The family Arpad, Kings of Hungary





   In about 900, a group of Magyars under Arpad (d.907), son of Almos (d.895), settled in what is now Hungary, though they continued to ravage western Europe til their defeat by Emperor Otto I in 955.



   Arpad, Prince of Hungary, had issue:


1a) Levente, fl 895


2a) Tarhos


1b) Tevel


1c) Tormas, lived in Byzantium, k.a.Aug 955


1d) Koppány, Duke in Somogy, k.a.998


3a) Ullo "the Epicure"


1b) Tas


4a) Jutas


1b) Fausz, Prince of Hungary 945/55


5a) Zolta, Prince of Hungary 907/45


1b) Taksóny, Prince of Hungary 955 (ca 931-ca 970); m.a Pechen princess


1c) Géza, ca 978 Great Prince of Hungary (d.1 Feb 997); m.1st ca 967 Sarolta (repudiated shortly after 975, d.after 988) dau.of Prince Gyula of Siebenbürgen; m.2nd ca 985 Adelajda (d.after 997) dau.of Pr Mieszko I of Poland, widow of his brother Michael


1d) [by 1st m.] Stephen I (St.Stephen), in 1000 became King of Hungary and the first Hungarian ruler to become a Christian (b.969/75-15 Aug 1038); m.996 Gisela (985-7 May 1065) dau.of Duke Heinrich II of Bavaria


1e) Emmerich (1007-2 Nov 1031); 1022 Argyra (d.after 1031) dau.of Emperor Romanos III of Byzantium


2e) Otto ( 1010, d.young)


2d) [by 1st m.] a dau (d.after 987); m.985 King Boleslav of Poland (d.17 Jun 1025)


3d) [by 1st m.] a dau; m.shortly before 985 Sizzo Gf in Thüringen


4d) [by 1st m.] a dau (d.after 988); m.987 (he repudiated her 988) Gabriel-Radomir, Tsar of the Bulgarians (d.1015)


5d) [by 2nd m.] a dau, m.Chaba ___


1e) Aba=Samuel, King of Hungary 1041, murdered 1044 ŕ issue


6d) Maria Helena (ca 989-1026); m.1009 Pietro Orseolo, Doge of Venice (d.Constantinople 1031)


1e) Peter, King of Hungary 1044/6 (d.30 Aug 1059); m.1st Tuta von Formbach (d.after 1046); m.2nd May 1055 Judith (d.2 Aug 1058, bur St.Veit, Prague) dau of Heinrich Gf von Schweinfurt by Gerberga von Gleisberg


2e) Froizza (d.17 Feb 1071); m.shortly before 1041 Adalbert I, Mgve of Austria (d.9 Oct 1045)


2c) Michael, Duke between March and Gran, 978; m. Adalajda (d.after 997) dau.of Pr Mieszko I of Poland (and later wife of her brother-in-law, Géza)


1d) Ladislas "the Bald", Duke between March and Gran (d.1029); 1000 Premislavna ( 1015) dau.of Great Prince Wladimir I of Kiev


1e) Bonuslo, Duke between March and Gran (d.1048)


2d) Vazul=Basil, Duke between March and Gran, d.1037; m.a woman who may (or may not) have been dau of Tsar Samuel of the Bulgarians


1e) Levente, the last member of this family never to become a Christian (ca 1012-1047)


2e) Andrew I "the Catholic", King of Hungary 1047; (ca 1014-1060); m.1st a non-Christian Hungarian woman; m.2nd 1037/8 Anastasia, dau.of Great Prince Jaroslav I of Kiev


1f) [by 1st m.] a son, who, according to some sources, went to Scotland in 1055 and became ancestor of the Drummond family. E.S. cites a 1959 work published in Warsaw as the source for this. I know that it has long been asserted that the Drummond family was founded by a Hungarian who returned to Britain with Edward Atheling, so this may be true. However, the sources I have do not supply lineage for the Drummonds prior to Malcolm Beg Drummond, living early 1200s.


2f) [by 2nd m.] Salomon, King of Hungary 1063-74 (1052-k.a.1087); m.1063 Judith-Maria (1047-ca 1100) dau.of Emperor Heinrich III and later wife of Prince Wladyslaw Hermann of Poland)


1g) Sophia ( 1110); m.Poppo Gf von Berg-Schelklingen, Hr zu Roggenstein ( 1110)


3f) [by 2nd m.] David (d.after 1094)


4f) Adelaide (ca 1040-27 Jan 1062); m.1057 King Wratislav II of Bohemia (d.14 Jan 1092)


3e) Béla I, King of Hungary 1060 (d.Dec 1063); m.a dau. ( 1018, d.after 1059) of King Mieszko II of Poland


1f) Géza I, King of Hungary 1074 (1044/5-25 Apr 1077); m.1st ca 1062 Sophie ( 1065) dau.of Giselbert Gf von Looz; m.2nd ca 1065 Synadena (d.after 1077) dau.of Theodulus Synadenos and niece of Emperor Nikophorus III of Byzantium; for Geza's descendants, see Part 2.


2f) [St.] Ladislas, King of Hungary 1077 (d.20 Jun 1095); m.1077 Adelaide (d.1079) dau.of Duke Rudolf of Swabia


1g) Piroska (d.13 Aug 1134); m.1104/5 Emperor Joannes II of Byzantium (d.8 Spr 1143)


2g) a dau., m.before 1091 Wladimir, Prince of Wladimir (d.May 1123)


3f) Lambert ( 1095)


4f) Sophia (d.18 June 1095); m.1st 1062/3 Ulrich I von Weimar, Mgve of Carniola, Count of Istria (d.6 Mar 1070); m.2nd 1070/1 Duke Magnus of Saxony (d.25 Aug 1106)


5f) Euphemia=Ludmilla (d.2 Apr 1111); m.before 1073 Pr Otto I of Moravia ( 1087)


6f) Maria, m.1068 Andronicus Dukas, co-Emperor of Byzantium (d.after 1081)


7f) Helene=Ilona, Queen of Croatia; m.Zwonimir-Dmitar, King of Croatia


8f) a dau, m.Count Lambert (d.1132)