Some Ruling Families of the Byzantine Empire




Part 7






The exact relationships in the family Kantakuzenoi are uncertain in most generations. One of them, Ioannes VI, was emperor of Byzantium 1341-54, and there were many members, but in just about every generation there is at least one group of siblings whose exact parentage is uncertain. I am thus not going to attempt to post a genealogy of this family.






Part 8






The early generations of this family are confused and uncertain. The first certain ancestor seems to have been one Andronikos Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos, Gov of Thessalonica, d.after 1246; m.a cousin, Theodora Palaiologina; they had issue:


1a) Michael VIII Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1259-82 (1224/5-1282); m.1253 Theodora Dukaina Batatzaina (1240-1303)


1b) Manuel (1254/7-ca 1259)


2b) Andronikos II Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1282-1328 (1259-1332); m.1st 1273 Anna (d.1281/2) dau.of King Stephen V of Hungary; m.2nd ca 1285 Yolanda=Eirene of Montferrat (1274-1317)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Michael IX Palaiologos, co-emperor of Byzantium (1277-1320); m.1295 Rita (d.1333) dau.of King Leon III of Armenia


1d) Andronikos III Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1328-41 (1296-1341); m.1st 1318 Adelaide=Eirene of Brunswick (d.1324); m.2nd 1326 Joanna=Anna of Savoy (1306-1359/60)


1e) a son, b.and d.1321


2e) Ioannes V Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1341-76 and 1379-91 (1332-1391); m.1347 Helene (1333-1396) dau.of Emperor Ioannes VI Kantakuzenos of Byzantium


1f) Andronikos IV Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1376-9 (1348-1385); 1365 Keratza (1348-1390) dau.of Tsar Ivan Alexander Asen Srazimirovic of Bulgaria


1g) Ioannes VII Palaiologos, co-emperor of Byzantium (1370-1408); m.before 1397 Eirene Gattilusaina (d.1440)


1h) co-Emperor Andronikos V, 1408, aged 7


2f) Manuel II Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1391-1425 (1350-1425); 1392 Jelena (d.1450) dau.of Konstantine Dragas, a Serb noble


1g) Ioannes VIII Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1425-48 (1392-1448); m.1st ca 1411 Anna (1393-1417) dau.of Wassili I, Graet Pr of Moscow; m.2nd 1421 (div 1426) Sophia of Montferrat; m.3rd 1427 Maria Komnene (d.1439) dau.of Emperor Alexios of Trapezunt


2g) Konstantinos Palaiologos (1393/7-1400/5)


3g) Theodoros Palaiologos, Despot of Achaia, a scholar and mathematician (1394/9-1448); m.1421 Cleofa Malatesta (d.1433)


1h) Helene (1428-1458); m.1441 John de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (d.1458)


4g) Andronikos Palaiologos, despot of Thessalonica (1400-1428); m.NN


1h) Ioannes Palaiologos


5g) Konstantinos XI Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium 1448-53 (1405-1453); m.1st 1428 Maddalena-Theodora Tocco (d.1429); m.2nd 1441 Aikatherina Gateliusaina (d.1442)


6g) Michael Palaiologos(1406/7-1409-10)


7g) Demetrios Palaiologos, Despot of Mistra, etc (1407/8-1470); m.1st 1436 Zoe Paraspondylina (d.1440); m.2nd 1441 Theodora Asanina (d.1470/1)


1h) Helene (1442-1470), taken into the harem of Sultan Muhammed II, later released


8g) Thomas Palaiologos, Despot of the Peloponesus (1409/10-1465); m.1430 Aikaterina Zachariaina, Bss of Arcadia (d.1462)


1h) Andreas Palaiologos, titular Despot of Morea (1453-1502); m.Caterina ___


1i) Konstantinos Paleologo, commander of the papal guard


2h) Manuel Palaiologos(1455-ca 1512)


1i) Ioannes Palaiologos


2i) Andreas, became a Moslem


3h) Helene, d.1473; m.1446 Lazar Brankovic (d.1458)


4h) Zoe-Sofia (1448/51-1503); m.1471 Ivan III, Great Pr of Moscow (d.1505)


9g) [illegitimate] Isabella=Zabia; m.1392 Hilarion Doria (1372-1423)


3f) Theodoros Palaiologos, Despot of Peloponesus (1351-1407); m. Bartholomaia Acciacuoli, heiress of Corinth (d.1397)


1g) [illegitimate] a dau., m.1404 Emir Suleiman (d.1410)


4f) Michael Palaiologos; m.a dau. of Pr Dobrotich of Varna


5f) Eirene Palaiologina, b.1349


6f) [illegitimate] Manuel Palaiologos, d.after 1422


3e) Michael Palaiologos (1337-ca 1370)


4e) Theodoros Palaiologos, Gov of Lemnos, d.after 10 Aug 1405


5e) Eirene Palaiologina (1327-after 1356); m.1336 Michael Asen of Bulgaria


6e) Maria Palaiologina, heiress of Lesbos, d.1401; 1355 Francesco Gattilusio, patrician of Genoa, Archon of Lesbos (d.1384)


7e) Theodora Palaiologina, 1376; m. N Philanthropenos


8e) [illegitimate] Eirene, Empress of Trapezunt 1341-1; m.1335 (div 1339) Emperor Basileios I Komnenos of Trapezunt (d.1340)


2d) Manuel Palaiologos, killed by soldiers 1319


3d) Anna Despoina Palaiologina, d.1321; m.1st 1313 Thomas Angelos, Despot of Epirus and Aetolia (d.1318); m.2d 1318 Nikolaos Orsini, Ct of Cephallenia


4d) Theodora Palaiologina; m.1st 1320 Tsar Theodor Swetoslav of Bulgaria (d.1321); m.2nd after Aug 1324 Tsar Michael III of Bulgaria (d.1330)


2c) Konstantinos Palaiologos, despot of Thessalonica, d.after 1329; m.1st 1295 Theodora Muzalon; m.2nd Eudokia Neokaisareitissa


1d) [illegitimate] Michael Katharos



[by 2nd m.]:


3c) Ioannes Palaiologos, despot of Thessalonica (1286-1307); m.1303 Eirene Chumnaina (1292-1360)


4c) Theodoros Palaiologos (1291-1338), he inherted his mothers margravate of Montferrat, and his descendants held it until the last Paleologue, GianGiorgio Sebastiano, 1533 (see Montferrat)


5c) Demetrios Angelodukas Palaiologos, d.after 1343


6c) Bartholomaios, d.young


7c) Isaakios, d.young


8c) Theodora, d.young


9c) Simonis, d.after 1336; m.1300 King Stepan Uros II of Serbia (d.1321)


10c) [illegitimate] Maria; m.Tochtu Khan, of the Golden Horde


11c) [illegitimate] Eirene; m.1315 Ioannes Dukas Angelos, Archon of Neiapatrai


3b) Konstantinos Dukas Palaiologos, d.1306; m.1291 Eirene Raulaina


1c) Ioannes Komnenos Palaiologos, despot of Macedonia (1291-1327); m.Eirene Metochitissa


1d) Maria Palaiologina, d.1355; m.1325/6 King Stepan Uros III of Raska-Serbia (d.1331)


4b) Theodoros Palaiologos, d.after 1310; 1293 a dau. of Libadarios


5b) Eirene Palaiologina; m.1278 Tsar Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria


6b) Anna Komnene Palaiologina (1260-1299/1300); m.1278 Demetrios Michael Angelos


7b) Eudokia Palaiologina, d.1302; m.1282 Ioannes II Komnenos, Emperor of Trapezunt (d.1297)


8b) [illegitimate] Euphrosyne=Eirene; m.1266 Nogaj Chan, of the Golden Horde (d.1293)


9b) [illegitimate] Maria Palaiologina; m.1265 Ilchan of Iran; m.2d the Turkish Pr Charbanden


2a) Ioannes Komnenos Palaiologos, d.1274; m.1st N Philantropene; m.2nd ca 1259 N Tornikaine


1b) Konstantinos Tornikes Palaiologos


2b) Anna Palaiologina, d.1280; 1267 Nikolaos Maliasenos (d.1280)


3a) Konstantinos Palaiologos, d.1271; m.1259/60 Eirene Branaina (d.1271)


1b) Michael Palaiologos, a monk, 1321


2b) Andronikos Palaiologos; m.Anna Tarchaneiotissa


3b) Maria Palaiologina; m.Isaakios Tornikes


4b) a dau., m.Tsar Smilec of Bulgaria


5b) Theodora Palaiologina; m.Ioannes Synadenos


4a) Maria Palaiologina, b.1216; 1237 Nikephoros Tarchaneiotes


5a) Eirene Palaiologina (1218-1284); m.Ioannes Kantakuzenos