Some Ruling Families of the Byzantine Empire




Part 6






[NOTE: Although they were members of the Angelos family, they often bore other surnames.]



One Angelos, from Philadelphia, had issue:


1a) Konstantinos Angelos, admiral of Sicily, d.after Jul 1166; 1120 Theodora, dau.of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos


1b) Ioannes Dukas, pretender to the throne in 1199, d.1200; m.two women named Zoe


1c) Isaakios Komnenos Dukas, d.1203; 1187 Eudokia Komnene Branaina


2c) Alexios Komnenos Dukas, blinded 1183


3c) Theodoros I Komnenos Dukas Angelos, Emperor of Thessalonica, prison in Nicaea shortly after 1253; m.before 1210 Maria Dukaina Komnene Petraliphaina


1d) Ioannes Komnenos, Emperor of Thessalonica, d.1244


2d) Demetrios Komnenos Dukas, despot of Thessalonica (1225-ca 1246)


3d) Anna Dukaina, d.1258; m.1219/20 Stefan Dukas Radoslav, Kralj of Serbia (d.after 1235)


4d) Eirene Komnene; m.1237/8 Ivan Asen, Tsar of Bulgaria (d.1241)


4c) Konstantinos Komnenos Dukas, pretender to Byzantine throne 1204, military governor of Aetolia, d.after 1242


5c) Manuel Komnenos Dukas, Regent of Thessalonica 1230-7, d.1241; m.1st ca 1216 Efimia, dau.of Staphen Nemanja Veliki-Zupan of Serbia; m.2nd ca 1225 Maria, dau.of Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria


6c) a dau., twin with Theodoros, may have m.Michael Kantakuzenos


7c) [illegitimate] Michael I Komnenos Dukas, murdered ca 1215; m.1st a dau.of N. Melissenos; m.2nd 1204 his 1st wife's sister


1d) Konstantinos Komnenos, 1214


2d) a dau., m.Eustach de Flandre


3d) Theodora Komnene


4d) Maria Komnene, engaged to King Stephen Prvovencani of Serbia; m.Konstantinos Malliasennos


5d) [illegitimate] Michael II Komnenos Dukas Notho Angelos, Archon of Epirus and Aetolia (1205-1266); 1230 Theodora Dukaina Petraliphaina


1e) Ioannes Dukas, imprisoned and blinded 1280, committed suicide 1281/9; m.a dau.of Konstantinos Tornikes


1f) Helene Dukaina Tornikina Komnene; 1288 Alexios Raul (d.1303)


2e) Nikephoros I Dukas Komnenos, Despot of Epirus (1240-1296); m.1st 1256 Maria (d.1258) dau.of Emperor Theodoros II Laskaris of Nicaea; m.2nd 1264 Anna Kantakuzene


1f) Thomas Komnenodukas, Despot and Archon of Epirus and Aetolia, murdered 1318; m.1313 Ana (d.1321) dau.of Emperor Michael IX Palaiologos


2f) Michael Dukas Angelos; m.1st a dau.of N Pharmakes; m.2d Maria Spartene


3f) Katharina; 1274 Infant Fadrique of Castile


4f) Maria Komnene Dukaina; 1292 Giovanni Orsini, Ct of Cephallenia (d.1317)


5f) Thamar Komnene Dukaina, Lady of Bonditza and Lepanto, d.1311; m.1294 (div 1309) Philippe d'Anjou, Pr of Tarento


3e) Demetrios Michael Dukas Komnenos Kutrules; m.1st 1278 Anna (1260-1299/1300) dau.of Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos; m.2nd 1301 Anna, dau.of Georgi I, Tsar of Bulgaria


1f) Konstantinos Palaiologos, d.after 1345; m. NN


1g) Andronikos Palaiologos, drowned 1344; m.a dau.of Alexios Apokaukos


2g) Ioannes Palaiologos


3g) Eudokia Palaiologina; m.Demetrios Tsamplakon


2f) Andronikos Palaiologos, Archon of Belgrade, a military gov for Emperor Andronikos II, fled to Serbia, d.1326/8; m.a dau.of Georgios Kokalas


1g) Anna Palaiologina, Regent of Epirus 1341-2, d.after 1355; m.1st ca 1328 Ioannes Orsini, Ct of Cephallenia, Despot of Epirus (d.of poisoning 1335); m.2nd before 1355 Ivan Asen of Bulgaria, Gov of Valona (d.1363)


2g) a dau., m.Ioannes Angelos (d.1348)


4e) Eudokia


5e) Helene Dukaina Angelina, heiress  of Corfu, etc (1242-1271); m.1259 King Manfredo of Sicily (d.1266)


6e) Anna Komnenodukaina, Lady of Kalamata and Clermont, d.1286; m.1st ca 1258 Guillaume II de Villehardouin, Pr of Achaia (d.1278); m.2nd ca 1279 Nicolas de Saint-Omer, Pr of Achaia (d.1294)


7e) [illegitimate] Ioannes Dukas Komnenos, Archon of Neaipatrai, 1289; m.before 1259 a dau.of the Vlach Voivode Taronas


1f) Konstantinos Komnenos Dukas, Archon of Neaipatrai, d.1303; m.Anna Evagionissa (d.1317)


1g) Ioannes Dukas Angelos, Archon of Neaipatrai, d.1318; m.1315 Eirene, illegitimate dau.of Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos


2f) Theodoros Komnenodukas Angelos, d.1296


3f) Michael Komnenos, murdered in jail in Constantinople 1307


4f) Helene Komnenodukaina, heiress of Lamia and Larissa; m.1st Guillaume de la Roche-sur-Yon, Duke of Athens (d.1287); m.2d 1291 Hugues de Brienne, Cte di Lecce


5f) a dau., m.Andronikos Tarchaneiotes (d.1283)


6f) {parentage in doubt}Jelena, d.1298/9; 1276 (repudiated 1283) Stephen Uros, Kralj of Serbia (d.1321)


8e) [illegitimate] Theodoros Komnenodukas, d.1257/8


2b) Alexios Komnenos Angelos; m.NN


1c) Michael Angelos, in 1189 was a hostage to Frederick Barbarossa


3b) Andronikos Dukas Angelos, a military leader in Asia Minor; m.before 1155 Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa


1c) Alexios III Komnenos Angelos, Emperor of Byzantium, d.imprisoned in Nicaea after 1211; m.Euphrosyne Kamaterina (d.1211)


1d) Eirene Komnene Angelina, d.after 1203; m.1st Andronikos Kontostephanos (d.1196); m.2nd 1199 Alexios Palaiologos


2d) Anna Komnene Angelina, d.1212; m.1st before 1190 Isaakios Komnenos (d.after 1196); m.2nd 1199 Theodoros I Laskaris, Emperor in Nicaea (d.1222)


3d) Eudokia Komnene Angelina, d.after 1208; m.1st 1191 (repudiated 1201/2) King Stephen Prvovancani of Serbia; m.2nd 1204 Emperor Alexios V Dukas of Byzantium (murdered 1204); m.3rd 1204 Leon Sguros, Archon of Nauplia (d.jumping from a tower 1208)


2c) Isaakios II Angelos, Emperor of Byzantium 1185-95 (1155-1204); m.1st NN; m.2nd Margaret, dau.of King Bela III of Hungary


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Alexios IV Angelos, Emperor  of Byzantium 1203-4, b.1182/3, murdered 1204; was engaged to Eufemia of Tschernigov


2d) a dau., a nun


3d) Eirene=Maria (1181-1208); m.1st 1192 Roger, Duke of Apulia (d.1193); m.2d 1197 Duke Philip of Swabia, German King (d.1208)


[by 2nd m]:


4d) Manuel Angelos, d.1212


5d) Ioannes Angelos


3c) Ioannes Angelos; m.NN


1d) Andronikos Angelos, hostage to Frederick Barbarossa


2d) Theodora (parentage not certain) d.1246; m.1203 Duke Leopold VI of Austria and Styria (d.1230)


4c) Theodoros Angelos, blinded 1184


5c) Andronikos Angelos, blinded 1184


6c) Konstantinos Angelos, blinded 1183


7c) Eirene Angeline; m.before 1170 Ioannes Kantakuzenos


8c) Theodora Angelina, d.after 1195; m.Conrad, Mgve of Montferrat (d.1192)


4b) Isaakios Angelos, military governor of Cilicia


1c) Konstantinos Angelos, Duke of Crete, blinded by Emperor Isaakios II Angelos


2c) a dau., m.Basilios Batatzes


5b) Maria Angelina; m.Konstantinos Kamytzes


6b) Eudokia Angelina; m.Gudelios Tsykandeles


7b) Zoe Angelina; m.Andronikos Synadenos, military gov of Durazzo (d.1180)


2a) Nikolaos Angelos


3a) Michael Angelos 


4a) Ioannes Angelos, a military leader in Italy