Robert Bourchier, summoned 1348 as Lord Bourchier (d.1349), m.Margaret Prayers, and had issue:


1a) John, 2nd Lord Bourchier (d.21 May 1400); m.Elizabeth Coggeshall


1b) Bartholomew, 3rd Lord Bourchier (d.18 May 1409); m.1st Margaret, Lady Sutton; m.2nd Idoine Glevant, née Brooksburn (d.12 Sep 1410)


1c) Elizabeth, 4th Baroness Bourchier (d.1 Jul 1433); m.1st Hugh Stafford, Lord Stafford (d.25 Oct 1420); m.2nd Lewis, Lord Robessart (k.a.Amiens 26 Nov 1431)


2a) William (d.1365); m.Eleanor de Louvaine


1b) William, cr Comte d’Eu by King Henry V while the English possessed that area, which they then lost in 1450; m.Anne, Dowager Countess of Stafford, née Plantagenet [dau. of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester]


1c) Henry, 2nd Comte d’Eu, 5th Lord Bouchier, cr 1446 Viscount Bourchier, cr 1461 Earl of Essex (4 Apr 1483); 1426 Isabel, Lady Gray, née Plantagenet [dau. of Richard, Earl of Cambridge] (d.2 Oct 1484)


1d) William, Lord Bourchier (dvp); m.Lady Anne Widville (d.30 Jul 1489)


1e) Henry, 2nd Earl of Essex, 3rd Comte d’Eu, 6th Lord Bourchier (d.Baas, Broxbourne 13 Mar 1540); 1498 Mary Say


1f) Anne, 7th Baroness Bourchier (d.28 Jan 1571); m.9 Feb 1527 (div 1543) William Parr, Lord Parr of Kendal [later, Earl of Essex and Marquess of Northampton] (d.28 Oct 1570)


2e) Cecily (d.1493); m.John Devereux, 2nd Lord Ferrers; their issue were cr Earls of Essex and eventually inherited the Barony of Bourchier


2d) Sir Henry; m.Elizabeth Scales


3d) Humphrey, summoned 1461 as Lord Cromwell (k.a.Barnet 14 Apr 1471); m.Joan Stanhope (d.10 Mar 1490), niece of Ralph, Lord Cromwell


4d) Sir John; m.Elizabeth Ferrers


5d) Sir Thomas; m.Isabel, Dowager Countess of Devon, née Barre


6d) Sir Edward (k.a.Wakefield)


7d) Fulke (d.young)


8d) Isabel (d.young)


2c) Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury


3c) William, jure uxoris 9th Lord Fitzwarin ( 1469); m.1st Thomasine Hankeford, 9th Baroness Fitzwarin (Tawstock, Devon 23 Feb 1423-3 Jul 1453); m.2nd Mrs Katherine Stucley, née Affeton (d.26 Mar 1467)


1d) Fulk, 10th Lord Fitzwarin (25 Oct 1445-18 Sep 1479); m.Elizabeth Dinham (d.19 Oct 1516)


1e) John, 11th Lord Fitzwarin, cr 1536 Earl of Bath (20 Jul 1470-30 Apr 1539); m.1st Cicely Daubeney; m.2nd Florence, Lady Fulford, née Bonville (1472-Oct 1524); m.3rd Elizabeth, Lady Wyndham, née Wentworth, and later wife of Roger Darcy; all issue by 1st m.


1f) John, 2nd Earl of Bath, 4th Comte d’Eu (d.10 Feb 1561); m.1st Isabel Hungerford; m.2nd Eleanor Manners (d.1547); m.3rd 1548 Margaret, Lady Long, widowed Kitson, née Donington (d.Stoke Newington 20 Dec 1561)


[by 2nd m.]:


1g) John, Lord Fitzwarin (1529-28 Feb 1556); m.Frances Kitson (d.1586), the dau. of his stepmother


1h) William, 3rd Earl of Bath (1557-12 Jul 1623); m.1st (annulled) Mary Cornwallis; m.2nd Exeter 7 Aug 1583 Lady Elizabeth Russell (d.24 Mar 1605)


1i) John, Lord Fitzwarin (1585-1587)


2i) Robert, Lord Fitzwarin (1587-1588)


3i) Edward, 4th Earl of Bath (1590-2 Mar 1637); m.1st 14 Jul 1623 Hon. Dorothy St.John (d.20 Aug 1632); m.2nd 1633 Anne Lovet (d.29 Oct 1682 as Viscountess Campden); all issue by 1st m.


1j) Elizabeth (1622-22 Sep 1670); m.Willesden 8 Jul 1641 Basil Feilding, 2nd Earl of Denbigh (ca 1608-Dunstanble 28 Nov 1675)


2j) Dorothy (1626-    ); m.1st Thomas Grey, Lord Grey of Groby (1622-1657); m.2nd Gustavus Mackworth


3j) Anne (ca 1628-bur 9 Sep 1662); m.1st London 3 Mar 1646 James Cranfield, 2nd Earl of Middlesex (1621-1651); m.2nd Sir Chichester Wrey, 3rd Bt. (d.1668)


4j) John, Lord Fitzwarin (21 Jan 1630-1631)


4i) Frances


2g) Henry


3g) Sir George (d.24 Sep 1605); m.Hon. Martha Howard


1h) Charles (d.17 Sep 1584)


2h) Frederic Philip (d.8 Mar 1587)


3h) Thomas (d.1605/10)


4h) Sir John (d.25 Mar 1614)


5h) Henry, 5th Earl of Bath, 7th Comte d’Eu (ca 1587-16 Aug 1654); m.London 18 Dec 1638 Lady Rachael Fane (Mereworth 28 Jan 1613-London 11 Nov 1680)


4g) Fulke


5g) Mary; m.Hugh Wyot


6g) Cecilia; m.Thomas Peyton


[by 3rd m.]:


7g) Susanna


8g) Bridget; m.Thomas Pryce, of Vaynor


2f) Elizabeth; m.Edward Chichester


3f) Dorothy; m.Sir John Fulford


2e) Joan (d.3 Mar 1532); m.James Tuchet, 7th Lord Audley (beheaded Tower Hil 28 Jun 1497)


3e) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir Edward Stanhope; m.1nd Sir Richard Page


4c) John, summoned 1455 as Lord Berners (d.May 1474); m.Mrs Margery Ferreby, née Berners (d.18 Dec 1475)


1d) Sir Humphrey Bourchier (k.a.Barnet 14 Apr 1471); m.Elizabeth Tylney [later the Duke of Norfolk]


1e) John, 2nd Lord Berners (d.Calais 19 Mar 1533); m.Lady Katharine Howard (d.12 Mar 1536)


1f) Mary, dvpsp; m.Alexander Unton


2f) Jane, de jure 3rd Baroness Berners (d.17 Feb 1562); m.Edmund Knyvett; she never assumed the title, and nor did her issue until 1720, when its existence was acknowledged and revived


2e) Anne; 1492 Thomas Fiennes, 8th Lord Dacre (d.9 Sep 1533)


2d) Joan; m.Sir Henry Neville


3d) Elizabeth (d.1470); m.Robert de Welles, 8th Lord Willoughby de Eresby and Welles (executed at Doncaster 19 Mar 1470)


5c) Eleanor (d.Nov 1474); m.John Mowbray, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (12 Sep 1415-6 Nov 1461)