Earl of Caithness; Lords Crichton and Viscounts Frendraught

Earls of Dumfries

Earls Erne




Part 1



William [de] Crichton, d.before 1393; m.NN


1a) Sir John, d.before 12 Dec 1423; m. Christian ___


1b) William, cr ca 1433 Lord Crichton, d.1454; m.Agnes ___


1c) James, 2nd Lord Crichton, d.Aug 1454; m.1442/6 Janet, dau of James Dunbar, Earl of Moray


1d) William, 3rd Lord Crichton; he was forfeited in 1484, whereby the title became extinct; he d.before 23 Oct 1493; m.before 1478 Marion, dau of 1st Lord Livingstone


1e) James, of Frendraught, 1536; m.Catherine, dau of Lord Borthwick


1f) William, of Frendraught; m.Agnes Abernethy, probably dau of Lord Saltoun of Abernethy


1g) Sir James, of Frendraught (1541-1612/3); 15 Apr 1557 Lady Janet Keith


1h) James, of Frendraught, d.1618/20; m.Janet Gordon


1i) James, of Frendraught fl 1667; m.25 Feb 1619 Lady Elizabeth Gordon, dau of 12th Earl of Sutherland


1j) James, cr 1642 Viscount of Frendraught and Lord Crichton [S] with remainder to heirs male and successors, dvp 1664/5; m.1st 1639 Lady Janet Leslie (dspm 24 Nov 1640); m.2nd 8 Nov 1642 Marion Irvine, maternal gdau of Viscount Dudhope


[by 1st m.]:


1k) Janet (bap 20 Nov 1640- ); m.24 Aug 1665 Sir James Makgill of Rankeillour


[by 2nd m.]:


2k) James, 2nd Viscount of Frendraught, d.1674/5; m.1668/9 Christian, ne Urquhart, widow of Lord Rutherford


1l) William, 3rd Viscount of Frendraught, fl 4 Mar 1680, d.before 17 Aug 1686


3k) Lewis, 4th Viscount of Frendraught, attainted 1690, d.26 Feb 1698; m.Margaret Seaton (d.4 Feb 1724)


4k) Magdalen, d.1 Apr 1738; m. Hon. Laurence Oliphant (d.Dec 1688)


5k) Jean fl 1728; m.Walter Stewart of Outlaw


2j) William, k. 23 Aug 1642


3j) George, of Auchingoul [but for the attainder, 5th Viscount of Frendraught] (ca 1625-d.before 30 Jul 1702); m.Jean Irving


1k) James [but for the attainder, 6th Viscount of Frendraught], d.before 16 Nov 1744; m.Margaret Gordon


1l) son, apparently disinherited, though probably entitled to the Viscountcy, subject to the attainder


2l) James, assumed the title on his father’s death, Paris 1769


3l) Charles

4l) George

5l) dau fl 1769

6l) dau fl 1769


2k) Francis


3k) Magdalen; 1690 Alexander Stewart of Lesmurdie


4k) Elizabeth; 1696 Robert Irving of Corniehaugh


4j) Francis fl 1682


5j) Elizabeth fl 1696; m.Andrew Fraser, 2nd Lord Fraser (d.1656/8)


6j) Isabel; m.Robert Dunbar of Burgie


7j) Mary; 26 Dec 1643 Patrick Oliphant, 6th Lord Oliphant (d.1668/74)


8j) Helen; m.William Hay of Muldavit


9j) Margaret


2i) Anne; m.1st ca 1620 William Seton of Meldrum; m.2nd Gilbert Ogilvy of Craig


2h) George


3h) Agnes; 1572 John Leslie of Wardis (d.1620)


4h) Elizabeth; m.1st ca 1587 Alexander Abernethy of Lessindrum (d.10 Apr 1603); m.2nd Alexander Cranstoun


5h) Anna; m.Robert Spens of Tulloch


2g) Margaret


2e) [by Princess Margaret] Margaret; m.1st William Todrik; m.2nd George Halkerstoun; m.3rd by 1517 (div 1520) George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes (d.1558)


2d) Gavin, d.before 22 Nov 1493; m.Margaret Cockburn


1e) James

2e) William


3d) George


2c) Elizabeth; m.Alexander Gordon, Earl of Huntly (d.15 Jul 1470)


3c) Agnes; m.Alexander Lyon, 2nd Lord Glamis (d.1486)


2a) Stephen; m.NN; Stephen is usually said to be brother of 1a) Sir John, above; Scots Peerage says he was “said to have been” brother; GEC says he was a kinsman “though probably not” brother of Sir John


1b) George, cr 1452 Earl of Caithness, d.Aug 1454; m.1st ___ Douglas; m.2nd Janet, widow of Sir James Douglas, sister of Lord Borthwick; George resigned the earldom to the Crown at some time shortly after it was granted


1c) [ex 1] James, of Cairns issue


2c) [ex 2] Janet; m.1454 John Maxwell, 3rd Lord Maxwell (d.22 Jul 1484)


2b) James, of Ruthvendenny; m.Agnes Hepburn


1c) Adam; m.1st Elizabeth Stirling; m.2nd NN Crichton of Ruthvendenny


2c) Margaret; m.1st 1479 Sir William Stirling of Keir; m.2nd John Sempill, Lord Sempill (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)






Part 2


(The relationship, if any, to the line in Part 1, is unknown)



Sir Robert Crichton of Sanquhar, cr 1488 Lord Crichton of Sanquhar [S], d.1494/5; m.1st Margaret Hay; m.2nd by 1457 Christian Erskine


1a) [ex 2] Robert, dvp 1484/92; m.Lady Marion Stewart, dau of 1st Earl of Lennox


1b) Robert, 2nd Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.1513, probably k.a. at Flodden; 1491 Marion Maxwell


1c) Robert, 3rd Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.1516/20; m.Elizabeth Murray


1d) Robert, 4th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.before 7 Jan 1536; m.before 1 Dec 1534 Mrs Elizabeth Wallace, ne Campbell


2d) William, 5th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.11 Jun 1550 (stabbed to death by Lord Sempill); m.before 24 May 1540 Elizabeth, dau of Lord Fleming, and gdau of King James IV


1e) John, fl 1549, dvpsp


2e) Robert, 6th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.1561; m.Mrs Margaret Kennedy, ne Cuninghame


3e) Edward, 7th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, d.23 May 1569; 1561 Margaret, dau of Douglas of Drumlanrig, and later wife of 5th Earl of Menteith


1f) Robert, 8th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar (ca 1568- hanged 29 Jun 1612 after having been found guilty of arranging a murder); m.10 Apr 1608 Anne Fermor (bap 12 Mar 1592-bur 13 Apr 1675), later wife of 5th Earl of Thomond


1g) [illegitimate by ?] William, of Sanquhar, legitimated 8 Aug 1609, but his claim to the title and other estates failed 1614, though served heir to territorial Barony of Sanquhar 15 Jul 1619


2f) Margaret, d.Feb 1596


4e) Andrew


5e) William; m.Katherine Carmichael


1f) William, 9th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar, cr 1622 Viscount of Air and Lord Crichton of Sanquhar and Cumnock [S], cr 1633 Earl of Dumfries, Viscount of Air, and Lord Crichton of Sanquhar and Cumnock [S], with remainder for this last creation to heirs male bearing the name Crichton; he d. 1642/3; he m.1st Mrs Eupheme Hamilton, ne Seton; m.2nd before 16 Jul 1630 Ursula, ne Barnham, widow of Sir Robert Swift; issue of 1st m.:


1g) William, 2nd Earl of Dumfries; in 1690 he resigned all his honors and received a new grant thereof (with the former precedence) with remainder to his grandson William in tail male, and then to the four daughters of his deceased son Charles and the heirs of their bodies respectively succeeding to the family estates, and finally to the nearest heirs of his deceased son Charles; he d.1691; he m.29 Aug 1618 Penelope Swift, sister of his brother-in-law Viscount Carlingford; note that he married when he and his wife were both less than 13 years old, and their sons were not born until more than twenty years later


1h) Robert, Lord Crichton (bap 19 Dec infant)


2h) Charles, Lord Crichton, dvp 1686/90; m.1679 Hon. Sarah Dalrymple (bap 19 Nov 1654- )


1i) William, 3rd Earl of Dumfries, d.28 Feb 1694


2i) Penelope, 4th Countess of Dumfries, d.6 Mar 1742; m.26 Feb 1698 her cousin Hon. William Dalrymple (bap 11 Oct 1678-30 Nov 1744); they had eight children, for all of whom see Dalrymple/Stair page; relevant here are:


1j) William DALRYMPLE-CRICHTON, suc his mother 1742 as 5th Earl of Dumfries, suc his younger brother 1760 as 4th Earl of Stair (1699-27 Jul 1768); m.1st Lady Anne Gordon (17 Jan 1709-bur 15 Apr 1755); m.2nd 19 Jun 1762 his cousin Anne Duff (d.21 Aug 1811), later wife of Hon. Alexander Gordon


1k) William, Lord Crichton (12 Dec 1734-9 Sep 1744)



3j) James, suc his paternal uncle 1747 as 3rd Earl of Stair under the 1707 novodamus, d.30 Nov 1760



7j) Elizabeth; m.John Macdowall or McDouall,of Freugh issue, including:


1k) Patrick MacDOWALL-CRICHTON. 6th Earl of Dumfries (15 Oct 1726-7 Apr 1803); m.12 Sep 1771 Margaret Craufurd (d.5 May 1799)


1l) Elizabeth Penelope, dvp 25 Jul 1797; m.12 Oct 1792 John Stuart, Lord Mount Stuart (dvp 22 Jan 1794), eldest son of 1st Marquess of Bute; their son inherited the earldom of Dumfries



3i) Margaret


4i) Mary


5i) Elizabeth, bur 17 Nov 1742


3h) Elizabeth, 1675; m.Jan 1658 Alexander Montgomerie, 8th Earl of Eglinton (d.1701)


4h) Penelope


5h) Mary (bap 15 Feb 1644- )


2g) James, d.before 2 Dec 1669; m.NN


1h) John, 1672/5

2h) David

3h) James


3g) John


4g) Mary, d.24 Aug 1674; m.29 Aug 1618 Barnham Swift, Viscount Carlingford (bap 7 Dec 1606-28 Jan 1635 [1 Jan 1634, per Scots Peerage])


5g) Catherine; m.Sir John Charteris of Amisfield


2f) James, d.before Feb 1654; m.NN


1g) James, of Castlemains fl 1677; m.Mrs Mary Johnston, ne Douglas


2g) William, d.1652


3g) Helen; m.William Crichton


4g) dau; m.David Macbrair


3f) Robert, d.Nov 1641; 1621 Agnes Macbrair


1g) Sir Robert CRICHTON [or MURRAY] of Glenmure and Castle Murray; m.NN


1h) Jean; m.George Stirling of Auchyll


2h) Anna; m.Lord James Murray (8 May 1663-29 Dec 1719)


2g) James

3g) William

4g) John

5g) Margaret

6g) Elizabeth

7g) Catherine

8g) Isobel


6e) James, d.before 15 Mar 1582


7e) Elizabeth; contracted to marry Lord Cathcart, but he reneged


8e) Margaret; contracted to m. Andrew Semill


3d) John, of Ryhill, d.before Mar 1581; m.Christian Dalzell


1e) Robert, d. before 9 Apr 1612; m.Katherine Crawford


1f) Robert


4d) Herbert


5d) [by Princess Margaret, dau of King James II] Margaret; m.1st William Todrig; m.2nd George Halkerston; m.3rd before 1 Apr 1517, George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes (d.1558)


2b) dau; m.Sir James Dunbar of Blackcraig




Part 3


(Probably unrelated to the lines in Parts 1 and 2)



David CREIGHTON [Crichton], of Crom Castle, d.1 Jun 1728; 1695 Katherine Southwell (d.Mar 1759), sister of 1st Lord Southwell issue, including:


1a) Abraham CREIGHTON [Crichton], of Crom Castle, cr 1768 Baron Erne of Crom Castle (ca 1700-10 Jun 1772); m.1st 1 Jul 1729 Elizabeth Rogerson (d.6 Aug 1760); m.2nd 7 Feb 1762 Mrs Jane Acheson, ne King (d.21 Feb 1800)


1b) David Rogerson (bap 20 Feb 1730-d.before 1 Dec 1756)


2b) John, 2nd Lord Erne (ca 1738-15 Sep 1828), cr 1781 Viscount Erne of Crom Castle, cr 1789 Earl Erne of Crom Castle; m.1st Feb 1761 Catherine Howard (d.15 Jun 1775), sister of Viscount Wicklow; m.2nd 22 Feb 1776 Lady Mary Caroline Hervey (d.10 Jan 1842)


1c) Elizabeth (20 Jun 1762 [21 Jan 1762, per Debrett’s 1828]-28 Jan 1794); m.19 May 1783 James King (d.23 Mar 1833), brother of Sir Gilbert King, Bt.


2c) Patience (24 Jan 1764-1783)


3c) Abraham, 2nd Earl Erne (10 May 1765-10 Jun 1842)


4c) Catharine (Apr 1766-25 Nov 1833)


5c) Meliora (21 Mar 1768-Nov 1784)


6c) John (28 Jun 1772-10 May 1833); m.9 Dec 1797 Jane Weldon (bur 30 Nov 1849)


1d) Jane Anne (19 Oct 1798-19 May 1828); m.20 Aug 1820 Robert Fowler, of Rahinston (d.6 Feb 1863)


2d) Catherine (5 Feb 1800-14 Oct 1860); m.31 May 1825 Rev. Francis Saunderson (d.22 Dec 1873)


3d) Helen (26 Jun 1801-11 Jan 1875)


4d) John CRICHTON, 3rd Earl Erne (30 Jul 1802-3 Oct 1885); m.6 Jul 1837 Selina Griselda Beresford (5 Dec 1804-6 Sep 1884)


1e) Louisa Anne Catherine (27 May 1838-29 Aug 1866)


2e) John Henry, 4th Earl Erne (16 Oct 1839-2 Dec 1914); m.28 Dec 1870 Lady Florence Mary Cole (5 Aug 1849-23 Mar 1924)


1f) Henry William, Viscount Crichton (30 Sep 1872-k.a.31 Oct 1914); m.10 Jun 1903 Lady Mary Cavendish Grosvenor (12 May 1883-14 Jan 1959)


1g) George David Hugh (12 May 1904-18 May 1904)


2g) Mary Kathleen (8 Jul 1905-2 Feb 1990); m.9 Feb 1928 James Edward Hamilton, 4th Duke of Abercorn (29 Feb 1904-4 Jun 1979)


3g) John Henry George, 5th Earl Erne (22 Nov 1907-d.on active service 23 May 1940); m.15 Jul 1931 Lady Davidema Bulwer Lytton (d.10 Sep 1995)


1h) Rosanagh Mary (12 Aug 1932-13 Jun 2019); m.27 Jun 1956 Baron Michael Paul Raben-Levetzau (1 Jun 1930-London 28 Jan 1990)


2h) Antonia Pamela Mary, b.18 Apr 1934; m.1st 25 Jul 1953 Timothy William Wardell; m.2nd 1981 Charles William Beckwith (d.2009)


3h) Henry George Victor John, 6th Earl Erne (9 Jul 1937-23 Dec 2015); m.1st 5 Nov 1958 (div 1980) Camilla Marguerite Roberts; m.2nd 21 Jun 1980 Anna Karin Bjorck


1i) Cleone Lucinda, b.27 Aug 1959; m.1989 Richard Versen


2i) Davina Jane, b.25 Jun 1961; m.1990 (div 2000) Nicholas J R Scarr


3i) Katherine Patricia, b.4 Nov 1962; m.1989 Jonathan Cleeves Townsend-Rose


4i) Tara Guinevere, b.9 May 1967; m.1993 James William Loyd


5i) John Henry Michael Ninian, 7th Earl Erne, b.19 Jun 1971


2f) Sir George Arthur Charles (6 Sep 1874-5 Mar 1952); m.11 Jun 1913 Lady Mary Augusta Dawson (13 Jul 1887-23 Jul 1961)


1g) David George (31 Jul 1914-22 Jan 1997); m.1st 9 Aug 1941 Joan Fenella Cleaver (d.1992); m.2nd 1994 Mrs Betty Hughes-Onslow, ne Lee


1h) Fenella Jane (1948- ); m.1st 1969 (div 1974) Hon. Anthony Henry Amherst Cecil (1 Apr 1947- ); m.2nd 1978 John Ernest


2h) Charles David Blayney (1953- );m.1st 1977 Nicola Sian Berry; m.2nd 1988 Harriet E Monier-Williams 2 daus


2g) Richard John Vesey (2 Nov 1916-30 Jan 2002); m.15 Jul 1948 Yvonne Avril Catherine Worthington 3 sons


3g) Patrick Henry Douglas (16 Aug 1919-3 Sep 1998); m.1 Oct 1948 Gillian Moyra Cadogan (4 Feb 1922-3 Sep 1998) 2 sons, 1 dau


4g) Barbara Mary Cynthia (19 Jul 1922-1992); m.14 Jun 1947 Alastair Malcolm Nicholson


5g) Mary Bridget Anne (13 Apr 1927- ); m.30 Jun 1951 John William Burke Cole


3f) Arthur Owen (15 Aug 1876-11 Jul 1970); m.13 Jun 1906 Katherine Helen Elizabeth Trefusis (d.12 Apr 1964)


1g) Michael Henry (18 Apr 1907-16 Apr 1970); m.1 Jul 1942 Alice Elizabeth Sims (d.2 Jan 2000)


2g) Jean Trefusis (15 May 1912-5 Nov 2011); m.1st 15 May 1933 Eion James Henry Merry (d.23 Sep 1966), nephew of 8th Viscount Chetwynd; m.2nd 30 Sep 1969 Montague William Lowry-Corry (21 Mar 1907-16 Jun 1977), of the Earls Belmore


4f) James Archibald (8 Dec 1877-3 Aug 1956)


5f) Evelyn Louisa Selina (21 Jul 1879-4 May 1955); m.7 Nov 1899 Hon. Gerald Ernest Francis Ward (9 Nov 1877-k.a.30 Oct 1914)


6f) Mabel Florence Mary (31 Mar 1882-15 Aug 1944); m.1st 21 Apr 1906 Lord Hugh William Grosvenor (6 Apr 1884-k.a.30 Oct 1914); m.2nd Robert Hamilton Stubber, of Marston Hill (d.27 Jan 1963)


3e) Charles Frederick, of Mullaboden (Nov 1841-20 Aug 1918); m.2 Jan 1873 Lady Madeline Olivia Susan Taylour (30 Jan 1848-27 Jan 1876)


1f) Hubert Francis (17 Dec 1874-k.a.1 Sep 1914); m.14 Jul 1903 Esther Eliza Saunderson (15 Sep 1881-10 Nov 1965)


1g) Doris Madeline (30 May 1904-1993); m.11 Dec 1925 Philip Ivan Pease (d.7 Nov 1964)


2g) Enid Irene Adelaide (27 Feb 1907-5 Apr 1974); m.24 Jul 1930 Leslie Ashurst Judd (2 Jul 1894-25 Mar 1967)


2f) Amelia Madeline Louisa (20 Jan 1876-6 Dec 1927); m.1st 6 Dec 1900 Sir John Peniston Milbanke, 10th Bt. (9 Oct 1872-k.a.21 Aug 1915); m.2nd 1920 Sir Bryan Thomas Mahon (d.24 Sep 1930)


4e) Sir Henry George Louis (7 Apr 1844-10 May 1922); m.1st 17 Aug 1869 Letitia Grace Cole-Hamilton (2 Oct 1844-13 Jan 1888); m.2nd 29 Jan 1890 Lady Emma Baring (d.17 Jan 1936)


1f) Emily Florence (25 Oct 1870-9 Aug 1913); m.9 Jul 1895 John Edward Bernard Seely [later, 1933, Lord Mottistone] (31 May 1868-7 Nov 1947)


2f) Charles William Harry (7 Jul 1872-8 Nov 1958); m.7 Nov 1912 Dorothy Maud Dawnay (12 Jun 1884-16 Apr 1959)


1g) Ronald Henry (28 Dec 1913-16 Nov 2005)


2g) Brian John (27 Jan 1918-20 Mar 2005); m.23 May 1953 Anne Radclyffe Montgomery (d.11 Dec 2000) 3 daus


3f) Reginald Louis (23 Dec 1874-2 Aug 1929); m.21 Oct 1902 Hester Beatrix White (d.30 Oct 1961)


1g) Marcus Henry Reginald (17 Aug 1904-7 Feb 1985); m.4 May 1935 Elizabeth Frances Dorling 3 daus


2g) Doreen Grace (18 Jan 1906-20 Jun 1908)


3g) [Francis] Michael (19 Oct 1909-17 Dec 1996)


4g) John Richard (22 Feb 1912-8 Sep 1972)


5g) Elisabeth Hester (30 Oct 1914-31 Mar 1994); m.16 Sep 1939 Francis Alfred Lepper


6g) Patricia Jane (1 Jul 1920-13 Feb 2004); m.1st 30 May 1946 John Herbert Mount (d.1973); m.2nd 1975 Sir James Williams Spencer Mount


4f) Rev. Frederick Marcus (10 Aug 1877-22 May 1917)


5f) Richard Edward (21 Jun 1879-24 Nov 1962); m.24 Jan 1915 Cecil Nona Kerr (1875-28 Dec 1960)


6f) Louisa Charlotte (14 Aug 1881-6 Sep 1948); m.16 Aug 1910 Guy Dalrymple Fanshawe (d.19 Jun 1962)


7f) John Arthur (19 Aug 1883-d.on active service 6 Feb 1917)


5d) Henry (31 Oct 1804-23 Feb 1864); m.24 Jul 1849 Elizabeth Hawkshaw (d.30 Oct 1860)


6d) Charlotte (22 Nov 1805-28 Mar 1895)


7d) Mary (22 Nov 1808; m.17 Jan 1856 Rev. John Henry King (d.23 Mar 1833)


8d) Samuel (9 Jan 1811-9 Apr 1863)


7c) Caroline Elizabeth Mary (5 Mar 1779-23 Apr 1856); m.30 Mar 1799 James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Lord Wharncliffe (6 Oct 1776-19 Aug 1845)


3b) Abraham, d.29 Aug 1810; m.5 Nov 1793 Mrs Mary Ashenhurst


1c) Elizabeth Charlotte, d.29 Sep 1819; m.Aug 1815 Loftus Anthony Tottenham, of Glenade


4b) Meliora (bap 2 Mar 1735-bur 29 Nov 1799); Debrett’s 1828 says she m. Blayney Balfour, while Burke’s says she was unmarried; she does not appear as a wife in the Balfour genealogy in LG


5b) Charlotte (bap 15 Apr 1738-24 Mar 1819); m.1st 21 May 1766 Edward Madden, of Roslea Manor (d.1790); m.2nd Mar 1793 Edward King, brother of Sir Gilbert King, Bt.


6b) Catherine (bap 2 Feb 1732-bur 1 Oct 1741)


7b) Mary (bap 20 Jul 1742-Jul 1760)


2a) Elizabeth; m.19 Jul 1735 John Todd


3a) Meliora (bap 24 Sep 1706-1792); m.Mar 1742 Nicholas Ward, of Knockballymore (d.1751)


4a) Mary, bur 19 May 1741