The family of the Counts of Anjou

and the Plantagent Kings of England






Part 2



King Henry II of England (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) William (Normandy 17 Aug 1153-Wallingford Castle 1156; bur Reading Abbey)


2a) Henry, 1168 Duke of Normandy, Cte d'Anjou et de Maine, 1170 co-king of England (Bermondsey 28 Feb 1155-Martel 11 Jun 1183; bur Le Mans, then Rouen); m.21 Aug 1160 Marguerite (1158-Acre 1197), dau of King Louis VII of France (and later wife of King Béla III of Hungary)


3a) Matilda (London 1156-28 Jun 1189; bur St.Blasius, Braunschweig); m.Minden 1 Feb 1168 Duke Heinrich V of Saxony & Bavaria (d.6 Aug 1195; bur St.Blasius, Braunschweig)


4a) Richard I "the Lion-Hearted", 1189 King of England, 1169 Duke of Aquitaine and Cte de Poitou (Beaumont Palace, Oxford 8 Sep 1157-d.of wound received while besieging Châlus 6 Apr 1199; bur Fontevrault); m.Lemesos, Cyprus 12 May 1191 Berengaria (ca 1163-Espans Abbey, nr Le Mans 1230; bur Espans), dau of King Sancho VI of Navarre


1b) [illegitimate] Philippe, sn de Cognac


5a) Geoffroy, Duc de Bretagne (23 Sep a tournament at Paris 19 Aug 1186; bur Notre Dame, Paris); m.Jul 1181 Constance Dss de Bretagne (1161-4 Sep 1201; bur Villeneuve), dau of Conan, Duc de Bretagne (and later wife of Ranulph, Earl of Chester, and of Guy de Thouars)


1b) Eleonore (1184-Bristol Castle 10 Aug 1241; bur St.James’, Bristol, then Amesbury)


2b) Arthur, Duc de Bretagne (Nantes 29 Mar 1187-murdered at Rouen 3 Apr 1203; bur Abbaye Bec)


6a) Eleanor (Domfront, Normandy 13 Oct 1162-Burgos 25 Oct 1214; bur Las Huelgas); m.Burgos Sep 1177 King Alfonso VIII of Castile (d.6 Oct 1214; bur Las Huelgas)


7a) Joan (Angers 1165-24 Sep 1199; bur Fontevrault); m.1st Palermo 13 Feb 1177 King Guglielmo II of Sicily (d.17 Nov 1189; bur Monreale); m.2nd Rouen Oct 1196 Raymond Ct of Toulouse (d.2 Aug 1222)


8a) John "Lackland", 1199 King of England (Beaumont Palace, Oxford 24 Dec 1167-Newark Castle 19 Oct 1216; bur Worcester Cathedral); m.1st Marlebridge 29 Aug 1189 (annulled 1199/1200) Isabella, Css of Gloucester (d.1217; bur Canterbury Cathedral), dau of William, Earl of Gloucester (and later wife of Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex, and of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent); m.2nd Bordeaux 24 Aug 1200 Isabelle (d.Fontevrault 31 May 1246; bur there), dau of Aymar Tallefer, Cte d'Angoulême (and later wife of Hugues de Lusignan, Cte de la Marche)


1b) Henry III,  1216 King of England (Winchester Castle 1 Oct 1207-Westminster Palace 16 Nov 1272; bur Westminster Abbey); m.Canterbury 14 Jan 1236 Eleonore of Provence (Aix-en-Provence ca 1217-Amesbury 24 Jun 1291; bur Amesbury)


1c) Edward I, 1272 King of England (Westminster Palace 17/18 Jun 1239-Burgh-on-the-Sands, nr Carlisle 7 Jul 1307; bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st Burgos 18 Oct 1254 Leonor (ca 1244-Herdeby Lincs 29 Nov 1290; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of King Fernando III of Castile and Léon; m.2nd Canterbury 8 Sep 1299 Marguerite (1275/9-Marlborough Castle 14 Feb 1317; bur Grey Friars, London), dau of King Philippe III of France


1d) Eleanor (Windsor 17 Jun 1264-Ghent 12 Oct 1297; bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st King Alfonso III of Aragón (d.18 Jun 1291); m.2nd Bristol 20 Sep 1293 Henri III Ct of Bar (d.Sep 1302)


2d) Joan ( infant 1265; bur Westminster Abbey)


3d) John (1266-Westminster Palace 1/3 Aug 1271; bur Westminster Abbey)


4d) Henry (Windsor 13 Jul 1267-Marton 14 Oct 1274; bur Westminster Abbey)


5d) Julian=Katherine (b.and Holy Land 1271)


6d) Joan (Acre 1272-Clare, Suffolk 23 Apr 1307; bur Clare Priory); m.1st Westminster Abbey 30 Apr/2 May 1290 Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (d.7 Dec 1295); m.2nd Jan 1297 Ralph de Monthermer (d.5 Apr 1325)


7d) Alfonso, Earl of Chester (24 Nov 1273-Windsor 19 Aug 1284; bur Westminster Abbey)


8d) Margaret (b.Windsor 11 Sep 1275, d.after 11 Mar 1333; bur St.Gudula, Brussels); m.Westminster Abbey 8/9 Jul 1290 Duke John II of Brabant (d.27 Oct 1312)


9d) Berengaria (Kennington 1276-1279; bur Westminster Abbey)


10d) Mary, a nun (Windsor 11 Mar 1278-d.Amesbury before 8 Jul 1332; bur Amesbury)


11d) Alice (Woodstock 12 Mar 1279-1291)


12d) Elizabeth (Rhuddlan Castle Aug 1282-5 May 1316; bur Walden Priory); m.1st Ipswich 7 Jan 1297 Ct John I of Holland (d.10 Nov 1299); m.2nd Westminster 14 Nov 1302 Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford & Essex (k.a.16 Mar 1322)


13d) Edward II, 1307 King of England (Caernarvon Castle 23 Apr 1284-murdered at Berkeley Castle 21 Sep 1327; bur Gloucester Cathedral); m.Boulogne 25 Jan 1308 Isabelle (1295-Hertford Castle 22 Aug 1358; bur Grey Friars, London), dau of King Philippe IV of France


1e) Edward III, 1327 King of England (Windsor Castle 13 Nov 1312-Sheen Palace, Surrey 21 Jun 1377; bur Westminster Abbey); m.York Minster 24/25 Jan 1328 Philippa (1312-Windsor Castle 15 Aug 1369; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of Ct William III of Hainaut and Holland


1f) Edward, 1335 Earl of Chester, 1337 Duke of Cornwall, 1343 Pr of Wales (Woodstock 15 Jun 1330-Westminster Palace 8 Jun 1376; bur Canterbury Cathedral); m.Windsor 10 Oct 1361 Joan, Css of Kent (below)


1g) Edward (Angoulême 27 Jan 1365-Bordeaux 1372; bur Austin Friars, London)


2g) Richard II, 1377 King of England (Bordeaux 6 Jan 1367-Pontefract Castle 14 Feb 1400; bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st Westminster Palace 14 Jan 1382 Anne of Bohemia (Prague 11 May 1366-Sheen Palace 3 Jun 1394; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of Emperor Karl IV; m.2nd Calais 4 Nov 1396 Isabelle (Louvre 9 Nov 1389-Blois 13 Sep 1409), dau of King Charles VI of France (and later wife of Charles, Duc d’Orléans)


3g) [illegitimate by Edith de Willesford] Sir Roger de Clarendon, executed 1402; m.Margaret de la Roches (d.1382)


2f) Isabel (Woodstock 16 Jun 1332-1379; bur Grey Friars, London); m.Windsor 27 Jul 1365 Enguerrand de Coucy, Earl of Bedford (d.Bursa, Anatolia 18 Feb 1397)


3f) Joan (Woodstock ca Feb 1335-Loremo [Bordeaux?] 2 Sep 1348; bur Bayonne Cathedral)


4f) William (b.Hatfield by 16 Feb 1337, 8 Jul 1337; bur King’s Langley, Herts)


5f) Lionel, 1362 Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster (Antwerp 29 Nov 1338-Alba, Piedmont 17 Oct 1368; bur Pavia, then Clare Priory); m.1st Tower of London 9 Sep 1342 Elizabeth de Burgh (Carrickfergus Castle 6 Jul 1332-Dublin Dec 1363; bur Clare Priory), dau of William de Burgh, Earl of Ulster; m.2nd Milan 28 May 1368 Violante (ca 1353-Nov 1386), dau of Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan (and later wife of Mgve Otto of Montferrat, and of Lodovico Visconti)


1g) Philippa, Css of Ulster (Eltham Palace, Kent 16 Aug 1355-1378/9; bur Wigmore); m.Queen's Chapel, Reading after 15 Feb 1359 Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March (1352-Cork 27 Dec 1381)


1h) Roger Mortimer, Earl of March and Ulster (1 Sep 1373-k.a.20 Jul 1398); 1388 Eleanor, dau of Thomas Holand, Earl of Kent, half-brother of King Richard II


1i) Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March and Ulster (4 Nov 1391-19 Jan 1425); m.Anne, dau of Edmund Stafford, Earl of Stafford


2i) Roger Mortimer (1393-1409/10)


3i) Anne Mortimer (27 Dec 1390-Sep 1411); m.1406 Richard, Earl of Cambridge (below)


4i) Eleanor Mortimer (ca 1395-    ); m.Edward, Lord Courtenay (d.1418)


2h) Sir Edmund Mortimer (1377-ca 1411); 1402 Katherine, dau of Owen Glendower


3h) Elizabeth Mortimer (1371-1417/8); m.1st Henry Percy, Lord Percy (k.a.1403); m.2nd Thomas, Lord Camoys (d.1419)


4h) Philippa Mortimer (1375-1400); m.1st John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke (d.1389); m.2nd Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (d.1397); m.3rd Thomas Poynings, Lord St.John of Basing (d.1429)


6f) John "of Gaunt", 1342 Earl of Richmond, 1362 Duke of Lancaster, 1390 Duke of Aquitaine, titular King of Castile and Léon (Ghent Mar 1340-Leicester Castle 3 Feb 1399; bur St.Paul’s Cathedral); m.1st Queen's Chapel, Reading 13 May 1359 Blanche of Lancaster (below); m.2nd Roquefort, Guienne Sep 1371 Constance, titular Queen of Castile (Castro Kerez 1354-Leicester 24 Mar 1394; bur St.Mary’s, Leicester), dau of King Pedro I of Castile and Léon; m.3rd Lincoln 13 Jan 1396 Catherine de Roet (1350-Lincoln 10 May 1403; bur Lincoln Cathedral) [widow of Hugh Swynford and sister-in-law of Geoffrey Chaucer], by whom he had had illegitmate children (surnamed "Beaufort") who were subsequently legitimized


1g) Philippa (Leicester 31 Mar 1360-Odivelas 19 Jul 1415; bur Batalla); m.Oporto 11 Feb 1387 João I, King of Portugal (d.14 Aug 1433)


2g) John ( 1362, d.young; bur St.Mary’s, Leicester)


3g) Elizabeth (b.before 21 Feb 1363, d.24 Nov 1425; bur Burford, Salop); m.1st Kenilworth 24 Jun 1380 (div ca 1383) John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke (d.30/31 Dec 1389); m.2nd 24 Jun 1386 John Holand, Duke of Exeter (beheaded 9/10 Jan 1400); m.3rd before 3 Jul 1401 John Cornwall, Lord Fanhope (d.1443)


4g) Edward ( 1365, d.young; bur St.Mary’s, Leicester)


5g) John (b.before 4 May 1366, d.young; bur St.Mary’s, Leicester)


6g) Henry IV, 1399 King of England (Bolingbroke Castle 3 Apr 1367-Westminster Abbey 20 Mar 1413; bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st Arundel Castle 1380/1 Mary de Bohun (ca 1370-Peterborough Castle 4 Jul 1394; bur St.Mary’s, Leicester), dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford; m.2nd Winchester Cathedral 1403 Joan (ca 1370-Havering Bower, Essex 10 Jul 1437; bur Canterbury Cathedral), dau of King Charles II of Navarre, and widow of Jean, Duke of Brittany


1h) Henry V, 1413 King of England (Monmouth 9 Aug 1387-Bois de Vincennes 31 Aug 1422; bur Westminster Abbey); m.Troyes 2 Jun 1420 Catherine (Paris 27 Oct 1401-Bermondsey Abbey 3 Jan 1437; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of King Charles VI of France (and later wife of Owen Tudor)


1i) Henry VI, 1422-61 and 1470-1 King of England (Windsor Castle 6 Dec 1421-Tower of London 21 May 1471; bur Chertsey Abbey, later St.George’s Chapel, Windsor); m.Titchfield, Hants 23 Apr 1445 Marguerite (Pont-a-Mousson, Lorraine 23 Mar 1429-château Dampierre 25 Aug 1482; bur Angers), dau of René, Duc d’Anjou


1j) Edward, Pr of Wales (Westminster Palace 13 Oct 1453-k.a.Tewkesbury 4 May 1471; bur Tewkesbury Abbey); m.Amboise Aug 1470 Anne Nevill (Warwick Castle 11 Jun 1456-Westminster Palace 16 Mar 1485; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick (and later wife of King Richard III of England)


2h) Thomas, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Albemarle (Kenilworth 29 Aug 1388-k.a.Beaugé 22 Mar 1421; bur Canterbury Cathedral); m.1412 Margaret Holand (1385-30 Nov 1439; bur Canterbury Cathedral), dau of Thomas Holand, Earl of Kent, and widow of John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset


3h) John, Duke of Bedford (20 Jun 1389-Rouen 14/15 Sep 1435; bur Rouen Cathderal); m.1st Troyes 17 Apr 1423 Anne (1404-Paris 14 Nov 1432; bur Paris), dau of John, Duke of Burgundy; m.2nd Therouenne 20 Apr 1433 Jacquette de Luxembourg (ca 1416-30 May 1472), dau of Pierre de Luxemoburg, Cte de St.Pol (and later wife of Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers)


1i) a child (b.and d.Paris Nov 1432)


4h) Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (3 Oct 1390-Bury St. Edmunds 23 Feb 1447; bur St.Albans Abbey); m.1st 1422 (annulled 1425/8) Jacqueline of Bavaria, Css of Holland, Hainault, etc (bap 16 Aug 1401-murdered at Schloß Teilingen, NiederLausitz 8/9 Oct 1436; bur The Hague), dau of Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria, Ct of Holland, widow of Jean of France, Dauphin, and former wife of Jean of Burgundy, Duke of Brabant and Limburg (and alter wife of Frank von Borsselen); m.2nd 1428 Eleanor Cobham (d.1454), dau of Reginald Cobham


1i) [illegitimate] Antigone; m.Henry Grey, "Earl of Tankerville"


5h) Blanche (Peterborough Castle 1392-22 May 1409; bur Neustadt); m.Köln 6 Jul 1402 Ludwig III Kfst von der Pfalz (d.30 Dec 1436)


6h) Philippa (4 Jul 1394-convent of Wadstena 5 Jan 1430; bur Wadstena); m.Lund 26 Oct 1406 King Eric I (IX) of Denmark and Norway (d.1459)


7g) Catherine (Hertford 1372/3-2 Jun 1418); m.Burgos 1393 King Enrique III of Castile and Léon (d.25 Dec 1406)


8g) John (b.Ghent 1374, d.young)


9g) John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset and Marquess Dorset (Beaufort Castle ca 1373-16 Mar 1410); m.before 23 Apr 1399 Margaret Holand (1385-30 Dec 1439)


1h) Henry, 2d Earl of Somerset (Oct 1401-25 Nov 1418)


2h) John, Duke of Somerset, b.before 25 Mar 1404, d.27 May 1444; m.1439 Margaret Beauchamp (d.shortly before 30 Jun 1482)


1i) Margaret (Bletso, Beds 31 May 1441-Westminster Palace 29 Jun 1509); m.1st 28 Jan/7 Feb 1450 (div) John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk (27 Sep 1442-1491/2); m.2nd 1455 Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond (1430-3 Nov 1456); m.3rd ca 1459 Henry Stafford (d.4 Dec 1471); m.4th by Oct 1473 Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby (d.29 Jul 1504); by her second marriage she was mother of King Henry VII


2i) [illegitimate] Thomasine; m.Reynold Grey, Lord Grey of Wilton (d.22 Feb 1494)


3h) Thomas, Earl of Perche (1405-1432)


4h) Edmund, Duke of Somerset (1406-k.a.St.Albans 24 May 1455); m.1431/5 Eleanor Beauchamp (1408-6 Mar 1468)


1i) Henry, Duke of Somerset (26 Jan 1436-beheaded after a battle at Hexham 15 May 1464); he left illegitimate issue, for whom see Beaufort page


2i) Edmund, b.before 1440, beheaded after battle of Tewkesbury 6 May 1471


3i) John, k.a.Tewkesbury 4 May 1471


4i) Thomas, d.before 1463


5i) Margaret, d.1474; m.1st Humphrey, Earl of Stafford; m.2nd Sir Richard Darell


6i) Eleanor, d.16 Aug 1501; m.1st James Butler, Earl of Ormonde and Wiltshire (beheaded 1 May 1461); m.2nd ca 1470 Sir Robert Spencer (d.after 13 Mar 1392)


7i) Anne, test 7 Sep 1496; m.Sir William Paston (d.after 28 Nov 1496)


8i) Joan, d.11 Aug 1518; m.1st ca Jun 1478 Robert, Lord Howth (d.1486); m.2nd Sir Richard Fry (d.1504)


9i) Elizabeth, 1492; m.Sir Henry Lewes


10i) Mary; m.N Burgh


5h) Joan, d.Dunbar Castle 15 Jul 1445; m.1st Southwark 2/13 Feb 1424 King James I of Scots (d.21 Feb 1437); m.2nd 1439 Sir James Stewart


6h) Margaret, d.after 1421; m.Thomas de Courtenay, Earl of Devon (d.3 Feb 1458)


10g) Henry Beaufort, Bp of Winchester, Cardinal (Beaufort Castle ca 1375-11 Apr 1447)


1h) [illegitimate] Jane; m.Sir E. Stradling


11g) Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter (Beaufort Castle 1377-31 Dec 1426); m.Margaret Neville


1h) Henry, d.young


12g) Joan Beaufort (Beaufort Castle ca 1379-Raby Castle 13 Nov 1425); m.1st by 1393 Robert, Lord Ferrers; m.2nd before 20 Feb 1397 Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorland (d.21 Oct 1425)


13g) [illegitimate by Marie de Saint-Hilaire] Blanche; m.Sir Thomas Morieux


5f) Edmund, Duke of York (King's Langley 3 Jun 1341-Langley 1 Aug 1402; bur King’s Langley); m.1st Hertford ca 1 Mar 1372 Isabella (1355-23 Nov 1393; bur King’s Langley), dau of King Pedro I of Castile and Léon; m.2nd  ca 1393 Joan Holand (1380-12 Apr 1434), dau of Thomas Holand, Earl of Kent (and later wife of William, Lord Willoughby, then of Henry, Lord Scrope, and then of Henry Bromflete, Lord Vesey)


1g) Edward, Duke of York (1373-k.a.Agincourt 25 Oct 1415; bur Fotheringhay); 1398 Philippa de Mohun (d.17 Jul 1431; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of John de Mohun, Lord Mohun, and widow of Sir John Golofre and of Walter, Lord Fitzwalter (and later wife of John Vesey)


2g) Richard, Earl of Cambridge (Conisborough Castle Sep 1376-beheaded on Southampton Green 5 Aug 1415; bur Southampton); m.1st ca 1408 Anne Mortimer (27 Dec 1390-Sep 1411; bur King’s Langley), granddaughter and, in her issue, heiress of Lionel, Duke of Clarence; m.2nd 1411/5 Maud de Clifford (d.1446), dau of Thomas, Lord Clifford, and formerly wife of John Nevill, Lord Latimer


1h) Isabel (1409-2 Oct 1484); m.1st 1413 (div before 1430) Thomas Grey, of Werke; m.2nd ca 1430 Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex (d.4 Apr 1483)


2h) Richard, Duke of York (21 Sep 1411-k.a.Wakefield 30 Dec 1460; bur Pontefract, then Fotheringhay); 1437 [or, by 18 Oct 1424] Cicely Neville (Raby Castle 3 May 1415-Berkhamsted Castle 31 May 1495; bur Fotheringhay), dau of Ralph Nevill, Earl of Westmorland


1i) Anne (Fotheringhay 10 Aug 1439-12/14 Jan 1476; bur St.George’s Chapel, Windsor); m.1st by 30 Apr 1447 (div 1472) Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter (drowned 1473); m.2nd 1472/3 Sir Thomas St.Leger (executed 1483)


2i) Henry (b.Hatfield 10 Feb 1441, d.young)


3i) Edward IV, 1461-70 and 1471-83 King of England (Rouen 28 Apr 1442-Westminster Palace 9 Apr 1483; bur St.Gerge’s Chapel, Windsor); m.Grafton Regis 1 May 1464 Elizabeth (Grafton Regis ca 1437-Bermondsey Abbey 8 Jun 1492; bur St.George’s Chapel, Windsor), dau of Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers, by Jacquetta of Luxemburg, and widow of John Grey, Lord Grey of Groby


1j) Elizabeth (Westminster Palace 11 Feb 1465-Tower of London 11 Feb 1503; bur Westminster Abbey); m.Westminster 18 Jan 1486 King Henry VII of England (1457-1509)


2j) Mary (Windsor Aug 1466-Greenwich 23 May 1482; bur St.Gerge’s Chapel, Windsor)


3j) Cicely (20 Mar 1469-Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight 24 Aug 1507; bur there); m.1st before Dec 1487 John, Viscount Welles (d.9 Feb 1499); m.2nd by Jan 1504 Thomas Kyme


4j) Edward V, 1483 King of England (b.Westminster 4 Nov 1470, presumed murdered 1483)


5j) Margaret (10 Apr 1472-11 Nov 1472; bur Westminster Abbey)


6j) Richard, Duke of York (b.Shrewsbury 17 Aug 1473, presumed murdered 1483); m.Westminster 15 Jan 1478 Anne Mowbray (Framlingham 10 Dec 1472-Greenwich 19 Nov 1481), dau of John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk


7j) Anne (Westminster Palace 2 Nov 1475-23 Nov 1511; bur Thetford, later Framlingham); m.4 Feb 1495 Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk (d.25 Aug 1554)


8j) George (Windsor Castle 1477-Windsor Castle Mar 1479; bur St.Gerge’s Chapel, Windsor)


9j) Catherine (Eltham Palace ca 14 Aug 1479-Tiverton 15 Nov 1527; bur Tiverton); Oct 1495 William Courtenay, Earl of Devon (d.9 Jun 1511)


10j) Bridget, a nun (Eltham Palace 10 Nov 1480-Dartford 1517; bur Dartford Priory)


11j) [illegitimate possibly by Elizabeth Lucy] Elizabeth; m.Thomas Lumley


12j) [illegitimate] Grace


13j) [illegitimate possibly by Elizabeth Lucy] Arthur, 1523 Viscount ;0, d.3 Mar 1542; m.1st Elizabeth (d.1525/6), dau of Edward Grey, Viscount Lisle, and widow of Edmund, Lord Dudley; m.2nd Honor Grenville (d.1566), widow of Sir John Basset


1k) [ex 1] Bridget; m.Sir William Carden


2k) [ex 1] Frances; m.1st John Basset; m.2nd Thomas Monk; they were ancestors of General Monk, Duke of Albemarle


3k) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.Sir Francis Jobson


4i) Edmund, Earl of Rutland (Rouen 17 May 1443-k.a.Wakefield 30 Dec 1460; bur Fotheringhay)


5i) Elizabeth (Rouen 22 Apr 1444-Jan 1503/May 1504); m.before Oct 1460 John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk (d.1491)


6i) Margaret (Fotheringhay 3 May 1446-Malines 23 Nov 1503; bur Eglise des Cordeliers, Malines); m.Dame 3 Jul 1468 Charles Duc de Bourgogne (d.5 Jan 1477)


7i) William (b.Fotheringhay 7 Jul 1447, d.young)


8i) John (b.Neyte, Worcs 4 Nov 1448, d.young)


9i) George, Duke of Clarence (Dublin 21 Oct 1449-put to death in Tower of London 18 Feb 1478; bur Tewkesbury Abbey); m.Calais 11 Jul 1469 Isabel Neville (Warwick Castle 5 Sep 1451-Warwick Castle 22 Nov 1476; bur Tewkesbury Abbey), dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury


1j) Anne ( sea off Calais ca Apr 1470,  infant; bur Calais)


2j) Margaret, 1513 Css of Salisbury (Farley Castle, Somerset 14 Aug 1473-beheaded on Tower Hill 28 May 1541; bur St.Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London); m.before 22 Sep 1494 Sir Richard Pole (d.before 15 Nov 1504)


3j) Edward, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury (Warwick Castle 21/25 Feb 1475-beheaded on Tower Hill 28 Nov 1499; bur Bisham Abbey, Berks)


4j) Richard (Tewkesbury Abbey 6 Oct 1476-Warwick Castle 1 Jan 1477; bur Warwick)


10i) Thomas (b.1450/1, infant)


11i) Richard III, 1483 King of england (Fotheringhay 2 Oct 1452-k.a.Bosworth Field 22 Aug 1485; bur Grey Friars, Leicester); m.Westminster 12 Jul 1472 Anne Neville (Warwick Castle 11 Jun 1456-Westminster Palace 16 Mar 1485), dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury, and widow of Edward, Pr of Wales


1j) Edward, Pr of Wales (Middleham Castle, Yorks ca Dec 1473-Middleham Castle 9 Apr 1484; bur Sheriff Hutton, Yorks)


2j) [illegitimate] Richard


3j) [illegitimate] John of Gloucester, Gov of Guisnes


4j) [illegitimate] Katherine; m.3 Mar/29 Sep 1484 William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Huntingdon (ca 1455-16 Jul 1491)


3g) Constance (ca 1374-28 Nov 1416; bur Reading Abbey); m.before 7 Nov 1379 Thomas Le Despencer, Earl of Gloucester (beheaded 13 Jan 1400)


8f) Blanche (b.and d.Tower of London Mar 1342; bur Westminster Abbey)


9f) Mary (Waltham 10 Oct 1344-1362; bur Abingdon Abbey); m.Woodstock 1355 Jean V, Duc de Bretagne (d.2 Nov 1399)


10f) Margaret (b.Windsor 20 Jul 1346, d.after 1 Oct 1361; bur Abingdon Abbey); m.Reading 19 May 1359 John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (29 Aug 1347-16 Apr 1375)


11f) William (b.Windsor before 24 Jun 1348, bur 5 Sep 1348; bur Westminster Abbey)


12f) Thomas, Duke of Gloucester (Woodstock 7 Jan 1355-murdered at Calais 8/15 Sep 1397; bur Westminster Abbey); 1374 Eleanor de Bohun (1366-d.a nun at Barking 3 Oct 1399; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford


1g) Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (ca Apr 1382-Chester 2 Sep 1399; bur Walden Priory, Essex)


2g) Anne (Apr 1383-16 Oct 1438; bur Llanthony Priory); m.1st ca 1390 Thomas, 3rd Earl of Stafford (d.4 Jul 1392); m.2nd 28 Jul 1398 Edmund, 5th Earl of Stafford (k.a.21 Jul 1403); m.3rd by 10 Nov 1405 Sir William Bourchier Cte d'Eu (d.28 May 1420)


3g) Joan (1384-16 Aug 1400; bur Walden Priory); engaged to Gilbert, Lord Talbot (1383-19 Oct 1418) but apparently died before marriage consummated


4g) Isabel, a nun (12 Mar 1386-ca Apr 1402)


5g) Philippa, Jul 1389, d.before 3 Oct 1399


13f) [illegitimate by Alice Perrers] Sir John de Southeray (ca 1364/5-    ); m.1377 Maud Percy


14f) [illegitimate by Alice Perrers] Joan; m.Robert Skerne (d.1437)


15f) [illegitimate by Alice Perrers] Jane; m.Richard Northland


2e) John, Earl of Cornwall (Eltham Palace 25 Aug 1316-Perth 13 Sep 1336; bur Westminster Abbey)


3e) Eleanor (Woodstock 8 Jun 1318-Deventer 22 Apr 1355; bur Deventer); m.Nimeguen 1332 Duke Rainald II of Geldern (d.12 Oct 1343)


4e) Joan (Tower of London 5 Jul 1321-Hertford 7 Sep 1362; bur Grey Friars, London); m.Berwick-on-Tweed 17 Jul 1328 David II, King of Scots (d.22 Feb 1371)


5e) [illegitimate] Adam


14d) Beatrice ( Aquitaine ca 1286, d.young)


15d) Blanche (b.1290, d.young)


16d) Thomas, Earl of Norfolk (Brotherton 1 Jun 1300-ca Aug 1338; bur Bury St.Edmund’s); m.1st ca 1316 Alice (d.after 8 May 1326), dau of Sir Roger Hayles; m.2nd ca 1328 Mary de Ros (d.1361/2), dau of William, Lord de Ros, and widow of Sir Ralph de Cobham


1e) Edward, 1319, 2 Dec 1334); m.May/Jun 1328 Beatrice (d.16 Oct 1383), dau of Roger Mortimer, Earl of March (and later wife of Thomas de Braose, Lord Braose)


2e) Margaret, Dss of Norfolk (ca 1320-24 Mar 1400; bur Carthusian Church, London); m.1st 1337/8 John, Lord Segrave (d.1 Apr 1353); m.2nd before 30 May 1354 Walter, Lord Manny (d.8/15 Jan 1372)


3e) Alice (d.1351/2); 29 Aug 1338 Edward de Montagu, Lord Montagu (d.14 Jul 1361)


17d) Edmund, Earl of Kent (Woodstock 5 Aug 1301-beheaded at Winchester 19 Mar 1330; bur Church of Friars Minors, WInchester); 25 Dec 1325 Margaret Wake (ca 1299-29 Sep 1349), dau of John, Lord Wake, and widow of John Comyn, lord of Badenoch


1e) Edmund, Earl of Kent (ca 1326-5 Jan 1333)


2e) John, Earl of Kent (Arundel Castle 7 Apr 1330-26/27 Dec 1352); m.1348/52 Elisabeth (d.6 Jun 1411; bur Winchester), dau of Duke Wilhelm of Jülich (and later wife of Sir Eustace Dabridgecourt)


3e) Joan, Css of Kent (29 Sep 1328-Wallingford Castle 8 Aug 1385; bur Stamford, Lincs); m.1st before 15 Oct 1348 (annulled 1349) William de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury (d.3 Jun 1397); m.2nd 1349 Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent (d.26/28 Dec 1360); m.3rd Windsor 10 Oct 1361 Edward, Pr of Wales (above)


18d) Eleanor, b.Winchester 1306, d.Amesbury 1311


19d) [illegitimate by a dau.of the Earl of Kildare] John Walter FitzRoy


1e) John de Ireland


1f) Alice; m.Roger de Berington


2c) Margaret (Windsor 5 Oct 1240-Cupar Castle 26 Feb 1275; bur Dunfermline); m.York 26 Dec 1251 Alexander III, King of Scots (d.19 Mar 1286)


3c) Beatrice (Bordeaux 25 Jun 1242-London 25 Apr 1275; bur Grey Friars, London); m.St.Denis 13 Oct 1260 Jean, Duc de Bretagne (d.18 Nov 1305)


4c) Edmund, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster (London 16 Jan 1245-Bayonne 5 Jun 1296; bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st Westminster Abbey 8/9 Apr 1269 Aveline (20 Jan 1259-Stockwell 10 Nov 1274; bur Westminster Abbey), dau of Guillaume de Forez, Cte d’Aumale; m.2nd Paris 27 Jul/29 Oct 1276 Blanche (ca 1243-2 May 1302), dau of Robert, Cte d’Artois. And widow of King Henry of Navarre


1d) Thomas, Earl of Lancaster & Lincoln (ca 1278-executed at Pontefract 22 Mar 1322; bur Pontefract Abbey); m.28 Oct 1294 (div 1318) Alice de Lacy (25 Dec 1281-2 Oct 1348; bur Birling, Kent), dau of Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln and later wife of Eubles l’Estrange, Lord Strange, and of Hugh de Fresnes)


2d) Henry, Earl of Lancaster & Leicester (Grosmont Castle ca 1281-Leicester 22 Sep 1345; bur Leicester Abbey); m.1st before 2 Mar 1297 Maud (1282-1317/22), dau of Sir Patrick Chaworth; m.2nd Alix (d.after 19 Apr 1336), dau of Jean de Joinville, and widow of Jean d’Arcis


1e) Henry, Earl of Lancaster, Leicester & Derby (Grosmont Castle ca 1314-d.of the plague at Leicester 24 Aug 1361; bur Leicester Abbey); 1334 Isabel (d.after 24 Mar 1356; bur Leicester Abbey), dau of Henry Beaumont, Earl of Buchan


1f) Matilda (4 Apr 1335-10 Apr 1362); m.1st 1 Nov 1344 Ralph Stafford (d.1347); m.2nd 1352 Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria, Ct of Holland (d.15 Apr 1389)


2f) Blanche (25 Mar 1345-Bolingbroke Castle 12 Sep 1369; bur St.Paul’s Cathedral); m.Reading 13 May 1359 John, Duke of Lancaster (above)


2e) Blanche (ca 12 Jul 1380; bur Stamford); m.before 9 Oct 1316 Thomas, Lord Wake (d.31 May 1349)


3e) Maud ( 1310, d.Campsey Abbey before 5 May 1377; bur Bruisyard, Suffolk); m.1st ca 1330 William de Burgh, Earl of Ulster (d.6 Jun 1333); m.2nd before 6 Jul 1345 Ralph de Ufford


4e) Joan ( 1312, d.after 6 Feb 1345; bur Bella Landa); m.1327 John, Lord Mowbray (d.1361)


5e) Isabel, Prioress at Amesbury ( 1317, d.after 1 Feb 1347)


6e) Eleanor (ca 1316-Arundel Castle 11 Jan 1372; bur Lewes Priory); m.1st before 23 Aug 1337 John, Lord Beaumont (d.10/25 May 1342); m.2nd Ditton 5 Feb 1345 Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (d.24 Jan 1376)


7e) Mary (ca 1321-1 Sep 1362); m.1334 Henry, Lord Percy (d.1368)


3d) John, sn de Beaufort et de Nogent Lartauld (b.before May 1286, France before 1327)


4d) Mary, d.young


5c) Richard ( 1247, d.before 1256; bur Westminster Abbey)


6c) John ( 1250, d.before 1256; bur Westminster Abbey)


7c) Henry (d.young; bur Westminster Abbey)


8c) Katherine (Westminster Palace 25 Nov 1253-Windsor 3 May 1257; bur Westminster Abbey)


2b) Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans 1257 (Winchester 5 Jan 1209-Berkhamstead 2 Apr 1272; bur Hayles Abbey); m.1st Fawley 30 Mar 1231 Isabella (Pembroke Castle 9 Oct 1200-Berkhamstead 17 Jan 1240; bur Beaulieu Abbey), dau of William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, and widow of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester; m.2nd Westminster Abbey 22 Nov 1243 Sanchia (Aix-en-Provence ca 1225-Berkhamstead 9 Nov 1261; bur Hayles Abbey), dau of Raymond Berengar, Cte de Provence; m.3rd Kaiserslautern 16 Jun 1269 Beatrix (ca 1253-17 Oct 1277; bur Friars Minors, Oxford), dau of Dietrich von Valkenburg


1c) John (Marlow, Bucks 31 Jan 1232-Marlow 22 Sep 1233; bur Reading Abbey)


2c) Isabella (Marlow 9 Sep 1233-Marlow 10 Oct 1234; bur Reading Abbey)


3c) Henry (Haughley Castle 2 Nov 1235-murdered by his de Montfort cousins at Viterbo 13 Mar 1271; bur Hayles Abbey); m.Windsor 15 May 1269 Constance de Moncada Cts de Bigorre (d.25 Apr 1310), dau of Gaston de Moncada, Vcte de Béarn, and widow of Infant Alfonso of Aragón


4c) Nicholas (b.and d.Berkhamstead Jan 1240; bur Beaulieu Abbey)


5c) Richard (Wallingford ca Jul 1246-Wallingford Aug 1246; bur Grove Mill)


6c) Edmund, Earl of Cornwall (Berkhamsted 26 Dec 1249-Ashbridge Abbey 1 Oct 1300; bur Hayles Abbey); m.Ruislip 6/7 Oct 1272 (div 1293/4) Margaret de Clare (1249-1312), dau of Richard, Earl of Hertford


7c) [illegitimate] Richard de Cornwall; m.Joan St.Owen


1d) Sir Geoffrey de Cornwall; m.Margaret Mortimer


1e) Geoffrey


2e) Richard, who left issue of whom I have no details


3e) Sir John de Cornewall, Lord Fanhope, Lord Milbroke, d.1443; m.Pss Elizabeth of England (above)


1f) [illegitimate] John


2f) [illegitimate] Thomas


2d) Sir Edmond de Cornewall; m.Elizabeth de Brampton


1e) Sir Edmond; m.Isabel N


1f) John


2e) Brian; m.Maud Strange


1f) Sir John; m.Elizabeth Wastneys


1g) Elizabeth; m.Roger Corbett


2g) Matilda; m.John Wode


3g) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Lichfield


3e) Peter; m.N Hanley


1f) Edmond


1g) Thomas


3d) Joan; m.Sir John Howard


8c) [illegitimate] Walter


3b) Joan (22 Jul 1210-4 Mar 1238; bur Tarrant Crawford, Dorset); m.York 19 Jun 1221 Alexander II, King of Scots (d.9 Jul 1249)


4b) Isabella (1214-Foggia 1 Dec 1241; bur Andria); m.Worms 20 Jul 1235 Emperor Friedrich II (d.30 Dec 1250)


5b) Eleanor (1215-Montargis 13 Apr 1275; bur Montargis); m.1st 23 Apr 1224 William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke (d.6 Apr 1231); m.2nd Westminster 7 Jan 1238 Simon de Montfort (k.a.4 Aug 1265)


6b) [illegitimate, possibly by Agatha Ferrers, or by a sister of the Earl of Warenne] Richard FitzRoy, of Chilham, d.shortly before 24 Jun 1246; m.Rohese de Dovor


1c) Richard de Dovor, of Chilham, d.27 Nov 1247; m.Maud of Angus


1d) Richard, of Chilham, 10 Jan 1266


2d) Isabel, 1 May 1292; m.1st David de Strabolgi, Earl of Athol (d.6 Aug 1270); m.2d Alexander de Baliol


2c) Isabel, d.7 Jul 1276; 12 Jul 1247 Maurice de Berkeley (d.4 Apr 1281)


3c) Lora; m.William Marmion (d.27 Jul 1275)


7b) [illegitimate, possibly by Agatha Ferrers, or by Clementia N] Joan, d.1237; m.1204 Llewellyn Pr of Wales (d.1240); she was declared legitimate by the Pope in 1226


8b) [illegitimate] Oliver, d.Damietta 1219


9b) [illegitimate] Geoffrey


10b) [illegitimate] John


11b) [illegitimate] Henry


12b) [illegitimate] Osbert Giffard


9a) [illegitmate] William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury, d.7 Mar 1226; m.1196 Ela Fitzpatrick (1187-24 Aug 1261)


1b) William, Earl of Salisbury (ca 1200-k.a.Mansourah 7 Feb 1250); Apr 1216 Idonea de Camville (d.1251/2)


1c) William, titular Earl of Salisbury, d.1256/7; m.Maud de Clifford


1d) Margaret, 1254, d.1306/10; 1256 Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln (d.1310/1)


2c) Richard, d.shortly before 27 Dec 1261; m.Alice le Rus


3c) Ela, d.shortly before 22 Nov 1299; 1244 James d'Audley (d.1272)


4c) Ida, d.after 6 Aug 1271; m.Walter Fitzrobert


2b) Richard, a canon at Salisbury


3b) Stephen, seneschal of Gascony, Justiciar of Ireland; m.1243/4 Emeline de Riddesford (d.1275/6)


1c) Emeiline; m.Maurice Fitzmaurice


2c) Ela, 1276; 1266 Roger de la Zouche


4b) Nicholas, Bp of Salisbury, d.1297


5b) Isabel, 1248; m.William de Vesci


6b) Ela, d.9 Feb 1298; m.1st Thomas de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick (d.1242); m.2nd Sir Philip Basset (d.29 Oct 1271)


7b) Ida; m.1st Ralph de Somery; m.2d William Beauchamp (d.1260)


8b) Ela; m.William d'Odingsels


10a) [illegitimate, apparently by a woman named Ykenai] Geoffrey, Bp of Lincoln 1173-82, Archbishop of York 1191/1207, Chancellor of England (ca 1151-18 Dec 1212)


11a) [by ?] Morgan, Provost of Beverley, 1213 Bishop-Elect of Durham