Part 1



Joscelin I, sn de Courtenay 1065; m.1st Hildegarde, dau of Geoffroy de Château-Landon, Cte de Gâtinais by Ermengarde d’Anjou; m.2nd Elisabeth, dau of Guy de Monthléry by Hodierne de Gometz-La-Ferté; he had issue, probably all by 2nd m.:


1a) Miles, sn de Courtenay 1127; m.1st ___ ; m.2nd Ermengarde, dau of Renaud II, Cte de Nevers et d’Auxerre


1b) Guillaume, Sire de Courtenay 1147


2b) Renaud, Sire de Courtenay (d.1189/90); m.1st Helvis, sister of Guy de Donjon; m.2nd Maud (d.1224), dau of Robert, bastard of England, by Maud d’Avranches; note: I have seen some speculation that Renaud was actually two closely related men of the same name


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Guillaume ( 1190)


2c) Renaud de Courtenay (d.27 Sep 1194); m.Hawise, of Okehampton (d.31 Jul 1219), dau of William de Curcy by Maud d’Avranches [Maud being Renaud’s stepmother]


1d) Robert, of Okehampton (d.26 Jul 1242); m.Mary (d.after 1242), dau of William de Reviers, alias de Vernon, Earl of Devon, and widow of Pierre de Préaux


1e) John, of Okehampton (d.3 May 1274); m.Isabel (d.after 1299) dau of Hugh de Vere, Earl of Oxford


1f) Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Okehampton (d.28 Feb 1292); m.Eleanor, dau of Hugh le Despencer


1g) Hugh, suc 1293 his cousin Isabel to the estates of the de Reviers family, Earls of Devon, and possibly as de jure Earl of Devon, summoned 1299 as Lord Courtenay, and cr 1335 Earl of Devon (1274/5-23 Dec 1340); m.1292 Agnes (d.11 Jun 1345) dau of John de St.John, of Basing


1h) Hugh, 2nd Earl of Devon (12 Jul 1303-2 May 1377); m.11 Aug 1325 Margaret (d.16 Dec 1391), dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, by Pss Elizabeth of England


1i) Sir Hugh (b.22 Mar 1327, 2 Sep 1349); m.1341 Elizabeth (d.23 Sep 1375) dau of John de Vere, Earl of Oxford


1j) Hugh, summoned as Lord Courtenay (d.20 Feb 1374); m.1st by May 1361 Margaret (d.shortly after 1361) dau of Sir Guy de Bryan; m.2nd ca 1365 Maud ( 13 Apr 1392) dau of Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent, by Joan of Kent


2i) Elizabeth (d.after Apr 1364); m.Bartholomew de Lisle, Lord Lisle (d.13 Aug 1345)


3i) Thomas


4i) Margaret (d.12 Aug 1385); m.1332/3 John de Cobham, Lord Cobham (d.10 Jan 1408)


5i) Edward, of Codrington (d.1364/72); m.Emmeline (d.1372) dau of Sir John Dawnay


1j) Edward, 3rd Earl of Devon (ca 1357-5 Dec 1419); m.Maud, probably dau of Thomas Camoys, Lord Camoys


1k) Edward, Lord Courtenay (ca 1388-ca Aug 1419); m.1406/9 Alienor, dau of Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March


2k) Hugh, 4th Earl of Devon (1389-16 Jun 1422); m.Anne (d.16 Jan 1441) dau of Richard Talbot, Lord Talbot


1l) Thomas, 5th Earl of Devon (1414-Abingdon Abbey 3 Feb 1458); m.Margaret, dau of John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset


1m) Thomas, 6th Earl of Devon, attainted 1461 (1432-beheaded at York 3 Apr 1461)


2m) Henry, of Topsham (beheaded at Salisbury 17 Jan 1469)


3m) John, restored 1470 as 7th Earl of Devon, re-forfeited 1471 (k.a.Tewkesbury 4 May 1471)


4m) Joan; m.1st Sir Roger Clifford (beheaded 1485); m.2nd Sir William Knyvett


5m) Elizabeth; m.Sir Hugh Conway


3k) Elizabeth (d.18 Oct 1471); m.1st John Harrington, Lord Harrington (d.1417/8); m.2nd by 9 Oct 1427 William Bonville, Lord Bonville (d.28 Feb 1461)


2j) Sir Hugh, of Haccombe; m.1st Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Cogan, and widow of Sir Fulk Fitzwarine; m.2nd Philippa, dau of Sir William Arcedkne; m.3rd Maud, dau of Sir John Beaumont


1k) [by 2nd m.] Joan, heiress of Haccombe; m.1st Sir Nicholas Carew; m.2nd Sir Robert de Vere


2k) [by 3rd m.] Sir Hugh, of Boconnock (d.1471/2); m.Margaret, dau of Thomas Carminow


1l) Edward, restored 1485 as 8th Earl of Devon (d.28 May 1509); m.Elizabeth, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay (see below)


1m) William, attainted 1504, restored 1511 as 9th Earl of Devon (ca 1475-Greenwich 9 Jun 1511); Oct 1495 Katherine (Eltham 1479-Tiverton 15 Nov 1527) dau of King Edward IV


1n) Henry, 10th Earl of Devon, cr 1525 Marquess of Exeter, attainted 1539 (ca 1498-beheaded on Tower Hill 9 Jan 1539); m.1st Elizabeth, Baroness Lisle (dsp), dau of John Grey, Viscount Lisle; m.2nd  25 Oct 1519 Gertrude (d.25 Sep 1558) dau of William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy


1o) Henry (d.young)


2o) Edward, cr 1553 Earl of Devon, with remainder to “heirs male for ever”, and with precedence of the earlier earls (1526-Padua 18 Sep 1556, bur there); his estates were divided among the issue of his four great-great-aunts


2n) Margaret ( 15 Apr 1526); 1514 Henry Somerset, Lord Herbert [later, Earl of Worcester] (26 Nov 1549)


2l) Sir Walter


3l) Maud; m.Sir John Arundell of Tolverne


4l) Elizabeth; m.John Trethurffe


5l) Isabel; m.William Mohun


6l) Florence; m.John Trelawny, of Trelawny


3k) [by 3rd m.] Margaret; m.Sir Theobald Grenville


6i) William, 1381/96 Archbishop of Canterbury (d.31 Jul 1396)


7i) Elizabeth (d.7 Aug 1395); m.1st ca 1341 John de Vere ( 23 Jun 1350); m.2nd ca Jul 1359 Sir Andrew Luterel, of Chilton


8i) John


9i) Philip, of Powderham (d.1406); m.Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Wake


1j) Richard, of Powderham, 1413/5 Bp of Norwich ( sea off Harfleur 15 Sep 1415)


2j) Sir John; m.___


1k) Sir Philip (d.1463); m.Elizabeth, dau of Walter, Lord Hungerford


1l) Sir William, of Powderham Castle (d.1485); m.Margaret, dau of William, Lord Bonville


1m) Sir William, of Powderham Castle (d.1512); m.Cecily, dau of Sir John Cheney


1n) Sir William, of Powderham Castle (d.24 Nov 1535); m.1st Margaret, dau of Sir Richard Edgcombe; m.2nd Mary, dau of Sir John Gainesford


1o) George (dvp); m.Catharine, dau of Sir George St.Leger


1p) Sir William, of Powderham, de jure 2nd Earl of Devon (k.a.St.Quintin 18 Aug 1557); 1545 Elizabeth (d.4 Nov 1576) dau of John Paulet, Marquess of Winchester; for his issue see part 2, below


2n) Peter; m.Elizabeth Shilston


1o) Carew; m.__


1p) Catherine; m.Josias Calmady, of Langdon


2l) Sir Philip, of Molland; m.a dau of Robert Hingeston


1m) John, of Molland (d.1510); m.Joan, dau of Robert Brett à issue, extinct in male line 1732


2m) William, of Loughtorr


1n) Sir Philip, of Loughtorr; m.Jane, dau of Richard Fowell, of Fowellscombe


1o) Elizabeth; m.William Strode, of Neverham


3m) Elizabeth; m.Edward Courtenay, 8th Earl of Devon (above)


4m) Margaret; m.Sir John Champernowne, of Modbury


3l) Peter, Bp of Winchester


4l) Sir Edmund, of Deviock; m.1st Alide, dau of John Wotton; m.2nd Joan, dau of Edward Dymoke à issue, including:


1m) son


1n) Laurence


1o) Catherine; m.Thomas Kempe


5l) Sir Walter; m.Alice, dau of Walter de Kilrington


6l) Sir John


7l) Humphrey


1m) dau; m.Thomas Carew


8l) Philippa; m.Sir Thomas Fulford


9l) Anne; m.1st William Palton, of Umberleigh; m.2nd Richard Trewin


10l) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir James Luttrell; m.2nd Sir Humphrey Audley; m.3rd Thomas Malet, of Enmore


3j) Margaret; m.Sir Robert Carey


10i) Sir Piers (d.2 Feb 1405)


11i) Humphrey


12i) Katherine (d.13 Dec 1399); 18 Oct 1353 Sir Thomas Engaine (d.29 Jun 1367)


2g) Aveline (d.27 Apr 1327); 6 Nov 1311 John, 2nd Lord Giffard (d.1322)


3g) Margaret (d.1348/9); m.Nicholas de Mels, 2nd Lord Moels


4g) Isabel; m.John de St.John, Lord St.John


5g) Eleanor; m.Henry Grey, Lord Grey


2e) Egeline; m.Philip de Columbiers


3e) Hawise (d.shortly after 8 Apr 1269); m.1st John de Neville; m.2nd Sir John de Gatesden


3c) Elisabeth, 1161 Dame de Courtenay (d.after 1205); m.after 1150 Pierre of France, sn de Courtenay; their issue inherited the name and estates of de Courtenay


[by 1st or 2nd m.]:


4c) Robert, of Sutton (d.1209); m.1st Maud, dau of Renaud FitzUrse, of Bulwick; m.2nd by 8 Dec 1195 Alice, of Cockermouth and Allerdale (d.6 Mar 1214/5) dau of William FitzDuncan by Alice Le Meschin, and widw of Gilbert Pipard; note: the sources leave some possibility that this Robert was son of, not brother of, Renaud, albeit Renaud had another son of the same name


1d) William, of Bulwick, Upminster and Morle, Lord of Montgomery; m.Ada, dau of Patrick, Earl of Dunbar


2a) Joscelin I de Courtenay, 1115/9 Prince of Galilee, Count of Edessa (d.1131); m.1sr 1100/4 Beatrice (d.1119/22) dau of Constantine of Armenia; m.2nd Maria, dau of Ct Richard of Salerno; issue was by 1st m.


1b) Joscelin II, Ct of Edessa (d.1159); m.after 1131 Beatrice, widow of William of Shuna


1c) Joscelin III, titular Ct of Edessa, sn de Rohais, seneschal of the kingdom of Jerusalem ( 1200); m.1176 Agnes, dau of Henri Bubalus de Milly, Lord of Arabia-Petra


1d) Beatrice, Dame de Toron ( 1176, d.after 1245); m.1st 1186 Guillaume de Lusignan, sn de Valence; m.2nd by 1208 Otto Gf von Henneberg (d.1244/5)


2d) Agnes; m.Guillaume de Mandelée


2c) Agnes, Lady of Toron (d.1184/5); m.1st Raynaud, Lord of Marash (d.27 Jun 1149); m.2nd 1157 (separated) Hugues d’Ibelin, Lord of Rama (d.1169/71); m.3rd ca 1158 (annulled 1163) Amalrich d’Anjou, King of Jerusalem (d.11 Jul 1174); m.4th 1166 her 2nd husband; m.5th 1169/71 Renaud, Lord of Sidon


3c) Isabelle (d.after 1159); 1149 Thoros II of Armenia, Lord of the Mountains ( a monk 6 Feb 1169)


2b) Stephanie, an Abbess


3a) Vaindemonde; m.Raynarde, Cte de Joigny



Part 2


Sir William Courtenay, of Powderham Castle, de jure 2nd Earl of Devon (see part 1, above), had issue:


1a) Sir William, of Powderham Castle, de jure 3rd Earl of Devon (d.24 Jun 1630); m.1st ca 1573 Elizabeth, dau of Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland; m.2nd Elizabeth (d.9 Jun 1598) dau of Sir George Sydenham, and widow of Sir Francis Drake; all issue by 1st m.


1b) Sir William (d.1603)


2b) Francis, of Powderham Castle, de jure 4th Earl of Devon (d.3 Jun 1638); m.1st Shute 7 Nov 1606 Mary (bap 26 Jun 1586), dau of Sir William Pole, and widow of Nicholas Hurst; m.2nd Elizabeth, dau of Sir Edward Seymour, 2nd Bt.


1c) Sir William, of Powderham Castle, de jure 5th Earl of Devon, cr Baronet 1644 (bap 7 Sep 1628, d.4 Aug 1702); m.Margaret (d.1693/4), dau of Sir William Waller


1d) William, d.young


2d) Francis (bap 27 Feb 1652-1 Apr 1699); m.1670 Mary, dau of William Boevey


1e) Sir William, 2nd Bt., de jure 6th Earl of Devon (4 Mar 1675-10 Oct 1735); m.Wing, Bucks 20 Jul 1704 Lady Anne Bertie (d.31 Oct 1718) dau of James, Earl of Abingdon


1f) William (3 Sep 1705-d.young)


2f) Mary (19 Aug 1705-24 Aug 1705); note her and her brother William’s birth dates as per 1914 Burke’s, but they conflict


3f) James (1707-d.young)


4f) Anna Sophia (9 Jan 1708-8 Oct 1745)


5f) Sir William, 3rd Bt., de jure 7th Earl of Devon, cr 1762 Viscount Courtenay of Powderham Castle (11 Feb 1710-London 16 May 1762); m.London 2 Apr 1741 Frances (4 Feb 1721-Bath 19 Dec 1761) dau of Heneage Finch, 2nd Earl of Aylesford


1g) William, 2nd Viscount Courtenay, de jure 8th Earl of Devon (30 Oct 1742-London 14 Oct 1788); m.Edinburgh 7 May 1762 Frances (d.London 25 Mar 1782) dau of Thomas Clack


1h) Frances (6 Jan 1763-    ); m.13 Dec 1788 Sir John Honywood, 4th Bt. (ca 1757-29 Mar 1806); they were first cousins, their mothers being sisters


2h) Charlotte (14 Jul 1764-18 Nov 1844); m.23 Jun 1788 Thomas Giffard, of Chillington (d.1 Aug 1823)


3h) Isabella (Jun 1765-5 Mar 1783 as a result of her clothes catching fire)


4h) Elizabeth (2 Sep 1766-1815); m.Jun 1788 Lord Charles Somerset (12 Dec 1767-20 Feb 1831)


5h) William, 3rd Viscount Courtenay, recognized 1831 as 9th Earl of Devon (30 Jul 1768-Paris 26 May 1835)


6h) Lucy (13 Jun 1770-Château d’Epine 27 Jan 1822); m.2 Aug 1798 John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Lisburne (3 Mar 1769-18 May 1831)


7h) Harriet (7 Sep 1771-13 Apr 1836); m.12 May 1797 George Thynne, later Carteret, Lord Carteret (23 Jan 1770-19 Feb 1838)


8h) Eleanor (23 Nov 1772-Feb 1789)


9h) Anne (2 Jul 1774-Southampton 6 Jan 1835); m.Powderham Castle 3 Sep 1790 George Annesley, 2nd Earl of Mountnorris (Arley Hall 4 Dec 1770-Arley Castle 23 Jul 1844)


10h) Caroline Eustatia (26 Mar 1775-6 Mar 1851); m.3 Jan 1812 Charles Morland (d.14 Jun 1828)


11h) Amelia (7 Jun 1777-18 Mar 1780)


12h) Matilda Jane (7 Jul 1778-4 Aug 1848); m.John Locke (d.26 Feb 1837)


13h) Sophia (25 Jan 1780-11 Jan 1845); m.Nathaniel Foy (d.23 Mar 1817)


14h) Louisa Augusta (25 Dec 1781-9 Feb 1823); m.17 Oct 1805 Lord Robert Somerset (19 Dec 1776-1 Sep 1842)


15h) Mary, d.26 Feb 1784


2g) Elizabeth Anne (19 Feb 1744-1744)


3g) Mary (2 Mar 1745 [1746?]-13 Feb 1784 [1783?])


4g) Frances (10 Mar 1747-24 Feb 1828); m.7 Jun 1770 Sir John Wrottesley, 8th Bt. (1744-23 Apr 1787)


5g) Lucy (6 Jun 1748-Dec 1786); m.19 Oct 1777 John Cotes, of Woodcote (d.24 Aug 1821)


6g) Charlotte (20 Jan 1751-1826); m.Ellaston 12 Sep 1782 Alexander Wedderburn, Earl of Rosslyn (Edinburgh 13 Feb 1733-Stoke Poges 2 Jan 1805)


6f) Eleanor (4 Feb 1710-1764); m.10 Jun 1734 Francis John Basset, of Heanton Court (1714-1758); note her birth date conflicts with that of her brother Sir William; both are given as per 1914 Burke’s


7f) Bridget (1 May 1712-9 Mar 1790); m.1735 William Ilbert, of Bowringsleigh


8f) Henry Reginald (8 Jun 1714-30 Apr 1763); m.14 Apr 1737 Catherine (12 Nov 1709-1783) dau of Allen Bathurst, Earl Bathurst


1g) Rev. William (1738-27 Nov 1783); m.31 Dec 1764 Anne, dau of John Downes


2g) Rt. Rev. Henry Reginald, Bp of Exeter (London 27 Oct 1741-9 Jun 1803); m.London 26 Jan 1774 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.Clay Hill, Beckenham, Kent 31 Oct 1815)


1h) William, 10th Earl of Devon (London 19 Jun 1777-Shrivenham 19 Mar 1859); m.1st London 29 Nov 1804 Lady Harriet Leslie Pepys (1 Jun 1777-Powderham Castle 16 Dec 1839); m.2nd Dublin 30 Jan 1849 Elizabeth Ruth Scott (12 Mar 1814-Cheltenham 17 Mar 1914)


1i) William Reginald, 11th Earl of Devon (London 14 Apr 1807-Powderham Castle 18 Nov 1888); m.Filleigh, Devon 27 Dec 1830 Lady Elizabeth Fortescue (10 Jul 1801-Powderham Castle 27 Jan 1867)


1j) William Reginald (Castle Hill, Devon 28 Oct 1832-London 21 Nov 1853)


2j) Hugh (Castle Hill 10 Nov 1833-13 Mar 1835)


3j) Edward Baldwin, 12th Earl of Devon (London 7 May 1836-London 15 Jan 1891)


4j) Agnes Elizabeth (1 May 1838-London 4 Jul 1919); m.London 22 Apr 1869 Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax (London 7 Jun 1839-19 Jan 1934)


2i) Harriet Elizabeth (30 May 1809-3 Oct 1826)


3i) Rev. Henry Hugh, 13th Earl of Devon (London 15 Jul 1811-Powderham Rectory 29 Jan 1904); m.Leslie House, Fife 6 Jan 1835 Lady Anna Maria Leslie (19 Jul 1815-Powderham Rectory 28 Feb 1897)


1j) Henry Reginald, Lord Courtenay (West Wickham, Kent 20 Jan 1836-High House, Kenton, Devon 27 May 1898); m.London 12 Jul 1862 Lady Evelyn Pepys (London 19 Jan 1839-Kenton 7 Oct 1910)


1k) Amy Evelyn (22 Feb 1865-21 Dec 1948); m.18 Oct 1892 Hon. Reginald Bertie (d.15 Jun 1950)


2k) Caroline Elizabeth (3 Jan 1867-5 Jun 1935)


3k) Charles Pepys, 14th Earl of Devon (14 Jul 1870-4 Feb 1927)


4k) Rev. Henry Hugh, 15th Earl of Devon (1 Aug 1872-8 Feb 1935)


5k) Rev. Frederick Leslie, 16th Earl of Devon (31 Aug 1875-19 Jun 1935); m.9 Jan 1907 Marguerite Silva (d.4 May 1950)


1l) Evelyn Frances (30 Jun 1908-198_); m.17 Oct 1936 Thomas Anstey


2l) Mary Elizabeth (15 Jan 1910-16 Oct 2000)


3l) Marguerite Kathleen (15 Feb 1911-21 Nov 2003); m.22 Nov 1933 Eugene St.John Birnie (d.1976)


4l) Camilla Gabrielle (8 Apr 1913-Exeter 26 Jun 2010)


5l) Henry John Baldwin (1 Apr 1915-4 Apr 1915)


6l) Charles Christopher, 17th Earl of Devon (13 Jul 1916-1998); m.29 Jul 1939 Sybil Venetia Taylor (d.2 Nov 2001)


1m) Hugh Rupert, 18th Earl of Devon (b.5 May 1942-18 Aug 2015); m.9 Sep 1967 Dianna Frances Watherston


1n) Rebecca Eildon (b.1969); m.1994 Jeremy Lloyd Wharton


2n) Eleonora Venetia (b.1971); m.2000 Edward Clarkson


3n) Camilla Mary (b.1974); m.2003 Daniel Bruce Duff


4n) Charles Peregrine, 19th Earl of Devon (b.1975); m.2005 Allison Joy Langer


1o) Joscelyn Skye (b.2007)


2o) Jack Haydon Langer, Lord Courtenay (b.2009)


2m) Katherine Felicity (b.22 Oct 1940); m.8 Jan 1966 Anthony Stephen Pope Watney (d.1986)


7l) Angela Leslie (7 Sep 1918-30 May 2008); m.18 Jan 1947 Harold Cecil Moreton Horsley (d.9 Nov 1969)


2j) Hugh Leslie (1 Aug 1852-24 Nov 1907); m.31 Mar 1880 (div 1884) Laura Georgina Courtenay (below)


1k) Anna Maria Laura (26 Feb 1881-30 Nov 1964); m.14 Sep 1909 Edward Osborn Armstrong (d.15 May 1941)


4i) Edward (3 May 1813-16 Jan 1814)


5i) Rev. Charles Leslie (31 Mar 1816-29 Oct 1894); m.20 Jun 1849 Lady Caroline Margaret Cocks (6 Aug 1817-14 Nov 1894)


2h) Elizabeth (5 Aug 1779-27 Jun 1852)


3h) Catherine (7 Jan 1781-21 Nov 1865); m.30 Dec 1805 Ven. Edward Berens


4h) Thomas Peregrine (31 May 1782-drowned at Torquay 8 Jul 1841); m.5 Apr 1805 Anne Wynell-Mayow (6 Mar 1785-Tormohun 17 Dec 1760)


1i) Anne Mayow (10 Feb 1807-Dublin 14 Jul 1837); m.Lewisham 31 Mar 1833 Edward Ross, of Claines (d.1840)


2i) Elizabeth Howard (London 1 Aug 1808-the Vicarage, Longcot 23 Dec 1883); m.Torquay 18 Aug 1853 Rev. John Hughes (d.Fernham, Berks 22 May 1895)


3i) Thomas Peregrine (London 24 Feb 1810-Kenton, Devon 7 Jun 1861)


4i) Mary (Clay Hill, Beckenham 26 Aug 1811-Auckland House, Worthing 8 Feb 1902); m.1st Rev. Henry James Wharton (d.the Vicarage, Wickham 15 May 1858); m.2nd Thomas Ramsden Agnew (d.Bristol 8 Jun 1874)


5i) Rt. Rev. Reginald, Bp of Kingston, Jamaica (Clay Hill 27 Feb 1813-London 1 Apr 1906); m.Bedale 23 Jul 1842 Georgiana (d.Cheltenham 7 Sep 1870), dau of Sir John Beresford, Bt.


1j) John Peregrine Charles (Thornton Watlass, North Riding 26 Aug 1843-    )


2j) Reginald Edward (Thornton Watlass 7 Nov 1844-London 5 Jun 1873)


3j) Georgiana Harriet Anne (Thornton Watlass 31 Jan 1846-14 Feb 1932); m.Cheltenham 11 Aug 1869 Rev. George Thomas Ryves (d.Upper Tean, Staffs 30 Jan 1897)


4j) Evangeline Claudette (22 Apr 1855-    ); m.Cadenabbia, Lago di Como 20 May 1880 Charles John Blake (5 Oct 1846-    )


5j) Mabel (Bedale Hall 24 Dec 1857-4 Nov 1936)


6i) George Henry (Clay Hill 23 Dec 1814-2 Jan 1910); m.Hobart, Tasmania 22 Sep 1852 Laura Samuda (d.28 Jun 1892)


1j) Edward Reginald (27 Jun 1853-29 Mar 1919); m.1st 2 Jul 1878 (div 1881) Kathleen Ruth Crofton (d.30 Aug 1951); m.2nd Ash 5 Aug 1891 Mary Emily Hammersley (d.20 Dec 1928)


1k) Mary Catherine Natalie (14 Dec 1892-2 Sep 1933); m.10 Aug 1922 George Gilbey Rivière (d.18 Sep 1937)


2j) Peregrine George (Torquay 17 Feb 1855-d.after fall from pony at Karsfield 18 Jul 1865)


3j) Rev. Thomas Peregrine (Babbacombe 21 Feb 1856-30 Aug 1941); m.London 24 Jan 1883 Elizabeth Gilloes (d.1920)


4j) Catherine Laura (Calverleigh 13 Mar 1857-23 Mar 1934)


5j) Anne Henrietta (Dawlish 12 Nov 1858-22 Feb 1917)


6j) Elizabeth Frances (Dawlish 5 Jan 1860-2 Dec 1950)


7j) Laura Georgina (Karsfield 26 Apr 1861-1947); m.1st Powderham 31 Mar 1880 (div 1884) Hugh Leslie Courtenay (above); m.2nd 7 Feb 1885 Reginald Latham Workman


7i) Rev. Francis (11 Aug 1816-Torquay 25 Dec 1850)


8i) Edward (Clay Hill 26 Jul 1818-London 7 Dec 1848)


9i) Richard William (Clay Hill 11 Mar 1820-London 3 May 1904)


10i) Henry Reginald (Beckenham 11 Mar 1823-9 Mar 1911); m.1893 Elizabeth Booth (d.18 Nov 1941)


11i) Josceline (22 Dec 1824-7 Feb 1908)


12i) Catherine (Tunbridge Wells 17 Feb 1827-12 Jun 1914); m.Torquay 3 Jun 1851 Rev. George Carter (d.Torquay 4 Mar 1890)


13i) Caroline Wynell (Nice 28 Oct 1829-St.Mary’s Abbey, Mill Hill 4 Mar 1898)


5h) Anne (31 Mar 1784-1818)


6h) Frances Charlotte (7 Sep 1790-29 Mar 1854); m.20 Nov 1811 Rev. Edward Bouverie (15Aug 1783-22 Jul 1874)


3g) Catharine, d.20 Aug 1787


4g) Anne


9f) Isabella (16 Jul 1716-    ); m.14 May 1744 Ven. John Andrew (d.1772)


10f) Mary (19 Nov 1717-1754); m.1st 1 Oct 1735 John Langston; m.2nd John Davie


11f) Elizabeth (1718-d. an infant)


12f) Peregrine (11 May 1720-2 Dec 1786); m.1st 1751 Lucy Incledon (d.2 Dec 1778); m.2nd 18 Feb 1780 Augusta Beaumont, Lady Glynne (d.1785)


2e) Francis, d. an infant

3e) Francis, d. an infant

4e) Anne; m.William Walrond, of Bradfield (d.1746)

5e) Elizabeth; m.Arthur Champernowne, of Dartington (1683-1717)

6e) Margaret, d. an infant

7e) Mary

8e) Lucy)

9e) Margaret

10e) Jane

11e) Isabella

12e) Dorothy


3d) Edward (bap 19 Jan 1652- drowned in the Thames ____)


4d) Richard (ca 1655- drowned on active service in the Mediterranean Jan 1696); m.1st after 26 Mar 1676 Jane Southwell; m.2nd Catharine Waller


1e) [ex 1] son, drowned with his father


2e) [ex 2] Ann (d.19 Mar 1775); m.14 Jul 1712 John Gilbert, of Compton and Sandridge (1 Feb 1684-13 Jun 1733)


5d) James; m.Elizabeth Bourdon à 4 sons, 4 daus

6d) George (bap 13 May 1666- May 1725)

7d) William, drowned in the Piava River, in Italy

8d) Lucy; m.Hugh Stafford

9d) Elizabeth; m.John Clobery

10d) Isabella; m.1690 Sir Thomas Lear, Bt. (ca 1672-Dec 1705)

11d) Anna

12d) Jane

13d) Margaret; m.Edmund Reynel

14d) Mary

15d) Dorothy, infant

16d – 19d) four other children, infants


2c) Edward (bap 17 Jul 1631-    )


3c) Francis (bap 14 Jul 1633-k.a.1673); m.Rebecca Webb


1d) Elizabeth

2d) Anne; m.William Burgoyne

3d) Frances; m.Benjamin Ivy


4c) James (bap 18 Jan 1634-    )


3b) Thomas


4b) Sir George, cr Baronet 1622 ( 1640); 1616 Catherine, dau of Sir Francis Berkeley, of Askeaton by Catharine Loftus


1c) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (1616-ca 1651)


2c) Francis; m.Lady Frances Boyle, later wife of 4th Earl of Roscommon; note: in Complete Baronetage he is not mentioned and the Baronetcy is said to have expired with the death of his brother; however, in Complete Peerage, sub Roscommon, he is said to have been 3rd Bt., but not to have assumed the title


3c) Morris


5b) John


6b) Alexander


7b) Edward


8b) Margaret; m.1st Sir Warwick Hele; m.2nd Sir John Chudleigh


9b) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Wrey, Bt. (d.Jun 1636)


10b) Gertrude; m.Sir John Fitz


[? 2a) Sir John Chichester, of Raleigh, is said to have m. Gertrude, dau of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle; she most likely goes here, as she could have been just old enough to have had a son by 1566; in the Chichester genealogy in Burke’s she is said to have d. in April 1566 but that is clearly incorrect, since she had several children after that date]