The members of this family bear the title Prince[ss] of Belgium, Royal Highness.




Leopold Georg Christian Friedrich Pr of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke of Saxony, [see Saxony] was b.Coburg 16 Dec 1790. On 2 May 1816 he married Pss Charlotte Of Great Britain, Ireland and Hannover (Carlton House 7 Jan 1796-Claremont House 6 Nov 1817), the only child of the then Prince of Wales [later, King George IV]. Had she lived, Leopold would have assumed the role later taken by his nephew, Prince Albert, as Prince Consort of Great Britain. It was not to be. However, on 4 Jun 1831 he was elected as King LÉOPOLD I of the Belgians. He died at Laeken 10 Dec 1865. He m.2nd Compiègne 9 Aug 1832 Louise Marie Pss d'Orléans (Palermo 3 Apr 1812-Ostende 11 Oct 1850)


1a) Louis-Philippe Léopold Victor Ernest (Laeken 24 Jul 1833-Laeken 16 May 1834)


2a) LÉOPOLD II Louis Philippe Marie Victor, King of the Belgians (Brussels 9 Apr 1835-Laeken 17 Dec 1909); m.Brussels 22 Aug 1853 Marie Henriette Archdss of Austria (Buda 23 Aug 1836-Spa 19 Sep 1902); m.2nd Brussels 14 Dec 1909,  in a religious ceremony "in articulo mortis" (on his deathbed) by the priest of Laeken Cooreman, Blanche Delacroix (Bucharest 1883-Cambo 1948), unofficially cr Bss de Vaughan in Belgium (a courtesy title)


1b) Louise Marie Amélie (Brussels 18 Feb 1858-Wiesbaden 1 Mar 1924); m.Brussels 4 Feb 1875 (div Gotha 15 Jan 1906) Philipp Pr of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Paris 28 Mar 1844-Coburg 3 Jul 1921)


2b) Léopold Ferdinand Élie Victor Albert Marie, Duke of Brabant (Laeken 12 Jun 1859-Brussels 22 Jan 1869)


3b) Stéphanie Clotilde Louise Herminie Marie Charlotte (Laeken 21 May 1864-Pannonhalma 23 Aug 1945); m.1st Vienna 10 May 1881 Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria (Laxenburg 21 Aug 1858-Mayerling 30 Jan 1889); m.2nd Miramar 22 Mar 1900 Elemér Pr Lónyay de Nagy-Lónya et Vásáros-Namény (Bodrog-Olaszi 24 Aug 1863-Budapest 20 Jul 1946)


4b) Clémentine Albertine Marie Léopoldine (Laeken 30 Jul 1872-Nice 8 Mar 1955); m.Moncalieri 14 Nov 1910 Pr Victor Napoléon (Paris 18 Jul 1862-Brussels 3 May 1926)


3a) Philippe Eugène Ferdinand Marie Clément Baudouin Léopold Georges, Ct of Flanders (Laeken 24 Mar 1837-Brussels 17 Nov 1905); m.Berlin 25 Apr 1867 Marie Pss von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (Sigmaringen 17 Nov 1845-Brussels 26 Nov 1912)


1b) Baudouin Léopold Philippe Marie Charles Antoine Joseph Louis (Brussels 3 Jun 1869-Brussels 23 Jan 1891)


2b) Henriette Marie Charlotte Antoinette (Brussels 30 Nov 1870-Sierre, Valais, Switzerland 28 Mar 1948); m.Brussels 12 Feb 1896 Emanuel Pr d'Orléans Duc de Vendôme (Obermais 18 Jan 1872-Cannes 1 Feb 1931)


3b) Joséphine Marie Stéphanie Victoire (Brussels 30 Nov 1870-Brussels 18 Jan 1871)


4b) Joséphine Caroline Marie Albertine (Brussels 18 Oct 1872-Namur 6 Jan 1958); m.Brussels 28 May 1894 Karl Anton Pr von Hohenzollern (Sigmaringen 1 Sep 1868-Namedy 21 Feb 1919)


5b) ALBERT I Leopold Clemens Marie Meinrad, King of the Belgians 1909-1934 (Brussels 8 Apr mountaineering accident at Marche-les-Dames 17 Feb 1934); m.Munich 2 Oct 1900 Elisabeth Dss in Bavaria (Possenhofen 25 Jul 1876-Brussels 23 Nov 1965)


1c) LÉOPOLD III Philipp Karl Albert Meinrad Hubertus Maria Miguel, King of the Belgians, abdicated 1951 (Brussels 3 Nov 1901-Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 25 Sep 1983); m.1st (civ) Stockholm 4 Nov 1926 (rel) Brussels 10 Nov 1926 Astrid Pss of Sweden (Stockholm 17 Nov car accident at Kußnacht, Switzerland 29 Aug 1935); m.2nd Laeken (rel) 11 Sep 1941 (civ) 6 Dec 1941 Mary Lilian Baels, cr Pss de Rethy (London 28 Nov 1916-Domaine d'Argenteuil, Waterloo 7 Jun 2002)


1d) Joséphine Charlotte Ingeborg Elisabeth Maria Josepha Margarethe Astrid (Brussels 11 Oct 1927-Fischbach 10 Jan 2005); m.Luxemburg 9 Apr 1953 Jean, Grand Duke of Luxemburg (b.Schloß Berg 5 Jan 1921)


2d) BAUDOUIN Albert Charles Leopold Axel Marie Gustav, King of the Belgians 1951 (Château de Stuyvenberg, Brussels 7 Sep 1930-Motril, Spain 31 Jul 1993); m.Brussels 15 Dec 1960 Doña Fabiola Mora y Aragón (Madrid 11 Jun 1928-Brussels 5 Dec 2014)


3d) ALBERT II Felix Humbert Theodor Christian Eugène Marie, King of the Belgians, abdicated 21 Jul 2013, b.Château de Stuyvenberg, Brussels 6 Jun 1934; m.Brussels 2 Jul 1959 Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabria (b.Forte dei Marmi 11 Sep 1937)


1e) PHILIPPE Leopold Louis Marie, King of the Belgians 21 Jul 2013, b.Château de Belvédère, nr Laeken 15 Apr 1960; m.Brussels 4 Dec 1999 Mathilde Marie Christine Ghislaine d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.Uccle 20 Jan 1973)


1f) ElisabethThérèse Marie Hélène (b.Anderlecht 25 Oct 2001)


2f) Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie (b.Anderlecht 20 Aug 2003)


3f) Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie (b.Anderlecht 4 Oct 2005)


4f) Eléonore Fabiola Victoria Anna Marie (b.Anderlecht 16 Apr 2008)


2e) Astrid Josephine-Charlotte Fabrizia Elisabeth Paola Marie, b.Château de Belvédère 5 Jun 1962; m.Brussels 22 Sep 1984 Lorenz Archduke of Austria, cr Pr of Belgium 10 Nov 1995 (b.Boulogne-sur-Seine 16 Dec 1955); their children bear by Royal Decree 2 Dec 1991 the title Prince[ss] of Belgium in addition to their Austrian titles


1f) Amedeo Maria Josef Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d'Aviano, Archduke of Austria[-Este] & Pr of Belgium, b.Woluwe St.Lambert 21 Feb 1986; m.5 Jul 2014 Elisabetta Maria Rosboch von Wolkenstein (b.Rome 9 Sep 1987)


1g) Anna Astrid (b.Brussels 17 May 2016)


2g) Maximilian (b.Brussels 6 Sep 2019)


2f) Maria Laura Zita Beatrix Gerhard, Archduchess of Austria[-Este] & Pss of Belgium, b.Woluwe St.Lambert 26 Aug 1988


3f) Joachim Karl-Maria Nikolaus Isabelle Marcus d`Aviano, Archduke of Austria[-Este] & Pr of Belgium, b.Woluwe-St.Lambert 9 Dec 1991


4f) Luisa Maria Anna Martine Pilar, Archduchess of Austria[-Este] & Pss of Belgium, b.Woluwe-St.Lambert 11 Oct 1995


5f) Laetitia Maria Nora Anna Joachim Zita, Archduchess of Austria[-Este] & Pss of Belgium, b.Brussels 23 Apr 2003


3e) Laurent Benoit Baudouin Marie, b.Château de Belvédère 19 Oct 1963; m.Brussels 12 Apr 2003 Claire Louise Coombs (b.Bath 18 Jan 1974)


1f) Louise Sophie Mary (b.Woluwé-Saint-Lambert 6 Feb 2004)


2f) Nicolas Casimir Marie (b. Woluwé-Saint-Lambert 13 Dec 2005)


3f) Aymeric Auguste Marie (b. Woluwé-Saint-Lambert 13 Dec 2005)


4d) Alexandre Emanuel Henry Albert Marie Leopold (Laeken 18 Jul 1942-29 Nov 2009); m.Deben, Suffolk 14 Mar 1991 Léa Inga Dora Wolman (b.Etterbeek 2 Dec 1951)


5d) Marie-Christine Daphné Astrid Elisabeth Léopoldine, b.Laeken 6 Feb 1951; m.1st Coral Gables, Florida 23 May 1981 (div 1981) Paul Druker (Montreal 1 Nov 1937-1 Apr 2008); m.2nd Westwood, California 28 Sep 1989 Jean-Paul Gourgues (b.Bordeaux)


6d) Marie-Esmeralda Adelaide Lilian Anna Léopoldine, b.Laeken 30 Sep 1956; m.London 4 Apr 1998 Sir Salvador Moncada (b.Tegucigalpa, Honduras 3 Dec 1944)


2c) Charles Théodore Henri Antoine Meinrad, Ct of Flanders, Regent 1944-1950 (Brussels 10 Oct 1903-Ostende 1 Jun 1983; in Paris on 14 Sep 1977 he went through a religious ceremony blessing his union with one Jacqueline Peyrebrune (b.La Réole 16 Feb 1921); The situation is best explained by correspondence I received from Richard Thornton: The final word seems to be in L'Allemagne Dynastique, vol VII p 385 quoting Mme Schaack nee Peyrebrune herself and the statement issued after the blessing of her and  Prince Charles. Here is my translation: "The religious marriage of Prince Charles does not appear in the parish registers of Saint Pierre de Mountrouge. However, Mme Schaack, nee Jacqueline Peyrebrune...has kindly informed us of the strictly private blessing happily given, eight months after the death of M Georges Schaack, on 14.9.1977 by Father Marcelino Carrera who has given the following attestation: The private blessing uniting before God Charles Theodore count of Flanders and Louise Marie Jacqueline Peyrebrune was given at Saint Peter's at the altar of the Sacred Heart on 14 September 1977. The mutual consent was received by your humble brother in Christ [Fr Carrera] in the presence of Father Keller and witnesses [comtesse Annie de Bergeret and Mme Marie Jeannette Aurelie Menahes]. The statement is also signed by the participants and witnesses. Similarly, Madame Jacqueline (de) Peyrebrune who published in 1991 through Editions Tarmeye her memoirs with the title Love in Shadow - the secret garden of Prince Charles of Belgium followed in 1993, by the same publisher, by Carnets intimes....It seems from the correspondence we have exchanged that she considers the union as strictly private and celebrated only devant Dieu. Also, it should be noted that a religious marriage cannot legally take place in French law unless it has been preceded by a civil one."

There was no religious marriage and no civil one. So, technically, Prince Charles died unmarried....


3c) Marie-José Charlotte Sophie Amélie Henriette Gabrielle (Ostende 4 Aug 1906-Geneva 27 Jan 2001); m.Rome 8 Jan 1930 King Umberto II of Italy (Racconigi 15 Sep 1904-Geneva 18 Mar 1983)


4a) Maria Charlotte Amélie Auguste Victoire Clémentine Léopoldine (Laeken 7 Jun 1840-Château de Bouchout, Belgium 19 Jan 1927); m.Brussels 27 Jul 1857 Maximilian, Archduke of Austria, Emperor of Mexico 1864-7 (Vienna 6 Jul 1832-Queretaro, Mexico 19 Jun 1867)