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Writing about royal events is, for us, much more than a hobby, it is a real passion. We do so willing to share with so many people interested in royalty some of the most extraordinary royal moments of the 20th century. After the sites about the weddings of HRH Crown Prince Harald of Norway and Miss Sonja Haraldsen and of HRH Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and Mr. Claus von Amsberg, and amidst the great expectation of the Belgian people in anticipation of the birth of the first child of TRH Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, we decided that a site about the wedding of the most loved of all the Belgian sovereigns would be appropriate.

As we stressed through the site, the pomp and ceremony seen in this wedding was immense and quite unrepeatable in a country like Belgium. Never had a Belgian sovereign been married in Belgian soil, never had the kingdom deployed such pageantry, never had the people been so joyfully united. The announcement of the wedding of HRH the Duke of Brabant, Prince Philippe, with Mademoiselle Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz, in September 1999, came to unite the country again, probably for the first time since the death of King Baudouin. Soon the country will be united once more, to celebrate the birth of the Count or Countess of Hainaut, who will be the first child to bear this title since King Baudouin himself.

We would like to thank for the help and support of many friends, whose contributions were precious for the making of this website. Before all, we would dare to thank Michelle Gonzalez for her help in writing some of the texts for the site. Equally, we would give our deepest thank to all those who generously sent us many of the images which appear through the site, Tanguy Rivière, Eric Pacherie and Francisco Luis Murado Saavedra, as well as the help with information and encouragement of Jos Hooghuis, Jan Hill and Trond Norén Isaksen. To all our most heartfelt thanks.

October 2001, the Editors

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