This page will show the genealogy of many of the dynasties founded by Western Europeans as they carved out states in the Holy Land and other places in the Middle East, Asia Minor and Greece. Generally, only relevant members of the families are included, while other members are omitted.




1. The Kingdom of Jerusalem





Eustace, Comte de Boulogne et de Lens (d.1070/82_; m.1st ca 1036 Goda (dsp), dau of King Ethelred of England; m.2nd Ida of Lorraine


1a) Eustace, Comte de Boulogne et de Lens (d.after 1125); m.Maria (d.1118), dau of King Malcolm III of Scots; Eustace was apparently the oldest son, and though he accompanied his brothers on the First Crusade he apparently preferred ruling his territories in France to ruling new states in the Holy Land; he was, however, offered the throne of Jerusalem after his brothers’ deaths


1b) Matilda, Comtesse de Boulogne et de Lens (d.1151); m.1125 Stephen de Blois, King of England


2a) GODFREY, 1084 Duke of Lower Lorraine [succeeding his maternal uncle], in 1099 he took the title “Advociate of the Holy Sepulcher”, refusing the title “King of Jerusalem”, but is considered to have been the first king nevertheless (d.1100)


3a) BALDWIN I, 1098-1100 Count of Edessa, 1100 King of Jerusalem (1058-1118); m.1st by 1096Godehild (d.1097), dau of Roger de Tosny, sn de Conches; m.2nd 1098/1100 Arda (d.after 1117), dau of the Armenian Prince Thoros; m.3rd 1113, while his 2nd marriage was still extant, and repudiated 1117 Adelaide (d.1118), widow of Roger, Count of Sicily, dau of Margrave Manfredo of Savona; on this marriage, being childless, he promised that his successor would be Adelaide’s son, Roger of Sicily, but Baldwin reneged on that on repudiating Adelaide; Roger later used the promise as grounds for asserting a right to the Jerusalem throne






Hugues, Comte de Rethel (d.1118); m.Melisende de Mothléry, and had with other issue:


1a) BALDWIN II du Bourcq, 1099-1118 Count of Edessa; it is said that he was a close cousin to Kings Godfrey and Baldwin I, though the connection has never been found; he was a close companion especially of Baldwin I and succeeded him at Edessa, and then as King of Jerusalem in 1118; he died in 1131; m.1101 Morphia ( 1126/7) dau of the Armenian prince Gabriel


1b) MELISENDE, 1131 Queen of Jerusalem (d.1161); m.1129 FULKE, Comte d’Anjou, 1131 King of Jerusalem (d.1143); by his 1st m. King Fulke was father of Geoffroy Plantagenet, husband of Empress Matilda and heiress of England


1c) BALDWIN III, 1143 King of Jerusalem (1131-1163); m.1158 Theodora Komnena


2c) AMALRIC I, 1163 King of Jerusalem (1136-1174); m.1st ca 1158 (annulled 1162) Agnes (d.after 1181), dau of Josceline de Courtenay, Count of Edessa; m.2nd 1167 Maria Komnena (b.1154, 1217)


1d) BALDWIN IV, 1174 King of Jerusalem (1161-1185)


2d) [ex 1] SIBYLLE, 1186 Queen of Jerusalem (d.1190); m.1st 1176 William of Montferrat, Count of Jaffa and Ascalon (d.1177); m.2nd 1180 GUY de Lusignan, 1186-8 King of Jerusalem, 1192 King of Cyprus (d.1194)


1e) BALDWIN V, 1183 King of Jerusalem (d.1186)


3d) ISABELLA, 1192 Queen of Jerusalem (b.1172, May 1206); m.1st 1183 (annulled 1190) Humphrey de Thoron; m.2nd 1190 Margrave Conrad of Montferrat (d.1192); m.3rd 1192 HENRI, Comte de Champagne, 1192 King of Jerusalem (d.1197); m.4th 1198 AMAURY de Lusignan, 1194 King of Cyprus, 1197 King of Jerusalem (1145-1205)


1e) MARIA, 1206-10 Queen of Jerusalem (1191-1212); m.1210 JEAN de Brienne, Comte d’Eu, 1210 King of Jerusalem, Regent of Constantinople (d.1237)


1f) JOLANDE, 1225 Queen of Jerusalem (1211-1228); m.1225 Emperor FREDERICK II, 1229 King of Jerusalem (d.1250)


1g) KONRAD IV, German King, called King of Jerusalam (1228-1254); m.1246 Elisabeth of Bavaria


1h) KONRADIN, Duke of Swabia, called King of Jerusalem (d.1268)


2e) [ex 3] ADELA=ALIX, 1240 Queen of Jerusalem (d.1247); m.1st 1203 her stepfather’s son, Hugh de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (d.1218); m.2nd by 11 Aug 1225 (annulled) Bohemund, Prince of Antioch (d.1252); m.3rd 1241 Raoul de Soissons


1f) Henry, King of Cyprus (1217-1253); m.1st 1229 Alice of Montferrat (d.1233); m.2nd by 17 Nov 1237 Stephanie de Barba’ron, an Armenian princess (1217-1249); m.3rd 1250 Plaisance of Antioch (1237/8-1261)


1g) Hugh II, King of Cyprus (1252-1267); m.1265 Isabelle d’Ibelin


2f) Marie (d.1251/3); m.Gautier de Brienne, Count of Jaffa (d.1244/7)


3f) Isabelle (d.1264); m.1233 Henry of Antioch (d.1276)


3e) [ex 3] Philippe (1195/7-1250); m.Erard de Brienne


4e) Amaury (ca 1200-1205)


5e) [ex 4] Sibylle ( 1199/1200, d.after 1225); m.1210 King Leo I of Armenia (d.1219)


6e) [ex 4] Melisende (d.after 1249); m.1218 Bohemund, Prince of Antioch (d.1233)


2b) Alice, Regent of Antioch (b.1110, d.after 1136); m.1126 Prince Bohemund II of Antioch (d.1130)


3b) Hodierne, 1152 Countess of Tripoli (d.after 1152); m.1131 Raymond, Count of Tripoli (d.1152)


2a) Hodierne; m.1st Heribrand de Hierges (d.1114); m.2nd Roger de Hauteville, Prince of Antioch (d.1119)


3a) Beatrice; m.the Armenian prince Leo (d.1139/40)





2. The Principality of Antioch



Tancred de Hauteville had numerous children, of whom:


1a) Drogo, Duke of Apulia and Calabria (d.1051); m.1st Altrude ___; m.2nd Gaitelgrima of Salerno


1b) [ex 1] Richard “of Salerno”, Conte di Mottolo (d.1129); m.Altrude di Conversano


1c) Roger “of Salerno”, Regent of Antioch (d.1119); m.Hodierne de Rethel


2a) Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia and Calabria (1020-1085); m.1st ca 1051/2 (div 1057/8) Alverada of Bunonalbergo; m.2nd 1058/9 Sichelgaita of Salerno (d.1090); on his death his widow was able to get her eldest son onto the throne, bypassing the only child of the 1st marriage, who was:


1b) Marcus BOHEMUND I, Prince of Taranto, 1098 Prince of Antioch (1052-1111); m.1106 Constance (1078-1124/6), dau of King Philippe I of France; he was captured in 1100 and imprisoned for three years; afterwards he never really ruled in Antioch, which was administered by his cousin Tancred (below)


1c) BOHEMUND II, Prince of Antioch (1107/8-1130); m.1126 Alix, dau of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem


1d) CONSTANCE, Princess of Antioch (1127-1163); m.1st 1136 RAYMOND de Poitiers, Prince of Antioch (d.1149); m.2nd by 1153 RENAUD de Châtillon, Prince of Antioch (d.1187)


1e) Maria (1145-1182); m.1161 Manuel I Komnenus, Emperor of Byzantium ( d.1180)


2e) BOHEMUND III, Prince of Antioch (d.1201); m.1st 1168/70 (div) Orgueilleuse of Harenc; m.2nd 1175/7 (div 1180) Theodora Komnene; m.3rd 1181 (div) Sibylle ___; m.4th ca 1199 Isabelle ___


1f) [ex 1] Raimund, Ct of Tripoli (1199); m.1194/5 Alix of Armenia (b.1182/3, d.after 1234)


1g) RAYMUND Rupen of Armenia, 1216-19 Prince of Antioch, b.1199, prison 1221/2; m.before 1210 Helvis, dau of Amalric de Lusignan, King Cyprus


1h) Maria, heiress of Toron (1215-    ); m.after 6 Jul 1240 Philippe de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus and Toron (d.1270)


2h) Eschive


2f) [ex 1] BOHEMUND IV, Prince of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli (d.1233); m.1st by 21 Aug 1198 Plaisance de Giblet (d.1217); m.2nd Tripoli Jan 1218 Melisende de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus (1197/9-    )


1g) Raimund, Bailiff of Antioch (1195-murdered at Tortosa 1213)


2g) BOHEMUND V, Prince of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli (d.Jan 1252); m.1st shortly before 11 Aug 1225 (annulled after 5 Jul 1227) Adela=Alix de Champagne (dsp 1246); m.2nd 1235 Lucienne di Caccamo-Segni, a great-niece of Pope Innocent III


1h) BOHEMUND VI, Prince of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli (ca 1237-11 May/Jul 1275); m.1254 Sibylle of Armenia (d.1290)


1i) BOHEMUND VII, Ct of Tripoli, titular Pr of Antioch 1275/87; m.Marguerite de Brienne


2i) Isabeau


3i) Lucia, Countess of Tripoli 1287/8 ( 1299); 1275 Narjod de Toucy, sn di Terza, Admiral of Sicily (d.1293)


4i) Marie ( 1280); m.Nicolas de Saint-Omer (d.1294)


2h) Plaisance, Regent of Cyprus and Jerusalem (ca 1236-27 Sep 1261); m.1st 1250 Henry de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (d.8 Jan 1253); m.2d before 7 Dec 1254 (annulled 1258) Balian d'Ibelin, lord of Arsur


3g) Philip, King of Armenia 1222-4 (d.of poisoning while in prison 1226); m.Jun 1222 Queen Zabel of Armenia (1212/3-23 Jan 1252)


1h) MARGUERITE, 1268 titular Princess of Antioch; m.1268 Jean de Montfort, Lord of Toron and Tyrus


4g) Henry (drowned at sea 27 Jun 1276); m.1233 Isabeau de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus; their children all took the surname "de Lusignan", and their issue in the male line included Kings of Cyprus and Armenia, and claimants to the throne of Jerusalem


5g) Marie; may have m.1220 Thoros of Armenia


6g) Orgueilleuse (d.young)


7g) [ex 2] Helvis


8g) [ex 2] Marie de Poitiers, Pretender to the throne of Jerusalem, d.after 10 Dec 1307


3f) [ex 2] Constance, d.young


4f) [ex 2] Manuel (1176-27 Jun 1211)


5f) [ex 3Alix; m.Dec 1204 Guy Embriaco, Lord of Giblet ( 1233)


6f) [ex 3] Guillaume fl 1194


7f) [ex 4] Bohemund, lord of Boutron, d.1244; m.N Plivane, heiress of Boutron à issue


3e) Philippa (1148-1178); m.Humphrey de Toron, Constable of Jerusalem (d.1179)


4e) [ex 1] Baldwin (d.1176)


5e) [ex 2] Agnes = Anna (1154-1184); m.1172 King Béla III of Hungary (d.1196)


3a) Emma; m.Eudes de Bon-Marchais; note: her son Tancred is often referred to as nephew of Bohemund I, making Emma a daughter of Robert Guiscard; I follow Europäische Stammtafeln in placing Emma as the Guiscard’s sister


1b) TANCRED, Prince of Tiberias, effectively Prince of Antioch 1100-1112 (d.1112); m.1106 Cecile (d.after 1145), dau of King Philippe I of France




3. The County of Edessa



Both King Baldwin I and Baldwin II of Jerusalem had been successively Counts of Edessa prior to their respective elevations to the throne of Jerusalem (see above). On Baldwin II’s accession, Edessa fell to Joscelin de Courtenay, a first cousin of Baldwin II (their mothers were sisters).



JOSCELIN I de Courtenay, Count of Edessa 1118, Prince of Galilee and Count of Turbessel 1115 (d.1131); m.1st Beatrice (d.1119/22), an Armenian princess; m.2nd Maria of Salerno


1a) JOSCELIN II, 1131 Count of Edessa (d.1159); m.Beatrice ___ ; after about 1148 the county of Edessa ceased to exist, most of it having been conquered by Nur-ed-Din


1b) Joscelin III, titular Count of Edessa, Seneschal of Jerusalem; m.1176 Agnes de Milly


1c) Beatrice; m.1st 1186 Guillaume de Lusignan; m.2nd by 1208 Otto Graf von Henneberg


2c) Agnes; m.Guillaume de Mandelée


2b) Agnes (d.1184/5); m.1st Raynaud, Lord of Marash (d.1149); m.2nd 1157 Hugues d’Ibelin, Lord of Rama; m.3rd ca 1158 (annulled 1163) King Amalric I of Jerusalem; m.4th 1166 her second husband; m.5th 1169/71 (repudiated 1174) Renaud, Lord of Sidon


3b) Isabelle (d.after 1159); 1149 Thoros II, an Armenian prince (d.1169)


2a) Stephanie




4. The County of Tripoli



RAYMUND I of Toulouse, Comte de Saint-Gilles, 1085 Comte de Gevaudun, 1088 Comte de Toulouse, became Count of Tripoli 1102 (d.1105); m.1st 1066 (repudiated ca 1076) a dau of Godfrey, Comte d’Arles and Margrave of Provence; m.2nd 1080 Matilda, dau of Count Roger of Sicily; m.3rd 1094 Elvira (d.after 1151), dau of King Alfonso VI of Castile; having repudiated his first wife, he was succeded in Toulouse by his younger son, from the 3rd marriage


1a) [ex 1] BERTRAND, Count of Tripoli (d.1112); m.1st NN; m.2nd 1095 Hélie (1080-1142), dau of Duke Eudes of Burgundy


1b) PONS, Count of Tripoli (1098-1137); m.1115 Cécile (d.after 1145), dau of King Philippe I of France, widow of Tancred, Prince of Tiberias (above)


1c) RAYMUND II, Count of Tripoli (d.1152); m.1130 Hodierne (d.after 1152), dau of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem


1d) RAYMUND III, Count of Tripoli (d.1187); 1174 Eschiva, Princess of Galilee, dau of Elinard, Prince of Galilee, and widow of Guillaume de Saint-Omer, Lord of Tiberias; on his death the county of Tripoli fell to the family of the Princes of Antioch, as above


2d) Melisende (fl 1159)


2b) Philippe (fl 1126/42)


3b) Agnes; m.Renaud, Lord of Margat (d.1186)


2a) Alphons Jordan, Coomte de Toulouse (1102-1148); m.Faydiva d’Uzès à issue, the later Counts of Toulouse




5. The Prinipality of Galilee and the family de Saint-Omer



5.1. Falkenberg


HUGO von Falkenberg, 1101 Prince of Galilee (d.1106), was father of:


1a) ESCHIVA I, Princess of Galilee; m.GUILLAUME de Bures, Prince of Galilee (see part 5.2 below)


2a) Agnes; m.Gautier Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut



5.2. Bures


N de Bures was father of:


1a) GUILLAUME de Bures, Prince of Galilee, Constable and Bailli of Jerusalem; m.1st by 1115 Agnes N; m.2nd ESCHIVA I, Princess of Galilee (see part 5.1 above); they had fours sons, of whom at least three were priests or monks in the Holy Land


2a) Geoffroy de Bures (d.1119)


1b) ELINARD, 1142/48 Prince of Galilee


1c) ESCHIVA II, 1159/87 Princess of Galilee, Lady of Tiberias; m.1st by Mar 1159 Gautier de Saint-Omer, Lord of Tiberias (see part 5.3 below); m.2nd ca 1174 Raymund III, Count of Tripoli


2b) GUILLAUME II, 1154 Prince of Galilee (d.1158/9); m.Marie, dau of Guy Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut



5.3. Saint-Omer



Guillaume II, chatelain de Saint-Omer 1126/43; m.Melisende de Picquigny


1a) Guillaume III, chatelain de Saint-Omer 1132/70; m.Matilda N


1b) Guillaume IV, chatelain de Saint-Omer, sn de Fauquemberghes, the Holy Land 1191/2; m.1st Ida d'Avesnes; m.2d Marie (d.after 1228) dau.of Raymond, constable of Tripoli


1c) Guillaume V, chatelain de Saint-Omer, etc, b.1171/1, d.after Mar 1245; m.1218 Imagina von Looz

2c) Guillaume VI, chatelain de Saint-Omer, etc, fl 1248

3c) Gautier de Saint-Omer, a canon, the Holy Land ca 1218

4c) Jacques de Saint-Omer, d.Damiette 1219; m.Clemence de Dammartin

5c) Nicolas de Saint-Omer, d.1217/9; m.Margaret of Hungary, Dowager Empress of Byzantium and Dowager Queen of Thessaloniki (d.after 1223)


1d) Bela de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes ca 1240; m.1220 Bonne de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon


1e) Nicolas de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes, Bailli of Morea, d.1294; m.1st ca 1278 Marie de Poitiers, Pss of Antioch; m.2d Anna Komnenedukaina of Epirus (d.1286)


2e) Othon de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes, 1299; m.Margherita di Verona


3e) Jean de Saint-Omer, Marshal of Morea, Baron of Passava, fl 1278; 1276 Marguerite de Nully, Dame de Passava


1f) Nicolas de Saint-Omer, Baron de Passava, Marshal of Morea, co-lord of Thebes, d.1314; m.Guillerme Orsini (d.after 30 May 1317)


2a) Hosto de Saint-Omer, a knight Templar in England 1142, in Catalonia 1143, in the Holy Land 1145


3a) Hugues, chatelain de Saint-Omer, sn de Fauquemberghes


4a) GAUTIER, chatelain de Saint-Omer, Lord of Tiberias, d.1174; m.before Mar 1159 Eschiva de Bures, Lady of Tiberias


1b) HUGO de Saint-Omer, Prince of Galilee, d.after 1204; m.Marguerite d'Ibelin


2b) Guillaume de Saint-Omer


3b) Odo de Saint-Omer, constable of Tripoli, lord of Gogulat; m.Femie de Grenier, dau.of Renaud, lord of Sidon


4b) RAOUL de Saint-Omer, seneschal of Jerusalem, Pr of Galilee; m.Agnes de Grenier, dau.of Renaud, lord of Sidon


1c) ESCHIVA, Pss of Galilee, Lady of Tiberias, d.after Feb 1265; m.Odo=Hugo de Montfaucon, Lord of Tiberias


5b) Eschiva; m.Amaury Rivet, Marshal of Cyprus






6. The Brisebarre, Lords of Beirut and Caesarea



N Brisebarre had issue:


1a) GAUTIER I, 1125/6 Lord of Beirut


2a) GUY I, 1126/40 Lord of Beirut; m.NN


1b) GAUTIER II, 1140 Lord of Beirut


2b) GUY II, 1147 Lord of Beirut (d.after 7 Jun 1156); m.NN


1c) GAUTIER III, 1157/66 Lord of Beirut, 1168 Lord of Montréal, 1174 Lord of Blanchegarde; m.1st Hélène, dau of Philippe de Milly, Lord of Nablus, Montréal, etc; m.2nd Agnes, dau of Hugo, Prince of Galilee [this is accoring to Europäische Stammtafeln, but it seems unlikely that the daughter of a man dying in 1106 could marry and have children with Gautier


1d) [ex 1] Beatrix (fl 1168)

2d) [ex 2] Gilles of Beirut (fl 1198-1220); m.Agnes de Leiron à issue

3d) [ex 2] Raymonde; 1183 Bertrand, Lord of Margat

4d) [ex 2] Marguerite; m.Guillaume Porcelet

5d) [ex 2] Eschiva; m.Joscelin de Giblet

6d) [ex 2] Oracle; m.Eustace de Neuville


2c) Guy; 1182 Julienne, Lady of Caesarea, dau of Hugues Grenier, Lord of Caesarea


1d) GAUTIER, Lord of Caesarea, Constable of Cyprus (d.1229); m. Marguerite d’Ibelin


1e) JEAN, Lord of Caesarea; m.Alix de Montagu à daughters

2e) Isabelle; m.Jacques de la Mandelée

3e) Alix; m. Jacques de la Mandelée

4e) Femie; m.Jean de Giblet, Marshal of Jerusalem

5e) Helvis


2d) Bernard

3d) Isabelle; m.Renaud le Chambellan

4d) Berthe


3c) Bernard, Lord of Blanchegarde

4c) Marie; m.1st Guillaume de Bures, Prince of Galilee; m.2nd Gerard de Ham, Constable of Tripoli

5c) Beatrice; m.Jean le Tor, Lord of Manuet

6c) Marguerite; m.Gremont, Lord of Bethsan





7. The Grenier, Lords of Sidon and Caesarea



EUSTACE Grenier, 1108-10 Lord of Caesarea, 1110 Lord of Sidon, Constable and Regent of Jerusalem (d.1123); m.1099 Emma, Lady of Jericho, niece of Arnoul de Malicorne, Patriarch of Jerusalem


1a) EUSTACE II, Lord of Sidon; m.Papia N


1b) RENAUD, Lord of Sidon and Beaufort [he may have been son of Girard instead of Eustace] (d.1200/4); m.1st by 1171 Agnes, dau of Joscelin II, Count of Edessa, widow of Renaud, Lord of Marash, of Hugues d’Ibelin, Lord of Rama, and divorced wife of King Amalric of Jerusalem; m.2nd by 1189 Helvis d’Ibelin


1c) [ex 2] BALIAN [d’Ibelin], Lord of Sidon, Regent of Jerusalem (d.1240); m.1218 Ida de Reynel


1d) GILLES, Lord of Sidon


2d) JULIAN, Lord of Sidon and Beaufort (d.1275); m.1252 Euphemia (d.1309), dau of King Hethum and Queen Zabel of Armenia


1e) BALIAN II, titular Lord of Sidon (d.1276); m.Marie de Giblet


1f) Isabelle; m.Maurice de Bouillon

2f) Euphemia; m.Hethum of Lampron, Armenian Lord of Asgouras (d.1307)


2e) Jean ( 1289)

3e) Marguerte; m.Guy de Giblet


3d) Philippe de Beaufort

4d) Isabelle

5d) Agnes; m.Guillaume de Poitiers, Lord of Butron


2c) [ex 2] Agnes; m.Raoul de Saint-Omer, Prince of Galilee


3c) [ex 2] Femie; m.Oste de Saint-Omer


2a) GIRARD, Lord of Sidon and Beaufort; m.Agnes de Bures


1b) Eustace


3a) GAUTIER I, Lord of Caesarea 1128/49, Lord of Sidon 1131/5; m.Julienne N


1b) Eustace


2b) HUGUES, Lord of Caesarea; m.Isabelle Gothman


1c) GUY, Lord of Caesarea


2c) GAUTIER II, Lord of Caesarea (d.1189/91)


3c) JULIENNE, Lady of Caesarea (d.1213/6); m.1st by 1182 Guy Brisebarre (tehir son inherited the lordship of Caesarea; see part 6 above); m.2nd by 1192 Aymar de Lairon, Lord of Caesarea, Marshal of Jerusalem





8. Ibelin


For this extensive family, which held many posts and lordships in the Crusader states and married into many of its dynasties, see the full genealogy on its page in An Online Gotha here.




9. Montfort, Lords of Toron and Tyrus



PHILIPPE de Montfort, sn de Castries, etc, 1240 Lord of Tyrus, 1248 Pretender to the Armenian throne (d.1270); m.1st Elenore de Courtenay, dau of Peter II, Emperor of Constantinople; m.2nd MARIE, Lady of Toron, dau of Raymund Rupen, Prince of Antioch


1a) [ex 1] Philippe, sn de Catsries, etc (d.1270); m.Jeanne de Lévis à issue


2a) [ex 2] JEAN, Lord of Toron and Tyrus, Conte di Squillache (d.1289); m.1268 Marguerite, titular Princess of Antioch (d.1308), dau of Philippe of Antioch, King of Armenia


3a) [ex 2] HONFROY, Lord of Tyrus (d.1284); 1269 Eschiva d’Ibelin, Lady of Beirut (d.1312)


1b) Amaury (d.1304)


2b) RUPEN, Lord of Toron (d.1313); m.Marie d’Ibelin


1c) Honfroy, Constable of Cyprus (1305-1326); m.NN


1d) Eschiva (b.1324, 1353); m.1342 Peter I, King of Cyprus and Armenia (d.1369)


2c) Jeannette; m.1st NN; m.2nd Balian d’Ibelin






10. Milly


Guy de Milly; m.1st by 1115 Elisabeth N; m.2nd Stephanie, sister of Payen, Lord of Nablus, and widow of Baldwin, Lord of Rama


1a) Philippe, Lord of Nablus, of Montréal and of Krak-les-Chevaliers; m.Isabelle, dau of Maurice of Nablus


1b) Renier, Prince of Montréal; m.Etiennette N


2b) Stephanie; m.1st ca 1163 Hanfroy de Toron; m.2nd ca 1172 Miles de Plancy, Seneschal of Jerusalem (d.1174); m.3rd 1175/7 Renaud de Châtillon, formerly Prince of Antioch (d.1187)


3b) Helene; m.Gautier Birsebarre, Lord of Beirut


2a) Guy, Lord of Nablus


3a) Henry, Lord of Arabia Petra; m.Agnes, dau of Eustace Grenier, Lord of Sidon


1b) Helvis; m.Adam de Bessan


2b) Stephanie; m.1st Rostaing, Lord of Butron; m.2nd Hugues de Giblet


3b) Agnes; m.1176 Joscelin III de Courtenay, titular Count of Edessa


4b) [illegitimate] Baldwin Bubalus, Lord of Nablus





11. Rama



Baldwin, Lord of Rama (d.1138); m.Stephanie, sister of Payen, Lord of Nablus


1a) Reinier, Lord of Rama 1141/8; m.Isabelle N


1b) Baldwin (fl 1153)


2a) Helvis (d.1163/5); m.1st by 1122 Balian d’Ibelin; m.2nd 1152 Manasses de Hièrges, Constable of Jerusalem





12. Beths’an



Gremont of Tiberias, 1161/74 Lord of Beths’an [Bessan]; m.Marguerite, dau of Guy Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut


1a) Adam of Beths’an; m.NN


1b) Gremont, Lord of Beths’an 1198/1220; m.1st Julienne, dau of Renaud de Soissons, Marshal of Cyprus; m.2nd NN


1c) [ex 1] Baldwin, Lord of Beths’an; m.Maria Visconti


1d) Gautier, Lord of Beths’an (d.1315); m.1st Marguerite Dabi; m.2nd Alix d’Ibelin


1e) Thibaut; m.1st Nicole d’Ibelin; m.2nd Alix de Montolif


2e) Agne; m.1st Alix de Mandelée; m.2nd Alisie, dau of Eudes de Dampierre, Constable of Jerusalem


1f) [ex 1] Baldwin; m.Marie d’Ibelin


2c) [ex 1] Thibaut; m.Isabelle de Mandelée


3c) [ex 2] Helvis; m.Roland de Lucca


2a) Gautier; m.1st Douce Porcelet; m.2nd Theodora Komnene, widow of Prince Bohemund III of Antioch


1b) [ex 1] Amaury, Bailli of Cyprus; m.N di Tricario


1c) Agrimont de Beths’an, sn di Tricario


2b) [ex 1] Eschiva; m.Jean of Antioch, Marshal of Cyprus


3b) [ex 1] Stephanie; m.Guy de Soissons


4b) [ex 2] Alix; m.Baldwin d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus






13. Giblet



Guglielmo Embriaco, from Genoa, 1109 Lord of Giblet


1a) Hugh Embriaco, Lord of Giblet 1127; m.Adelis N


1b) William, Lord of Giblet 1154; m.Sancha N


1c) Hugh, Lord of Giblet 1163; m.NN


1d) Hugh, Lord of Giblet 1184; 1179 Stephanie de Milly


1e) Guy, Lord of Giblet; m.1204 Alix, dau of Prince Bohemund III of Antioch


1f) Henry, Lord of Giblet; m.Isabelle d’Ibelin


1g) Guy, Lord of Giblet, dit d’Ibelin (d.1282); m.Marguerite, dau of Julian Grenier, Lord of Sidon


1h) Pierre, Lord of Giblet, Bailli of Cyprus; m.Douce de Gaurelée


2h) Marie (d.1331); m.Philippe d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus (d.1318)


3h) [illegitimate] dau; m.Bertrand de Giblet


2g) Marie; m.Balian Grenier, Lord of Sidon


2f) Agnes; m.Barthelemy, Lord of Soudin


2e) Plaisance; m.Prince Bohemund IV of Antioch (d.1233)


2c) Raymond de Giblet; m.Eva, a lady from Antioch


1d) Jean, Marshal of Jerusalem (d.1263); m.1st a dau of Gautier of Caesarea; m.2nd Jeanne de Lanelée


3c) Bertrand de Giblet; 1186 Dolete of Armenia


1d) Hugh, Bailli of Cyprus (fl 1229/64); m.Marie Porcelet


1e) Bertrand (d.1258); m.Beatrice de Saint-Simeon-Soudin


1f) Barthelemy (d.1288); m.Helvis de Scandelion


1g) Bertrand; m.a natural daughter of Guy de Giblet (above)


2g) Hugh; m.Catherine de la Roche


3g) Agnes; m.1st Gauvain de la Roche; m.2nd Pierre de Giblet


2f) Guiillaume (d.1282)


3f) Lucie; 1268 Jean, Lord of Boutron


4f) Marguerite; m.Baldwin d’Ibelin (d.1313)


4c) Guillaume de Giblet; m.Fadie, dau of Manasses de Hierges, Constable of Jerusalem


1d) Hugh, Lord of Besmedin (fl 1170-1220); m.Agnes, dau of Gerard de Ham, Constable of Tripoli à issue





14. Brienne


For this family, see the full genealogy on its page in An Online Gotha here.




15. Lusignan


For this family, see the full genealogy on its page in An Online Gotha here and here.




16. la Roche, Dukes of Athens



Othon de La Roche, sn de Ray, 1205/25 Lord of Athens; m.1st NN; m.2nd 1208 Elisabeth de Chappes


1a) [ex 1] Guillaume (fl 1218/62); m.N, heiress of Veligosti and Damala


1b) Jacques, Baron de Veligosti et Damala, Governor of Argos and Nauplia; m.Maria Aleman


1c) Renaud, Baron de Damala (d.1311)


2a) [ex 1] GUY, 1260 Duke of Athens (d.1263); m.NN


1b) JEAN, Duke of Athens 1263 (d.1280)


2b) GUILLAUME, Duke of Athens 1280-7, Bailli of Morea, co-Lord of Theves (d.1287); m.Helena Komnena


1c) GUY, 1287/1308 Duke of Athens (d.1308); m.Matilda of Hainaut (1293-1331); she later married Louis de Bourgogne, titular King of Thessalonica; then Giovanni of Sicily, Duke of Durazzo; and then Hugo de La Palice, Prince of Acahaja and Morea


3b) Alice; m.Jean d’Ibelin, Lord of Beirut (d.1264)


4b) Marguerite; m.Henri, Comte de Vaudemont (d.1278)


5b) Isabelle; m.1st Geoffroy de Cicon, Lord of Karitaina; m.2nd Hugh de Brienne, Conte di Lecce


3a) [ex 1] Bonne; m.1220 Nicolas de Saint-Omer