Lords and Earls of Upper Ossory




Part 1



Barnaby Fitzpatrick, cr 1541 Baron of Upper Ossory (d.1575); m.1st by 1533 Lady Margaret Fitzgerald, née Butler; m.2nd by 25 Jul 1551 Elizabeth O’Connor (dsp)


1a) Barnaby, 2nd Lord of Upper Ossory (ca 1535-Dublin 11 Sep 1581); 1560 Hon. Joan Eustace


1b) Margaret; m.James Butler, 2nd Lord Dunboyne (d.8 Feb 1625)


2a) Finian=Florence, 3rd Lord of Upper Ossory (d.3 Feb 1613); m.Katherine O’More (d.23 Jul 1613)


1b) Thady, 4th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.Dec 1627); m.Joan Butler (d.1631)


1c) Bryan=Barnaby, 5th Lord of Upper Ossory ( 1638); 1619 Lady Margaret Butler


1d) Bryan=Barnaby, 6th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.1663/7); m.Catherine Everard


1e) Bryan=Barnaby, 7th Lord of Upper Ossory, outlawed 1691 (d.1696); m.1st Hon. Margaret Butler; m.2nd by 11 Mar 1667 Hon. Margaret Butler (dsp); m.3rd by 1688 Dorothy Wagstaffe (d.18 May 1733)


1f) Bryan (d.Downpatrick 1687)

2f) Keran

3f) John, infant

4f) Catherine, infant


2e) John; m.Elizabeth Kavanagh


1f) Bryan=Barnaby, 8th Lord of Upper Ossory 1698, on reversal of uncle’s outlawry ( 1699)


2f) Catherine


3f) Mary


3e) James


4e) Ellen, d.young


5e) Mary, d.young


2d) Edward (fl 1643)


3d) James; not mentioned in Collins


1e) James; he (and others in male descent from the 1st Lord) apparently was living on the death of the 8th Lord, but he being in the French service, the House declared the peerage extinct


1f) Henry; m.Jane Farren


4d) Dermoid=Derby


2c) Dermoid=Darby (k.a.Apr 1642); m.1st Ellen Shortall; m.2nd Ellinor Comerford


1d) Dermot Oge (k.a.Apr 1642)


3c) Tiriagh=Turlough; m.Onora Grace


4c) John


5c) Margaret; m.Thomas Hovenden, of Tankerston


6c) Onora


7c) Joan; m.William Butler, of Lynon


8c) Catherine; m.6 Feb 1637 Callaghan Fitzgerald, of Cloquhoyle


2b) John, of Castletown; m.Mabel St.John


1c) Florence; m.Bridget D’Arcy


1d) John, of Castletown (d.1693); m.Lady Elizabeth Purcell, née Butler


1e) Edward (drowned 10 Nov 1696)


2c) John


3c) James à issue


3b) Geoffry, of Ballyraghin, d.13 Aug 1638; m.Mary, Lady O’Reilly, née Ferrall


1c) Ellice [Elizabeth]; m.1st Hon. Thomas Butler, of Pollardstown (d.24 Apr 1637); m.2nd Hon. William Bourke (executed 1653), son of Lord Bourke of Brittas


2c) Catherine


4b) Barnaby, of Water Castle


5b) Edmund, of Castle Fleming (fl 1641)


1c) Andrew


6b) Catherine; m.May 1592 James Eustace, of Newland


7b) Joan; m.Hon. John Butler (murdered 7 Jan 1602)


3a) Teige=Thady (executed at Dublin 1546)


4a) Geoffry


5a) Grany= Grizel; m.Edmund Butler, 2nd Viscount Mountgarret (d.24 Nov 1602)






Part 2



Richard Fitzpatrick, said in many works, including Collins, to be son of John Fitzpatrick, of Castletown (above), by Lady Elizabeth Butler, but GEC says is absolutely not the son of John, though probably closely related, was cr 1715 Baron Gowran, of Gowran (ca 1662-9 Jun 1727); m.Jul 1718 Anne Robinson (d.24 Nov 1744), dau. of Sir John Robinson, 2nd Bt.


1a) John, 2nd Lord Gowran, cr 1751 Earl of Upper Ossory (1719-23 Sep 1758); m.London 30 Jun 1744 Lady Evelyn Leveson-Gower (26 Jan 1725-Montauban 12 Apr 1763); she m. 2ndly 1759 Richard Vernon, with whom she had three daughters: Henrietta (1760-1838), 2nd Earl Brooke and Warwick; Caroline Maria (1761-1833), Robert Percy Smith [their son became Lord Lyveden and married Emma Fiztpatrick (below)]; and Elizabeth (1762-1830)


1b) John, 2nd Earl of Upper Ossory, cr 1794 Baron Upper Ossory of Ampthill (2 May 1745-Ampthill Park 1 Feb 1818); m.Kingston 26 Mar 1769 Hon. Anne Liddell, formerly Dss of Grafton (1737-London 24 Feb 1804)


1c) Anne (23 Aug 1768-14 Dec 1841); she was born while her mother still Duke of Grafton, but by 1771 was acknowledged by her parents, and commonly called "Lady Anne Fitzpatrick"; note that Collins says she was b.10 Feb 1774, probably a fiction presented by the family


2c) Mary (24 Feb 1770-5 Apr 1771)


3c) Gertrude (Ampthill 7 Aug 1774-30 Sep 1841)


4c) [illegitimate by Mrs Elizabeth Wilson] John Wilson FITZPATRICK, of Lisduff and Grantstown Manor, cr 1869 Lord Castletown of Upper Ossory (London 21 Sep 1807-London 22 Jan 1883); m.Carnallway 5 May 1830 Augusta Mary Douglas (gdau of 4th Earl of Dunmore)


1d) Gertrude, d.25 Jan 1912; m.9 Sep 1862 Edward Randal Skeffington Smyth, of Mount Henry (d.25 Dec 1897)


2d) Augusta Frederica Annie (d.Indore, India 24 Feb 1903); m.1st 30 Jan 1851 Hon. Thomas Vesey Dawson (1819-k.a.Inkerman 5 Nov 1854); m.2nd 9 Oct 1856 Charles Magniac (d.23 Nov 1891)


3d) Florence Virginia Fox, d.5 Mar 1912; m.29 Jul 1858 Gen. Sir George Wentworth Higginson


4d) Cecilia Emily Emma, d.3 Nov 1918; m.16 Jun 1868 Hon. Lewis Strange Wingfield (25 Feb 1842-12 Nov 1891)


5d) Edith Susan Esther, d.1 Dec 1906; m.1 Nov 1862 Sir Charles Murray (d.3 Jun 1895)


6d) Olivia Amy Douglas (d.22 May 1895); m.27 Mar 1865 Sir John Gage Saunders Sebright, 9th Bt. (Paris 20 Aug 1843-15 Nov 1890)


7d) Bernard Edward Barnaby, 2nd Lord Castletown (29 Jul 1848-29 May 1937); m.23 Apr 1874 Hon. Emily Ursula Clare St.Leger (18 Jul 1853-11 Mar 1927)


5c) [illegitimate by Mrs Elizabeth Wilson] Richard (d.22 Nov 1850)


6c) [illegitimate by Mrs Elizabeth Wilson] Emma Mary (d.22 Sep 1882); m.London 15 Jul 1823 Robert Vernon Smith, Lord Lyveden (23 Feb 1800-10 Nov 1873)


2b) Richard (24 Jan 1748-1813)


3b) Mary (d.Holland House 6 Oct 1778); m.London 20 Apr 1766 Stephen Fox, 2nd Lord Holland (20 Feb 1745-26 Dec 1774)


4b) Louisa (1755-London 7 Aug 1789); m.London 19 Jul 1779 William Petty, Marquess of Lansdowne (Dublin 2 May 1737-London 7 May 1805)


2a) Richard (1719-London 1796); m.Anne Usher (d.28 Mar 1759); note that Debrett’s 1803 and 1806 calls her “Anne, daughter of Mr. Young”; various volumes of Lodge’s, Collins’, and Kearsley’s Peerages call her “Anne, daughter of Mr. Usher of London”; at the time of the marriage, Horace Walpole called her “Sukey Young”; a book published in 1792-6 called her “Susanna”


1b) a dau (b.7 Mar 1749, 1796)


2b) Anne (19 Aug 1751-fl 1817); m.9 Mar 1789 Johan Henrik Fock, Baron de Robeck (21 May 1755-22 Sep 1817)


3b) dau (10 Sep infant)


4b) Richard (Dec 1755-1786)