart


1m) Margaret, d.12 May 1742; 1680 John Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale (ca 1655-13 Aug 1710); her descendants are heirs general to the Earls of Glencairn, and a case can be made that the earldom should have descended to them


4l) John, 11th Earl of Glencairn, d.14 Dec 1703; m.1st5 Aug 1673 Lady Jean Erskine (d.shortly before 1695); m.2nd ca 1695 Mrs Margaret Maxwell, ne Napier; though it is unclear whether the title should have gone to heirs general or heirs male of the grantee, he assumed the title and was so acknowledged without challenge at the time


1m) William, 12th Earl of Glencairn, d.Finlaystoun 14 Mar 1734; m.20 Nov 1704 Lady Henrietta Stewart (d.Glasgow 21 Oct 1763)


1n) John, Lord Kilmaurs, infant


2n) William, 13th Earl of Glencairn, d.Finlaystoun 9 Sep 1775; m.6 Aug 1744 Elizabeth Macguire (d.25 Jun 1801)


1o) William, Lord Kilmaurs (Houston 29 May 1748-Coventry 3 Feb 1768)


2o) James, 14th Earl of Glencairn (6 Jun 1749-30 Jan 1791)


3o) John, 15th Earl of Glencairn (May 1750-24 Sep 1796); m.23 Apr 1785 Lady Isabella Hamilton, ne Erskine (d.17 May 1824); on his death the earldom became dormant; it is unclear whether the best claim is by the heirs male, of whom many exist, or the heirs general, of the grantee


4o) Alexander (28 Jun 1754-d.young)


5o) Henrietta (Finlaystoun 23 Sep 1752-12 Mar 1801); m.1778 Sir Alexander Don, of Newton Don, 5th Bt. (d.5 Jun 1815)


6o) Elizabeth, d.6 Aug 1804


3n) John, d.Jul 1741


4n) James, infant


5n) Malcolm Fleming


6n) Alexander, d.Portobello Apr 1740 [1739, per Burke’s]


7n) Charles


8n) James (bap 25 Feb 1711-Finlaystoun 15 Jul 1739)


9n) Margaret, d.Edinburgh 29 Sep 1789; m.2 Apr 1732 Nicol Graham, of Gartmore (d.16 Nov 1775); her son inherited the Finlaystoun estates


10n) Henrietta (24 Feb 1710-Edinburgh 5 May 1774); m.20 Apr 1735 John Campbell, of Shawfield


11n) Mary


12n) Catherine


5l) Jean; m.Edinburgh 25 Apr 1661 William Boyd, Earl of Kilmarnock (d.Mar 1692)


6l) Margaret; m.1662 John Hamilton, 2nd Lord Bargeny (d.15 May 1693)


7l) Anne


8l) Elizabeth; m.William Hamilton of Orbistoun


2k) Robert; m.Anne Scot


1l) a dau


3k) Elizabeth (7 Nov 1611- ); m.Sir Ludovick Stewart


4k) Alexander (8 Apr 1613- )


5k) Jean; m.John Blair, of Blair


6k) Margaret, d.1678; m.1st David Betoun [Beaton]; m.2nd Chisholm of Cromlix


7k) Marion, d.1661; m.1st James Ogilvy, Earl of Findlater (d.1652); m.2nd Alexander, Master of Saltoun (d.Nov 1682)


8k) Anne


2j) John; m.Margaret Knox


1k) John


2k) Elizabeth; m.Sir Alexander Cuninghame, of Robertland, 3rd Bt. ( 1696)


3j) James


4j) Jean


5j) Catherine; m.Sir James Cunningham of Glengarnock


6j) Margaret; m.1st Sir James Hamilton of Evandale; ; m.2nd Sir James Maxwell, of Calderwood, Bt. (d.1622); her dau Jean Hamilton m. her stepson, Sir James Maxwell of Calderwood, Bt.


7j) Anne, d.16 Sep 1647; m.1603 James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton (1589-2 Mar 1625)


8j) Mary; m.John Crawford, of Kilbirnie


9j) Susanna; m.Sir Alexander Lauder


2i) John


1j) James


3i) William


4i) Jean; m.1st George Haldane of Gleneagles ( 1574); m.2nd Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburn


5i) Katherine; m.Robert Fergusson of Craigdarroch; note that Burke’s does not mention Katherine, and says that her sister Jean m.3rdly Robert Fergusson


6i) Margaret; m.Sir Lachlan More Maclean of Dowart (k.a.5 Aug 1598)


7i) Elizabeth; m.1st James Crawford of Auchinames; m.2nd Alexander Cunningham of Craigends


8i) Susannah; m.John Napier of Kilmahew


2h) Andrew


3h) James


4h) Margaret, d.Jun 1573; m.1st John Wallace of Craigie (d.Aug 1570); m.2nd Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Ochiltree (d.1591)


[by 2nd m.]:


5h) Alexander; m.1582 Jean Blair


6h) Janet, d.1584; m.1st Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll (ca 1532-12 Sep 1573); m.2nd Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss


2g) Andrew, of Corshill


1h) Cuthbert, of Corshill, d.1575; m. Mauld Cuningham


1i) Patrick, killed 1588


2i) Alexander, of Corshill, d.1646; m.Marion Porterfield


1j) Alexander, of Corshill, 1667; m.Mary Houstoun


1k) Alexander, dvp by 1646; m.Anne Crawford


1l) Alexander, of Corshill [or Corsehill], cr Baronet [S] 1672 (ca 1643-Mar 1685); 1665 Mary, sister of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Bt.; for his issue see Part 2, below


2k) Elizabeth; m.James Dunlop of that Ilk; note Burke’s Commoners makes her dau of Alexander and Mary Houstoun, but Burke’s Peerage, sub Cuninghame, makes her dau of Alexander and Marion Porterfield


2j) Cuthbert


3g) Hugh issue


4g) Robert issue


5g) William, Bishop of Argyll (1513- )


6g) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Cunningham of Caprington


7g) Janet; m. Robert Fergusson of Craigdarroch


2d) William; m.1st 29 Jan 1484 Elizabeth Stewart; m.2nd 31 Aug 1496 Marion Auchinleck


1e) [ex 1] William, of Craigends, k. in a feud 11 Aug 1533; m.Giles, dau of Sir John Campbell, of Loudoun LG Family, Cuninghame of Craigends; also, the Cunynghame of Milncraig Baronets (see Part 5) claim to be descended from him


2e) [ex 2] David, 1566; m.Margaret Cuninghame


1f) David Cuningham, of Robertland; m.1st Elizabeth Cuninghame; m.2nd Grizel Hamilton, gdau of Lord Sempill


1g) [ex 1] Sir David Cuningham of Robertland, 1607; m.Jean Cuningham; for his issue see Part 3, below


3d) Alexander


4d) Edward


5d) Isabel; m.Walter Buchanan


2c) Archibald fl 1458


2b) William; said to be ancestor of Cunninghams of Cunninghamhead, but this is suspect


3b) [illegitimate] John fl 1415


4b) [illegitimate] William fl 1418


3a) Thomas, of Carrick


1b) Adam CUNINGHAME, of Caprington; 1425 a dau of Sir Duncan Wallace, heiress of Caprington


1c) Sir Adam, of Caprington; m.Isobel Craufurd


1d) John, of Caprington; m.1st Annabel, dau of Sir M Campbell of Loudoun; m.2nd Lady Elizabeth Cunningham (above)


1e) William, of Caprington; m.24 Feb 1542 Agnes Hamilton


1f) William, of Caprington; m.Agnes, dau of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun


1g) Sir William, of Caprington, said to have been cr a Baronet [S] 1630, though apparently there is no record of it, and is mentioned in only one contemporary record; he dspm; m.1628 Isabel [or Margaret], dau of 1st Earl of Abercorn; he sold Caprington


2f) John, of Brownhill; m.Eleanor Macadam


1g) William, of Brownhill; m.1st NN; m.2nd Elizabeth Sinclair, g-gdau of 4th Earl of Caithness


1h) Sir John, cr Baronet [S] 1669, re-purchased Caprington 1683; m.Margaret Murray; for his issue see Part 4, below


3f) Hew


2e) [ex 1] Janet; m.1550 Alexander Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn (above)


3e) [ex 1] Margaret, d.Jul 1603; m.1st 1537 Gilbert Kennedy (d.1547); m.2nd Robert Crichton, 6th Lord Crichton (d.1561)


4e) [ex 2] Agnes; m.Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Ochiltree (d.1591)


4a)Alexander fl 1413


5a) John fl 1413


6a) Margaret; m. before 1364 Fergus Macduel





Part 2


Sir Alexander CUNINGHAME, of Corshill [or Corsehill], cr Baronet [S] 1672 (ca 1643-Mar 1685; see Part 1); 1665 Mary, sister of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Bt.


1a) Sir Alexander, 2nd Bt., d.1730; m.1686 Margaret Boyle, sister of Earl of Glasgow


1b) Sir David, 3rd Bt., d.4 Jul 1770; m.Penelope Montgomery (d.before 4 Feb 1742)


1c) Alexander, took surname MONTGOMERY-CUNINGHAME, d.Jan 1770; m.Elizabeth Montgomery


1d) Sir Walter MONTGOMERY-CUNINGHAME, 4th Bt., d.Mar 1814; he asserted a claim to the Earldom of Glencairn 1797, to which he was probably heir male, but was unsuccessful


2d) Sir David MONTGOMERY-CUNINGHAME, 5th Bt., d.Nov 1814


3d) Eglinton, d.young


4d) Alexander


5d) Sir James MONTGOMERY-CUNINGHAME, 6th Bt., d.Mar 1837; m.1802 Janet Cuming


1e) Sir Alexander David, 7th Bt., d.8 Jun 1846


2e) Sir Thomas, 8th Bt., d.30 Aug 1870; m.1832 Charlotte Niven Hutcheson (d.25 Jun 1902)


1f) Sir William James, 9th Bt. (20 May 1834-11 Nov 1897); m.22 Apr 1869 Elizabeth Hartopp (d.12 Feb 1936)


1g) Edith Honoria (26 Apr 1870-8 Mar 1949); m.7 Sep 1901 Sir John Anthony Cecil Tilley (d.5 Apr 1952)


2g) Lilian Margaret, b. and d.1871


3g) Marjory Eva Charlotte (25 Apr 1873-1 Sep 1952)


4g) Elizabeth, b.and d. 1874


5g) Violet Jessie (11 Mar 1876-5 Jun 1947)


6g) Sir Thomas Andrew Alexander, 10th Bt. (30 Mar 1877-5 Jan 1945); m.1st 1 Nov 1904 (div 1925) Alice Frances Denison des Voeux (31 May 1882-9 Jun 1966), of the Baronets; m.2nd 24 Nov 1925 Nancy Macaulay Foggo


1h) Alexander William Henry James (28 Oct 1905-k.a. Jul 1944); m.23 Oct 1934 Barbara Susanne Gray-Cheape


2h) Pamela Richenda Cubitt (10 Mar 1910- ); m.1st 20 Jun 1932 (div 1941) Thomas Abdy Combe; m.2nd 20 Jun 1942 Desmond FitzGerald Underwood (d.1 Nov 1968)


3h) Sir [William] Andrew Malcolm Martin Oliphant, 11th Bt. (14 Jul 1929-18 Feb 1959); m.7 Dec 1956 Sara Carolyn Gordon-Lennox (12 May 1933- ); he and his brother seem to have been using CUNINGHAME as sole surname, preceded immediately by MONTGOMERY


4h) Sir John Christopher Foggo, 12th Bt. (24 Jul 1935- ); m.9 Sep 1964 Laura Violet Nicholson (18 Jan 1939-2 Jun 2021), dau of Sir Godfrey Nicholson, Bt.


1i) Christian Elizabeth (1967- ); m.2000 David Ian McDonald


2i) Georgiana Rose (1969- ); m.2000 Rageh Omaar


3i) Elizabeth Clara (9171- ); m.1st 2003 (div) Nathan Alexander Medlock; m.2nd 2006 Adrian Alexander Benjamin Brabyn (b.1972)


7g) Edward William Montgomery (30 May 1878-6 Apr 1935); m.16 Nov 1909 Mary Stewart (d.13 Dec 1947)


1h) Olive Bridget (12 Sep 1910- ); m.1st 5 Jun 1934 (div 1939) Alexander James Houison-Craufurd; m.2nd John Sweeney


8g) Letitia Margaret (26 Jun 1880-24 Dec 1880)


9g) Bridget Anne (20 Sep 1886-22 Jan 1960); m.27 Jan 1914 Henry Gilbert Smith-Rewse


2f) Arthur Hugh, d.May 1850


3f) Walter, d.1856


4f) Jessie Augusta, d.13 Jul 1908; m.22 May 1866 Hon. Augustus Anthony Frederick Irby (d.5 Apr 1870)


5f) Eleanor


6f) Edith Jane, d.1855


3e) James, d.1835


4e) George


5e) Henry, d.26 May 1883


6e) Jessie Jean; m.1830 Sir James Boswell of Auchinleck, 2nd Bt. (Dec 1806-1857)


7e) Grace Matilda, d.11 Oct 1842


6d) Henry Drumlanrig


7d) Anne, d.young


8d) Elizabeth, d.young


2c) David, d. at Jamaica; m.NN issue

3c) Walter

4c) Margaret; m. ___ Craig


2b) Jean; m.William Newall


2a) Mary; m. ___ Craufurd


3a) Elizabeth





Part 3



Sir David Cuningham of Robertland, 1607 (see Part 1); m.Jean Cuningham


1a) Sir David, of Robertland, d.1619; m.Margaret Fleming


1b) Sir David, of Robertland, cr Baronet [S] 1630, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d. between Oct 1661 and Nov 1671; m.Mrs Elizabeth Harriott [or Heriot]


1c) Sir David, 2nd Bt., dsp before 2 Nov 1671; he apparently m. Hon. Eva Boyd, sister of Earl of Kilmarnock, though as Cokayne points out it is possible that instead she was a second wife of his father


2b) Sir Alexander, 3rd Bt., 1696; m.Elizabeth Cuningham, gdau of 7th Earl of Glencairn


1c) Sir David, 4th Bt., fl 1705, probably d. soon afterwards; m.Elizabeth, widow of James Cuningham, Lord Kilmaurs, and dau of 2nd Duke of Hamilton; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant for about 70 years


1d) David, dvpsp


2d) Diana; m. Hon. Thomas Cochrane


2c) Jean; m.Sir Alexander Forrester


3b) Sir James


4b) Euphemia; m.1639 James Livingston, Viscount Kilsyth (25 Jun 1616-7 Sep 1661)


2a) Christierne


1b) John; m.Elizabeth Campbell


1c) William, d.Jun 1727; m. ___ McIlvain


1d) Sir William, 5th Bt., served heir male of his great-great-grandfather on 1778, and assumed the Baronetcy, d.25 Oct 1781; m.1741 Margaret Fairlie (d.1811), who in 1803 succeeded her brother in the estates of the Fairlie of Fairlie family, and was heir of line of the Mure of Rowallan family


1e) Sir William, 6th Bt., 1811 took surname CUNINGHAM-FAIRLIE OF ROBERTLAND, d.15 Oct 1811; m.Anne Colquhoun


1f) Sir William, 7th Bt., d.1 Feb 1837; m.1st 21 May 1818 Anne Cooper; m.2nd Marianne, dau of Sir James Campbell of Aberuchill, 3rd Bt.


2f) Sir John, 8th Bt. (29 Jul 1779-28 Feb 1852); m.8 Aug 1808 Janet Lucretia Wallace (d.25 Jun 1877)


3f) Sir Charles, 9th Bt. (22 Sep 1780-1 Jun 1859); m.10 Jun 1806 Fanny (d.Pisa 12 May 1848), dau of Sir John Call, Bt.


1g) William (1812-1842)


2g) Sir Arthur Percy, 10th Bt. (22 Oct 1815-21 Sep 1881); m.5 Feb 1839 Maria Antonia Felton (d.9 Jan 1897); he sold the Fairlie estate ca 1870


1h) Sir Charles Arthur, 11th Bt., took surname FAIRLIE-CUNINGHAME OF ROBERTLAND (2 Jan 1846-27 Dec 1897); m.7 Nov 1867 Caroline Madelina Blair (d.27 Nov 1902)


1i) Edith Magdalen; m.1st 1894 Mathew Charles Edward Fortescue (d.24 Aug 1914); m.2nd 25 Mar 1918 Rev. Henry A PYKE, later PYKE-FORTESCUE (d.24 Sep 1936)


2i) Geraldine Mary Georgina, d.3 Apr 1940; m.29 Apr 1905 Corry Langrishe Connellan (d.5 May 1923)


3i) Violet Antonia; m.17 Oct 1902 Arthur Cochrane Hamilton


2h) Percy John (30 Dec 1849-20 Aug 1881)


3h) Sir Alfred Edward FAIRLIE-CUNINGHAME of Robertland, 12th Bt. (2 Apr 1842-14 Nov 1910); m.12 Nov 1885 Arabella Annie Church (d.19 Apr 1932)


4h) Rosa Matilda; m.1st 17 May 1873 Arthur Bryden (d.1897); m.2nd 19 Feb 1898 Trevor Eardley-Wilmot


5h) Margaret Helen Gertrude, d.2 Nov 1931; m.12 Aug 1876 Hans George Leslie Shand


3g) Rosa, d.12 Nov 1888; m.1843 her cousin John Cuningham (d.1855)


4g) Florence Anna, d.1901; m.1831 Charles Eugene Laffitte (d.1875)


4f) Frances,d.1815


5f) Margaret, d.24 Jan 1862; m.1st Robert Maxwell of Pollok; m.2nd Jul 1800 John Cuninghame of Craigends


7f) Anne Colquhoun; m.Jun 1795 Sir William Bruce of Stenhouse, 7th Bt. (d.17 Nov 1827)


2e) Alexander CUNINGHAM; m.Sarah Reid


1f) William (4 Apr 1787-11 Aug 1838); m.31 Dec 1816 Rebecca Armstrong (d.19 Apr 1875)


1g) William Robert (14 Jul 1819-17 Sep 1899)


2g) John Macwhirter (24 Oct 1820-15 Feb 1824)


3g) Alexander Fairlie (27 Jul 1822-24 Mar 1897)


4g) Hastings (30 Aug 1825-19 Sep 1908); m.29 Jan 1849 Agnes Henrietta Curr


1h) Hastings Armstrong, infant


2h) Sir William Edward FAIRLIE-CUNINGHAME, 13th Bt., d.5 May 1929; m.1 Jun 1887 Georgiana Maud Macartney (d.Feb 1951), of the Baronets


1i) Sir Hussey Burgh, 14th Bt. (22 Aug 1890-7 Feb 1939); m.31 Mar 1917 Alice Mona Stewart


1j) Margaret Alice; m.1946 Stanley G Wood (d.1971)


2j) Ann; m.Aug 1955 Arlie William Vout (d.1985)


3j) Patricia; m.Apr 1960 Peter Goddard Sheldon


2i) Sir William Alan, 15th Bt. (31 Jan 1893-1981); m.2 Jul 1929 Irene Alice Terry


1j) Sir William Henry, 16th Bt. (1 Oct 1930-1999); m.1972 Janet Menzies Saddington


1k) Sir [William] Robert Henry, 17th Bt. (19 Jul 1974- ); m.2005 Mary Louise Balasyse-Smith


3i) John Hastings (1899-Sep 1997); m.1934 Margaret Ruth Woodhill


1j) David Hastings (Jun 1937- ); m.1963 Susan Gai White


1k) Charles Hastings, b.1966


2k) Annabel, b.1964


2j) Peter Hastings (Apr 1939- ); m.1972 (div 1992) Felicity Helen Service issue


3j) Elizabeth (Jul 1941- ); m.1st 22 Sep 1962 (div 1972) William Leslie Murray Robson; m.2nd 1974 Peter Thomas Glanville (d.1975)


4j) Georgiana Jane (Mar 1947- ); m.1972 Christopher Harold Martin


4i) Edward Hardman Macartney (1904-1964); m.1943 Patricia June Rutherford


5i) Georgiana Maud


6i) Agnes Henrietta (9 Nov 1896- ); m.1 Sep 1920 Herbert Arnold St. John Kent (d.5 Apr 1968)


7i) Amabel Marguerite (10 Oct 1901- ); m.11 Jan 1933 Alick Scott Osborne (d.14 Jan 1957)


3h) Hastings, infant


4h) Herbert Norfolk (1858-10 Jun 1900); m.1882 Charlotte Adams


1i) Herbert Hastings (1884-1909 [per 1914 Burke’s; 1886-1907 per 1959 Burke’s])


2i) Fairlie (1 Feb 1883 [per 1959 Burke’s; 1885 per 1914 Burke’s]- )


3i) Phyllis; m.20 Feb 1912 Lachlan Macalister Henderson (d.on active service 9 Apr 1915)


5h) Fairlie Percy, d.12 Dec 1936; m.1898 Gertrude Constance Machattie


1i) Herbert Alexander

2i) Kathleen May


6h) Ernest Loudoun, infant


7h) Charles Rawdon, d.1909; m.14 Mar 1894 Harriet Maria Macartney (d.1953), of the Baronets


1i) Rawdon Henry Macartney, infant


2i) Edward Hastings (1895- )


3i) Rawdon Charles, infant


4i) Eric de Burgh (1900-Sep 1946); m.19 Dec 1934 Betty Maurice Barton


1j) Anthea (18 Aug 1936- ); m.3 Jan 1959 Michael Havelock Marchbank


2j) Rhonwen (10 Mar 1943- ); m.1971 (div 1981) Jack Aylward Mooney


5i) Alister Gordon (1902-26 Jun 1997); m.10 Feb 1948 Catherine Ida Rule issue


6i) Archibald Loudoun (1905-k.a.Malaya 1942); m.1936 Nancy Maurice Barton (d.1994) issue


7i) Robin Ellison (1905-1984); m.1946 Nancy Maurice Barton (d.1994) issue


8i) Dulcie Eila Minnie; m.6 Nov 1930 Noel Travis Cox


8h) Alexander, infant


9h) Allan Verney, infant


10h) Rebecca Harriet, d.1922; m.1882 her cousin James William Cuningham


11h) Amye, d.15 Feb 1924; m.1880 Herbert Hammill


12h) Agnes, d.Aug 1936


13h) Elizabeth Angela, d.young


14h) Edith, d.1951; m.1896 Frederick Norris Lowther Crofton


5g) James Macnab (2 Jun 1829-25 Jun 1905); m.1st 2 Mar 1854 Mary Falconer McRae (d.1883); m.2nd 11 Apr 1889 Georgina Macredie


1h) James William (15 Jul 1857-1939); m.1882 his cousin Rebecca Harriet Cuningham (d.1922)


2h) Arthur Mactier, d.8 Jul 1940; m.1888 Agnes Murray


1i) Phylis Fairlie, d.4 May 1927; m.19 Jul 1918 James Carstairs Kininmonth


2i) Nora; m.1920 Leslie Albert Austin


3i) Mary Mactier


3h) John Fairlie (22 Jun 1862-1935); m.1894 Margaret Campbell


1i) James Campbell (20 Feb 1895-k.a.1916)


2i) John Henry (1898-1969); m.1924 Kathleen Clouston


1j) James Boyd Fairlie (1932- )


3i) Arthur Fairlie, b. and d.1900


4i) Donald McRae (16 Jun 1904-1981); m.18 Jun 1929 Rose Eleanor Witts


1j) John Fairlie (18 Dec 1943- )


2j) Florence Anne (21 Sep 1933- ); m.May 1957 David Jones


5i) Mary Stewart (1901-1984)


4h) [ex 1] Mary McRae, d.1856


5h) [ex 1] Minna McRae, d.1860


6h) [ex 1] May Constance; m.1st 1885 Arthur Blackwood; m.2nd 3 Apr 1905 Hon. Assheton Edward Harbord


8h) Robert Macredie (9 Apr 1891-9 May 1939)


6g) John (10 Jan 1835-1879)


7g) Francis Goode (16 Apr 1836-28 Apr 1911); m.1st Jun 1864 Anne Colquhoun Cuninghame (d.22 Sep 1877); m.2nd 16 Oct 1879 Jean Elizabeth Hutton (d.1939)


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Ida, d.22 Sep 1938; m.1913 John Caldwell Uhthoff (d.19 Jan 1927)


[by 2nd m]:


2h) Francis George Glencairn CUNINGHAM, later CUNINGHAME (9 Aug 1880-14 Jul 1956); m.9 Jul 1912 Violet Jessie Phipps Hornby (d.28 Jun 1957)


1i) William Glencairn (17 Jun 1913-20 Dec 1959); m.Feb 1935 Doris Bishop


1j) Anthony Glencairn (3 Sep 1935-1982); m.21 Sep 1961 Pamela Horton issue


2i) Carol Jean (25 Dec 1915-14 Sep 2006); m.6 May 1950 John Douglas Philip Watney (d.11 Aug 1976)


3h) William Fairlie (17 Sep 1881-5 Dec 1947)


4h) John Loudoun (18 Jun 1887- )


5h) Eleonora Rose, d.15 Nov 1919


6h) Isabel Jean, d.24 Aug 1952; m.13 Jan 1912 Sidney Hancock (d.13 Nov 1934)


8g) Anna (17 Oct 1817-1 Aug 1818)


9g) Rebecca (12 May 1824- ); m.1850 Edward Uhthoff


10g) Jane Smith (17 Apr 1827-6 Oct 1827)


11g) Harriet Sarah (14 Apr 1832-27 Nov 1904)


12g) Fanny Isabella (1 Sep 1833-3 Jun 1834)


2f) Anne; m.Anthony Dunlop, brother of Sir Thomas Dunlop-Wallace, who assumed (wrongly) the Baronetcy of Wallace of Craigie Wallace


3f) Jane; m.William Smith, of Carbeth-Guthrie (d.1871)





Part 4



Sir John Cuninghame, of Caprington, cr Baronet [S] 1669 (see above, Part 1); m.Margaret Murray


1a) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (bap 7 Feb 1664-1740); 1696 Janet (d.20 Jun 1753), dau of Sir James Dick, Bt.


[Note: Sir James Dick of Prestonfield (ca 1644-15 Nov 1728) had been cr a Baronet [S] 1677, but having no sons was again cr Baronet [S] in 1707, this time including a remainder to the heirs male of his daughter Janet to whom he had deeded by entail the Prestonfield estate; he m.Anne Paterson (d.1710); he deeded the Prestonfield estates on the third and younger sons of his daughter in tail male, and the 1707 Baronetcy followed the same course]


1b) Sir John, 3rd Bt. (ca 1696-30 Nov 1777); m.1749 Lady Elizabeth Montgomerie (4 Jul 1710-9 Feb 1800)


1c) Sir William, 4th Bt. (19 Dec 1752-16 Jan 1829); m.19 Nov 1799 Mrs Mary Graeme, ne Swindell (d.1810)


2b) son


3b) Sir William DICK, 2nd Bt. (12 Jun 1701-14 Jan 1746); m.Anne Mackenzie (d.1741), gdau of Earl of Cromarty; he suc in 1728 to the 1707 Baronetcy of his maternal grandfather


4b) Sir Alexander DICK, 3rd Bt. [of the Dick of Prestonfield Baronetcy] (22 Sep 1703-10 Nov 1785); m.1st 1 Apr 1736 Janet Dick (dspm 26 Dec 1760); m.2nd 23 Mar 1762 Mary Butler [or Bulter]


[by 1st m.]:


1c – 3c) three daus


[by 2nd m.]:


4c) Sir William DICK, 4th Bt. (7 Jan 1762-19 Nov 1796); m.3 Mar 1786 Joanna Douglas (d.4 Nov 1794)


1d) Sir Alexander DICK, 5th Bt. (8 Dec 1786-2 Jun 1808)


2d) Mary; m.Rev. David Wauchope


3d) Anne, of Caprington, d.1 Mar 1830; m.7 Aug 1812 John Smith, later Cuninghame (d.3 Oct 1855); she inherited Caprington from Sir William Cuninghame, 4th Bt. (above) LG Family Cuninghame of Caprington


4d) Agnes Joanna; m.12 Jan 1830 her cousin Alexander Pringle, of Whytbank (30 Jan 1791-2 Sep 1857)


5d) Elizabeth, d.9 Mar 1858; m.1824 Sir Duncan Macgregor


5c) Sir John DICK, 6th Bt. (10 Jun 1767-14 Dec 1812)


6c) Sir Robert Keith DICK, 7th Bt., of Prestonfield, suc 1829 as 5th Bt. of the Cuninghame of Caprington Baronetcy, and in 1845 took surname DICK-CUNYNGHAM; he was born 14 Apr 1773 and d.14 Dec 1849; he m.15 May 1807 Harriet Hanmer (d.27 Jan 1857)


1d) Sir William Hanmer DICK-CUNYNGHAM, 8th & 6th Bt. (22 Oct 1808-20 Feb 1871); m.17 Feb 1836 Susan Alston-Stewart (d.26 Apr 1892)


1e) Sir Robert Keith Alexander, 9th & 7th Bt. (21 Dec 1836-2 May 1897); m.30 Mar 1864 Sarah Mary Hetherington


1f) Sir William Stewart, 10th & 8th Bt. (20 Feb 1871-1922); m.7 Nov 1903 Evelyn Eleonora Fraser


2f) Robert Henry (26 Sep 1875-18 Aug 1913); m.6 Jan 1905 Beatrice Eleanor Lousada


1g) Robert Ian (16 Oct 1906-30 Apr 1907)


2g) Sir Colin Keith, 11th & 9th Bt. (3 Mar 1908-k.a.1941)


3g) Ailsa Joan Mary (22 Sep 1905- )


3f) James Keith (28 Mar 1877-1935); m.28 Mar 1906 Alice Daisy Deane


1g) Betty (11 Oct 1907- ); m.1st 1926 (div) Thomas William Robert Hill; m.2nd Bombay 4 Nov 1936 Arthur Rodney Erskine Pollard; m.3rd ? Nicholas Jan Kowski


2g) Janet Mary (1917- ); m.1940 (div 1960) Roderick Francis Oliver


4f) Georgina Maud Mary (6 Feb 1866- ); m.11 Feb 1897 George F. Fairholme


5f) Wilhelmina Susan (30 Mar 1868-27 Sep 1911); m.19 Apr 1898 Charles Edward Willes


6f) Charlotte Alice (2 Aug 1873- ); m.2 Aug 1899 Herbert Bramwell


2e) William Bouverie (12 Feb 1842-24 Aug 1842)


3e) James (27 Dec 1846- Bangalore 23 Sep 1868)


4e) Alexander (2 Jan 1848-1914); m.24 Nov 1875 Elizabeth Penelope Cumberland


1f) George Alastair (11 May 1881- ); m.18 Aug 1908 Vera Sybil Elise Pryce


2f) Katherine Mary Delicia; m.1st 26 Jun 1912 John Henry Gaythorne Nevill (k.a.1914); m.2nd 1919 Sir Frederick Edward William Hervey-Bathurst, 5th Bt. (d.1956)


3f) Evelyn; m.20 Jul 1907 Reginald Everitt Lambert


4f) Mary Isabel Annie; m.1915 Raymond Ernest Field


5e) William Henry (16 Jun 1851- k.a. Ladysmith 6 Jan 1900); m.4 Apr 1883 Helen Wauchope


1f) St.John William Keith (1886-11 Sep 1897)


2f) Audrey Helen (6 Dec 1883-12 Feb 1902)


6e) Charlotte Emily


7e) Harriet Christian Montagu; m.29 May 1867 James Alston Clark (d.1913)


8e) Susan Wilhelmine, d.29 Oct 1869; m.3 Apr 1866 Henry James Moncreiff, later 2nd Lord Moncreiff (d.3 Mar 1909)


9e) Margaret Alice, d.6 Feb 1943; m.19 Sep 1876 Atholl Monson Forbes, 21st Lord Forbes (15 Feb 1841-31 Jan 1916)


2d) Alexander Thomas (2 Jul 1810-24 Dec 1848)


3d) Henry Lindsay (17 Sep 1811-2 Oct 1875); m. his cousin Harriet Stark (d.10 Jun 1881)


4d) Robert Keith (16 Nov 1815-9 Oct 1862)


5d) James Edward (20 Feb 1819-Oct 1853)


6d) Mary Ann, d.19 Oct 1886


7d) Margaret Pringle, d. Baden-Baden 19 Dec 1834


8d) Elizabeth Emily, d.14 Jun 1883


7c) Elizabeth, d.4 Jul 1835; m.25 Nov 1788 Hon. Robert Lindsay, of Balcarres (25 Jan 1754-18 May 1836)


8c) Mary; m.1789 Alexander Pringle, of Whytbank (Nov 1747-1827)


9c) Margaret; m.1793 James Stark, of Kingsdale


5b) Anne; m.Sir Robert Dalrymple





Part 5


(This line claims to descend from William Cuningham of Craigends [see Part 1])



Sir David Cunynghame [or Cunningham], of Milncraig, cr Baronet [S] 1702, d.28 Jan 1708; m.1st Hon. Margaret [Isabella?] Dalrymple (30 Jan 1659- ); m.2nd 16 Mar 1698 Elizabeth, dau of Sir Robert Baird, Bt.


1a) [ex 1] Sir James, 2nd Bt. (1685-1 Feb 1747)


2a) [ex 2] Sir David, 3rd Bt. (1 Aug 1700-10 Oct 1767); m.May 1731 Lady Mary Montgomerie (20 Nov 1704-Jun 1777)


1b) Sir William Augustus, 4th Bt., d.17 Jan 1828; m.1st 21 Oct 1768 Frances (d.14 Oct 1771), dau of Sir Robert Myrton, 2nd Bt.; m.2nd 27 Jun 1785 Mary Udney


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Sir David, 5th Bt. (14 Aug 1769-19 May 1854); m.1st 1801 Maria Thurlow (d.21 Feb 1816), nat. dau of Lord Thurlow; m.2nd 31 Mar 1817 Gertrude Henrietta Kimpton (d.1842)


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Edward Thurlow (23 Sep 1801-1825)


2d) Sir David Thurlow, 6th Bt. (16 Sep 1803-12 Nov 1869); m.1st 15 Jul 1833 Anne Meade (d.10 Jun 1864), gdau of 1st Earl of Clanwilliam; m.2nd 27 Apr 1866 Louisa Mary Baker (d.7 Nov 1906)


1e) Mary Louise, d.Oct 1913; m.25 Aug 1858 Thomas Henry Evans (d.1896)


2e) Augusta Theodosia Mary (1836-27 Oct 1872); m.11 Sep 1866 Prince Edouard de Ligne (7 Feb 1839-17 Oct 1911)


3e) Sir Edward Augustus, 7th Bt. (Jan 1839-24 Jan 1877)


3d) Robert S Thurlow (27 Mar 1807-13 Apr 1829)


4d) Sir Francis Thurlow, 8th Bt. (11 Aug 1808-27 Oct 1877); m.3 Aug 1830 Hannah Caroline Eyre (d.25 Jun 1902)


1e) David Thurlow (21 Nov 1831-12 Jun 1832)


2e) William (1 Jun 1833-28 Feb 1876)


3e) Sir Francis George Thurlow, 9th Bt. (19 Apr 1835-12 Nov 1900); m.1st 15 Jul 1863 Jessica Bloxsome (d.13 Apr 1884); m.2nd 9 Mar 1886 Mrs Elizabeth Anne Walton, ne Yeo (d.2 Jan 1909)


1f) Sir Percy Francis, 10th Bt. (21 Feb 1867-7 Jan 1941); m.16 Dec 1903 Maud Albinia Margaret Selwyn Selwyn-Payne (d.2 Dec 1948)


1g) Sir [Henry] David St.Leger Brooke Selwyn, 11th Bt. (7 Feb 1905-6 Aug 1978); m.7 Oct 1941 Hon. Pamela Margaret Stanley (6 Sep 1909-1991)


1h) Sir Andrew David Francis, 12th Bt. (25 Dec 1942- ); m.1st 1972 Harriet Ann Dupont; m.2nd 1989 Isabella King Watts


1i) Ann Marie Albinia, b.1978


2i) Tania Albinia Pamela Jean, b.1983


2h) John Philip Henry Michael Selwyn, b.9 Sep 1944; m.1981 Marjatta Markus


1i) Niina Kaarina, b.1983


2i) Alexander David Martti, b.1985


3h) Arthur James Augustus, b.1951; m.16 Jul 1977 Rachel-Claire Baines 2 sons


2g) Ian Francis Rowland Selwyn (19 Mar 1910-1988); m.1st 17 Dec 1938 Cicely Mary Starkey (d.12 Sep 1945); m.2nd 25 Jan 1947 Mrs Eugenie Beatrice Gwendolen Penrose-Fitzgerald, ne Allport (d.11 Oct 1962) 1 son, 3 daus


2f) Stuart (18 Aug 1874-10 Jan 1962); m.2 Jun 1915 Helen Dorothy Taylor (d.31 Jan 1944)


1g) Derita Marion (1916-May 1969); m.6 Feb 1942 Peter James Channer


2g) Wilfrid Bertram Stuart (1917-k.a. over Germany 31 Aug 1940)


3g) Colin Kenneth (1918- )


4g) David Francis (1920- ); m.1st 1947 (div 1957) Ruth Murray; m.2nd 1964 (div 1975) Renate Maria Dietrich; m.3rd 1984 Leslie Stokoe, ne Anderson 1 son, 2 daus


3f) Annie Beatrice, d.Jun 1921; m.31 Jul 1889 William Innes Stuckey


4f) Jessie Mabel, d.16 May1893; m.29 Sep 1891 Rev. Harry Gilbert Dickinson


5f) Caroline Edith, d.11 Mar 1890


6f) Gertrude Marion, d.17 Mar 1954


4e) James Robertson Thurlow (24 Dec 1840-21 Jan 1890); m.1878 Alice Carter


1f) Francis Thurlow Hardinge (1880-1940); m.1909 Frances Anne Murnane (d.6 May 1954)


1g) Frank Vincent (1910-1987); m.1949 Mary Terese Hennessy 4 daus


2f) Helene Emily Thurlow; m.1910 Arcalayus James Opie


3f) Blanche Thurlow Forster, d.28 Sep 1963; m.1914 Harold Charles Daymond


5e) Arthur Edward (8 Jan 1844-2 Dec 1850)


6e) Mary Sophia Thurlow, d.8 Mar 1904; m.20 Jul 1858 Robert Broome Baker


7e) Elizabeth Millicent Thurlow; m.12 Aug 1865 Charles James Hughes (d.1903)


8e) Caroline Georgina Thurlow, d.21 Dec 1924; m.8 Jun 1871 Robert Hoare Dwyer (d.1881)


9e) Augusta Zuhlche Thurlow, d.21 Feb 1882; m.5 Sep 1867 George Robertson


10e) Beatrice Geraldine Thurlow; m. her brother-in-law George Robertson


11e) Georgina Frances Thurlow, d.30 Aug 1853


12e) Louisa Annie Thurlow, d.15 Apr 1860


5d) Sir Arthur Augustus Thurlow (12 Aug 1812-10 Mar 1884); m.13 Sep 1845 Hon. Frances Elizabeth Hardinge (8 May 1824-9 Jul 1894)


1e) Sir Henry Hardinge Samuel (8 Jul 1848-3 May 1935); m.21 Jun 1893 Emily Harriette Prescott (d.15 Apr 1951)


2e) Arthur Hardinge David (17 Nov 1853-14 Nov 1917); m.24 Jun 1892 Alexandra Isabel Scott (d.18 Jul 1938)


1f) Charles Hardinge (22 May 1893-1958)


2f) David Hardinge (25 Apr 1897-1986); m.2 Oct 1934 Ruth Ilon Ismay Phillips


1g) Francis Arthur David (1 Jul 1935- )


3f) Mary Isabel Maud, d.Mar 1963


3e) Emily Caroline Thurlow; m.4 Aug 1888 Charles Walter Oddie (d.1920)


4e) Mary Sarah Hardinge


5e) Lavinia Augusta Charlotte, d.31 Mar 1922; m.17 Oct 1883 George Charles Peere Williams-Freeman (d.27 Dec 1905)


6d) Mary Frances Thurlow, d.12 Sep 1851; m.1st Hon. Augustus Frederick Ellis (17 Sep 1800-16 Aug 1841); m.2nd Wilhelm Frhr von Mnster


7d) Caroline Anne Thurlow


[by 2nd m.]:


8d) Henry Sydney Myrton (6 Aug 1819-ca 1900); m.1852 Mary Ann Bostock (d.1898)


9d) William Augustus Charles Myrton (6 Jan 1824-11 Dec 1892)


10d) Augustus Myrton (8 Jan 1829-9 Aug 1904); m.27 Apr 1864 Anna Eliza (d.26 Oct 1899), dau of Baron Molesworth de Mallet


1e) Gertrude Marie, d.25 May 1961


2e) Anna Bertha de Mallet (1874-17 Jan 1973)


3e) Francis James de Mallet (25 Jul 1884-5 Dec 1958); m.6 Jul 1912 Joan Masterton


1f) David Augustus Francis de Mallet (17 Apr 1924-25 May 1924)


11d) Rev. James Joseph Myrton (21 Apr 1832-20 Jul 1885); m.2 Mar 1871 Annie Constance Lane (d.1889)


1e) Ida Constance Louisa, d.1 Mar 1933


2e) Alice Ethel, d.11 Apr 1898


3e) Florence Olivia Violet, d.19 Jan 1952; m.7 Nov 1899 Charles Herbert Judkin (d.1926)


4e) Cicily Rose Muriel, d.31 Mar 1956; m.22 Dec 1910 Harold d'Albiac Lane (d.18 May 1922)


5e) Georgina Maud Evelyn, d.Sep 1944


12d) Julia Myrton, d.26 Aug 1844; m.4 Jan 1844 Frederick William Kirby


13d) Louisa Anne Myrton


14d) Henrietta Elizabeth Myrton


2c) Robert; m.8 Apr 1813 Maria Dundas (1787- )


1d) Caroline Stirling, d.12 May 1895; m.1st 9 Dec 1833 Leinster John Henry Bulkeley (d.1853); m.2nd 1855 Rollo James Bulkeley


2d) Frances Jane Myrton; m.19 Jul 1844 Adolphe Le Croix


3d) Mary Montgomerie; m.Jul 1846 Alexander Woodford


3c) Francis, d.19 Sep 1816; m.8 Jul 1805 Jane (d.19 Sep 1817), dau of Sir John Whitefoord, 3rd Bt.


[by 2nd m.]:


4c) William Augustus (1788-1827)


5c) George Augustus Frederick (1790-8 Mar 1853)


6c) Frederick Alexander; m.12 Aug 1823 Anne Earl


7c) James Stuart Wortley


8c) Mary, d.12 Dec 1866


2b) Margaret, d.Jan 1808; m. 8 Jun 1767 Hon. James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (19 Sep 1747-1 Mar 1818)