Some Ruling Families of the Byzantine Empire




Part 3






Andronikos Dukas, living ca 1020 (he was related to Emperor Konstantinos (d.913) but exactly how is uncertain) had issue:


1a) Konstantinos X Dukas, Emperor of Byzantium 1059-67, d.1067; m.1st a dau.of Konstantinos Dalassenos; m.2nd before 1050 Eudokia Makrembolitissa (d.1096)


1b) Michael VII Dukas, Emperor of Byzantium 1071-8, then became a monk and then Metropolitan of Ephesus, d.10190; m.after 1071 Maria (d.after 1090) dau.of King Bagrat IV of Georgia


1c) Konstantinos Porphyrogennetos Dukas, co-emperor 1074-8 and 1081-7


2b) a son, d.shortly after 24 Nov 1059


3b) Andronikos Dukas, co-emperor 1071-death; b.1057, d.after 1081; m.1068 Maria, dau.of King Bela I of Hungary


4b) Konstantinos Porphyrogennetos Dukas, co-emperor 1067-78 (1060-1081)


5b) Anna Dukaina, a nun, b.before 1057, d.after 1075


6b) Theodora Dukaina, b.before 1059, d.after 1075; m.after 1071 Domenico Silvio, Doge of Venice


7b) Zoe Dukaine (1062-ca 1136)


2a) Ioannes Dukas, d.1088; 1045 Eirene Pegonitissa


1b) Andronikos Dukas, d.1077; m.before 1066 Maria (d.after 1089) dau.of Pr Trojan of Bulgaria


1c) Michael Dukas (1061-1108/18); m. NN


1d) Konstantinos Dukas; m. NN; he is believed to have been father of one Anna Dukaina, who m.Boris of Hungary, a pretender to the throne


2d) Theodora Dukaina; m.Theodoros ___


3d) Anna Dukaina; m.Ioannes Komnenos, Duke of Durazzo (d.1106)


4d) Eirene Dukaina; m.Gregorios Kalameteros


2c) Ioannes Dukas, Duke of Durazzo, (1064-ca 1036)


3c) Eirene Dukaina (1066-1123); m.1078 Alexios I Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium (d.1118)


4c) Anna Dukaina (1068-1110/35); m.Georgios Palaiologos


5c) Theodora Dukaina, a nun (1070-before 1116)


2b) Konstantinos Dukas, d.1075/6; m. NN


1c) Ioannes Dukas; m.Anna Komnene


1d) Zoe Dukaina; m.Georgios Botaneiates






Part 4






One Manuel Laskaris m. Ioanna ___ and had issue:


1a) Manuel Laskaris, d.after 1256


2a) Michael Laskaris, d.1261/71


3a) Georgios Laskaris


4a) Konstantinos IX Laskaris, Emperor of Byzantium 1204-5, d.after 19 Mar 1205


5a) Theodoros I Komnenos Laskaris, Emperor of Byzantium 1205-22 (1175-1222); m.1st 1199 Anna (d.1212) dau.of Emperor Alexios III Angelos; m.2nd 1214 (div 1216) Philippa (1183-after 1219) dau.of Rupen III of Armenia, Lord of the Mountains; m.3rd 1219 Marie (1204-1222) dau.of Pierre de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Nikolaos, 1212


2b) Ioannes, 1212


3b) Eirene Dukaina Komnene Laskarina, d.1239; m.1st 1212 Konstantinos Dukas Palaiologos (d.1212); m.2nd ca 1212 Ioannes Dukas Batatzes, Emperor of Byzantium in Nicaea (d.1254)


4b) Maria Laskarina, d.1270; m.1218 King Béla IV of Hungary (d.1270)


5b) Eudokia Laskarina; engaged to Robert de Courtenay; m.before 1230 Anseau de Cayeux, Gov of Asia Minor


[by 2nd m.]:


6b) Konstantinos Laskaris, Duke of Thrace, b.1214


6a) Alexios Laskaris, Latin military leader against the Bulgars, fought with the French against Emperor Ioannes III, imprisoned and blinded


7a) Isaakios Laskaris





Part 5






One Basileios Batatzes, Duke of Thrace, d.1193, m.a dau.of Isaakios Angelos; they had issue:


1a) Isaakios Dukas Batatzes, d.1261; m.NN


1b) Ioannes Batatzes, b.1215; m.Eudokia Angelina


1c) Theodora Batatzaina (1240-1303); m.1253 Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos (d.1282)


2c) Maria Batatzaina; m.Michael Dukas Glabas Tarchaneiotes, military goveror of Thrace


2b) a dau., m.Konstantinos Strategopulos


2a) a son; m.NN


1b) a dau., m.Alexios Raul (d.1258)


3a) Ioannes III Dukas Batatzes, Emperor of Byzantium in Nicaea (1192-1254); m.1st ca 1212 Eirene Laskarina (d.1239); m.2nd 1244 Costanza von Hohenstaufen, dau.of Emperor Frederick II


1b) Theodoros II Dukas Laskaris, Emperor of Byzantium in Nicaea, a philosopher and theologian (1222-1258); m.1235 Elena (1224-ca 1254) dau.of Ivan Asen II, Tsar of Bulgaria


1c) Ioannes IV Dukas Laskaris, Emperor of Byzantium 1258-61, blinded and imprisoned by Emperor Michael VIII; (1250-1305)


2c) Eirene, d.1269/70; m.1258 Konstantin Zich Asen, Tsar of Bulgaria (d.1277)


3c) Maria Dukaina Laskarina (d.1258); m.1256 Nikephoros I Angelos, Despot of Epirus


4c) Theodora, d.after 1264; m.1st after 1258 Matthieu de Mons, Baron of Velligosti in Morea; m.2nd 1273 Jakow Sweitislaw, Tsar of part of Bulgaria (d.1273)


5c) Eudokia, b.1254; m.1st 1262 Pietro, Cte di Ventimiglia (d.1278); m.2nd 1281 Arnaud Roger de Comminges, Cde de Pailhars