Dukes of ARGYLL

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Earls of Breadalbane

Earls of Loudoun






Part 1



Sir Duncan Campbell, of Lochow, cr 1445 Lord Campbell (d.1453); m.1st Lady Marjory Stewart [dau. of Robert, Duke of Albany] ( Aug 1432); m.2nd Margaret Stewart [dau. of Sir Sir John Stewart, of Blackhall, natural son of King Robert III]; he had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Archibald, Master of Campbell (dvp by Mar 1440); m.1st Elizabeth Somerville; [m.? 2nd a dau. of Murdoch, Duke of Albany?]


1b) Colin, 2nd Lord Campbell, cr 1457 Earl of Argyll (d.10 May 1493); m.Elizabeth Stewart [dau. of John Stewart, Lord Lorne] (d.Dunbarton 26 Oct 1510)


1c) Archibald, 2nd Earl of Argyll (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.Lady Elizabeth Stewart


1d) Colin, 3rd Earl of Argyll (d.1529); m.Lady Jean Gordon


1e) Archibald, 4th Earl of Argyll (d.1558); m.1st Lady Helen Hamilton; m.2nd 21 Apr 1541 Lady Margaret Graham; m.3rd Catherine Maclean


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Archibald, 5th Earl of Argyll (ca 1532-12 Sep 1573); m.1st (div 1573) Jean Stewart [natural dau. of King James V]; m.2nd 1573 Lady Janet Cunningham (d.1584); he had illegitimate issue:


1g) John

2g) Colin

3g) son

4g) Jean; see note below sub Jean, dau of 6th Earl of Argyll

5g) Elspeth


[by 2nd m.]:


2f) Colin, 6th Earl of Argyll (d.Darnaway 10 Sep 1584); m.1st Joan Stewart (dsp); m.2nd 1571/2 Annabel, Dowager Countess of Moray, ne Keith (d.Edinburgh 16 Jul 1588)


1g) Archibald, 7th Earl of Argyll (1575-London 1638); m.1st 24 Jul 1592 Lady Agnes Douglas (1574-3 May 1607); m.2nd London 30 Nov 1610 Anne Cornwallis (d.London 12 Jan 1635)


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Archibald, 8th Earl of Argyll, cr 1641 Marquess of Argyll, attainted 1661 (1605/7-executed at Edinburgh 25 May 1661); m.1626 Lady Margaret Douglas (1610-13 Mar 1678)


1i) Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll (Dalkeith 26 Feb 1629-executed 30 Jun 1685); m.1st Edinburgh 13 May 1650 Lady Mary Stuart (d.May 1668); m.2nd 28 Jan 1670 Lady Anne Mackenzie, Dowager Countess of Balcarres (d.1707); for him and his issue, see Part 2, below


2i) Niel, of Ardmaddie (ca 1630/1- ); m.1st Newbattle Abbey 23 Jan 1668 Lady Vere Kerr (24 Apr 1649-17 Apr 1674); m.2nd 1685 Susan Menzies


[by 1st m.]:


1j) Charles, 16 Nov 1694


2j) Archibald, a bishop, d.London 15 Jun 1744


3j) Mary, d.Edinburgh Apr 1744; m.1694 Henry Bothwell, of Glencorse, titular 4th Lord Holyroodhouse (d.Edinburgh 10 Feb 1735)


4j) Ann; m.James Menzies of Comrie, son of Sir Alexander Menzies, Bt., and brother of Ann’s stepmother


5j) Jean


[by 2nd m.]:


6j) Neil


7j) Alexander


8j) Christian, d.Apr 1736; m.her cousin Sir Alexander Menzies, of Castle Menzies and Weem, 2nd Bt. (d. before 1736)


9j) Susan; m.John Stewart, of Urrard


3i) Anne


4i) Jane (d.1700); m.Jan 1660 Robert Kerr, Marquess of Lothian (Newbottle 8 Mar 1636-London 15 Feb 1703)


5i) Mary, d.4 Feb 1691; m.1st 22 Sep 1657 George Sinclair, 6th Earl of Caithness (d.May 1676); m.2nd 7 Apr 1678 Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, 1677 Earl of Breadalbane, relinquished that title and was cr 1681 Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (ca 1635-19 Mar 1717)


6i) Isabella (Edinburgh 20 May 1650- 19 Oct 1663)


2h) Anne (1594-Aberdeen 14 Jun 1638); m.1607 George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly (beheaded at Edinburgh 22 Mar 1649)


3h) Annabella, d.Antwerp 1652; m.1611 Robert Kerr, 2nd Earl of Lothian (d.6 Mar 1624)


4h) Jean (d.1675); 1626 John Gordon, Viscount Kenmure (d.Kenmure 12 Sep 1634); m.2nd Feb 1640 Hon. Sir Harry Montgomerie (d.3 May 1644)


5h) Mary; m.Sir Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie, 2nd Bt.


6h) Elizabeth


[by 2nd m.]:


7h) James, cr 1626 Lord of Kintyre, cr 1642 Earl of Irvine and lord of Lundie (dsp after 21 Sep 1644)


8h) Henry (1615-1636)


9h) Charles ( infant)


10h) Mary (Brussels ca 1622- ); m.20 Mar 1642 James Rollo, 2nd Lord Rollo (11 Dec 1600-bur 12 Jun 1669)


11h) Isabella (1614- fl 1694 )


12h) Constance


13h) Barbara


14h) Victoria


15h) Anne; m. Rev. ___ Bulleyn


2g) Colin, of Lundie [Lundy], d.1619; m.26 Jun 1599 Maria, Dowager Countess of Menteith, ne Campbell (below)


1h) Sir Colin, of Lundie, cr Baronet [S] 1627 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever]


1i) Sir Colin, of Lundie, 2nd Bt., 1696; Burke’s and Cokayne call him “son or grandson” of the 1st Bt.; m.NN; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant but probably is vested in the Dukes of Argyll


1j) Katherine; m.1696 Alexander Russell, of Noncoffer


3g) Anna


4g) [ex 2?] Jean [note: per Cokayne, Vol 2, p 342, sub Campbell Baronets, she was first wife of Donald Campbell of Ardnamurchan, who was cr a Baronet in 1628; also per Cokayne, Sir Donald is said to have m.2ndly Anne Campbell, an illegitimate dau of the 6th Earl of Argyll; Burke’s calls her daughter of Archibald, 5th Earl of Argyll, by Elizabeth Bethune; Scots Peerage also gives a Jean, nat. dau of the 5th Earl, as wife of Sir Donald, saying also that she had first married Angus Mackintosh, of Torcastle; Scots Peerage lists no dau of 6th Earl m. to Sir Donald Campbell]


3f) Margaret; m.11 Jan 1564 James Stewart, Lord Doune (d.20 Jul 1590)


4f) Janet; m.1st Hector Maclean of Dowart (d.1573); m.2nd Tormod Macleod of Macleod


5f) [illegitimate] Colin; m.a dau of Laird of Barbreck


1g) son, laird of Barbreck


2e) John, k.a.Langside 15 May 1568; m.1st Mary Campbell; m.2nd Margaret Kennedy Canpbells of Lochnell


3e) Alexander, Dean of Moray


4e) Elizabeth; m.1st James Stewart, Earl of Moray [natural son of King James IV] ( 1544/5); m.2nd 1545/6 John Gordon, 11th Earl of Sutherland (d.of poison at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567)


5e) Agnes; m.1st Sir James Macdonnell of Antrim; m.2nd ca 1569 Turlough Luinech O’Neill


2d) Archibald, of Skipness, d.while escaping from imprisonment at Edinburgh Castle; m.1st NN; m.2nd Janet, Lady Glamis, ne Douglas (executed as a witch at Edinburgh 17 Jul 1537)


1e) [ex 1] a dau; m.Campbell of Ardentinny


3d) Sir John, of Calder [Cawdor] (d.1 May 1546); 1510 Muriel Calder, heiress of the ancient Thanes of Cawdor ( 1575)


1e) Archibald, of Cawdor, d.Dec 1551; m.Isabel Grant


1f) John, of Cawdor, killed Feb 1591; m.1st 1575 Lady Mary Keith; m.2nd Jean Lauder


1g) [ex 1] Sir John, of Cawdor, d.1642; m.1st 1601 Jean, dau of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy; m.2nd Lady Elizabeth Douglas


1h) John, of Cawdor, d.1654; m.1622 Elizabeth Urquhart


1i) Colin, dvp


2i) Jean, d.10 Dec 1666; m.1648 William Forbes, 12th Lord Forbes (d.1697)


3i) Christian; m.1653 Nicholas Dunbar


2h) Colin, d.12 Sep 1642; m.Elizabeth Brodie


1i) Sir Hugh, of Cawdor, d.11 Mar 1716; m.1662 Lady Henrietta Stewart


1j) Sir Alexander, d.1697; m.1689 Elizabeth (1666-28 Sep 1714), dau of Sir John Lort, 2nd Bt., heiress of the Stackpole Court estates


1k) John, of Cawdor (1695-6 Sep 1777); m.30 Apr 1726 Mary Pryse (d.20 May 1767); for his issue see Part 3, below


2j) Sophia; m.1693 Alexander Brodie of Lethen and Dunearn (1667-1745)


3j) Anne; m.Murdoch Maclean of Lochbuie


4j) Margaret; m.19 Oct 1683 Hugh Rose of Kilravock (Jan 1663-Kilravock 23 Jan 1732)


5j) Jean; m.John Urquhart of Meldrum (1658-Aberdeen 1726)


2f) Beatrice; m.Patrick Grant of Glenmoriston


2e) John, of Ardchattan Campbells of Ardchattan, extinct in male line 1846


3e) Katherine; m.1st James Ogilvie, Master of Ogilvie; m.2nd 1549 David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford (d.20 Sep 1558)


4e) Janet; m.1st Alexander Fraser, 4th Lord Lovat (d.Dec 1557); m.2nd Donald Gorm Macdonald of Sleat


4d) Donald, Abbot of Cupar; m.Elizabeth Blacklock issue


5d) Isabel; m.Gilbert Kennedy, 2nd Earl of Cassillis (k.1527 by Sir Colin Campbell, of Loudoun)


6d) Janet ( 1546); m.John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl (d.1521)


7d) Margaret; m.John Erskine, 5th Lord Erskine (d.1555)


8d) Jean; m.Sir John Lamont of that Ilk


9d) Catherine; m.1st Maclean of Duart; m.2nd Campbell of Auchinbreck


10d) Marion; m.Sir Robert Menzies of that Ilk


11d) Ellen; m.1st Sir Gavin Kennedy of Blairquhain; m.2nd Thomas Kennedy of Coiff, son of Earl of Cassilis


12d) a dau; m.P Buchanan


13d) Mary; said to have m.James Stewart, laird of Bute


2c) Thomas issue


3c) Marion; m.George Seton, 2nd Lord Seton (d.1507/8)


4c) Isabelle; m.William Drummond, Master of Drummond


5c) Helen; m.Dollar 21 Apr 1478 Hugh Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton (d.Sep 1545)


6c) Elizabeth; m.John Oliphant, 2nd Lord Oliphant (d.1516)


7c) Mary; m.Angus Macdonald (k.1490)


8c) Agnes


9c) Catherine [or Elizabeth]; m.1498 Torquil Macleod of Lewis; she is also said in some sources to have m.Lachlan Maclean of Dowart, and Burke’s, sub Campbell of Auchinbreck, says she was 2nd wife of Archibald Campbell of Auchinbreck, but does not mention the Macleod marriage


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) Sir Colin, of Glenorchy, bur 26 Sep 1475; m.1st Mariot Stewart (dsp); m.2nd Jonet, dau of John Stewart, Lord Lorne; m.3rd Margaret Robertson; m.4th Margaret Stirling


[by 2nd m.]:


1b) Sir Duncan, of Glenorchy, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.1st 1479 Margaret Douglas, dau of Earl of Angus; m.2nd Margaret Moncreiff


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Sir Colin, of Glenorchy, d.12 Aug 1523; m.Marjory (d.26 Jul 1524), dau of John Stewart, Earl of Athol


1d) Duncan, of Glenorchy, d.5 Sep 1536; m.Elizabeth Colquhoun


1e) a son, d.young


2e) Margaret; m.John MacDougal of Raray


2d) Sir John, of Glenorchy, d.5 Jul 1550; m.Mariot Edmonstone


1e) Christian, d.Nov 1591; m.28 Oct 1558 James Colquhoun (d.Jul 1604)


2e) Mariot; 27 Nov 1558 Alexander Hume of Argaty


3d) Colin, of Glenorchy, d.11 Apr 1583; m.1st by 16 Apr 1548 Margaret Stewart; m.2nd by 15 Jun 1551 Katherine, dau of Lord Ruthven


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Beatrix; m.Sir John Campbell of Lawers (below)


2e) Margaret; m.Alan Macdougal of Ragray


[by 2nd m.]:


3e) Sir Duncan, of Glenorchy, cr Baronet 1625 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever] (ca 1550-23 Jun 1631); m.1st 1574 Jean ( 1595), dau of John Stewart, Earl of Athol; m.2nd Elizabeth, dau of Lord Sinclair


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Sir Colin, 2nd Bt, (ca 1577-6 Sep 1640); 1600 Juliana Campbell, dau of Lord Loudoun


2f) Sir Robert, 3rd Bt. (ca 1580- ca 1647/50); 1610 Isabel Mackintosh


1g) Sir John, 4th Bt. (ca Jun 1677); m.1st by 1635 Lady Mary Graham; m.2nd Elizabeth Campbell; m.3rd Christian Muschet; note that the second marriage not mentioned in Cokayne


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Sir John, 5th Bt., cr 1677 Earl of Caithness, Viscount Breadalbane, Lord St.Clair of Berriedale and Glenurchy, which title he was compelled to resign 1681 when the Caithness title was held to belong to the Sinclairs, cr 1681 Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, Viscount of Tay and Paintland, Lord Glenurchy, Benederaloch, Ormelie and Weick [with precedency from 1677 and with the power to nominate a younger son as successor, and then to heirs male of the body of such son, then to heirs male of his own body, then to heirs male whatsoever, and then to heirs whatsoever]; he was b. ca 1635 and d.19 Mar 1717, having nominated his second son as successor the the peerage titles; he m.1st London 17 Dec 1657 Lady Mary Rich (d.8 Feb 1666), dau of Earl of Holland; m.2nd 7 Apr 1678 Lady Mary Campbell (d.4 Feb 1691), dau of Marquess of Argyll and widow of Earl of Caithness


[by 1st m.]:


1i) Duncan, called Lord Ormelie (ca 1660-1727); he was passed over for the peerages on his father’s nomination, due to incapacity, though he probably de jure succeeded as 6th Baronet; he is usually said to have died without issue, though some claim that he married and has male issue; if true, such male issue should have succeeded to the peerages on the death of the 3rd Earl


2i) John, 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (19 Nov 1662-Holyroodhouse Abbey 23 Feb 1752); m.1st Lady Frances Cavendish (25 Jun 1660-dsp 4 Feb 1690); m.2nd 23 May 1695 Henrietta Villers (d.1 Feb 1720)


1j) John, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (bap 10 Mar 1696-Holyroodhouse Abbey 26 Jan 1782); m.1st London 20 Feb 1718 Lady Amabel Grey (d.Copenhagen 2 Mar 1727), dau of Duke of Kent; m.2nd 23 Jan 1730 Arabella Peshall (d.Bath 1 Sep 1762); on his death the titles and most of his vast estates went to the heir male, as below


1k) [ex 1] Henry, d.12 May 1727


2k) Jemima, 2nd Marchioness Grey and 4th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (9 Oct 1723-London 11 Jan 1797); m.Brompton 22 May 1740 Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke (London 9 Dec 1720-London 16 May 1790)


3k) George, Lord Glenorchy, d.Moffat 24 Mar 1744, aged about 12


4k) John, Lord Glenorchy (20 Sep 1738-Barnton, Midlothian 14 Nov 1771); m.London 26 Sep 1761 Willelma Maxwell (d.Edinburgh 17 Jul 1786)


2j) Caroline [Charlotte], dvp


3j) Henrietta, d.London 27 Jan 1766


[by 2nd m.]:


3i) Colin, d.London 31 Mar 1708; he was reputed to have had a nat. son, John, whose gson Guy Campbell was cr Baronet 1815


[by Mrs Mildred Littler (d.1746), whom the earl is said to have m. 3rdly]:


4i) Mary, d.Aug 1725; m.11 Apr 1719 Archibald Cockburn, elder son of Sir Alexander Cockburn, 6th Bt.


2h) Robert, of Barcaldine, d.after 1670; m.Anna Campbell

3h) Alexander, 1680

4h) Duncan, 1678

5h) William (bap 9 Oct 1643- )

6h) James (bap 14 Jun 1646- )

7h) Agnes; m.Sir Alexander Menzies of Weem, Bt. (d.1695)

8h) Isabel; m.Donald Campbell of Barbreck

9h) Catherine; m.Alexander Robertson of Lude

10h) Jean; m.John Stewart of Tullynadies

11h) Margarey; m.Duncan M’Corquodale

12h) a dau; m.Colin Campbell of Auchnaba

13h) Mary; m.Robert Campbell of Drumsynie

14h) Beatrix (bap 7 Feb 1648- )


[by 2nd m.]:


15h) Patrick

16h) Colin fl 1674

17h) William

18h) Walter, Sep 1679

19h) Elspeth; m.1st John Campbell of Lochnell; m.2nd Alexander Campbell of Stonefield; m.3rd Rev. J Darroch

20h) Geills

21h) Marjory


[by 3rd m.]:


22h) James fl 1678

23h) Charles, 17 Oct 1707

24h) Isabel; m.1683 John MacNaughtan of the Ilk

25h) Susanna; m.1680 John Campbell of Ardchattan

26h) Anna, d.6 Sep 1765; m.Robert MacNab of that Ilk

27h) Jean; m.1699 Alexander Campbell of Airds


2g) Duncan, d.Finlarig 16 Aug 1630, aged 22


3g) Colin, of Mochaster, d.22 Oct 1668; m.6 Apr 1641 Margaret Menzies (d.1681)


1h) Isabel (12 May 1643-13 Apr 1655)


2h) Marjory (15 Jul 1644- ); m.1669 Thomas Graham of Muchray


3h) Jean (3 Jul 1645- ); m.1665 Alexander Campbell


4h) Barbara (3 Oct 1646- )


5h) Duncan (Finlarig 18 Nov 1647-Mochaster Jul 1675)


6h) John (Finlarig 14 Feb 1649-Mochaster Nov 1675)


7h) Margaret (27 Apr 1650-Jan 1677)


8h) Anna (3 Dec 1651-17 May 1652)


9h) Colin, of Carwhin (Caolchurn Castle 18 Dec 1652-31 Jan 1715); m.15 Apr 1677 Elizabeth Pringle


10h) Julian (31 Dec 1653-15 Feb 1656)


11h) Isabel (29 Jul 1655-Jan 1681); m.1678 Robert Kirk


12h) Helen (22 Jul 14 Nov 1689); m.Alexander M’Duff of Cambusurich


13h) Grisel (8 Sep 1658-17 May 1661)


14h) Robert, of Borland (Mochaster 2 Sep 1660-Feb 1704); m.1700 Janet Campbell


1i) Colin, of Carwhin (1704-30 Mar 1772); m.28 Jan 1758 Elizabeth Campbell


1j) Jane (1 Dec 1758-23 Mar 1769)


2j) Elizabeth (28 Jul 1760-5 Oct 1774)


3j) John, 4th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, cr 1806 Baron Breadalbane of Taymouth Castle, cr 1831 Marquess of Breadalbane and Earl of Ormelie (30 Mar 1762-Taymouth Castle 29 Mar 1834); m.London 3 Sep 1793 Mary Turner Gavin (d.Langton House, co Berwick 25 Sep 1845), a granddaughter of 7th Earl of Lauderdale


1k) Elizabeth Maitland (25 Jul 1794-17 Feb 1878); m.19 Oct 1831 Sir John Pringle, 5th Bt. (d.15 Jun 1869)


2k) Mary (Taymouth 10 Jul 1795-Stowe 28 Jun 1862); m.London 13 May 1819 Richard Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos (11 Feb 1797-29 Jul 1861)


3k) John, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane (Dundee 26 Oct 1796-Lausanne 8 Nov 1862); m.Mellerstain 23 Nov 1821 Eliza Baillie (29 Jun 1803-London 28 Aug 1861), sister of Earl of Haddington


4j) Colin, of Carwhin (12 Dec 1763-Edinample 27 Jun 1792)


2i) Helen; m. ___ Macfarlane of Gartartan


15h) Alexander (4 Apr 1704)


4g) Robert, d.young


5g) William, of Glenfalloch (ca 1621-k.a. Stirling Sep 1648); m.Jean Campbell


1h) Robert, of Glenfalloch (19 Mar 1647- ); m.1674 Susanna Menzies


1i) Colin, of Glenfalloch (ca 1680-10 Aug 1737); m.22 Apr 1712 Agnes Campbell; for his issue see Part 4, below


2i) James


3i) Archibald; m.NN


1j) Elizabeth

2j) Susanna

3j) Lilias

4j) Isobel; m.John Davies


4i) William, 30 Aug 1784


1j) Archibald


1k) Colin


5i) Duncan


1j) Colin

2j) James


6i) Susanna; m.John Campbell of Lochdochart


2h) James fl 1651


3h) a dau; m.Donald Macgregor of Glengyle


6g) James, d.young


7g) Alexander; m.1st Julian Robertson; m.2nd 19 Sep 1671 Magdalene Menzies Campbells of Lochdochart


8g) Duncan (1631-1703); m.Christian Dalgleish (d.1698) Campbells of Auchlyne, now extinct


9g) Margaret; m.Oct 1626 John Cameron


10g) Isobel; m.1636 James Campbell of Ardkinglass


11g) Agnes; m.3 May 1633 Dougall Campbell of Inverawe


12g) Juliana; m.Murdoch Maclean of Lochbuie


13g) Mary; m.30 Jul 1650 Robert Robertson of Fascally


14g) Katherine; m.1641 Andrew Toschach of Monzievaird


15g) Jean; m.1st 1632 Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon; m.2nd by 5 Jan1647 Patrick Roy Macgregor; m.3rd by 10 Jul 1656 Duncan Stewart of Appin


16g) Marjory; m.Archibald Stirling of Coldoch


17g) Beatrix, d.young


3f) Duncan, d.young


4f) John, of Auchinryre; m.1614 Florentine MacDougall


1g) Alexander, 4 Feb 1643

2g) Duncan

3g) Archibald

4g) Jean; m.15 Feb 1644 Robert Fleming of Moness


5f) Archibald, of Monzie d.10 Nov 1640; m.1st 1602 Catherine Graham; m.2nd 1614 Christian Robertson


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Duncan, of Monzie; m.1633 Ann Murray


1h) Alexander


1i) Jean; m.Duncan Campbell of Inverawe (k.a.Ticonderoga 8 Jul 1758)


2g) Margaret; m.1636 John Toshoch of Pithenzie


[by 2nd m.]:


3g) Aleaxner,drowned 1652

4g) Patrick; m.Catherine Murray

5g) John

6g) Colin; m.Jean Stewart

7g) Robert; m.Jean Menzies issue

8g) James

9g) Duncan

10g) Isabel; m.Patrick Macgregor


6f) Alexander, d.young


7f) Duncan, d.young


8f) Margaret, d.8 Sep 1598; m.1588 Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk


9f) Jean, 9 Aug 1622; m.1601 Sir John Campbell of Cawdor (above)


10f) Anne; m.1609 Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartin


11f) Elizabeth, d.young


[by 2nd m.]:


12f) Patrick, 21 Dec 1648; m.NN issue, including:


1g) John

2g) Colin


13f) John


14f) William, d.young


15f) Juliana [Egidia[; m.John Gordon, laird of Hilton


16f) Katherine; m.Alexander MacDougall of Dunollie


17f) Elizabeth; m.Kenmore 4 Dec 1621 Robert Irvine; her dau Marion Irvine m. Thomas Fraser of Strichen


18f) Jean; m.6 Jun 1630 John Murray, Earl of Atholl (d.Jun 1642)


19f) [illegitimate] Patrick Campbells of Barcaldine, cr Baronets 1831


4e) Colin, 16 Jan 1610; m.1584 Margaret Munro


1f) Colin; m.Jean Chisholm


1g) a dau


5e) Patrick, of Auchinryre


6e) Archibald; m.Margaret Toschoch


7e) Margaret, d.Jun 1610; m.Perth 5 Sep 1574 James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1552-ca 1630)


8e) Katherine


9e) Mary; m.1st John Graham, 6th Earl of Menteith (d.Dec 1598); m.2nd 1599 Colin Campbell of Lundie (above)


10e) Anna, d.Oct 1589; m.1586 John Campbell of Ardkinglas


2c) Archibald, of Glenlyon, d.29 Apr 1552; m.1st Mariota Campbell (d.12 Aug 1537); m.2nd Isabel Grant issue, including the Campbell of New Brunswick Baronets


3c) Patrick, d.14 Jan 1507


4c) Elizabeth; m.David Toshach of Monzievaird


[by 2nd m.]:


5c) John, Bishop of the Isles


6c) Katherine; m. Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (d.30 Jan 1562)


7c) Annabella; 1533 Alexander Napier of Merchiston


2b) Patrick fl 1502


3b) Egidia [Giles]; m.Sir John Macdougall (d.1480)


[by 3rd m.]:


4b) John, Bishop of the Isles, d.15 Jul 1510


5b) Margaret; m.1st Archibald Napier of Merchiston; m.2nd John Dickson


[by 4th m.]:


6b) John, of Lawers, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.1st Agnes Moncreiff; m.2nd Christian Ogilvie (dsp)


1c) James, of Lawers, d.12 Feb 1562; m.1st Marion Forrester (d.31 Oct 1527); m.2nd ca 1530 Janet (d.Oct 1539), dau of Lord Gray; m.3rd Isobel Hay


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Archibald, 1546; 29 May 1542 Agnes Ross


1e) Duncan, d.before his grandfather


2e) Sir John, of Lawers, d.1611; m.Beatrix Campbell (above)


1f) Sir James, of Lawers; m.23 Jun 1595 Jean, dau of Lord Colville of Culross


1g) Sir John, of Lawers (1598-Edinburgh 15 Mar 1662); 8 Mar 1620 Margaret Campbell, 2nd Baroness Loudoun (ca 1605- ); her grandfather, Hugh Campbell, stemmed from a branch of the Campbell family which shared a common ancestor with the family of the Earls of Argyll treated on this page; Hugh had been cr 1601 Lord Loudoun [or, Campbell of Loudoun]; Hugh, having no surviving sons, seems to have resigned his title and received a re-grant thereof, in or before 1619, in favor of his prospective [and later in fact] grandson-in-law, Sir John of Lawers; when Hugh died in 1622 the title thus went to Sir John, who became 2nd Lord Loudoun, or to his wife as 2nd Baroness; under the terms of the re-grant it seems that John should have succeeded, and was certainly so called, but Cokayne calls Margaret “apparently suo jure Baroness Loudoun”; Sir John of Lawers, Lord Loudoun, was cr in 1633 Earl of Loudoun, Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline [with remainder to heirs male]


1h) James, 2nd Earl of Loudoun, d.Leyden 1684; m.soon after 25 Nov 1666 Lady Margaret Montgomerie ( 22 Feb 1686)


1i) Hugh, 3rd Earl of Loudoun, d.Loudoun 20 Nov 1731; m.Kirkliston 6 Apr 1700 Lady Margaret Dalrymple (bap 25 Aug 1684-3 Apr 1779); in 1707 he resigned his titles and received a re-grant thereof, with remainder to heirs male of his own body, then to heirs general of the 1st Earl, then to heirs male whatsoever


1j) John, 4th Earl of Loudoun (5 May 1705-Loudoun Castle 27 Apr 1782)


2j) Elizabeth, d.Sorn Castle 19 Apr 1771


3j) Margaret, d.Edinburgh 7 Oct 1733; m.John Campbell of Shawfield


2i) John


3i) Sir James, of Lawers (1680-k.a. Fontenoy 29 Apr 1745); m.29 Mar 1720 Lady Jane Boyle (d.Lawers 19 Dec 1729)


1j) James Mure, 5th Earl of Loudoun, took surname Mure-Campbell (Edinburgh 11 Feb 1726-Loudoun Castle 28 Apr 1786); m.Redhall 30 Apr 1777 Flora Macleod (d.Hope Park 2 Sep 1780)


1k) Flora, 6th Countess of Loudoun (Aug 1780-8 Jan 1840); m.12 Jul 1804 Francis Rawdon-Hastings, Marquess of Hastings (d.28 Nov 1826); the earldom of Loudoun descended to her issue


2j) Margaret (17 May 1727- )


4i) Margaret, d.May 1747; 4 Jul 1689 Colin Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Balcarres (d.1722)


5i) Jane; m.Sir James Campbell, of Aberuchill, 2nd Bt. (d.10 May 1754)


6i) Eleanor; m.George Ross


7i) Eleanor, d.Edinburgh 21 Nov 1759; m.1st James Primrose, Viscount Primrose (ca 1680-13 Jun 1706); m.2nd 1 Mar 1708 John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair (20 Jul 1673-9 May 1747)


2h) George


3h) Jean, d.30 Jul 1703; m.1645 George Maule, 2nd Earl of Panmure (1619-24 Mar 1671)


2h) Margaret, d.Dec 1665; m.Holyrood House 30 Oct 1649 John Elphinstone, 3rd Lord Balmerinoch [Balmerino] (18 Feb 1623-10 Jun 1704)


2g) Sir Mungo, of Lawers, k.a.Auldearn 9 May 1645; m.Helen Menzies


1h) Sir James, of Lawers, d.after 1689; m.1st 1653 Margaret Macleod; m.2nd Aug 1678 Ann Stewart


[by 1st m.]:


1i) James, 1703


2i) Margaret (bap 13 May 1655- ); m.Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch


[by 2nd m.]:


3i) Sir James, of Lawers, murdered at Greenock 22 Apr 1723


4i) Thomas (bap 14 Mar 1686- )


2h) John Campbells of Clathick [per Burke’s; not in Scots Peerage]


3h) Colin


4h) a dau; m.Colin Campbell of Edinample


3g) James

4g) William

5g) a dau; m.David Dunbar

6g) [illegitimate] William; m.Janet M’Gruder


2f) Colin, of Aberuchill, d.1618; m. ___ Colville


1g) James, of Aberuchill, d.Nov 1640; m.Ann Hepburn


1h) Colin, of Aberuchill, cr Baronet [S] 1667/8 issue, Campbells of Aberuchill, Baronets


2g) John


1h) Mary; m.Henry Stewart, son of Sir William Stewart


3g) Jean; m.John Drummond, of Megginch


3f) Duncan


4f) Sir Archibald, d.1649; m.Bessie Napier


1g) Archibald

2g) Beatrix (bap 29 Oct 1618- ); m.1647 Sir William Hamilton

3g) Margaret (bap 23 May 1626- )

4g) Anne (bap 18 Jul 1627- )

5g) Janet (bap 18 Jul 1627)

6g) Elizabeth (bap 12 Aug 1629- )


5f) Andrew

6f) John; m.Margaret Menzies

7f) William (bap 9 Oct 1575- )

8f) Marjory; m.Edward Toshach of Monzievaird

9f) Beatrix; m.1589 Colin Campbell of Glenlyon

10f) Dorothy

11f) Marie (bap 28 Feb 1579- )


2d) John

3d) Duncan, d.8 Jun 1554

4d) Edward

5d) Walter

6d) Margaret; m.Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath

7d) Janet


[by 3rd m.]:


8d) Elizabeth

9d) Marion

10d) Janet


2c) Archibald; m.Elizabeth Wedderburn


3c) John, of Murthlie; m.1st Marjorie Menzies; m.2nd Margaret Drummond Campbells of Possil


7b) George, d.young


8b) Mariot; 1498 William Stewart of Baldoran


9b) Helen; m.1st ___ MacEane of Ardnamurchan; m.2nd John MacEwin McAlaster MacGregor


2a) Neil, of Ormidale


1b) Colin


3a) Duncan, of Auchinbreck and Kilmichael; m.Ann MacDougall Campbells of Aucinbreck, Bt., Campbells of Kilberry, etc.


4a) Archibald issue


5a) Nial, of Ormidale issue





Part 2




Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll (Dalkeith 26 Feb 1629-executed 30 Jun 1685; see Part 1, above); m.1st Edinburgh 13 May 1650 Lady Mary Stuart (d.May 1668); m.2nd 28 Jan 1670 Lady Anne Seton, Dowager Countess of Balcarres (d.1707); all issue by 1st m.


1a) ARCHIBALD, cr 1701 Duke of Argyll, Marquess of Kintyre and Lorn, Earl of Campbell and Cowall, etc., with remainder to heirs male whatsoever (d.Cherton House nr Newcastle 25 Sep 1703); m.12 Mar 1678 Lady Elizabeth Tollemache (bap 10 Jul 1659-Campbelltown 9 May 1735)


1b) JOHN, 2nd Duke of Argyll (Ham House 10 Oct 1680-Sudbrooke 4 Oct 1743); m.1st 30 Dec 1701 Mary (d.16 Jan 1717), dau of Thomas Brown, later Duncombe, and of his wife, Ursula Duncombe; m.2nd 6 Jun 1717 Jane Warburton (d.London 16 Apr 1767)


1c) Caroline, cr 1767 Baroness Greenwich (Sudbrooke 17 Nov 1717-Sudbrooke 11 Jan 1794); m.1st London 2 Oct 1742 Francis Scott, Earl of Dalkeith (19 Feb 1721-Adderbury, Oxon 1 Apr 1750); m.2nd Adderbury 18 Sep 1755 Rt Hon Charles Townshend (d.London 4 Sep 1767)


2c) Anne (d.Wentworth Castle 7 Feb 1785); m.28 Apr 1741 William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford (1722-Wentworth Castle 10 Mar 1791)


3c) Jane (1723-26 Jan 1735)


4c) Elizabeth (d.16 Jul 1799); m.16 Feb 1749 James Stuart-Mackenzie, of Rosehaugh (d.6 Apr 1800)


5c) Mary (6 Feb 1727-Morton House, Chiswick 30 Sep 1811); m.1 Apr 1747 Edward Coke, Viscount Coke (2 Feb 1719-Greenwich 31 Aug 1753)


2b) ARCHIBALD , 3rd Duke of Argyll (Ham House Jun 1682-London 15 Apr 1761); m.Anne Whitfield (d.Kensington 1 Sep 1723)


1c) [illegitimate by Mrs Anne Williams] William Williams aka Campbell (d.1 Apr 1786); m.NN (d.19 Feb 1799)


1d) Archibald Williams


3b) Lady Anne (d.Strichen 20 Oct 1736); m.1st James Stuart, 2nd Earl of Bute (d.London 28 Jan 1723); m.2nd 19 Sep 1731 Alexander Fraser, of Strichen (d.15 Feb 1775)


4b) a dau


2a) John, of Mamore (1660-7 Apr 1729); m.1692 Hon. Elizabeth Elphinstone (24 May 1673-13 Apr 1758)


1b) JOHN, 4th Duke of Argyll (ca 1693-London 9 Nov 1770); m.1720 Hon. Mary Kerr (d.18 Dec 1736)


1c) Caroline (12 Jan 1721-17 Jan 1803); m.1st 18 Jun 1739 Charles Bruce, 4th Earl of Elgin & Ailesbury (1682-19 Feb 1747); m.2nd 19 Dec 1747 Hon. Henry Seymour-Conway (bap 12 Aug 1719-9 Jul 1795)


2c) Archibald ( 1722, d.young)


3c) JOHN, 5th Duke of Argyll (bap Jun 1723-Inverary Castle 24 May 1806); m.London 3 Mar 1759 Elizabeth, ne Gunning, Dowager Duchess of Hamilton (1733-London 20 Dec 1790)


1d) George John, Earl of Campbell (London 17 Feb 1763-Roseneath 9 Jul 1764)


2d) GEORGE William, 6th Duke of Argyll (Argyll House, London 22 Sep 1768-Inverary Castle 22 Oct 1839); m.Edinburgh 29 Nov 1810 Lady Caroline Elizabeth Villiers (d.16 Jun 1835)


3d) JOHN Douglas Edward Henry, 7th Duke of Argyll (21 Dec 1777-Inverary 25 Apr 1847); m.1st 3 Aug 1802 Elizabeth Campbell (d.9 Aug 1818); m.2nd 17 Apr 1820 Joan Glassell (d.22 Jan 1828); m.3rd 8 Jan 1831 Anne Colquhoun Cuninghame (1801-London 25 Feb 1874)


1e) John Henry (11 Jan 1821-27 May 1837)


2e) GEORGE Douglas, 8th Duke of Argyll; Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne, Earl of Argyll, Earl of Campbell and Cowall, etc; cr 1892 Duke of Argyll in the peerage of the United Kingdom (Ardencaple Castle 30 Apr 1823-Inverary 24 Apr 1900); m.1st Trentham 31 Jul 1844 Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Leveson-Gower (30 May 1824-London 25 May 1878); m.2nd Danbury Palace 19 Aug 1881 Hon. Mrs Amelia Maria Anson, ne Claughton (Kidderminster 12 Apr 1843-Inverary 4 Jan 1894), sister of Sir G H Claughton, Bt., and maternal niece of Earl of Dudley; m.3rd Bishop's Palace, Ripon 30 Jul 1895 Ina Erskine McNeill (d.24 Dec 1925)


1f) JOHN Donald Sutherland, 9th Duke of Argyll, etc (Stafford House 6 Aug 1845-Kent House, Cowes, Isle of Wight 2 May 1914); m.Windsor Castle 21 Mar 1871 Louise Pss of Great Britain and Ireland, etc (Buckingham Palace 18 Mar 1848-Kensington Palace 3 Dec 1939)


2f) Archibald (18 Dec 1846-Rhu Na Craig, Inveraray 29 Mar 1913); m.12 Jan 1869 Janey Sevilla Callander (d.15 Jul 1923)


1g) NIALL Diarmid, 10th Duke of Argyll, etc (16 Feb 1872-Inveraray Castle 20 Aug 1949)


2g) Elspeth Angela [granted rank and style of a Duke's daughter 1914] (2 Nov 1873-Inveraray Castle 28 Oct 1942)


3f) Walter (30 Jul 1848-Johannesburg 2 May 1889); m.St.George’s, Notting Hill 14 Apr 1874 Olivia Rowlandson Milns (d.17 Aug 1892)


1g) Lilah Olive (10 Oct 1875-6 Jul 1960)


2g) Douglas Walter (6 Mar 1877-Montana, Switzerland 5 Jan 1926); m.1st 28 Nov 1899 Aimee Maria Suzanne Lawrence (d.9 Feb 1920); m.2d 17 Jun 1920 Mrs Lilian Elizabeth Lutley Morgan, ne Sclater (d.8 Apr 1957)


1h) IAN Douglas, 11th Duke of Argyll, etc (Paris 18 Jun 1903-Edinburgh 7 Apr 1973); m.1st 12 Dec 1927 (div 1934) Hon. Janet Gladys Aitken (9 Jul 1908-1988); m.2nd Caxton Hall, London 22 Nov 1935 (div 1951) Louise Hollingsworth Morris Clews (d.10 Feb 1970); m.3rd Caxton Hall Register Office 22 Mar 1951 (div 1963) Mrs Ethel Margaret Sweeny, ne Whigham (The Broom, Newton Mearns, Renfrewshire 1 Dec 1912-Pimlico 25 Jul 1993); m.4th 15 Jun 1963 Mathilda Coster Mortimer (Geneva 20 Aug 1925-American Hosital, Paris 6 Jun 1997)


1i) Jeanne Louise (10 Dec 1928-4 Jun 2007); m.1st 1962 (div 1963) Norman Mailer (31 Jan 1923-10 Nov 2007); m.2nd Mar 1964 John Sergeant Cram (30 May 1932-21 Oct 2007)


2i) IAN, 12th Duke of Argyll, etc (28 Aug 1937-London 21 Apr 2001); m.St.Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh 4 Jul 1964 Iona Mary Colquhoun (b.22 Jun 1945)


1j) TORQUHIL Ian, 13th Duke of Argyll, etc (b.29 May 1968); m.St.Mary's Church, Fairford, Gloucs 8 Jun 2002 Eleanor Cadbury (b.London 26 Jan 1973)


1k) Archie Frederick, Marquess of Lorne (b.London 9 Mar 2004)


2k) Rory James (b.2006)


3k) Charlotte Mary (b.2008)


2j) Louise Iona (b.1972); m.High Kirk of St Giles, Edinburgh 18 Apr 1998 Anthony Merrick Burrell (b.1969)


3i) Colin Ivar (b.14 May 1946); m.23 Mar 1974 (div 1975) Georgia Ariana Ziadie


4i) Elspeth (Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow 29 Apr 1967-Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow 4 May 1967)


4f) Edith (7 Nov 1849-London 6 Jul 1913); m.Kensington 28 Dec 1868 Henry George Percy, 7th Duke of Northumberland (London 29 May 1846-Alnwick Castle 14 May 1918)


5f) George Granville (25 Dec 1850-London 21 Apr 1915); m.St.George’s, Kensington 8 May 1879 Sybil Lascelles Alexander (d.Strachur Park 1 May 1947)


1g) Joan (5 Aug 1887-18 Jul 1960)


2g) Ivar (14 May 1890-d.on active service 8 Jan 1916)


3g) Enid (8 Jul 1892-18 Dec 1964); m.1st 9 Dec 1914 (div 1925) Douglas Tollemache Anstruther (15 Jul 1893-23 Jul 1956); m.2d 18 Aug 1925 (div 1931) Lancelot Holland (d.29 Jul 1943)


6f) Elizabeth (14 Feb 1852-Dalchennahouse, Inveraray 24 Sep 1896); m.St.Mary Abbots, Kensington 17 Jul 1880 Edward Harrison Clough-Taylor (d.Firby Hall, York 1 Apr 1921)


7f) Colin (9 Mar 1853-Bombay 19 Jun 1895); m.Chapel Royal, Savoy 21 Jul 1881 (sep 1884) Gertrude Elizabeth Blood (1857-2 Nov 1911)


8f) Victoria (22 May 1854-Edinburgh 6 Jul 1910)


9f) Evelyn (17 Aug 1855-22 Mar 1940); m.10 Aug 1886 James Baillie-Hamilton (24 Apr 1850-28 May 1921)


10f) Frances (22 Feb 1858-London 25 Feb 1931); m.12 May 1879 Eustace James Anthony Balfour (8 Jun 1854-Whittinghame 14 Feb 1911)


11f) Mary Emma (22 Sep 1859-London 22 Mar 1947); m.4 Jul 1882 Edward Carr Glyn, Bp of Peterborough (21 Nov 1843-London 14 Nov 1928)


12f) Constance Harriet (11 Nov 1864-Cannes 9 Feb 1922); m.St.Mary Abbott’s, Kensington 27 Jun 1891 Charles Emmott (6 May 1861-Durham 18 Feb 1910)


3e) Emma Augusta (12 Mar 1825-30 May 1893); m.26 Aug 1870 Rt Hon Sir John McNeill (d.17 May 1883)


4e) Elizabeth (8 Jan 1828-19 Feb 1828)


4d) Augusta (31 Mar 1760-22 Jun 1831); m.Henry Mordaunt Clavering


5d) Charlotte Susan Maria (18 Feb 1775-1 Apr 1861); m.1st 21 Jun 1796 John Campbell of Shawfield, Islay, and Woodhall (d.15 Mar 1809); m.2nd 17 Mar 1818 Rev Edward John Bury (d.1832)


4c) Henry (k.a.Lauffeldt 2 Jul 1747)


5c) Frederick (1729-8 Jun 1816); m.28 Mar 1769 Mary Meredith (d.24 Jul 1807)


1d) [illegitimate] Mary; m.6 Dec 1778 Donald Campbell of Barbreck (1751-1804)


2d) [illegitimate] Jane; m.27 Oct 1788 George Henry Johnston (1766-ca 1808)


6c) William (ca 1732-Southampton 4 Sep 1778); m.17 Apr 1763 Sarah Izard (d.4 Sep 1784)


1d) Caroline (1764-12 Jan 1789)


2d) Louisa [or Anne] (7 Sep 1766-7 May 1852); m.14 Jun 1799 Rt Hon Sir Alexander Johnston of Carnsalloch (25 Apr 1775-6 Mar 1849)


3d) William Conway (1773-1856); m.Elizabeth Blanchard


1e) Catherine


4d) Anne (d.young)


2b) Charles (1695-Jan 1742)


3b) Neil (d. abroad)


4b) William, of Liston Hall (d.8 Sep 1787); m.1st Susannah Bernard; m.2nd 7 Apr 1762 Bridget (d.3 Jul 1782), widow of Edward Evers and then of Sir Cordell Firebrace, 3rd Bt., dau of Philip Bacon


1c) [ex 1] William Henry, of Liston Hall (d.30 Dec 1802)


2c) [ex 1] John, of Liston Hall (ca 1750-31 Jan 1826); m.1st 31 Dec 1791 Mrs Sarah Irvine, ne Peters; m.2nd 26 Sep 1803 Elizabeth Blackwell Hay


1d) [ex 1] Caroline Mary Susannah; m.Henry Peters


2d) [ex 2] Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa, of Liston Hall (d. Apr 1862) m.27 Jun 1828 Richard Lambert (7 Apr 1807-25 Jan 1878)


3d) [ex 2] Henrietta; m.David Beatson


4d) [ex 2] Julia


5b – 7b) three more sons


8b) Mary (d.Barnbougle Castle 7 May 1756); m.James Primrose, 2nd Earl of Rosebery (ca 1691-Edinburgh 26 Nov 1755)


9b) Anne, d.Ireland 2 Nov 1785; m.Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath (d.1768)


10b) Isabella, d.Dublin 3 Jan 1786; m.William Montgomery, of Rosemount


11b) Jean; m.9 Dec 1725 John Campbell of Carrick (k.a.Fontenoy 1745)


12b) Primrose (1710-23 May 1796); m.1 Jul 1733 Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (ca 1667-executed on Tower Hill 9 Apr 1747)


13b) Elizabeth


3a) Charles; m.1st 1678 Lady Sophia Lindsay; m.2nd Bettie Rowles


1b) Charlotte (d.1772); 1735 Thomas Fraser of Ardachy (1708-Campbelltown 3 Oct 1754)


2b) James


3b) John (d.11 Nov 1783); m.Mary Plidell


4b) Margaret; m.Thomas Fraser


4a) James; m.1st ca Nov 1690 (annulled 20 Dec 1690) Mary Wharton; m.2nd 1696 Hon. Margaret Leslie (d.19 Apr 1755); it is said that he kidnapped Mary Wharton in Nov 1690 and forcibly married her, but that she was rescued from him within two days


1b) John

2b) Charles

3b) Anne (Edinburgh 18 Dec 1696- )

4b) Mary

5b) dau


5a) Mary (17 Jul 1657- )


6a) Anne (d.18 Sep 1734); m.1st 1 Jul 1678 Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale (20 Jun 1653-1695); m.2nd Charles Stuart, 6th Earl of Moray


7a) Jean, d.31 Jul 1712; m.William Kerr, 2nd Marquess of Lothian (1661-28 Feb 1722)





Part 3



John Campbell, of Cawdor (1695-6 Sep 1777; see Part 1, above); m.30 Apr 1726 Mary Pryse (d.20 May 1767)


1a) Pryse (1727-14 Dec 1768); m.20 Sep 1752 Sarah Bacon (d.20 May 1767) 4 sons, 3 daus, of whom:


1b) John, cr 1796 Baron Cawdor of Castlemartin (ca 1753-Bath 1 Jun 1821); m.London 28 Jul 1789 Lady Isabella Caroline Howard (3 Sep 1771-Twickenham 8 Mar 1848)


1c) John Frederick, cr 1827 Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin and Viscount Emyln (London 8 Nov 1790-Stackpole 7 Nov 1860); m.London 5 Sep 1816 Lady Elizabeth Thynne (27 Feb 1795-London 16 Feb 1866)


1d) John Frederick Vaughan, 2nd Earl Cawdor (London 11 Jun 1817-Stackpole Court 2 Apr 1898); m.London 28 Jun 1842 Sarah Mary Compton-Cavendish (Sutton Court 27 Aug 1813-

Stackpole Court 21 Apr 1881)


1e) Victoria Alexandrina Elizabeth (1843-30 Mar 1909); m.24 Jan 1866 Francis William Lambton (1834-1921)


2e) Muriel Sarah (1845-30 Sep 1934); m.20 Apr 1876 Sir Courtenay Edmund Boyle (21 Oct 1845-19 May 1901)


3e) Frederick Archibald Vaughan, 3rd Earl Cawdor (St.Leonard's Hill, Windsor 13 Feb 1847-London 8 Feb 1911); m.Stoke Rochford 16 Sep 1868 Edith Georgiana Turnor (d.2 Sep



1f) Edith Aline Caroline (11 Jul 1869-20 May 1944); m.21 Nov 1908 Charles Alexander Ferguson (21 Oct 1873-13 Mar 1945)


2f) Hugh Frederick Vaughan, 4th Earl Cawdor (21 Jun 1870-7 Jan 1914); m.11 Jun 1898 Joan Emily Mary Thynne (1872-26 Jul 1945)


1g) Janet Helena (2 Mar 1899-2 Nov 1982); m.14 Apr 1926 John Francis Gore (15 May 1885-24 Jul 1983)


2g) John Duncan Vaughan, 5th Earl Cawdor (17 May 1900-9 Jan 1970); m.1st 15 May 1929 (div 1961) Wilma Mairi Vickers (d.27 Aug 1982); m.2d 29 Jun 1961 Elizabeth Topham Richardson (1901-1985)


1h) Caroline Mairi (London 10 May 1930-Figueras 31 Aug 1977); m.London 4 Feb 1953 Bernhard H H Frhr von Friesen (Hohenaschau 25 May 1922-11 Aug 2008)


2h) Hugh John Vaughan, 6th Earl Cawdor (6 Sep 1932-20 Jun 1993); m.1st 19 Jan 1956 Cathryn Hinde; m.2d 1979 Angelika Gfn Lazansky von Bukowa


1i) Emma Campbell; m.David Marrian


2i) Elizabeth; m.William Robert Charles Athill


3i) Colin, 7th Earl Cawdor, b.30 Jun 1962; m.21 Oct 1994 Lady Isabella Stanhope


1j) Jean Violet


2j) James Chester, Viscount Emlyn, b.1998


3j) Eleanor Rose


4j) Beatrice Mary


4i) Frederick William; m.Katherine Barrett issue


5i) Laura Jane; m.Adam Howard Hall


3h) James Alexander (21 Jul 1942-3 Dec 2019); m.1st 14 Nov 1964 (div 1973) Bridgid Carol Dolben Lyons; m.2nd 1973 (div 1986) Ann Elizabeth Gilmore issue


3g) Mary Agatha (6 Jan 1905-1997); m.5 Feb 1931 Henry Claude Warrington Eastman (d.1975)


4g) Andrew Charles (26 Oct 1907-11 Apr 1976); m.15 Aug 1935 Helen Christina Cairns (23 Feb 1909- )


3f) Rev. Nigel (18 Nov 1873-20 Jul 1951); m.30 Apr 1902 Violet Kerr (1877-15 Mar 1940)


1g) Frederick Charles (26 Apr 1903-10 Jul 1927)


2g) Olivia (10 Jan 1905-1987); m.1st 1 Dec 1934 (div 1940 ) Arthur Leveson; m.2nd 21 Jan 1943 Samuel John Rennie Bucknill (k.a.1943); m.3rd 16 Apr 1947 Hon.Roger Nathaniel Frankland (11 Apr 1909-1989)


3g) Jean Edith (20 Jan 1911-19__)


4f) Mabel Marjorie (24 Feb 1876-13 Jan 1966); m.7 Jul 1904 Maj Sir Henry Bernard De la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 4th Bt. (9 Jan 1875-14 May 1949)


5f) Ralph Alexander (18 Feb 1877-1 Aug 1945); m.1st 1 Dec 1906 Marjorie Theophila (d.30 Nov 1911), dau of Sir John Fowler, Bt.; m.2nd 14 Jan 1914 Marjorie Edith Devas (17 Jul 1890-1984)


1g) Myrtle Alice (27 Aug 1911-10 Apr 1965); m.16 Sep 1944 Colin Lachlan Kennedy


2g) David Archibald (13 Feb 1915-2003)


3g) Angus Mervyn (29 Mar 1918- ); m.20 Jun 1950 Rosemary Madeline Hamilton Fraser issue


4g) Rosemary Edith (23 Jun 1921- )


6f) Lilian Katharine (13 Jul 1879-2 Jan 1918); m.21 Jul 1910 Rev Richard Windham De la Poer Beresford-Peirse (6 Aug 1876-13 Mar 1952)


7f) Elidor Ronald (7 May 1881-15 Dec 1957); m.29 Jan 1913 Violet Antoniette Bulwer-Marsh (d.28 Jun 1975)


1g) Elidor Diarmid Calder (14 Feb 1916-1979); m.15 Dec 1947 Liliana Zarich


2g) Fiona Mary (1 Nov 1925- ); m.1973 Iain Alastair MacDonald ( 1997)


8f) Ian Malcolm (17 Nov 1883-11 Mar 1962); m.16 Jul 1928 Marion Louisa Stirling (d.20 Feb 1971)


9f) Eric Octavius (3 Dec 1885-4 Jun 1918)


10f) Muriel Dorothy (25 Jul 1887-23 Oct 1934)


4e) Ronald George Elidor (30 Dec 1848-k.a.Zulu War 28 Mar 1879); m.17 Dec 1872 Katharine Susanna Claughton (14 Mar 1848-12 Feb 1934), sister of Sir G H Claughton, Bt., and niece of Earl of Dudley


1f) Maud (27 Sep 1873-21 Jan 1900)


2f) Rev Guy Ronald (2 Dec 1874-10 Feb 1950); m.23 Jul 1901 Hon Vere Annesley (d.18 May 1975)


1g) Hester Maud Vere (3 Jan 1904-6 Apr 1982); m.8 Jun 1929 (div 1938) Eric Rupert Walter Barrington (13 Dec 1904-1980)


2g) Margaret Helen (5 Oct 1907-Sep 1975); m.29 Dec 1937 Bruce Delacour Hylton Stewart


3g) Colin Arthur Ronald (2 Jun 1910-10 Mar 1976)


3f) John Vaughan (31 Oct 1876-22 May 1944); m.1st 18 Jul 1904 Amy Dorothy Penn (d.9 Mar 1927); m.2nd 6 Feb 1937 Margaret Emily Robina Smith


1g) John Ronald (18 Sep 1905-k.a.30 May 1940); m.12 Jun 1935 Ethel Mildred Cook (d.17 May 1967)


2g) Diana Marion (11 Oct 1909-Nov 1975); m.(div) John Carney


4f) Robert (23 Jun 1878-16 Mar 1945); m.15 Nov 1926 Mary Emelda Wood (d.1979)


1g) Robin John Ronald (30 Sep 1927- ); m.2 Mar 1954 Alison Barbara Rose Cave-Browne (d.Adderbury 12 Jan 2008) issue


2g) Alan (25 May 1929-2003); m.2 Nov 1963 Sylvia Ann Hermon (d.1994) issue


5e) Evelyn Caroline Louisa (24 Jul 1851-16 Oct 1909)


6e) Rachel Anne Georgina (Stackpole Court 4 Sep 1853-Thornbury Castle 6 Oct 1906); m.Cawdor Castle 21 Sep 1876 Sir Edward Stafford Howard (Greystoke Castle 28 Nov 1851-London 8 Apr 1916)


7e) Alexander Francis Henry (3 Sep 1855-5 Mar 1929); m.1st 3 Sep 1879 Constance Pleydell-Bouverie (d.24 Jan 1887); m.2nd 1888 Rosa Rebecca Blyton (d.28 Feb 1929)


1f) Duncan Elidor (10 Oct 1880-2 Sep 1930); m.6 Jun 1914 Hon Florence Evelyne Willey (d.1978)


1g) Alister Henry (5 Apr 1918-d.30 Aug 1945 of wounds received in action in Burma)


2g) Ian Robert (5 Oct 1920-2001); m.1st 26 Jun 1953 Beryl Evelyn Newbigging (d.1982); m.2nd 1984 Elisabeth Lingard-Guthrie issue


2f) Neil Alister Henry (29 Oct 1881-1 Mar 1950); m.7 Oct 1919 Enid Muriel Money Ryder (13 May 1895- )


3f) Anthony (19 Sep 1884-13 Jun 1885)


2d) Emily Caroline (6 Jan 1819-22 May 1911); m.31 Mar 1842 Hon. Octavius Duncombe (8 Apr 1817-3 Dec 1879)


3d) Georgiana Isabel (1 May 1820-3 Dec 1884); m.25 Jun 1840 John Balfour, of Balbirnie (29 Mar 1811-25 Jul 1895)


4d) Elizabeth Lucy (16 Jan 1822-Bournemouth 26 Apr 1898); m.London 28 Jun 1842 John Otway O'Connor Cuffe, 3rd Earl of Desart (Desart House 12 Oct 1818-London 1 Apr 1865)


5d) Mary Louisa (7 Jan 1825-24 Nov 1916); m.29 Apr 1846 George Granville Francis Egerton, 2nd Earl of Ellesmere (15 Jun 1823-19 Sep 1862)


6d) Rev. Archibald George (11 Jan 1827-2 May 1902); m.29 Sep 1853 Charlotte Henrietta Howard (d.3 Oct 1896)


1e) Margaret Mary (14 Oct 1856- )


2e) Elizabeth Harriet (21Feb 1858- )


3e) Donald (10 Feb 1860-21 Mar 1923); m.26 Jul 1888 Edith Mary Wright (d.15 May 1931)


1f) Mary Charlotte (1889-dsp 6 Nov 1956); m.22 Jun 1931 Patrick Herbert Humphris Dawes


2f) Evelyn Hope (10 Apr 1894-dsp 1972); m.7 Feb 1935 Arthur William Glenton Lennard (d.4 Sep 1943)


4e) Hugh Walter George (7 Jul 1863-25 Aug 1901)


7d) William Henry (1 Jul 1829-29 May 1830)


8d) Blanche Charlotte (10 Aug 1831-2 Sep 1831)


9d) Adelaide (13 Aug 1832-26 Apr 1833)


10d) Henry Walter (23 Mar 1835-17 Dec 1910); m.29 Jun 1859 Fanny Georgina Campbell (d.9 Jan 1934)


1e) Alice Mary (8 Aug 1860-11 Sep 1948); m.28 Apr 1880 Seymour Pleydell-Bouverie (26 May 1856-22 Mar 1927)


2e) Edith Caroline (1862-17 Aug 1924); m.2 Sep 1886 Horace George Devas (2 May 1852-Sep 1927)


3e) Marion Eleanor, d.31 Jan 1894


2c) George Pryse (1793-12 Jan 1858); m.13 Oct 1821 Charlotte Gascoyne


2b) Sir George, d.28 Jan 1821; m.Eustacia Campbell-Hooke (below)


3b) Charles; m.Frances Bolling


4b) Sarah; m.12 Sep 1782 Thomas Wodehouse (1 Feb 1747- )


5b) Ada, d.26 Sep 1829, aged 76


2a) John Hooke, took surname Campbell-Hooke; m.Eustacia Basset


1b) Matthew; m. Mrs ___ Thomas


2b) Henrietta


3b) Eustacia; m.Sir George Campbell (above)


4b) Charlotte, d.Tunbridge Wells 8 Jan 1849; m.Preston 22 Sep 1796 Sir Thomas Gage, 6th Bt. (ca 1752-1 Dec 1798)


5b) Louisa Caroline, d.31 Mar 1863; m.Henry Hulton [or William Halton?] (27 Nov 1765-8 Sep 1795)


3a) Alexander, d.Nov 1785; m.Frances Medows, niece of the Duke of Kingston


1b) Sir Henry Frederick (10 Jul 1769-2 Sep 1856); m.10 Apr 1808 Mrs Emma Knox, ne Williams issue


4a) Elizabeth, d.1816; m.Joseph Adams


5a) Anne, d.London 26 May 1812; m.8 Jul 1752 Matthew Fortescue, 2nd Lord Fortescue (31 Mar 1719-10 Jul 1785)


6a) Mary





Part 4



Colin Campbell, of Glenfalloch (ca 1680-10 Aug 1737; see Part 1, above); m.22 Apr 1712 Agnes Campbell


1a) Robert (20 Feb 1713- dsp )


2a) James, of Glenfalloch (12 Mar 1714- dsp 6 Feb 1751)


3a) William, of Glenfalloch (23 Feb 1715-2 Oct 1791); m.1st Effie McNicol (dspms); m.2nd 9 Dec 1747 Susanna Campbell ( 17 Mar 1793)


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Christian (15 Jun 1741-1781); m.1st ___ McPherson; m.2nd James Campbell


2b) a dau


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) Colin, of Glenfalloch (30 Dec 1749-4 Jun 1806); m.1st 1776 ___ Drummond (dsps in New York 1778), a dau of Gregor MacGregor of Inverardran; m.2nd Mrs ___ Constable; m.3rd 1793 Jean Ogilvie


1c) [ex 2] William Erskine, of Glenfalloch (10 May 1784-22 Jul 1806); m.Susanna Campbell


1d) John Breadalbane, of Glenfalloch (1802-4 Jan 1812)


4b) James (30 Mar 1754-29 Oct 1806); m.after Jan 1784 Elizabeth Mary Blanchard Ludlow (d.1828); the validity of this marriage was challenged by Charles William Campbell of Borland (otherwise next heir to the Breadalbane peerage and estates) in 1863, but it was ruled valid


1c) Elizabeth Marbrough (bap 30 May 1785- ); m.1st Edinburgh 1802 John Butler;m.2nd John Hilton


2c) William John Lamb (bap 20 Jan 1788-4 Jun 1850); m.21 May 1810 Rosanna Doughty (d.1852)


1d) John Alexander Gavin, suc 1862 6th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, and in the vast estates of the family (30 Mar 1814-London 20 Mar 1871); m.20 Apr 1853 Mary Theresa Edwards (d.Nice 27 Feb 1870)


1e) Gavin, 7th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, cr 1873 Baron Breadalbane of Kenmore, cr 1885 Marquess of Breadalbane and Earl of Ormelie (Fermoy 9 Apr 1851-19 Oct 1922); m.Cowes, IoW 27 Jul 1872 Lady Alma Imogen Leonora Charlotta Graham (7 Sep 1854-10 May 1932)


2e) Eva (22 Jul 1855-7 Jul 1945); m.2 May 1876 John Cuthbert Heathcote (24 Jan 1852-25 Jul 1934)


3e) Ivan (17 Nov 1859-16 Mar 1917); m.23 Jul 1884 Lady Margaret Elizabeth Diana Agar (10 Dec 1863-29 Mar 1941)


1f) Iain Edward Herbert, 8th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (14 Jun 1885-10 May 1923)


4e) Norman, b.and d.1866


5c) Susanna Sophie (bap 6 Oct 1789- )


4c) John, infant


5c) Breadalbane Gavin (11 Oct 1796-9 Dec 1803)


6c) Colin Maria Nairne (ca 1797-6 May 1862); m.William Sutton


5b) Duncan (19 Dec 1757-9 Sep 1810) illegitimate issue


6b) Archibald (11 Jul 1759-17 Apr 1806); m.1792 Jean Butter (bur 5 Mar 1842)


1c) Jean, d.1852; m.Robert Campbell


7b) William (16 Nov 1760-Jamaica Oct 1791)


8b) John, of Borland (19 Nov 1763-12 Mar 1823); m.13 Jun 1783 Janet Butter


1c) Charles William, of Borland (14 Mar 1789-18 Jun 1861); m.14 Mar 1832 Charlotte Olympia Cockburn Campbell (d.1 Jun 1880)


1d) Charles William, of Borland (4 Apr 1836-1894); m.31 Jul 1888 Gwynnedd Brinckman (d.24 Feb 1948)


1e) Charles William, 9th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (11 Jun 1889-5 May 1959); m.10 Aug 1918 Armorer Romer Williams


1f) John Romer Boreland, 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (28 Apr 1919-1995); m.2 Nov 1949 (div 1971) Coralie Archer; on his death the peerage titles became dormant


2e) Colina Elwy (1891- ); m.17 Dec 1919 (div 1938) Thomas Macdonald Hussey (d.1965)


3e) Mary Gwynnedd (1893- ); m.19 Aug 1925 Reginald Victor Barton (d.10 Jan 1967)


4e) Margaret Alice (1894-5 Mar 1964); m.Feb 1921 Charles Frederick Florain Cunradi (d.21 Sep 1964)


2d) Charlotte Elizabeth (1838-Wimbledon 30 Jan 1897); m.1861 Michael Servas Vanderbyl


3d) John Erskine, d.Burma 29 May 1889


4d) Colin George Lorne (1848-15 Aug 1890); m.1886 Robina Gordon Fraser (d.11 Nov 1942)


1e) Isla Lorne Gavin (1887-2 Jan 1967)


2e) Charles Colin Kinloch (1889-k.a.28 Sep 1915)


5d) Mary Turner Gavin


2c) George Andrew (9 Jul 1791-3 Jul 1852); m.2 Aug 1830 Margaret Campbell (d.5 Feb 1884)


1d) John Breadalbane (30 Jun 1839-13 Oct 1918); m.1st 15 Feb 1873 Mrs Katherine McDonald, ne Gordon; m.2nd 11 Feb 1886 (bigamously?) Christiana McRae (dsp 10 Feb 1947)


1e) Andrew John Breadalbane (16 Feb 1874-16 Apr 1899); m.4 Mar 1894 Margit Erzsebet Gocze


1f) Janos Breadalbane (2 Apr 1895- ); m.Illona N


1g) Huba, b.1945; m.1991 Anna Maria Eckert


1h) Frederick Huba, b.1992


2h) Helena Sarolta


2g) Nicholas Gyrgy, b.1949; m.Magdolna Szabo


1h) Andrew


2h) Katherine


3g) Zsofia, b.1943; m.1st 1964 (div 1969) Sandr Jekey; m.2nd 1969 (div 1981) Mikls Balla


2f) Margaret (1896- )


3f) Theresa (1898- )


2d – 9d) a son (b.and d.2 Apr 1849) and 7 daus


3c) Colin (Borland 13 Mar 1794- )


4c – 9c) 6 daus


9b) Alexander (Glasgow 31 Mar 1767-executed 24 Aug 1808); m. ___ Bowie


1c) William Bowie Stewart, of Cloichfoldich (1803-11 Jun 1847); m.1st 16 Mar 1830 Sarah Priscilla Fearnside; m.2nd 5 Apr 1838 Janet W Maxwell Stewart


2c – 4c) 3 other sons, d.young


10b – 13b) daus


4a) Duncan (11 Oct 1718- )


5a) John (10 May 1720- )


6a) Henry (19 May 1722- )


7a) Archibald (7 Aug 1723- )


8a) Robert (10 Feb 1726-Jamaica 1782); m.Jean Sinclair 8 sons, 3 daus, of whom:


1b) Colin, d.Guadeloupe 1794


2b) James, d.India 1801


3b) John, d.India 1792


4b) Robert


5b) Jean


9a) Alexander (26 Feb 1730- )