The families of the Counts of Flanders, Hainaut & Holland




This will be a genealogical account of the Counts of Flanders and Hainaut and their families, divided into 8 parts:


Part 1.The Counts of Flanders to 1127.

Part 2.The Counts of Hainaut 1155-1280 and Counts of Flanders 1191-1280.

Part 3.The Family d'Avesnes, including the Counts of Hainaut 1246-1345 and Counts of Holland 1299-1345.

Part 4.The family Dampierre-sur-l'Aube.

Part 5.The Counts of Flanders 1278-1383 and of Namur of the family of Dampierre-sur-l'Aube.

Part 6.The illegitimate descendants of Ct Louis II of Flanders.

Parts 7 and 8.The illegitimate descendants of Ct Jean of Namur.

Part 9.The family de Werchin, illegitimate descendants of Ct Baldwin IV of Hainaut.





Part 1



Ct Baldwin I of Flanders (d.879) 862 Judith, dau.of the Emperor Charles II; they left issue:


1a) Baldwin II "the Bald", Ct of Flanders (863/5-918); m.884 Aelftrud (d.929) dau.of King Alfred of Wessex


1b) Arnulf I "the Great", Ct of Flanders (885/90-27 Mar 964); m.1st NN (dsp); m.2nd 934 Adele (d.960) dau.of Cte Heribert de Vermandois


1c) Ekbert, 953


2c) Baldwin III, 958 co-count of Flanders (ca 940-1 Jan 962); m.961 Matilda (d.25 May 1008) dau.of Duke Hermann Billung of Saxony


1d) Arnulf II, Ct of Flanders (961/2-30 Mar 987, bur Ghent); 968 Rozela=Suzanna (d.1003), dau of Berengar of Ivrea, King of Italy (and later wife of King Robert II of France)


1e) Baldwin IV, Ct of Flanders (ca 980-30 May 1035); 1012 Otgiva (d.1030) dau.of Ct Frederick of Luxemburg


1f) Baldwin V, Ct of Flanders, Regent of France 1060-7 (ca 1013-Lille 2 Sep 1067, bur there); m.1028 Aelide, Cts de Contenance (d.Messines 8 Jan 1079, bur there) dau.of King Robert II of France


1g) Baldwin VI & I, Ct of Flanders and Hainaut, Margrave of Antwerp (ca 1030-17 Jul 1070); 1055 Richilde, heiress of Hainaut (d.15 Mar 1086) dau.of Ct von Egisheim, widow of Ct Hermann of Hainaut [NOTE: some sources hold that Richilde was daughter of Ct Reginar V of Hainaut, instead of daughter-in-law; however, since Ct Hermann, her husband, left only two childless children who were in the church, and had few other close relatives, it would not have been unusual for his widow to inherit Hainaut and pass it to her issue by her 2nd marriage]


1h) Arnulf III, Ct of Flanders (ca 1055-k.a.22 Feb 1071); on his death Flanders was seized by his uncle Robert, and Arnulf's brother Baldwin was left with the lesser land of Hainaut


2h) Baldwin II, Ct of Hainaut, 1056, d.on Crusade 1098; m.1084 Ida, dau.of Ct Henry II of Louvaine; for his descendants see Part 2


3h) Agnes, living 1071


2g) Robert I "the Frisian", Ct of Flanders 1071, Ct of Holland 1062-71 [during the minority of his stepson] (ca 1035-13 Oct 1093); m.1063 Gertrud (d.4 Aug 1113) dau.of Duke Bernhard II of Saxony, widow of Ct Florenz of Holland


1h) Robert II, Ct of Flanders, d.5 Oct 1111; m.before 1092 Clemence ( 1133) dau.of Guillaume Cte de Bourgogne (and later wife of Duke Godfrey of Brabant)


1i) Baldwin VII, Ct of Flanders (1093-Boulers 17 Jun 1119); m.1110  (div) Havide, dau.of Alain IV, Duc de Bretagne


2i) William (1094-1109)


3i) a son, b.1095, d.young


2h) Philipp van Loo, 1127


1i) [illegitimate] William of "Ypres", d.1165, a contender for the countship of Flanders on the death of Charles the Good


3h) Baldwin, 1080


4h) Adela (ca 1065-Apr 1115); m.1st after 1080 King Knut II of Denmark (d.1086); m.2nd 1090 Roger I, Duke of Apulia; she was mother, by her 1st marriage, of:


1i) Charles "the Good", Ct of Flanders 1119-27 (ca 1084-murdered at Bruges 2 Mar 1127); 1119 Marguerite, dau.of Cte Renaud de Clermont by Adele de Vermandois


5h) Gertrud; m.1st Ct Henry III of Louvaine (d.1095); m.2nd 1095/6 Duke Dietrich II of Upper Lorraine (d.1115); her son by her 2nd marriage became Ct Dietrich [or Thierry] I of Flanders in 1128; his family ruled there until 1191, when his daughter Margareta, wife of Ct Baldwin V of Hainaut, became Css of Flanders and returned it to the Hainaut line


6h) Otgiva, Abbess of Messines, living 1127


3g) Matilda (ca 1032-3 Nov 1083); m.1053 King William I of England, Duke of Normandy (d.1087); her grandson, William Clito, was Ct of Flanders from the death of Charles the Good till his death in battle 1128


2e) Matilda, 995


3c) Hildegard, 934, d.990; m.940/5 Ct Dietrich II of West Frisia (d.988)


4c) Liutgard (935-962); 950 Ct Wichmann von Hamaland (d.after 14 Dec 973)


5c) Elftrude; m.Siegfried, sn de Guines ( 965)


2b) Adalolf, Cte de Boulogne-sur-Mer et de Therouanne 918


3b) Ealswid


4b) Ermentrude


2a) Rudolf, Cte de Cambrai, d.896


1b) a dau., m.Isaac, Cte de Cambrai ( 948)


3a) ? Guinidilde; m.Ct Guifredo of Urgel?