The family Arpad, Kings of Hungary








King Géza I of Hungary (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) [by 1st m.] Koloman, King of Hungary 1095 (1065-3 Mar 1116); m.1st 1097 Felicia ( 1102) dau.of Roger of Sicily by Eremberga d'Evreux; m.2nd 1104 Euphemia (d.4 Apr 1139) dau of Great Prince Wladimir II of Kiev


1b) Stephen II, 106 King of Hungary (1101-1 Mar 1131); m.1st Cristiana, dau.of Roberto, Cte di Capua; m.2nd 1121 Adelheid dau.of Stefan von Riedenburg, Bggf von Regensburg


2b) Ladislas (1101-1112)


3b) [by 1st m.] Sophia, m.Saul ___


1c) Saul, chosen by Stephen II as his successor, but this did not come to pass


4b) [by 1st  m.] a dau, 1117 Wladimir, Pr of Halicz (d.1153)


5b) [by 2nd m.] Boris Conrad, a contestant for the throne on his brother’s death; m.Anna, dau.of Constantine Dukas


1c) Koloman, settled in the Byzantine Empire and left descendants there


2a) [by 1st m.]a dau., m.a Hungarian man


1b) Ivan, who contended for the throne


3a) [by 2nd m.] Almos, became in 1091 King of Croatia, which his father had seized from his brother-in-law King Zwonimir; (ca 1068-1129); m.21 Aug 1104 Predslava, dau.of Great Prince Swiatopolk II of Kiev


1b) Béla II "the Blind", 1131 King of Hungary (ca 1109-13 Feb 1141); m.28 Apr 1127 Jelena (d.after 1146) dau.of Uros I Nemanjic, Pr of Serbia, by Anna, a niece of Emperor Alexios of Byzantium


1c) Elisabeth (ca 1128-    ); m.Mieszko III, Pr of Great Poland (d.13 Mar 1202)


2c) Géza II, 1141 King of Hungary (ca 1130-3 May 1162); m.1146 Eufrosina, dau.of Great Prince Mstislav II of Kiev


1d) Elizabeth (1144/5-after 1189); m.after 1157 King Friedrich of Bohemia (d.25 Mar 1189)


2d) Stephen III, 1161 King of Hungary (1147-4 Mar 1172); m.1st 1167 a dau.of Pr Jaroslav of Halicz, whom he repudiated in 1168; m.2nd 1168 Agnes (ca 1154-13 Jan 1182) dau.of Duke Heinrich II of Austria


3d) Béla III, 1172 King of Hungary (d.23 Apr 1196); m.1st (div 1169) Maria, dau.of Emperor Manuel I Komnenos of Byzantium by Bertha von Sulzbach [actually, the couple was engaged in 1163/4, Bela moved to Byzantium as heir to Manuel, but after Manuel had a son in 1169 the relationship, presumably never consummated, was dissolved]; m.2nd 1172 Anna (d.1184) dau.of Renaud de Chatillon-sur-Loing, Pr of Antioch; m.3rd ca 1185 Theodora Komnena; m.4th 1186 Marguerite, Cts de Vexin (1158-1197) dau.of King Louis VII of France; all issue was by 2nd marriage


1e) Emmerich, 1196 King of Hungary (1174-Sep 1204); m.1198 Constanza (d.23 June 1222) dau.of King Alfonso II of Aragón (and later wife of Emperor Friedrich II)


1f) Ladislas III "the Child", 1204 King of Hungary (1199-7 May 1205)


2e) Margaret (1175-after 1223); m.1st 1185 Emperor Isaac II Angelos of Byzantium (d.1204); m.2nd 1204 Boniface I, Mgve of Montferrat, King of Thessalonica (d.1207); m.3rd Nicolas de Saint-Omer


3e) Andrew II, 1205 King of Hungary (1176-21 Sep 1235); m.1st before 1203 Gertrude (d.8 Sep 1213) dau.of Berthold von Andechs, Duke von Meranien; m.2nd 1215 Yolande (d.1233) dau.of Pierre de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople; m.3rd 14 May 1234 Beatrice (d.1245) dau.of Aldobrandino I Mgve d'Este


1f) Bela IV, 1235 King of Hungary (1206-3 May 1270); m.1218 Maria Laskarina (d.1270) dau.of Emperor Theodore of Nicaea


1g) Catherine, d.1242


2g) Margaret "the Elder" (d.20 Apr 1242); 1240 Guillaume de St-Omer, Lord of Thebes


3g) Kinga (1224-24 July 1292); m.1239 Boleslav V, Pr of Cracow & Sandomir (d.7 Dec 1279)


4g) Anna (1226/7-    ); m.1243 Mstislav, Great Prince of Kiev (d.1263)


5g) Elisabeth (1236-24 Oct 1271); m.1250 Duke Heinrich I of Lower Bavaria (d.1290)


6g) Constance; m.1251/2 Prince Lev of Halicz (d.1301)


7g) Stephen V, 1270 King of Hungary (Dec 1239-1 Aug 1272); m.1253 Elizabeth (d.after 1290) dau.of Zayhan, a prince of the Cuman tribe, which had been pushed into Hungary by the invasions of Genghis Khan


1h) Elizabeth (1255-1313/26);m.1st 1287 Zavis von Rosenberg zu Falkenstein (d.24 Aug 1290); m.2nd Stepan Uros II Milutin, Kral of Serbia (d.6 Nov 1321)


2h) Catherine (1255/7-    ); 1269 Stepan IV Dragutin, Kral of Serbia (d.1316)


3h) Maria (1257/8-25 Mar 1323); m.1270 King Charles II of Naples and Sicily; their eldest son became King Charles of Hungary


4h) Anna (ca 1260-ca 1281); m.1274 Andronicus II Palealogue, Emperor of Byzantium (d.12 Feb 1332)


5h) Ladislas IV, 1272 King of Hungary (1262-10 July 1290); m.1272 Elizabeth, dau.of King Charles I of Sicily


6h) Andrew, Duke of Slavonia (1268-1278)


8g) Margaret "the Younger", an Abbess (1242-18 Jan 1271)


9g) Yolande, d.after 1303; m.1250 Prince Boleslav of Great Poland (d.13 Apr 1279)


10g) Béla, Duke of Slavonia, Croatia & Dalmatia (ca 1245-1269; bur Gran); m.25 Oct 1264 Kunigunde (d.after 9 Jun 1292) dau.of Mgve Otto III of Brandenburg


2f) Maria (ca 1204-1237); m.1221 Ivan Asen II, Tsar of the Bulgarians (d.Jun 1241)


3f) Elisabeth (1207-19 Nov 1231; bur Marburg); m.1221 Ludwig IV, Landgrave of Thuringia (d.11 Sep 1227)


4f) Koloman, Duke of Croatia, King of Halicz (1208-k.a.1241); m.Salomea (d.10 Nov 1268) dau.of Leszek of Poland, Pr of Cracow & Sandomir


5f) Andrew, Prince of Halicz (1210/2-    ); m.1221 Maria dau.of Prince Mstislav of Novgorod


1g) Elisabeth, d.1295/6; m.Moys de Daró, a Cuman Prince, Palatine of Hungary (d.1280)


6f) [by 2nd m.] Yolande (d.12 Oct 1251); m.8 Sep 1235 King Jaime I of Aragón (d.1276)


7f) [by 3rd m.] Stephen, Duke of Slavonia, Patrician of Venice (1236-1271); m.1st 1263 Elisabeth (d.1264) dau.of Guglielmo Traversari, Patrician of Ravenna; m.2nd Tommasina (d.1300) dau.of Micaele Sbarra Morosini, Patrician of Venice


1g) Stephen (b.1264, d.young)


2g) Andrew III "the Venetian", 1290 King of Hungary (ca 1265-14 Jan 1301); m.1st 1290 Fenenna ( 1295) dau.of Pr Ziemomysl of Kujavia; m.2nd 13 Feb 1296 Agnes (18 May 1281-10 June 1364) dau.of Duke Albrecht of Austria


1h) Elizabeth, a nun at Königsfelden (1292-6 May 1338)


4e) Salomon (d.young)


5e) Stephen (d.young)


6e) Constance (ca 1180-6 Dec 1240); m.1198 King Ottakar Przemysl I of Bohemia (d.15 Dec 1230)


4d) Géza, who settled in Byzantium and married a woman there; he had descendants


5d) Adele, 1164 Swatopulk of Bohemia


6d) Ilona (ca 1158-25 May 1199); m.1172 Duke Leopold IV of Austria


7d) Margaret (1162-    ); m.1st ca 1177 Isaac Macrodukas; m.2nd Andrew, Gespan of Somogy


3c) Ladislas, in 1162 briefly displaced his young nephew as king of Hungary (ca 1132-14 Nov 1163); he is believed to have m.Judith, dau.of Pr Boleslav III of Poland


1d) Maria, m.before 1165 Niccolo Michieli, Patrician of Venice


4c) Stephen IV, who in 1163 briefly displaced his young nephew as King of Hungary (d.11 Apr 1165); m.1156 Maria, dau.of Isaac Komnenos


5c) Almos (b.1134, d.young)


6c) Sophia, a nun (1136/7-    )


2b) Hedwig, m.1132 Adalbert of Austria (d.1137)


3b) Adelaide (d.15 Sep 1140); 1123 Duke Sobeslav I of Bohemia (d.1140)


4a) a dau., who m.a member of the Miskolc family


1b) Boris, a contender for the Hungarian throne