BURKE [Bourke, de Burgh]

Earls and Marquesses of CLANRICARDE

Earls of Mayo


and some other Bourke and Burke families,

which may or may not be related






Part 1



Ulick Bourke [or de Burgh], lord of Clanricarde, cr 1543 Earl of Clanricarde and Baron of Dunkellin (d.19 Oct 1544) m.1st Grace McCoghlan, née O’Carroll; m.2nd Honora Bourke; m.3rd Maria Lynch; though he was separated from 1st wife, apparently they never divorced and she was still lving when he married his 3rd wife


1a) [ex 1] Richard, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde (d.24 Jul 1582); m.1st (div) Lady Margaret O’Brien; m.2nd 24 Nov 1553 another Lady Margaret O’Brien (d.1568); m.3rd 1568 Gille, Lady Dunboyne, née MacCarty


1b) [ex 1] Ulick, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.20 May 1601); m.Athenry 25 Nov 1564 Honora Burke


1c) Richard (d.young)


2c) Richard, 4th Earl of Clanricarde, cr 1624 Viscount Tunbridge and Baron of Somerhill, cr 1628 Earl of St.Albans, and also Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney with remainder of the last 2 titles to heirs male of 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.12 Nov 1635); m.by 8 Apr 1603 Frances, Countess of Essex, née Walsingham (d.1632)


1d) Ulick, 1635 5th Earl of Clanricarde, 2nd Earl of St.Albans, etc, 1650 3rd Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, cr 1646 Marquess of Clanricarde (d.Somerhill Jul 1657); m.Dec 1622 Lady Anne Compton (d.17 Aug 1675)


1e) Margaret (d.Somerhill 14 Aug 1698); m.1st ca 1660 Charles MacCarty, Viscount Muskerry (k.a.at sea 3 Jun 1665); m.2nd 1676 Robert Villiers, alias Danvers, called Viscount Purbeck (d.Liège Apr 1684); m.3rd Robert Feilding (d.12 May 1712)


2d) Mary; m.Hon. Edward Butler


3d) Honora (19 Aug 1610-10 Mar 1662); m.1st Garrett McCoghlan, of Cloneknose (d.17 Apr 1629); m.2nd 1633 John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester (ca 1598-5 Mar 1675)


3c) Sir Thomas; m.Mrs Ursula Brabazon, née Malby


4c) Sir William (d.2 Feb 1625); m.Joan O’Shaughnessy


1d) Richard, 6th Earl of Clanricarde and Baron Dunkellin, 4th Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, and apparently 3rd Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney [though these last 2 titles never assumed, and usually considered dormant or extinct] (d.Aug 1666); m.Lady Elizabeth Butler


1e) Mary, d.13 Aug 1685; m.1st Sir John Burke, of Derrymacloghny; m.2nd Edward Bermingham, 13th Lord Athenry (d.3 May 1709); her dau Elizabeth Burke m. 5th Viscount Dillon


2e) Margaret; m.Garrett Moore


2d) William, 7th Earl of Clanricarde and Baron Dunkellin, 5th Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, and apparently 4th Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney [though these last 2 titles never assumed, and usually considered dormant or extinct] (d.Oct 1687); m.1st Lettice Shirley (ca 1617-1655); m.2nd Lady Helen Fitzgerald, née MacCarty (d.ca 1722)


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Richard, 8th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (d.1702/4); m.1st 22 Jan 1670 Elizabeth Bagnall; may have m.2nd Anne, Countess of Warwick, née Cheke


1f) son (fl 20 Feb 1680)


2f) Dorothy; m.Alexander Pendarves, of Roscrowe


3f) Mary, d.12 Jan 1714; m.Jul 1713 Patrick Bellew (dvp 12 Jun 1720), eldest son of Sir John Bellew, 2nd Bt.


2e) John, 9th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (1642-17 Oct 1722); m.Oct 1684 Mary Talbot (d.27 Jun 1711)


1f) Michael, 10th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (d.Dublin 29 Nov 1726); m.19 Sep 1714 Mrs Anne Parker, née Smith (d.London 1 Jan 1733), widow of Hugh Parker, elder son of Sir Henry Parker, 2nd Bt.


1g) John Smith, 11th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, resumed old use of DE BURGH as surname (11 Nov 1720-Portumna Castle 21 Apr 1782); m.1 Jul 1740 Hester Amelia Vincent (d.Corhampton, Hants 29 Dec 1803)


1h) Henry, 12th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1789 Marquess of Clanricarde (8 Jan 1743-Portumna Castle 8 Dec 1797); m.London 17 Mar 1785 Lady Urania Anne Paulet (d.Sydney Lodge 27 Dec 1843)


2h) John Thomas, 13th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1800 Earl of Clanricarde with remainder to male issue, then to his daus and their heirs male (22 Sep 1744-Dublin 27 Jul 1808); m.17 Mar 1799 Elizabeth Burke (d.Dublin 26 Mar 1854), dau of Sir Thomas Burke, Bt.


1i) Hester Catherine (16 Jan 1800-17 Feb 1878); m.Dublin 4 Mar 1816 Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo (18 May 1788-Tunbridge Wells 26 Jan 1845); their issue eventually succeeded to the 1800 Earldom of Clanricarde


2i) Ulick John, 14th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1825 Marquess of Clanricarde, cr 1826 Baron Somerhill (Belmont, Hants 20 Dec 1802-London 10 Apr 1874); m.Gloucester Lodge 4 Apr 1825 Hon. Harriet Canning (13 Apr 1804-8 Jan 1876)


1j) Elizabeth Joan (22 Feb 1826-Goldsborough Hall 26 Feb 1854); m.17 Jul 1845 Viscount Lascelles [later, Earl of Harewood] (18 Jun 1824-24 Jun 1892); their issue inherited most of the Clanricarde estates


2j) Ulick Canning, Lord Dunkellin (London 12 Jul 1827-London 16 Aug 1867)


3j) Emily Charlotte (19 Oct 1828-London 10 Oct 1912); m.London 20 Jul 1853 Richard Edmund St.Lawrence Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork and Orrery (18 Apr 1829-22 Jun 1904)


4j) Catherine (17 Nov 1829-9 Apr 1895); m.8 Aug 1850 John Weyland


5j) Margaret Anne (20 May 1831-31 Mar 1888); m.6 Mar 1856 Wentworth Blackett Beaumont [later, Lord Allendale] (11 Apr 1829-13 Feb 1907)


6j) Hubert George DE BURGH-CANNING, 2nd Marquess of Clanricarde, etc (30 Nov 1832-12 Apr 1916)


7j) Harriet Augusta (15 Feb 1834-18 Jan 1901); m.3 Mar 1859 Thomas Frederick Charles Vernon-Wentworth, of Wentworth Castle (20 Oct 1831-1 Jan 1902)


3i) Emily (13 Aug 1807-Dublin 4 Dec 1842); m.9 Jan 1826 Thomas St.Lawrence, 3rd Earl of Howth (16 Aug 1803-France 4 Feb 1874)


3h) Hester Amelia; m.William Trenchard


4h) Margaret Augusta; m.17 Feb 1785 Luke Dillon


2g) Anne (d.Jan 1794); m.1735 Denis Daly, of Raford (d.14 Mar 1791)


3g) Mary; m.George Jennings, of Newsells; their dau Hester m. 2nd Lord Selsey


2f) John (d.Aug 1718); m.Mary Burke


3f) Ulick (d.4 Dec 1762)


4f) Thomas (d.1764); m.Mary Eustace


1g) Letitia; m.15 Feb 1776 John Whyte, of Leixlip


5f) Edward (d.7 Mar 1743 of wounds received in action at Campo Santo)


6f) William (k.a.Fontenoy 11 May 1745)


7f) Letitia, d.29 Jun 1740; m.1708 Sir Festus Burke, of Glinsk, 5th Bt.


8f) Bridget (d.16 Jul 1779); m.1720 Richard Dillon, 9th Viscount Dillon (1688-Feb 1737)


9f) Honora; m.John Kelly, of Clonlyon; her dau Bridget Kelly was mother of 1st Lord Clonbrock


10f) Mary; m.Garrett Moore


3e) Thomas (k.a.Buda)


[by 2nd m.]:


4e) Ulick, cr 1687 Viscount of Galway and Baron of Tyaquin (ca 1670-k.a.Aughrim 12 Jul 1691); m.30 Jul 1688 Hon. Frances Lane (4 Dec 1674-17 Dec 1713)


5e) William


6e) Margaret (1673-Kilcash 19 Jul 1744); m.1st 1689 Bryan Magennis, 5th Viscount Magennis (d.Hungary Sep 1692); m.2nd 1696 Thomas Butler, of Kilcash (d.ca 1738)


7e) Honor (d.Pezénas, Languedoc 16 Jan 1698); m.1st ca 9 Jan 1690 Patrick Sarsfield, [Jacobite] Earl of Lucan (k.a.Landen, Flanders 29 Jul 1693); m.2nd 26 Mar 1695 James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick (21 Aug 1670-k.a.12 Jun 1734)


5c) [possibly illegitimate by Martha Frannas] John, of Dunsandle, ct 1629 Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, with remainder to heirs male of his body, and then heirs male of the 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.Dunsandle 16 Nov 1633); m.Katherine Brabazon


1d) Thomas, 2nd Viscount Bourke (d.ca 1650); m.by 1633 Hon. Margaret Fleming


6c) Edmond, of Kilcornan (d.22 Jun 1639); m.Katherine St.Lawrence à issue


7c) Margaret; m.Sir John Bourke, of Derrymaclaghtny; their dau m. 2nd Viscount Mayo (below)


2b) [ex 2, but considered illegitimate, being born while his father’s 1st wife living] John, claimed the earldom of Clanricarde, cr 1583 Baron of Leitrim (ca 1557-killed by his brother, 3rd Earl, at Ballyfontan 11 Nov 1583); he may have m.1st ___ Barnewall (dsp), and 2nd Johanna O’Carroll


1c) Redmond, titular 2nd Lord Leitrim, though his parent’s marriage declared void; he was living in Spain 1615


1d) Ellis; m.Richard Finglass, of Wespalstown


2c) John (k.a.Ballynasloe Dec 1599)


3c) Thomas


4c) William


3b) [illegitimate by Honora O’Brien] Margaret; m.Theobald Bourke, Lord Bourke of Brittas (below)


2a) [ex 3] John, claimed earldom 1568


3a) [illegitimate] Thomas “the Athlete”, elected head of clan on his father’s death, but deposed and killed 1545


4a) [illegitimate] Redmond, d.1595


1b) Ulick


5a) [illegitimate] Edmund, d.1597





Part 2: Mayo (extinct)


Theobald Bourke, of Mayo, cr 1627 Viscount Mayo [or Viscount Bourke of Mayo], d.18 Jun 1629; m.Maud, dau of Charles O’Conor


1a) Miles, 2nd Viscount Mayo, d.1649; m.1st Honora Bourke, maternal gdau of 3rd Earl of Clanricarde; m.2nd Mrs Elizabeth Benbow, née Hodges (d.25 Apr 1665); he was cr Baronet [S] ca 1638, and possibly as early as 1630, his son also being so created; each successive son and heir apparent of the Viscounts appear to have been considered entitled to the style of Baronet, though it seems in error; not all used such title


1b) [ex 1] Theobald, 3rd Viscount Mayo, executed 15 Jan 1653; m.1st after Sep 1634 Mrs Elizabeth Lewis, née Talbot (1613-    ); m.2nd Eleanor Fitzgerald, maternal gdau of Viscount Netterville


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Theobald, 4th Viscount Mayo, d.5 Jun 1676; m.Ellen Loftus, sister of Viscount Lisburne


2c) Miles, 5th Viscount Mayo, d.Mar 1681; m. Hon. Jane Bermingham (d.6 Jun 1687)


1d) Theobald, 6th Viscount Mayo (6 Jan 1681-25 Jun 1741); m.1st 8 Jul 1702 his cousin Mary Browne; m.2nd Jun 1731 Margaret Gunning (d.1771); issue of 1st m.:


1e) Theobald, 7th Viscount Mayo, certainly used title “Baronet” before suc as Viscount, d.7 Jan 1742; m.1st 1723 Sibella Blake; m.2nd 1726 Ellis Agar (d.11 Mar 1789); Ellis Agar later m.Lord Athenry (d.1749), and was cr 1758 Countess of Brandon [I]


1f) son, dvpsp

2f) son, dvpsp


2e) John, 8th Viscount Mayo, d.12 Jan 1767; m.by 1743 Mrs Catherine Hamilton, née Aylmer (d.Jan 1776); on his death the titles became dormant or extinct, but claims were made as below


1f) Aylmer (17 Nov 1743-21 Jul 1748); Burke’s cites Lodge as a source that Aylmer was styled “Baronet”


2f) Bridget, d.May 1773; m.11 May 1758 Edmund Lambert


3e) Joan; m.Murrogh O’Flaherty


4e) Elizabeth, an Abbess


5e) Bridget; m.1731 Barnaby Gunning, of Castle Coote; parents of the famed Gunning sisters


3c) Margaret; m.Sir Henry Lynch, 3rd Bt. (d.1691)


4c) Maud; m.John Browne, of Westport (d.1712)


[by 2nd m.]:


5c) Luke, d.young


2a) David


1b) [illegitimate] Sarah; m.Theobald Dillon; parents of 6th Viscount Dillon


3a) Theobald, d.1654 à issue


4a) Richard; m.Anne MacMahon


1b) Theobald; m.Joan Bermingham


1c) [3rd or 4th son] David; m.Mary Fitzmaurice


1d) Theobald, d.ca 1741; m.ca 1741 Anne Crean


1e) David (1741/2-18 Apr 1770); he claimed the Mayo titles in 1767, and his claim was, per Cokayne, supported by strong evidence, but it was never allowed


2d) [4th son] Richard, d.19 Apr 1796, claimed the Mayo titles; m.Bridget MacDonell


1e) Michael, 3rd but oldest surviving son, called himself Viscount Mayo, b.1753, fl 1814; no claim to this title and creation was ever allowed, and after 1808 it was removed from Ulster’s Roll


2e) Richard, d.by 1814


3d) Stephen


1e) son


5a) Mary; m. The O’Conor Don


6a) Honora; m.1st Murrogh O’Flaherty; m.2nd Ulick Bourke, of Castle Hacket


7a) Margaret; m.Theobald Bourke, of Turlough





Part 3: Mayo (extant)



John Bourke, cr 1776 Baron Naas, of Naas [I], cr 1781 Viscount Mayo of Monycrower [I], cr 1785 Earl of Mayo [I] (ca 1700-2 Dec 1790); m.1726 Mary Deane (d.21 Jul 1774)


1a) Theobald, d.young


2a) John, 2nd Earl of Mayo (ca 1729-20 Apr 1792); m.Feb 1764 Lady Margaret Leeson (12 Nov 1734-3 Jun 1794)


3a) Joseph Deane, 3rd Earl of Mayo (1736-17 Aug 1794); m.1760 Elizabeth Meade (d.15 Mar 1807), sister of Earl of Clanwilliam


1b) John, 4th Earl of Mayo (18 Jun 1766-23 May 1849); m.24 May 1792 Arabella Mackworth-Praed (d.19 Nov 1843)


2b) Rt. Rev. Richard, Bp of Waterford and Lismore (23 Apr 1767 [22 Apr 1767 per Debrett’s 1829]-15 Nov 1832); m.20 Mar 1795 Frances Fowler (d.1827)


1c) Robert, 5th Earl of Mayo (12 Jan 1797-12 Aug 1867); m.3 Aug 1820 Anne Charlotte Jocelyn (31 Jul 1801-26 Jan 1867)


1d) Richard Southwell, 6th Earl of Mayo (21 Feb 1822-assasinated in Andaman Islands 8 Feb 1872); m.31 Oct 1848 Hon. Blanche Julia Wyndham (d.31 Jan 1918)


1e) Dermot Robert Wyndham, 7th Earl of Mayo (2 Jul 1851-31 Dec 1927); m.3 Nov 1885 Geraldine Sarah Ponsonby (1863-29 Nov 1944)


2e) Maurice Archibald (22 Dec 1853-16 Sep 1900)


3e) Algernon Henry (31 Dec 1854-7 Apr 1922); m.15 Dec 1887 Gwendolen Irene Emily Sloane-Stanley (7 Feb 1870-30 Dec 1967)


1f) Daphne Marjorie (5 Apr 1895-22 May 1962); m.7 Jun 1917 John Grenville Fortescue (3 May 1896-30 Sep 1969)


4e) Terence Theobald (2 Apr 1865-13 May 1923); m.5 Aug 1896 Eveline Constance Haines (d.16 Jul 1917)


1f) Jasmine Eva (10 May 1898-1964); m.22 Apr 1924 Harold Haydn-Morris (d.13 Apr 1950)


2f) Myrtle Mercy (24 Dec 1899-1975)


5e) Norah Mary (13 Mar 1850-23 May 1851)


6e) Eva Constance Aline (16 Aug 1856-19 Jan 1940); m.7 Jul 1885 Windham Henry Wyndham-Quin, 5th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl (7 Feb 1857-23 Oct 1952)


7e) Florence Blanche Madeline (16 Aug 1861-1953)


2d) John Jocelyn (5 Oct 1823-25 Sep 1904)


3d) Robert, cr 1887 Baron Connemara, of Connemara [UK] (11 Jun 1827-3 Sep 1902); m.1st 21 Jun 1863 (div 1891) Lady Susan Georgina Broun-Ramsay (d.22 Jan 1898); m.2nd 22 Oct 1894 Mrs Gertrude Coleman (d.23 Nov 1898)


4d) Rev. George Wingfield (16 Feb 1829-9 Oct 1903); m.9 Dec 1858 Mary Henrietta Longley (d.22 Aug 1906)


1e) Walter Longley, 8th Earl of Mayo (28 Nov 1859-6 May 1939); m.1st 8 Jun 1887 Ethel Kathleen Jane Freeman (d.12 Feb 1913); m.2nd 21 Dec 1916 Margaret Anah Scott (d.29 May 1964)


1f) Eustace George Walter (24 Jun 1888-k.a.16 Jun 1915)


2f) Ulick Henry, 9th Earl of Mayo (13 Mar 1890-17 Dec 1962); m.31 Jul 1937 Noel Jessie Wilson (d.1993)


3f) Bryan Longley (18 Jul 1897-11 Jun 1961); m.1st 4 Apr 1923 Violet Wilmot Heathcote Stisted (d.31 Dec 1950); m.2nd 11 Feb 1952 Patricia May Dickinson


1g) Terence Patrick, 10th Earl of Mayo (26 Aug 1929-22 Sep 2006); m.1st 5 Apr 1952 (div 1987) Margaret Jane Robinson Harrison; m.2nd 1987 Sally Anne Matthews


1h) Charles Diarmuidh John, 11th Earl of Mayo, b.11 Jun 1953; m.1st 1975 (div 1979) Marie Antoinette Cronnelly; m.2nd 1985 Marie Veronica Mannion


1i) Richard Thomas, Lord Naas, b.7 Dec 1985


2i) Corinne Mary Jane, b.1975


3i) Eion Patrick, b.1989


2h) Patrick Anthony, b.1955; m.1997 Candace Morris


1i) Savannah Jane Harrison, b.1998


3h) Harry Richard, b.23 Sep 1960


4h) James Edward Maurice, b.1986


2g) Sheelagh Wilmot (30 Aug 1925-    ); m.4 Feb 1955 Frank Merton Trier


4f) Geoffrey John (2 Jul 1900-Jun 1982); m.3 Feb 1926 Nancy Lisette Thring


1g) Mary Jennifer (8 Dec 1926-27 Aug 1956); m.14 Apr 1953 Digby Michael Auden


2g) Elizabeth (27 Nov 1928-11 May 1991); m.2 Oct 1954 John Anthony Lorimer Auden


5f) Margaret Ethel (3 Feb 1892-4 Apr 1970); m.6 Aug 1918 Edward James Trillo (d.11 Jan 1958)


6f) Mary Kathleen (19 Nov 1895-19 Jul 1971); m.1st 19 Jun 1917 Rev Percy Gordon Duff (d.27 Aug 1941); m.2nd 23 Sep 1965 Richard Thomas Tarrant


7f) Betty Jocelyn (18 Aug 1917-10 Feb 2010); m.1st 21 May 1943 Ronald Banon (d.22 Aug 1943); m.2nd 1953 Samuel Clarke


2e) Kathleen Mary (Dec 1863-2 Feb 1864)


5d) Frederick William Henry (23 May 1831-30 Oct 1842)


6d) Charles Fowler (5 Sep 1832-4 Apr 1899); m.18 Dec 1895 Lady Albreda Mary Wentworth Fitzwilliam (d.9 Oct 1933)


7d) Edward Roden (13 Dec 1835-7 Jun 1907); m.20 Nov 1872 Emma Mary Augusta Hatch (d.9 Mar 1935), later wife of 5th Earl of Clarendon


1e) Cecil Richard Donoughmore (29 Sep 1875-30 Nov 1884)


2e) Nigel Edward Jocelyn (21 Aug 1886-27 Sep 1970); m.1927 Doris Wills (d.1949)


1f) Josslyn Allen Roden (1930-    ); m.17 Oct 1951 Barbara Alison Braddock à issue


3e) Anne Kathleen Julia, d.16 Mar 1935; m.1 Aug 1894 George Francis Burroughes


4e) Norah Mary Madeline, d.20 Jun 1948; m.27 Apr 1895 Henry Edith Arthur Lindsay (9 Apr 1866-6 May 1939)


5e) Madeline Emmie Louisa, d.5 Aug 1961; m.16 Jan 1904 Samuel Howard Whitbread, of Southill (d.29 Jul 1944)


8d) Henry Lorton (26 Sep 1840-30 Jan 1911); m.18 Dec 1876 Constance Una Elizabeth Lambart (16 Sep 1856-2 Jul 1925)


9d) Margaret Harriet (14 Apr 1825-29 Dec 1886)


10d) Fanny (22 Jul 1834-30 Sep 1834)


2c) Mildred (18 Dec 1795-29 Jul 1869); m.Aug 1821 Robert Uniacke (d.1851)


3c) Frances (16 Dec 1799-21 Jan 1858); m.10 Jun 1846 William Henry Carter, of Castle Martin (d.6 Jul 1859)


4c) Catherine (19 Jul 1804-12 Sep 1876); m.1830 Rev. Henry Prittie Perry


3b) Very Rev. Joseph, Dean of Ossory (24 Dec 1771-3 May 1843); m.23 Apr 1799 Mary Gardiner


1c) Joseph Deane (Mar 1800-7 Jun 1824)


2c) Rev. Sackville Gardiner (1 May 1805-30 Jan 1860); m.6 Jun 1839 Lady Georgiana Sarah Ponsonby (d.25 Jun 1861)


1d) Ven. Cecil Frederick Joseph (1 Sep 1841-15 Apr 1910)


2d) Henry Gardiner John (20 Jun 1843-18 Jan 1860)


3d) son (Mar 1851-    )


4d) Lucy Josepha Maria (27 Feb 1845-    )


5d) Frances (Mar 1847-10 Oct 1883)


3c) Rev. John William (Nov 1808-15 Feb 1885)


4c) Elizabeth Charlotte, d.Jul 1858; note: Debrett’s had Elizabeth and Charlotte as two separate daus, with no dates; Lodge has the name as here


5c) Henrietta Margaret, d.27 Nov 1845


4b) Rev. George Theobald (15 Apr 1770-22 Dec 1847); m.1808 Augusta Georgiana Webster (d.7 Oct 1863)


1c) Richard (22 Feb 1811-21 May 1856); m.26 Jun 1849 Gertrude Borrowes (d.10 Jun 1910)


1d) Southwell George Theobald (28 Jul 1851-8 Nov 1919); m.27 Jul 1881 Catherine Jane Cameron (d.11 Sep 1951)


2d) Hubert Edward Madden, 1925 BOURKE-BORROWES (7 Dec 1853-11 Oct 1936); m.4 Aug 1881 Rose Blackett (d.24 Dec 1948)


1e) Dermot Richard Southwell, 1925 BOURKE-BORROWES (14 Apr 1884-27 Jun 1968); m.9 Apr 1941 Mrs Elizabeth Burton, née Burgess (d.30 Mar 1999)


1f) Kildare Hubert (20 Sep 1942-    ); m.1st 1971 (div 1983) Pippa Marguerite Steel (d.1992); m.2nd 1984 Sarah Louise McCready à issue


2e) Cecil Hubert, 1925 BOURKE-BORROWES (24 Jan 1892-24 Dec 1967); m.11 Jun 1925 Hélène Casenave


3e) Vivian Margaret Nellie, d.5 Aug 1957; m.27 Jun 1912 Wyndham Damer Clark  (d.28 Nov 1961)


3d) Augusta Georgiana Clara, d.29 Feb 1870; m.6 Dec 1867 Charles de Gannes


2c) Rev. John (15 Aug 1812-15 Mar 1891); m.8 Feb 1842 Louisa Maria Potts (d.14 Nov 1870)


1d) Rev. John Frederick (16 Nov 1843-23 Jan 1873)


2d) William Theobald (21 Jun 1851-1890)


3d) Arthur Edward Desborough (3 Dec 1852-31 Jan 1903); m.2 Apr 1888 Maude Margaret Mahon (d.8 Nov 1923)


1e) Arthur John Henry (9 May 1897-12 Jan 1986)


2e) Eleanor Louise, d.8 Mar 1967; m.29 Apr 1922 Maurice Collis (d.13 Jan 1973)


4d) Henry Beresford (2 Jun 1855-1 Nov 1921)


5d) Elizabeth Margaret (Sep 1845-    )


6d) Louisa Mary Josephine (29 Feb 1848-    )


7d) Olivia Augusta (22 Nov 1849-    )


8d) Alice Mildred (Nov 1857-1 Apr 1950)


3c) Thomas Joseph Deane (7 Mar 1815-28 Feb 1875); m.Jan 1849 Mary Willis (d.1895)


1d) Sir George Deane (15 Oct 1852-7 Dec 1936); m.24 Jan 1883 Mary Morrow Stairs (d.1939)


1e) Ulick John Deane (13 Apr 1884-4 Mar 1948); m.1917 (div 1932) Irene Ashurst


1f) Dermot (13 Jul 1918-5 May 1919)


2f) Bridget Deane (Jul 1920-13 Jan 2000); m.1963 Leigh Edward Parker (d.1973)


2d) Robert John (18 Apr 1854-10 Oct 1933)


3d) Frederick Arthur Deane (6 Jul 1856-1917); m.1887 Anne Caird Hutchison


4d) Margaret Augusta Deane


5d) Mary Josephine Deane


4c) Margaret Louisa Eliza (4 Oct 1813-3 Sep 1873)


5b) Catharine, d.1841


6b) Mary Elizabeth, d.28 May 1845; m.1789 Edward Southwell, 21st Lord de Clifford (20 Jun 1767-30 Sep 1832)


7b) Elizabeth, d.1846


8b) Mary Anne, d.1830; m.1806 Thomas Sotheby


9b) Charlotte, d.15 Jun 1806; m.1794 William Browne, of Browne’s Hill; their dau Elizabeth m. Sir Jonah Denny-Wheeler-Cuffe, Bt.


10b) Harriet, d.5 Oct 1781


11b) Louisa, d.14 Jan 1855


12b) Theodosia Eleanor, d.23 Aug 1845; m.1807 Robert Hale, of Alderley


4a) Theobald, d.young


5a) Richard


6a) Thomas, d.19 Mar 1774


7a) Anne, d.young


8a) Mary, d.young


9a) Catharine, d.1841


10a) Elizabeth


11a) Margaret; m.Sir Thomas Newcomen, 8th Bt. (1740-27 Apr 1789)


12a) Eleanor


13a) Jane, d.young





Part 4: Bourke of Brittas and Castle Connell



William Bourke, of Castle Connell, cr 1580 Baron Bourke of Castle Connell [I], d.1584; m.Lady Catharine Fitzgerald


1a) Theobald, k.a. 19 Aug 1578; m.Lady Mary O’Brien


1b) John, 2nd Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, murdered 14 Jan 1592


2b) Richard, 3rd Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, k.a. Ballynecargy 25/26 Jan 1600


3b) Thomas, k.a. in the same battle as his brother Richard; Cokayne asserts that he died before Richard, while Burke’s says Richard died first; m.Honora O’Mulryan


1c) Edmund, 4th Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, b.ca 1598/9; his legitimacy was disputed by his uncle Theobald, but was finally proves ca 1618; he d. 26 Mar 1638; m.1st before May 1620 Thomasine Browne (d.1630); m.2nd Mrs Margaret O’Brien, née Thornton; issue of 1st m.:


1d) William, 5th Lord Bourke of Castle Connell (b.May 1623, fl 1661, d.ca 1665?); m.after 1 Apr 1640 Hon. Ellen Roche


1e) Thomas, 6th Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, d.1687; m.Margaret Hore


1f) William, 7th Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, attainted 1691, dsp in France; on his death the Barony of Bourke of Castle Connell, subject to his own attainder, passed to the family of the Lords Bourke of Brittas (below) who were also under attainder


2e) Edmund, dsp


3e) Theobald, dsp


2d) Thomas, dsp; m.Elizabeth Parsons


3d) Mary; m.Thomas Harris


4d) Elizabeth


5d) Honoria


4b) Theobald; he called himself for a time 4th Lord Bourke of Castle Connell, on the grounds of the supposed illegitimacy of his nephew, which was later disproved; his nephew having established his rights to the Bourke of Castle Connell Barony, Theobald was in 1618 cr Lord Bourke, Baron of Brittas [I]; he d.1654; m.Mrs Margaret Burke, nat. dau of 2nd Earl of Clanricarde


1c) John, 2nd Lord Bourke of Brittas, cr Baronet [S] ca 1638, d.6 Jan 1659; m.before 1654 Margaret, dau of Thomas Fitzmaurice, Lord Kerry, and widow of Walter Bermingham


1d) Margaret; m.John Macnamara


2d) Honoria; m.1st Pierce Power; m.2nd Charles MacCarty


2c) William, executed 1653; m.Ellice [Elizabeth] Fitzpatrick, gdau of 3rd Lord Upper Ossory


1d) Theobald, 3rd Lord Bourke of Brittas, attainted 1691, d.May 1705/9 Sep 1706; m.Lady Honora O’Brien


1e) John [but for the attainder, 4th Lord Bourke of Brittas and probably also Lord Bourke of Castle Connell]; m.Catherine O’Neill


1f) John [but for the attainder, 5th Lord Bourke of Brittas and probably also Lord Bourke of Castle Connell]


2f) Thomas


2e) Elizabeth; m.James Mathew


[The issue of the 3rd Lord as set about above is the generally accepted genealogy, and is cited in Burke’s and in Cokayne, who says he based it on Lodge, and though Cokayne says Lodge’s pedigree is inaccurate, he does not say in what way it is inaccurate, whether in whole or in part; however, Cokayne also cites a work by J Dulon in 1897 which gives the following sons to the 3rd Lord:


3e) William “baron de Brythas”, m.St.Germain 23 Feb 1707 Marie Nagle


1f) Jacques Edouard (27 Nov 1714-    )

2f) Jean Christophe (25 Jun 1717-    )


4e) Richard, bur 4 Nov 1750; m.1st St.Germain 9 Jun 1713 Marie Thérèse de Rattray; m.2nd St.Germain 1732 Marie O’Neill


1f) Jean Charles (11 Dec 1715-    )

2f) Thomas Roland (24 Jul 1718-    )

3f) Guillaume Richard (24 Feb 1723-    )]


2d) Richard

3d) Honora


3c) dau


2a) Ulick


3a) William, k.a. 1578


4a) David


5a) John





Part 5



Sir David Bourke, of Kilpeacon, cr Baronet [I] ca 1645, though there are no records, probably because of the confusion during the Civil Wars (ca 1588-1661); m.by 1615 Mrs Catherine Blake, née Comyn


1a) Sir Oliver, 2nd Bt. (ca 1615-1695/6); m.Mrs Mary Creagh

2a) son

3a) son

4a) David


1b) Sir James, 3rd Bt., d.ca 1700?, whereupon the title became extinct or dormant


5a) Edmund

6a) Patrick

7a) David




Part 6



Sir Ulick Bourke, of Glinsk, cr Baronet [I] 1628, d.ca 1660?; m.1st Hon. Katharine Dillon; m.2nd Jennet Browne (dsp)


1a) Sir Edmund, 2nd Bt., d.ca 1686; m.1st ___ Fleming; m.2nd Honora Kelly; m.3rd Apr 1674 Mary Netterville


1b) [ex 1] Sir Ulick BURKE, 3rd Bt., d.1708; m. Ismay Kelly


2b) [ex 2] Sir John BURKE, 4th Bt., d.ca 1722; m.Hon. Jane Dillon


1c) Sir Festus, 5th Bt., d.ca 1730?; m.1708 Lady Laetitia de Burgh


2c) Sir Theobald, 6th Bt., d.ca 1740?


3c) Sir Henry, 7th Bt., d.15 Mar 1748; m.Cicely Netterville issue, including:


1d) Sir Ulick, 8th Bt., d.11 Apr 1759; m.May 1753 Elizabeth O’Carroll, later wife of his cousin Sir John Burke (below)


1e) Sir Henry John, 9th Bt., d.Apr 1814; he was declared an “idiot” and the estate was settled on his stepfather, the next heir


2e) Susannah; m.William Netterville; grandparents of 8th Viscount Netterville


2d) Cicely; m.Edmund Burke, of Meelick


4c) Rickard; m.Margaret Chevers


1d) Sir John, knight of St. Jago in Spain, d.1781; m.Elizabeth O’Carroll, widow of Sir Ulick Burke, 8th Bt.; Sir John appears to have considered his stepson, the 9th Bt., legally defunct, and he assumed the title himself


1e) Rickard, d.by Dec 1791; m.1 Feb 1783 Joanna Harriet Blake, sister of Lord Wallscourt


1f) Sir John Ignatius, 10th Bt. (19 Mar 1784-1845); m.1st 26 Oct 1816 Sydney Ball (d.1830); m.2nd Apr 1834 Sophia Dawson (d.6 May 1862)


1g) [ex 1] Georgiana Sidney


2g) [ex 1] Matilda, d.22 Feb 1881; m. Count Henry Morretti


2f) Sir Joseph, 11th Bt. (31 Jan 1786-30 Oct 1865); m.9 Aug 1816 Hon. Louisa Talmash (d.18 Apr 1830)


1g) Sir John Lionel, 12th Bt. (26 Nov 1818-21 Jul 1884)


2g) Richard, d.young


3g) Louisa Maria, d.1863; m.1849 Rev. Jacob Montagu Mason


4g) Katherine Elizabeth Camilla; m.26 Sep 1851 William Lionel Felix Tollemache, Lord Huntingtower (4 Jul 1820-21 Dec 1872)


5g) Georgina


6g) Emily


3f) Honora; m.Christopher Taaffe, of Rookwood


4f) Georgina; m.1819 Francis Blake, of Cregg Castle


2e) Margaret; m. Cormel O’Brien


2d) Michael; m.NN


1e) James

2e) William


3d) William, d.1796; m.1762 Margaret Coleman


1e) Rickard, d.Aug 1819; m.1792 Mrs Elizabeth Bermingham, née Croghan


1f) William (20 Mar 1794-1877); m.9 Jul 1827 Fanny Xaveria Tucker (d.1874), niece of Cardinal Wiseman


1g) Rickard Christopher (Jul 1828-drowned Jan 1851)


2g) Thomas Henry (29 May 1829-murdered at Phoenix Park 6 May 1882)


3g) Rev. William (1831-    )


4g) Sir Theobald Hubert, 13th Bt. (25 Mar 1833-1909)


5g) Charles Alfred, d.May 1895


6g) Augustus Nicholas, d.28 Dec 1891


7g) Ulick Adelin, d.Jan 1894


8g) Marianne Alice


2e) William, d.10 Jul 1859; m.Lady Matilda St. Lawrence, his sister’s stepdaughter


1f) Mary, d.Mar 1869; m.11 Jun 1832 John J A Kirwan


3e) Margaret, d.19 Sep 1856; m.William St. Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Howth (4 Oct 1752-4 Apr 1822)


4e) Mary; m.Martin Kirwan


4d) Letitia; m.20 Nov 1760 John Hussey


5c) John


6c) Honora; m.Lucas Dillon, of Clonbrock


2a) Eleanor; m.Edmund Burke, of Kilcornan





Part 7



Sir Thomas Burke, of Marble Hill, cr Baronet [I] 1797, d.1813; m.Apr 1774 Christian Browne


1a) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (ca 1782-14 Sep 1847); m.18 May 1812 Elizabeth Mary Calcraft (d.27 Jan 1859)


1b) Sir Thomas John, 3rd Bt. (7 Jun 1813-9 Dec 1875); m.21 Feb 1857 Lady Mary Frances Nugent (3 Oct 1831-1 Sep 1892)


1c) Sir John Charles, 4th Bt. (7 Feb 1858-16 Aug 1880)


2c) William Thomas, b.and d.1859


3c) Sir Henry George, 5th Bt. (30 Nov 1859-19 Jan 1910)


4c) Sir Thomas Malachy, 6th Bt. (8 Jan 1864-19 Dec 1913); m.9 Feb 1893 his cousin Catherine Mary Caroline Burke (d.17 Jan 1922)


1d) Sir Gerald Howe, 7th Bt. (17 Nov 1893-30 Dec 1954); m.1st 23 Dec 1914 Elizabeth Mary Mathews (d.27 Jun 1918); m.2nd 26 May 1920 Merrial Alison Christie


1e) Sir Thomas Stanley, 8th Bt. (20 Jul 1916-1989); m.17 Aug 1955 Suzanne Margarete Salvisberg


1f) Sir James Stanley Gilbert, 9th Bt. (1 Jul 1956-    ); m.1980 Laura Branzuela


1g) Martin James (22 Jul 1980-    )


2g) Catherine Elizabeth (1982-    )


2f) Caroline Elizabeth (1959-    )


2e) Bridget Alison (10 Mar 1921-    ); m.6 Jan 1944 Eugene Dechelette


3e) Elizabeth Anne (21 Aug 1924-    )


5c) William Anthony (2 Apr 1866-8 Feb 1939); m.2 Jan 1889 Caroline Evelyn Power-Lalor (d.9 Feb 1910)


1d) Wilfred Maurice (14 Jan 1900-1 Dec 1945); m.5 Sep 1933 Dorothea Sefton Sinclair (d.20 Oct 1956)


6c) Maurice Bernard (20 Aug 1867-28 Dec 1894)


7c) Julia Catherine Anne, d.25 Apr 1928; m.16 Aug 1893 William Daly, of Dunsandle (1850-27 Dec 1910)


8c) Mary Clare Theresa, d.17 Mar 1913; m.7 Aug 1894 John James Smyth, of Masonbrook (d.24 Feb 1933)


2b) Charles Granby (14 Nov 1814-15 May 1898); m.1st 20 Jun 1843 Emma Jane Creyke (d.8 Apr 1869); m.2nd 9 Feb 1871 Anne Everilda Legard (dsp 3 Jan 1909)


1c) Ulick Ralph (21 Oct 1845-18 Jul 1895); m.9 Jul 1868 Katharine Bateman (d.24 Jun 1933)


1d) Henry Ulick (6 Jan 1874-22 Dec 1960); m.1st 4 Nov 1902 Rose Ellen Marian Antoinette Uvedale Parry-Okeden (d.4 Jun 1931); m.2nd 26 Jun 1934 Mrs Eva Mary Stride, née Foster (d.2 Sep 1964)


1e) Katrina Marian (20 Feb 1904-Jul 1994); m.1st 13 Oct 1927 (div 1949) Guy Louis Beachim Beauchamp (d.1969); m.2nd 9 Jan 1950 Francis William Armytage Fosbery (d.1973)


2e) Ulick Richard Samuel (11 Sep 1907-1963); m.15 Feb 1930 Cynthia Moya Darling


1f) Jeremy Ulick (17 Jan 1931-    ); m.1st 21 Sep 1954 (div 1962) Anne Chinneck; m.2nd 12 Jan 1963 Prudence Mary Stride à 1 son, 2 daus


3e) John Okeden Ulick (5 May 1912-27 Dec 1920)


2d) Mabel Emma, d.1954; m.14 Mar 1901 John Humphreys (d.1954)


3d) Hope Katharine, d.29 Jun 1960


4d) Sybil Mathilde, d.5 Aug 1957; m.30 May 1911 Wyndham Persse Knatchbull (20 Oct 1873-28 Jan 1967)


2c) Granby James (19 Dec 1850-25 Aug 1935); m.30 Nov 1888 Agnes Mary Boyd


3c) Philippa Elizabeth, d.7 Mar 1922; m.24 Jan 1871 Rev. Franc Sadleir (d.4 Jul 1915)


4c) Emma Frances, d.24 Dec 1943


3b) James Henry (27 Feb 1816-27 Jun 1882); m.18 May 1852 Marion Eliza Crispin (d.15 Apr 1892)


1c) James Henry Thomas Joseph FitzGerald (28 Mar 1853-12 May 1902); m.4 Sep 1878 Edith Comyn (d.13 May 1935)


1d) James Howe Campbell Ulick (4 Jan 1880-1946); m.1st 12 Aug 1912 (div 1928) Lilian Maud Whenmouth; m.2nd 31 May 1930 Annie Amelia Granville (d.13 Sep 1967)


1e) James Ulick Hubert (6 Sep 1932-14 Aug 2020); m.30 Nov 1957 Jean Murray à 1 son, 1 dau


2d) Mary Edith Elizabeth (17 Jul 1881-27 Jan 1887)


2c) John Benjamin (10 Jun 1854-    )


3c) Henry Ulick (18 Sep 1856-    )


4c) Hubert William Austin (26 Aug 1858-23 Feb 1933); m.10 Apr 1905 Florence

Mary Elizabeth Bishop


5c) Agnes Marian, d.10 Mar 1900


6c) Catherine Mary Caroline, d.17 Jan 1922; m.9 Feb 1893 her cousin Sir

Thomas Malachy Burke, 6th Bt.


7c) Elizabeth Mary Clare, d.Jul 1910; m.24 Aug 1891 Jerome John MacMahon


4b) Edward Howe, of Drum Park (15 Sep 1817-    )


5b) Maurice William Otway (1819- drowned in NZ)


6b) Henry Ulick (19 Jul 1822- Crimea 1854)


7b) Elizabeth Anne, d.31 Dec 1890; m.10 Jan 1850 David O'Connor Henchy, of Stonebrook (d.1 Dec 1876)


8b) Caroline Jane, d.22 Apr 1899


2a) James, d.1812


3a) Thomas Patrick, d.1821


4a) Maria; m.3 May 1794 Maurice Nugent O'Connor, of Mount Pleasant; her dau Catherine m. Earl of Desart


5a) Julia; m.Jun 1797 Malachy Daly, of Raford


6a) Elizabeth, d.26 Mar 1854; m.17 Mar 1799 John Thomas Bourke, 13th Earl of Clanricarde (22 Sep 1744-27 Jul 1808)


7a) Anne, d.12 Aug 1853; m.23 Apr 1806 Sir Henry Tichborne, 8th Bt. (8 Jan 1779-3 Jun 1845)


8a) Ellen (1788-26 May 1826); m.1st Feb 1804 Nicholas Browne, of Mount Hazel (d.1816); m.2nd 17 Jul 1817 Percy Clifton Sydney Smythe, 6th Viscount Strangford (31 Aug 1790-29 May 1855)