This will be an account of the family of the Dukes of Brabant and Landgraves of Hesse (and including also the noble house of Percy in England). The Duchy of Lower Lorraine, after the death of the last Carolingian duke, was held by various local nobles. In 1100 Emperor Henry IV gave it to the Ct of Limburg; in 1106 Limburg transferred it to Godfrey of Louvain. Local nobles resented this and the duchy was fought over for most of the 12th century. The family finally abandoned the title of Lower Lorraine in favor of Brabant. The duchy contained Brussels, Antwerp and Louvain.


   Henry II of Brabant married Sophia, niece of Heinrich Raspe of Thuringia, a major landholder in Germany. Henry and Sophia's cousin Henry of Meissen fought over Thuringia. Meissen won Thuringia, but Sophia's descendants were given Hesse as a consolation.




Part 1A



Giselbert Gf im Maasgau 841, Gf im Lommegau 866, 846 a dau.of Emperor Lothar


1a) Reginar I Langhals, d.Meersen 915/6; m.Alberada N


1b) Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine 936, drowned in the Rhine 2 Oct 939; m.928/9 Gerberga, dau.of King Heinrich I, Duke of Saxony (and later wife of King Louis of the West Franks)


1c) Heinrich, d.943/4


2c) Alberade (bur St.Rémy); m.Ragenold Cte de Roucy (d.10 May 967)


3c) Haduid


4c) Gerberga, d.after 7 Sep 978; 954 Albert, Cte de Vermandois (d.8 Sep 987)


2b) Reginar II, Ct of Hainaut; m.a sister of Gf Boso


1c) Reginar III, Ct of Hainaut, d.973; m.Adela N (d.961)


1d) Reginar IV, Ct of Mons, d.1013; m.a ca 996 Hedwig (d.after 1013), dau of Hugues, King of France


1e) Reginar V, Ct of Hainaut, d.after 1039; 1015 Mathilde (d.after 1039), dau of Hermann de Verdun, Gf im Eifelgau


1f) Hermann, Ct in Hainaut, 1049; m.Richilde (d.Messines 1086; bur Hasnon), dau of Renier, Cte de Mons (and later wife of Ct Baldwin of Flanders)


1g) Roger, Bp of Chalons 1066, d.1093


2g) a dau., a nun, d.aged 40


2e) Beatrix; m.1st (div by 1021) Ebles Cte de Roucy, later Archbp of Reims (d.1033); m.2nd Manassès de Ramerupt


2d) Lambert I, Ct of Louvain, k.a.Florennes 12 Sep 1015; m.Gerberga (bur Nivelles), dau of Duke Charles of Lorraine


1e) Henry I, Ct of Louvain, murdered at Brussels 1038; bur Nivelles


1f) Otto, 1041


2f) Adelheid


3f) Kunigunde


4f) Adela


2e) Lambert II, Ct of Louvain, d.after 21 Sep 1062; m.Uda, dau of Duke Gozelo of Lower Lorraine; See Part 1B


3e) Mathilde; m.Eustace, Cte de Boulogne ( 1049)


2c) Rudolf Gf im Maasgau Haspengau


3c) Liethard


4c) a dau fl 943/58; m.Nevelung Gf in der Betuwe


3b) a dau; m.Berengar Gf im Lommegau, Gf im Maifeld


2a) Abert Gf





Part 1B



   Ct Lambert II of Louvain (see Part 1A) had issue:


1a) Henry II, Ct of Louvain, d.1078; bur Nivelles; m.Adela, dau.of Eberhard Gf in der Betuwe


1b) Henry III, Ct of Louvaine, a tournament at Tournai 5 Feb 1095; m.Gertrude (d.1117), dau of Ct Robert of Flanders and Holland (and later wife of Duke Dietrich of Lorraine)


1c) Adelheid ( a nun at Tart-l’abbaye shortly after 1158); m.Simon, Duke of Lorraine (d.1138)


2c) Gertrud; m.Lambert, Cte de Montaigu et de Clermont


2b) Godfrey I, 1106 Duke of Lower Lorraine, 1105 Mgve of Antwerp (d.25 Jan 1139; bur Afflighem); m.1st Ida, dau of Otto, Cte de Chiny; m.2nd ca 1125 Clementia, dau.of Cte Guillaume de Bourgogne, and widow of Ct Robert II of Flanders


1c) Godfrey II, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d.1142; bur St.Peter, Louvain); 1139 Lutgardis, dau of Berengar Gf von Sulzbach (and later wife of Hugo Gf von Dagsburg)


1d) Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine (1142-10 Aug 1190; bur St.Peter, Louvain); m.1st 1158 Margaret (d.1172; bur St.Peter, Louvain), dau of Duke Henry II of Limburg; m.2nd Imagina, 1203 Abbess of Münsterbilsen (d.5 Jun 1214), dau of Ludwig Gf von Looz und Rieneck


1e) [by 1st m.] Henry I, 1180-1222 Duke of Lower Lorraine. 1183-98 Duke of Louvain, 1191-1235 Duke of Brabant, 1211 Mgve of Antwerp (1165-Köln 5 Sep 1235; bur St.Peter, Louvain); m.1st 1180 Matilda (d.16 Oct 1210; bur St.Peter, Louvain), dau of Matthias of Flanders, Cte de Boulogne; m.2nd Soissons 8/22 Apr 1213 Marie (1198-18 Aug 1224; bur Afflighem), dau of King Philippe II Auguste of France, and widow of Philip of Hainaut, Ct of Namur


1f) Henry II, Duke of Lorraine and Brabant (1207-Louvain 1 Feb 1248; bur Villers); m.1st by 22 Aug 1215 Marie (d.1235), dau of Philipp von Hohenstaufen, Duke of Swabia, German King; m.2nd ca 1240 Sophie (Wartburg 20 Mar 1224-29 May 1275; bur Villers), dau of Ldgve Ludwig IV of Thuringia


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Henry III, Duke of Lorraine and Brabant (d.Louvain 28 Feb 1261; bur Louvain); m.1251 Adelaide (d.23 Oct 1273; bur Louvain), dau of Hugues IV, Duc de Bourgogne


1h) Henry IV, Duke of Lorraine and Brabant, resigned 1267 (Louvain 1251/2-after 29 Apr 1272)


2h) John I. 1267 Duke of Lorraine and Brabant, 1287 Duke of Limburg (Brussels 1252/3-Louvain 3 May 1294; bur Brussels); m.1st 1270 Marguerite (d.1271; bur St.Denis), dau of King Louis IX of France; m.2nd 1273 Margaret (d.3 Jul 1285; bur Brussels), dau of Guy de Dampierre, Ct of Flanders


1i) a son (b.and d.1271; bur St.Denis)


2i) Godfrey (b.1273/4-d.after 13 Sep 1283)


3i) John II, Duke of Lorraine, Brabant and Limburg (27 Sep 1275-Tervueren 27 Oct 1312; bur Sts,Michael and Gudula, Brussels); m.Westminster Abbey 9 Jul 1290 Margaret (b.11 Sep 1275, d.after 11 Mar 1333), dau of King Edward I of England


1j) John III, Duke of Lorraine, Brabant and Limburg (1300-Brussels 5 Dec 1355; bur Villers); m.1311 Marie (d.31 Oct 1335; bur Brussels), dau of Louis, Cte d’Evreux


1k) Joanna, 1355-1404 Dss of Lorraine, Brabant and Limburg (24 Jun 1322-Brussels 1 Dec 1406; bur Carmelite Church, Brussels); m.1st 1334 Ct William IV of Hainaut and Holland (1307-k.a.26 Sep 1345); m.2nd Mar 1352 Wenzel of Bohemia, Duke of Luxemburg (1337-8 Dec 1383; bur Orval)


2k) Margaret (9 Feb 1323-1368; bur St.Pierre, Lille); m.Saint-Quentin 6 Jun 1347 Ct Louis III of Flanders (1330-30 Jan 1384; bur St.Pierre, Lille)


3k) Marie (1325-1 Mar 1399; bur Brussels); m.1347 Duke Reinald III of Geldern (1333-4 Dec 1371)


4k) John (1327-1335/6; bur Tervuren)


5k) Henry (d.29 Nov 1349; bur Tervuren)


6k) Godfrey (d.after 3 Feb 1352; bur Tervuren)


7k) [illegitimate] Johann Brant, sn d'Ayseau et d'Ochamps, k.a.1371; for his issue see Part 9


8k) [illegitimate] William Brant, a priest in Louvain

9k) [illegitimate] John van Veen, living 1354

10k) [illegitimate] Joanna; m.Costin von Raenst

11k) [illegitimate] Jeanette; m.Godfrey van der Dilft

12k) [illegitimate] Marie van Veen, a nun in Brussels, d.1394

13k) [illegitimate] Arnold van der Hulpen; m.Elisabeth Moedels

14k) [illegitimate] Henry  van der Hulpen

15k) [illegitimate] Margareta van der Hulpen; m.1st Bernardus van der Spout; m.2nd Walter de Melin

16k) [illegitimate] Mechtild; m.1st 1331 William van Rotselaer; m.2nd Johann von Planen (d.1378)

17k) [illegitimate] Barbe van Ophem, a nun, d.1354

18k) [illegitimate] Nikolaus de Sweerthere

19k) [illegitimate] Nikolaus de Werthusen

20k) [illegitimate] Henry of Brussels

21k) [illegitimate] John van Linden

22k) [illegitimate] John van Overysche

23k) [illegitimate] Dionysius van Louvain

24k) [illegitimate] Katharina; m.Godefroy de Henri-Chapelle

25k) [illegitimate] a dau., m.Winand de Henri-Chapelle

26k) [illegitimate] a dau., m.Clerembaut de Hauterive]


2j) [illegitimate] Johann van Corselaer, Herr zu Witteghem, d.after 19 May 1373; for his issue see Part 8


3j) [illegitimate] Johann van Wyvliet, lord of Blaesveld and Kuyc; m.Margareta Pipenpoy


4j) [illegitimate] Johann Cordekin, lord of Glymes, legitimized 1344, d.1361


1k) Jacques de Glymes, fl 1341; for his issue see Part 10


5j) [illegitimate] Johann Magermann, d.1355/7; m.Adelise d'Elsies]


4i) Margaret (4 Oct 1276-Genoa 14 Dec 1311; bur Pisa Cathedral); m.9 Jun 1292 Emperor Heinrich VII (d.24 Aug 1313; bur Pisa Cathedral)


5i) Marie (d.after 2 Nov 1338; bur Brussels); m.1297/1305 Ct Amadeus V of Savoy (d.16 Oct 1323)


6i) [illegitimate] Johann Meeuwe, lord of Donghelberghe and Wavere; for his issue see Part 7


7i) [illegitimate] Jennequin de Malines


1j) Gerhard de Malines sn de Soigne fl 1352


1k) Martin de Malines


2j) John de Malines


1k) Gerhard de Malines


3j) Margareta de Brabant, dit de Malines, d.after 1368; 1330 Gerelinus Hinckaert


8i) [illegitimate] Johann Pyliser à issue


9i) [illegitimate] Johann van der Plasch fl 1313/47


10i) [illegitimate] Margareta van Tervueren; m.1292 Johann van Landewijck


3h) Godfrey of Brabant, lord of Aerschot and Vierzon (k.a.Courtrai 11 Jul 1302); 1280 Jeanne, Dame de Vierzon, de Mézières-en-Brenne, de Lucy, de la Ferté-Imbault, de Fuselier, de l’Isle-Savary et de la Rochecarron ( 1296; bur Bourges), dau of Hervé de Vierzon


1i) John, sn de Mézières et de Mortagne (ca 1281-k.a.Courtrai 11 Jul 1302); 1 May 1300 Marie, Dame de Mortagne, dau of John de Mortagne, Bgve of Doornick


2i) Marie, Dame d’Aerschot et de Vierzon (d.1327/31); m.1st by 1296 Walram, Ct of Jülich (d.1297); m.2nd Robert de Beaumont, sn de Povance


3i) Elisabeth, heiress of Sichem, 1335 Dame de Vierzon et de Livry (d.1349/55); m.1304 Gerhard, Ct of Jülich (d.1328)


4i) Alix, heiress of Aerschot, Mézières and Vaelbeke ( 1339); m.1302 Jean, Sire d'Harcourt (d.9 Nov 1329)


5i) Blanche, d.1327/31; m.1st Jean Berthout, sn de Malines (d.25 Aug 1304); m.2nd Jean, Vcte de Thouars (d.25 May 1332)


6i) Margaret, a nun at Longchamps (fl 1318)


7i) Joan, a nun at Longchamps (fl 1318)


4h) Marie (Louvain ca 1256-Murel 12 Jan 1321; bur Paris); m.Vincennes 21 Aug 1274 King Philippe III of France (1245-5 Oct 1285)


5h) [illegitimate] Gilles fl 1286/8; he had issue, the family van der Balch, of whom I have no details


2g) Philip (d.young; bur St.Peter, Louvain)


3g) Matilda (d.29 Sep 1288; bur Chercamp); m.1st 14 Jun 1237 Robert, Cte d'Artois (1216-k.a.9 Feb 1250); m.2nd by 31 May 1254 Guy, Cte de Châtillon-St.Pol (d.12 Feb 1289; bur Chercamp)


4g) Beatrix (1225-11 Nov 1288; bur abbaye de Marquette); m.1st Creuzburg 10 Mar 1241 Heinrich Raspe IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, German King (d.Wartburg 16 Feb 1247; bur Eisenach); m.2nd Louvain Nov 1247 Ct William III of Flanders (1224-6 Jun 1251; bur Marquette)


5g Marie (executed at Donauwörth 18 Jan 1256; bur Donauwörth Hl Kreuz Stift); m.2 Aug 1254 Duke Ludwig II of Bavaria (1229-1294)


6g) Margaret, 1272 Abbess of Herzogenthal (d.1277)


[by 2nd m.]:


7g) Heinrich, Landgrave of Hesse; for his descendants, See Part 3


8g) Elisabeth (1243-1261; bur Braunschweig); m.Braunschweig 13 Jul 1254 Duke Albrecht I of Braunschweig (1236-15 Aug 1279)


2f) Godfrey, Hr von Gaesbeek u.Herstal, sn de Baucignies (1209-21 Jan 1254; bur Afflighem); m. Marie, Frau von Pamele, dau of Arnold van Oudenaarde, and widow of Jean, Cte de Rethel


1g) Henry of Louvain, lord of Herstal, Gaesbeek and Baucignies (d.1285; bur Afflighem); m.Isabella (d.1308), dau of Dietrich von Beveren, Bgve of Dixmuden, by Marguerite de Brienne


1h) John=Tristan, lord of Gaesbeek, Herstal and Montcornet (d.1309/11; bur Brussels); m.1298 Felicitas (d.1336), dau of Henri, Cte de Luxembourg


1i) Henry, lord of Gaesbeek and Herstal (d.after 2 Feb 1323); m.Isabella, Dame d’Epinoy et de Zotteghem, Bgvne of Ghent (d.6 Dec 1354; bur Antoing), dau of Hugues d’Antoing (and later wife of Alfonso de la Cerda, and of Jean de Melun, Cte de Tancarville)


2i) John, lord of Gaesbeek and Montcornet (1307/8-23 Aug 1324; bur St.Peter, Louvain)


3i) Beatrice, a nun (d.1340/1)


2h) Henry, lord of Herstal (fl 1281/93)


3h) Joanna, Dame de Baucignies et Herstal (d.Sep 1315; bur Brussels); 11 Sep 1302 Gerard, lord of Horn, Altena, Perwez and Herlaer (d.3 May 1330; bur Carmelite Cloister, Brussels)


2g) Arnold, lord of Breda (d.22 Jun 1287); m.1268 Isabella of Breda and Schotten (d.1280/1), dau of Henry of Breda


3g) Gerhard, a canon in Nivelles 1288


4g) Godfrey, a canon in Nivelles 1277/97


5g) Joan (d.1291); m.1253 Dietrich I von Heinsberg (d.26 Jul 1303)


3f) Marie (d.after 9 Mar 1260; bur St.Peter, Louvain); m.1st 1214 Emperor Otto IV (1177-Harzburg 19 May 1218; bur Braunschweig); m.2nd Jul 1220 Ct William I of Holland (d.4 Feb 1222)


4f) Margaret (d.1231; bur Roermond); m.1206 Ct Gerhard III of Geldern (d.22 Oct 1229; bur Roermond)


5f) Adelaide; m.1st Arnulf Gf von Looz u.Rieneck; m.2nd Guillaume de Clermont, Cte d'Auvergne (d.1246); m.3rd before 21 Apr 1251 Arnold van Wesemaele, Marshal of Brabant (d.1260)


6f) Matilda (d.21 Dec 1267; bur Loosduinen); m.1st Aachen 1212 Heinrich II Pfgf bei Rhein (d.1214; bur Schönau); m.2nd Ct Florenz IV of Holland (1210-19 Jul 1234)


7f) [by 2nd m.] Elisabeth (d.23 Oct 1272); m.1st Dietrich of Kleve gt von Dinslaken (d.24 Mar 1245); m.2nd Feb 1246 Gerhard von Wassenberg, sn de Sprimont (d.1255)


8f) Marie, d.young


2e) [by 1st m.] Adalbero of Louvaine, 1192 Cardinal and Bp of Liège (murdered at Reims 24 Nov 1192; bur Reims Cathedral)


3e) [by 2nd m.] William of Louvaine, lord of Perwez and Ruysbroek (d.after 1 Aug 1224; bur abbaye de Villers); m.Marie (d.after 10 Apr 1233), dau of Enguerrand d’Orbais (and later wife of Baudouin le Karron)


1f) Godfrey, lord of Perwez (d.1257); m.1st before 15 Mar 1237 Alix, Frau von Grimberghe (d.after Jun 1247), dau of Gerhard von Grimberghe; m.2nd (div) Marie, dau of Johann de Oudenarde (and later wife of Jan de Nesle); all issue by 1st m.


1g) Gerard of Perwez, 1252


2g) William of Perwez, lord of Grimberghe, Asche and Ninove, 1259


3g) Godfrey, lord of Perwez and Grimberghe (d.after Apr 1265); m.1254 Felicitas, Frau von Hoboken, dau of Garnier de Trainel by Hélisende de Rethel, and widow of Geoffroy de Château-Porcien


1h) Henry, 1271


2h) Adelaide, lady of Hoboken (d.shorty after 22 Feb 1296)


4g) Marie, heiress of Grimberghe, Ninove, Rumpst, Eekeren,Ingen, Ravensberghe, Corroy, Frasne and Londerseel (d.Sep 1289); 10 Mar  1262 Philipp Gf von Vianden (d.23 Apr 1273)


5g) Ada, heires of Perwez and Bruech ( 1310); 25 Jul 1264 Gerard de Marbais, lord of Bruech ( 1283)


2f) Enguerrand of Perwez, lord of Orbais and Dongelberghe (d.1248; bur Val-Dieu); m.Agnes N


1g) Mathilda, Hrn von Dongelberghe ( 1265); m.Wauthier d'Enghien


3f) Gobert, a canon in Utrecht, Antwerp and Nivelles (d.20 Dec 1272)


4f) Henry, lord of Ruysbroek (d.Brussels 1277)


5f) Robert


4e) Godfrey of Louvaine, went to England 1196, where he 1199 Alice de Hastings; he d. 1225/6


1f) Godfrey de Lovaine, living 1221


2f) Matthew de Lovaine, 1258; m.Muriel ___


1g) Matthew de Lovaine, d.1302; m.1st before 31 May 1268 Helisant ___; m.2nd Maud Poyntz


1h) Sir Thomas de Lovaine (1291-1345); m.Joan (possibly dau. of Sir Robert de Basing)


1i) John de Lovaine, of Little Easton, d.1347; m.1st Joan ___; m.2nd Margaret (d.1349) dau.of Sir Thomas Weston


1j) Isabel de Lovaine (1341-1351)


2j) Eleanor de Lovaine (1345-1397); m.before Jun 1359 William de Bourgchier (d.1375)


2h) Thomas de Lovaine, d.1318


3h) Alice de Lovaine


4h) Eleanor de Lovaine, d.after 3 May 1326; m.1st Sir William de Ferrers, of Groby ( 1287); m.2nd before 28 Jan 1289 Sir William Douglas (d.1297/9); m.3rd before 6 Oct 1305 Sir William Bagot ( 1326)


2g) John de Lovain


3g) Hawise de Lovain; m.Sir Philip Basset


2c) Henry of Louvain, a monk ( monastery of Affligem 27 Sep 1141; bur St.Peter, Louvain)


3c) Adela of Louvain(ca 1104-23 Apr 1151;bur Afflighem); m.1st Windsor 1121 King Henry I of England (1070-1 Dec 1135); m.2nd William, Earl of Arundel (d.12 Oct 1176)


4c) Ida of Louvain (d.before 1162); 1128 Ct Arnold of Kleve (bur Bedburg)


5c) Clarissa of Louvain, d.before 1140


6c) [only child by 2nd wife] Josceline de Louvain, accompanied his sister, Queen Adela, to England, where he m.after 1154 Agnes de Percy, and inherited all the Percy estates; he d.1180; for his descendants see Part 2 and the Percy/Northumberland page


3b) Adalbero of Louvain, 1123 Bp of Liège (d.1128; bur St.Gilles, Liège)


4b) Ida of Louvain, d.after 1107; m.1084 Ct Baldwin II of Hainaut (d.1098)


2a) Reginar of Louvain, k.a.Hesbaye 1077


3a) Adela of Louvain, d.1083; m.1st before 1060 Otto von Orlamünde (d.1067); m.2nd 1069 Dedi von Wettin, Mgve of Niederlausitz (d.1075)