Note: *** behind a person’s name means that that person appears elsewhere in the Henry VII files. ### behind a person’s name means that that person appears in the James I files.




Henry VII, King of England 1485 (Pembroke Castle 28 Jan 1457-Sheen Palace 21 Apr 1509); m.Westminster

18 Jan 1486 Pss Elizabeth of York (Westminster Palace 11 Feb 1465-Tower of London 11 Feb 1503)

1.Arthur, Pr of Wales (Winchester Castle 19 Sep 1486-Ludlow Castle 2 Apr 1502); m.St.Paul’s Cathedral 14

Nov 1501 Infanta Catherine of Aragon (Alcala de Henares 15 Dec 1483-Kimbolton Castle 7 Jan 1536)

2.Henry VIII, King of England (Greenwich Palace 28 Jan 1491-Whitehall 28 Jan 1547); m.1st Greenwich 11

Jun 1509 (div 1533) Catherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow; m.2nd 25 Jan 1533 (div 1536) Anne Boleyn,

Marchioness of Pembroke (ca 1507-beheaded on Tower Green 19 May 1536); m.3rd Wolf Hall, Savernake 30

May 1536 Jane Seymour (ca 1509-Hampton Court Palace 24 Oct 1537); m.4th Greenwich 6 Jan 1540 (div

1540) Pss Anne of Cleves (Düsseldorf 22 Sep 1516-Chelsea 17 Jul 1557); m.5th Hampton Court Palace 28 Jul

1540 Catherine Howard (1521/2-beheaded on Tower Green 13 Feb 1542); m.6th Hampton Court Palace 12 Jul

1543 Catherine, Lady Burgh, née Parr (Kendal Castle ca 1512-Sudeley Castle 5 Sep 1548)

2.1.Henry, Duke of Cornwall (Richmond Palace 1 Jan 1511-Richmond Palace 22 Feb 1511)

2.2.N Pr of England, b.and d.Richmond Palace Nov 1513

2.3.Mary I, Queen of England 1553 (Greenwich Palace 18 Feb 1516-St.James’s Palace 17 Nov 1558);

m.Winchester Cathedral 25 Jul 1554 King Felipe II of Spain (Valladolid 21 May 1527-Madrid 13 Sep 1598)

2.4.Elizabeth I., Queen of England 1558 (Greenwich Palace 7 Sep 1533-Richmond Palace 2 Mar 1603)

2.5.Edward VI, King of England 1547 (Hampton Court Palace 12 Oct 1537-Greenwich 6 Jul 1553)

2.6.[by Elizabeth Blount] Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset (Blackmore, Essex 1519-22 Jul

1536); m.Lady Mary Howard (d.9 Dec 1557)

3.Pr Edmund of England (Greenwich Palace 20 Feb 1499-Hatfield 19 Jun 1500)

4.Pss Margaret of England (Westminster Palace 29 Nov 1489-Methven Castle 24 Nov 1541); m.1st Holyrood House 8 Aug

1503 King James IV of Scots (17 Mar 1473-k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.2nd Kinnoull 4 Aug 1514 (div 1527)

Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus (ca 1490-Tantallon Castle Jan 1557); m.3rd by 2 Apr 1528 Henry

Stewart, Lord Methven (d.shortly after 10 Oct 1551)

4.1.James Pr of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay (Holyrood 21 Feb 1507-Stirling Castle 27 Feb 1508)

4.2.Arthur Pr of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay (Holyrood 20 Oct 1509-Edinburgh Castle 14 Jul 1510)

4.3.James V, King of Scots (Linlithgow 10 Apr 1512-Falkland Castle 14 Dec 1542, bur Holyrood); m.1st

Notre Dame, Paris 1 Jan 1538 Madeleine of France (St.Germain-en-Laye 10 Aug 1520-Holyrood 7 Jul 1537,

bur there); m.2d St.Andrews 12 Jun 1538 Marie de Guise (Bar-le-Duc 22 Nov 1515-Edinburgh Castle 10 Jun

1560, bur Rheims)

4.3.1.James Pr of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay (St.Andrews 22 May 1540-St.Andrews Apr 1541, bur


4.3.2.Arthur Pr of Scotland, Duke of Albany (Falkland Castle Apr 1541-d.aged 8 days, bur Holyrood)

4.3.3.Mary, Queen of Scots, abdicated 1567 (Linlithgow 7 Dec 1542-beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle 8 Feb

1587, bur Peterbrough Cathedral, then Westminster Abbey); m.1st Notre Dame, Paris 24 Apr 1558 King

François II of France (d.Orléans 5 Dec 1560); m.2d Holyrood 29 Jul 1565 Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

(below); m.3d Holyrood 15 May 1567 James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, Duke of Orkney (d.Malmö 14

Apr 1578) James I of England and VI of Scotland; for his descendants, see the j1 file ; note: all descendants of James I will be included in the j1 file and not in the Henry VII file

4.3.4.[illegitimate by Eupheme Elphinstone] Robert Stewart, cr Earl of Orkney 1581 (1533-4 Feb 1593);

14 Dec 1561 Lady Jean Kennedy (d.Sep 1598) Stewart, Master of Orkney, 3 Nov 1566, d.1589/90 Stewart, 2d Earl of Orkney (1568/9-beheaded at Edinburgh 6 Feb 1615); m.1595/8 Margaret

Livingstone[illegitimate] Robert Stewart, beheaded at Edinburgh 6 Jan 1615 Stewart, cr Earl of Carrick (in Orkney) 1628, d.1643/6; m.Chelsea 26 Oct 1604 Lady Elizabeth

Howard (d.1646); for his descendants see Part h1 James Stewart, of Tullas Stewart, of Eday; m.Lady Jane Gordon Stewart, of Eday; m.Isabella Graem Stewart; m.Robert Richan, of Linklater Richan, of Rapness Richan [a son] Richan [a dau] Richan [a dau] Richan [a dau] Stewart Stewart; m.John Sinclair, of Ulbster; for her descendants see Part h2 Stewart; m.Jul 1585 Patrick Gray, 6th Lord Gray (d.4 Sep 1611); for her descendants see Part h3 Jean Stewart, fl 1642; m.1st Patrick Leslie, Lord Lindores, d.1608; m.2d Robert Melville, Lord Melville of Monymail (ca 1527-Dec 1621); for her descendants see Part h4

4.3.5.[illegitimate by Catherine Carmichael] John Stewart, cr Lord Darnley 1562 (ca 1531-Inverness Oct/Nov 1563); m.Crichton Castle 11 Jan 1562 Lady Jean Hepburn; for his descendants see Part h5

4.3.6.[illegitimate by Margaret Erskine] James Stewart, cr 1562 Earl of Moray (ca 1531-assasinated at Linlithgow by James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh 21 Jan 1570); m.8 Feb 1562 Lady Agnes Keith (d.Edinburgh 16 Jul 1588); for his descendants see Part h6

4.4.Alexander Stewart, Pr of Scotland , Duke of Ross (Stirling Castle 30 Apr 1514-Stirling Castle 18 Dec 1515)

4.5.Pss N of Scotland, b.and d.Holyrood 15 Jul 1508

4.6.Pss N of Scotland, b.and 1513

4.7.Lady Margaret Douglas (Harbottle Castle 7/8 Oct 1515-Hackney 9 Mar 1578); m.St.James’s Palace 6 Jul 1544 Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox (Dunbarton Castle 21 Sep James Cadell at Stirling 4 Sep 1571 in an attack by Earl of Huntly on the Parliament sitting there)

4.7.1.Henry Stuart (6 Feb 1545-29 Nov 1545)

4.7.2.Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Duke of Albany, King of Scots 1565 (7 Dec 1545-murdered at the Kirk of Field 10 Feb 1567); m.Holyrood 29 Jul 1565 Mary, Queen of Scots***

4.7.3.Charles Stuart, 5th Earl of Lennox (ca 1556-London 1576); m.1574 Elizabeth Cavendish (d.just before 21 Jan 1582) Arabella Stuart (1575-Tower of London 27 Sep 1615); m.22 Jun 1610 William Seymour [later, 2nd Duke of Somerset]***

5.Pss Elizabeth of England (2 Jul 1492-Eltham 14 Sep 1495)

6.Pss Mary of England (Richmond Palace 18 Mar 1496-Westhorpe, Sussex 24 Jun 1533); m.1st Abbéville 9 Oct 1514 King Louis XII of France (Blois 27 Jun 1462-Palais du Tournelles, Paris 1 Jan 1515); m.2nd Paris 3 Mar 1515 Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (1484-Guildford Palace 24 Aug 1545)

6.1.Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln (Bath Place, London 11 Mar 1516-d.Suffolk House, Southwark 1 Mar 1534)

6.2.Lady Frances Brandon (Hatfield 16 Jul 1517-Charterhouse, London 11 Nov 1559); m.1st May 1533 Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, 3rd Marquess of Dorset (17 Jan 1517-beheaded on Tower Hill 23 Feb 1554); m.2nd 9 Mar 1554 Adrian Stokes (d.3 Nov 1585)

6.2.1.Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England 10 Jul 1553-19 Jul 1553 (Bradgate, Leicestershire Oct 1537-beheaded on Tower Green 12 Feb 1554); m.Durham House, London 21 May 1553 Lord Guildford Dudley (beheaded on Tower Hill 12 Feb 1554)

6.2.2.Lady Catherine Grey (ca 1539-Cockfield Hall 26/27 Jan 1568); m.1st Durham House 21 May 1553 (div 1554) Henry Herbert, Lord Herbert [later, 2nd Earl of Pembroke] (d.19 Jan 1601); m.2nd London ca Nov 1560 Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford (d.6 Apr 1621) Seymour, Lord Beauchamp (21 Sep 1561-bur 21 Jul 1612); m.1585 Honora Rogers Seymour, Lord Beauchamp (bap 12 Jun 1586-15 Sep 1618); m.21 Jun 1609 Lady Anne Sackville Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset (1 Sep 1587-London 24 Oct 1660); m.1st Greenwich Palace 22 Jun 1610 Lady Arabella Stuart***; m.2nd Drayton Bassett 3 Mar 1617 Lady Frances Devereux (d.24 Apr 1674); for his descendants see Part h7 Seymour, Lord Seymour of Trowbridge (ca 1590-12 Jul 1664); m.1st 1620 Frances Prinne; m.2nd 1635 Catherine Lee (d.1701); for his descendants see Part h8 Honora Seymour; m.9 Jul 1610 Sir Ferdinando Sutton (ca 1588-12 Nov 1621); for her descendants see Part h9 Seymour, d.20 Aug 1619; m.Isabel Onley Seymour, d.young

6.2.3.Lady Mary Grey (1545-London 20 Apr 1578); m.Westminster 10 Aug 1565 Thomas Keyes (d.Sep 1571)

6.2.4.Elizabeth Stokes, b.and d.20 Nov 1554

6.3.Lady Eleanor Brandon (ca 1520-Brougham Castle Nov 1547); m.Southwark Jun 1537 Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland (d.Brougham Castle 6 Jan 1570)

6.3.1.Lady Margaret Clifford (1540-29 Sep 1596); m.7 Feb 1555 Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby (d.25 Sep 1593) Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby, d.16 Apr 1594; m.Alice Spencer (d.26 Jan 1637); for his descendants see Part h10 Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby, d.29 Sep 1642; m.26 Jun 1594 Lady Elizabeth de Vere (d.10 Mar 1727); for his descendants see Part h11 Francis Stanley; m.NN; for his descendants see Part h12

7.Pss Catherine of England (Tower of London 2 Feb 1503-Feb 1503)