I had a page here on this family, which had been submitted by a member of the family. Subsequently, Davide Shamà, proprietor of the website contacted me and alleged that he believed that much of the contents had been taken from his work without his permission. However, the members of the family who originally submitted the genealogy to me have assured me that they compiled the genealogy from other sources, including family archives, and that when they compiled it they had no access to the sardimpex materials, and I have no reason to doubt that.

However, since it is my general policy that my site posts only genealogies which I have myself compiled from published sources, I think it best to omit this family’s genealogy at this time, since I myself have no public-domain sources at my disposal for the genealogy.

On the rest of my site there are one or two other pages which have been submitted by members of those respective families, but otherwise I have generally declined posting such genealogies which I cannot claim to have been compiled by myself. As I acknowledge on the main page, there are also some pages which include some information from the sardimpex site, but which are otherwise compiled by me.