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This page is devoted to all warrior women.

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She's dressed like Tarrna, from the movie Heavy Metal omen warriors are hard to find sometimes. Usually they're depicted in comic books or films wearing chain mail bikinis (personally I think a lady can wear such a thing and still be a strong woman...) Through out history, there have been real women warriors. In Japan, the Kunochi (female ninjas) were more feared by the Samurai because they were more powerful (not so much physically but from a decieving women's charms). A naginata (a long pole arm weapon with a knife-like blade on the end) was (and is) the traditional weapon of woman in Japan.

n popular culture the Lady Warrior is often depicted as half naked, clad in a chain mail bikini. In some fantasy artwork (Boris Vallejo art in particular) they're almost completely naked! During the 80's, several Sword &Sorcery films came out (Conan the Barbarian, The Beastmaster, Red Sonja.) It could be expected that some female flesh would be exposed at one point or by men for young men....but I quite like the Conan movies ^^;
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Warrior Women in Literature
…owyn in the Lord of the Rings. She slew the NazgŻl Lord.

Warrior Women in Mythology
Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom & War.
Often depicted with a spear. Her Roman name is Mernerva.
The Amazons, lady warriors often played
large roles in many Greek myths
The Valkyries, Warrior-Maidens of Norse Mythology. They
took the dead from the battlefield.
Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunting. Her Roman
name is Diana
Sif, Norse goddess of beauty & War. Known for
her long golden hair.

Warrior Women in Films, Comics and TV
Red Sonja, comic book Heroine who would not lie with
a man 'til he bested her in battle. None have succeeded.
Tarrna, from the animated film "Heavy Metal". She was the
only one who could save the world from the Loc-Nar.
Xena, from the television series "Xena, Warrior Princess".

Warrior Women in Video Games


Golden Axe


Golden Axe 2


Golden Axe 3

Weapon Lord

Alisia Dragoon
she's really more of a sorceress, but a fighter's a fighter

The Official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Website
Dragonlance Artartwork from the D&D RPG series
Celebrating Tarnna - a nice site dedicated to the Heavy Metal heroine

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Valkyrie from the Lost Vikings 2 game

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 Valkyrie from the Lost Vikings 2 game

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