Some Ruling Families of the Byzantine Empire





Part 1:






Manuel Komnenos, d.1020, in 978 defended Nicaea against Skloros; he m.two women whose names are unknown and had issue:


1a) Nikephorus Komnenos, d.1026


2a) Isaakios I Komnenos (1007-1061), Emperor of Byzantium 1057-9; m.before 1057 Aeikatherina, dau.of Tsar Ivan of Bulgaria


1b) Manuel Komnenos; m. a dau.of Helios ___


2b) Maria Komnene


3a) Ioannes Komnenos (1015-1067); 1042 Anna Dalassene, dau.of Alexios Charon, Prefect of Italy


1b) Manuel Komnenos, d.1071; 1068 N Diogene


1c) a dau., b.1069, engaged 1081 to a relative of Nikophoros Botanaites


2b) Isaakios Komnenos, Duke of Antioch, Gov of Constantinople (1047-1104/7); 1072/3 Irene of Alania (d.1108) dau.of Demetrios, Anti-King of Georgia


1c) Ioannes Komnenos, Duke of Durazzo (1073-1106); m.Anna, dau.of Michael Dukas


1d) Andronikos Komnenos; m.Eudokia Dukaina


1e) Anna Komnene Dukaina; m.Alexios Komnenos Anemas


2d) Alexios Komnenos; m.Eirene Synadene


1e) Adrianos Komnenos; m.Anna Kontostephanina


3d) Adrianos Komnenos


4d) Eudokia Komnene; m.Alexios Tarchaneiotes


2c) Alexios Komnenos, Duke of Durazzo; m.Zoe, who d.after treatment by a magician


3c) Konstantinos Komnenos, Duke of Beroa; m.NN (possibly Antiochena Euphorbena)


1d) Ioannes Komnenos, a monk


2d) Stephanos Komnenos; m.1147/51 Eudokia, dau.of Joannes Axuch


1e) Konstantinos Komnenos


2e) Eirene Komnene, b.1155; 1170 Isaakios Batatzes


4c) Adrianos Komnenos, Metropolitan of Ochrida; 1110 NN


1d) Theodora Komnena, b.1110; m.Andronikos Kontostephanos


5c) Anna Komnene; m.Ioannes Dukas


6c) Maria Komnene; engaged to Gregorios Gabras, separated by their relatives


7c) Sophia Komnene; m.Nikolaos Dokeianos


8c) Eudokia Komnene; m.Nikephoros Botaneiates


3b) Alexios Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium 1081-1118 (1048/57-1118); m.1st ca 1075 Argyropulina ___ ( 1077); m.2nd ca 1078 Eirene (1066-1123/36) dau.of Andronikos Dukas


1c) Ioannes II Komnenos Dukas, Emperor of Byzantium 1118-43 (1087-1143); m.1104/5 Piroska=[St.]Eirene (d.1134) dau.of King Ladislaus of Hungary


1d) Alexios Komnenos (1106-1142); m.1st 1122 Dobrodjaja=Eupraxia, dau.of Mstislav I, Great Pr of Kiev; m.2nd Kata=Eirene of Alania, dau.of King David II of Georgia


1e) Maria Komnene, d.1167; 1120 Alexios Axuch, Duke of Cilicia


2e) a dau., m.Theodoros Maurozomes


2d) Andronikos Komnenos (1108-1142); 1124 Eirene Aineidasa (d.1150/1)


1e) Ioannes Komnenos, Duke of Cyprus (1128-1176); 1146 a dau.of Michael Taronites


1f) Alexios Komnenos, with Norman help was proclaimed Emperor in Thessalonica; imprisoned and blinded 1185, d.1187


2f) Eirene Komnene


3f) Maria Komnene, of Nauplia (1154-ca 1217); m.1st 1167 Amalric d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem (d.1174); m.2nd 1177 Balian d'Ibelin, Lord of Nablus (d.1193)


4f) Theodora Komnene; m.1st 1175 (div 1180) Bohemund III, Pr of Antioch; m.2nd Gauthier de Béthune, Lord of Bessan


2e) Alexios Komnenos, lover of the Empress Maria Komnena and leader of her regency council, b.1136, murdered 1183; m.Maria Dukaina


1f) Andronikos Komnenos, d.young after falling from horse


2f) Eudokia Komnena (1167-ca 1202); m.1178/9 Guillaume VIII de Montpellier (d.1218)


3e) Maria Komnene, b.1126; m.1st 1139 Theodoros Dasiotes (d.1143/4); m.2nd 1145/50 Ioannes Kantukuzenos (d.1176)


4e) Eudokia Komnene; m.1st (div 1149) Thoros II, Lord of the Mountains; m.2nd Michael Gabras (d.after 1170)


5e) Theodora Komnene, d.1183; m.1148 Duke Heinrich II of Austria and Bavaria (d.1177)


3d) Isaakios Komnenos (1115-1154/74); m.1st 1134 Theodora Kamaterina (d.1144); m.2nd 1146 Eirene Diplosynadene


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Alexios Komnenos, 1136


2e) Ioannes Komnenos, d.1136/7


3e) Eirene Komnene; she unknown man and was mother of:


1f) Isaakios Dukas Komnenos, Emperor in Cyprus 1184-91, b.1155/60, d.of poisoning 1195/6; m.1st 1175/6 a dau.of Thoros II, Lord of the Mountains; m.2nd 1185/6 an illegitimate dau.of King William I of Sicily; by the first m.he had:


1g) a son, d.1187/90


2g) a dau., "La Damsel de Chypre", b.1177/8, d.after 1204; in 1194 she was engaged to Duke Leopold of Austria, but never married him; she m.1st 1200 (div 1202/3) Ct Raimund VI de Toulouse; m.2nd 1203 Thierry de Flandre, illegitimate son of Philippe de Lorraine, Ct of Flanders


4e) Anna Komnene; m.before 1166 Konstantinos Dukas (d.1185)


5e) Maria Komnene; m.1156 King Stephen IV of Hungary (d.1165)


[by 2nd m.]:


6e) Theodora Kalusine Komnene, b.1145/6; she was the lover of Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos; m.1158 Balduin d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem (d.1163)


7e) Eudokia Komnene; m.1st 1170 Odone Frangipani; m.2nd 1179 Guelfo di Porcaria


4d) Manuel I Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium 1143-80, b.1118, d.1180; m.1st 1146 Bertha=Eirene (d.1159/60), dau.of Ct Berengar von Sulzbach; m.2nd 1161 Maria (b.1145, strangled and thrown into the sea 1182) dau.of Raymond de Poitiers, Pr of Antioch; Maria was regent (along with her lover and nephew by marriage Alexios [see above]) for her son


1e) [by 1st  m.] Maria Komnene, b.1152, d.of poisoning 1182; she had been engaged to King Bela III of Hungary and to King William II of Sicily, but Byzantine politics kept those matches from being consummated; she m.1180 Rainer de Montferrat, who d.of poisoning 1182


2e) [by 1st m.] Anna Komnene (1154-1158)


3e) [by 2nd m.] Alexios II Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium 1180-1183; b.1169, d.of strangulation 1183; m.1180 Agnes, dau.of King Louis VII of France


4e) [illegitimate] Alexios Komnenos, d.after 1188, blinded by Andronikos I 1184; m.1183 Andronikos I's illegitimate dau., Eirene


5d) Maria Komnene (1106-1144/51); m.Ioannes Dalassenos Rogerios


6d) Anna Komnene, b.1110; 1125 Stephanos Kontestephanos (d.1149)


7d) Theodora Komnene, b.1116; m.Manuel Anemas (d.1146/7)


8d) Eudokia Komnene, b.1119; m.Theodoros Batatzes (d.1176)


2c) Andronikos Komnenos (1090-1130/1); m.Eirene, dau.of Pr Wolodar of Tmutorokan and Przemysl


3c) Isaakios Komnenos, b.after 16 Jan 1093, d.after 1152; m. NN


1d) Ioannes Komnenos Tzelepes, a Mohamedan and a noted scholar; m.1st 1131 a dau.of Leon, Lord of the Mountains; m.2nd 1140 a dau.of Sultan Mas'ud of Rum


1e) Isaakios Komnenos, d.under torture


2e) Suleiman Shah, may have had descendants, who were Moslems


2d) Andronikos I Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium 1183-5; b.1123/4, mangled to death by a mob in Constantinople 1185; m.1st N Palaiologa; m.2nd 1183 Agnes, dau.of King Louis VII of France


1e) Manuel Komnenos, b.before 1152, blinded and imprisoned 1185; m.a dau.of King David IV of Georgia; for their descendants, See Part 2z


2e) Ioannes Komnenos, b.1158/9, murdered 1185


3e) Maria Komnene, b.before 1660; m.after 1184 Theodoros Synadenos


[illegitimate by Eudokia, dau.of Andronikos Komnenos]:


4e) Alexios Komnenos, fled Constantinople in 1185


5e) Eirene Komnene; m.Nikephoros Palaiologos


[illegitimate by Theodora Kalusine Komnene (above)]:


6e) Alexios Komnenos, b.1170


7e) Eirene Komnene, b.after 1668; m.1183 Alexios Komnenos (d.after 1188)


[illegitimate by unknown mother]:


8e) a dau., m.Romanos, Duke of Durazzo


3d) Maria, m.before 1166 Ioseph Bryennios


4d) Anna Komnene; m.Ioannes Arbantenos


5d) Eudokia Komnene; may have m. Konstantinos Palaiologos


6d) Helene Komnene, d.1183; may have m.Yuri I, Great Pr of Kiev (d.1158)


7d) [illegitimate] Alexios Komnenos


4c) Manuel Komnenos, b.1097


5c) Anna Komnene Dukaina, a writer (1083-1149/54); m.Nikephoros Bryennios (d.1136/7)


6c) Maria Komnene (1085-after 1136); m.1st Gregorios Gabras; m.2nd Nikephoros Katakalon Euphorbanos


7c) Eudokia Komnene, b.1094; m. N Iasites


8c) Theodora Komnene, b.1096; m.Konstantinos Angelos


9c) Zoe Komnene, b.1098


4b) Adrianos Komnenos, d.1105; m.after Oct 1081 Zoe Dukaina (1062-ca 1136) dau.of Emperor Konstantinos Dukas


1c) Alexios Komnenos


1d) a dau., m.Alexios Palaiologos


2c) Alexeia Komnene, 1105; 1084 one Grimoald, a Lombard


5b) Nikephoros Komnenos (1060-1136/43); m. NN


1c) Alexios Komnenos


2c) a dau, m.Gregorios Pakurianos


6b) Maria Komnene, b.1045; m.1062 Michael Taronites


7b) Eudokia Komnene, b.1050; m.1067 Nikephoros Melissenos


8b) Theodora, b.1053; m.Konstantinos Diogenes


4a) a dau., b.1012; 1031 Michael Dokeianos, captain of Italy (d.1050)