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Chett Darkforest's Helpful Information for Completeing the Etched Ivy Armor Quests

The Etched Ivy Armor

Chett Darkforest's Homepage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of the Ivy Etched Armor Quests begin with one of two NPC's Leaf Falldim or Gandari who are found at the Rangers Guild in the Kithicor Forest.

Ivy Etched Helm
To complete the quest for the Ivy Etched Helm you will need to obtain the following three items.
A) One Top of the Rune of Ivy (from a deathly usher ) in Mistmoore
B) A Cyclops charm from Tarskuk (a named cyclops in the Rathe Mts.)
C) One Saphirre
Ivy Etched Helm is 12AC +5Wisdom +5svDisease 3.0wt

Ivy Etched Sleeves
To complete the quest for the Ivy Etched Sleeves you will need to obtain the following items
A) Heart of Fire (from an inferno goblin wizard in Solusek aka Sol A)
B) Left Rune of Ivy from Grimfeathers (named NPC griffon in the Northern Plains of Karanas)
C) Two star Rubies (Can be purchased in Firiona Vie)
Evy Etched Sleeves are 10AC +4Strength 3.7wt

Ivy Etched Bracer
To complete the quest for one Ivy Etched Bracer you will need to obtain the following items
A) The bottom of the Rune of Ivy from Redwind (a named orc in Everfrost)
B) A watery ring from a tidal lord in Dagnor's Cauldron
C) A Fire Emerald.
Ivy Etched Bracer is 9AC +2Dex +3svPOIS 2.3wt

Ivy Etched Gloves
To complete the quest for the Etched Ivy Gloves you will need to obtain the two parts of Morin's Bow
A) Retrieve part A of Morin's Bow from Maldyn the Unkempt (a fallen ranger) his faction is with outcast brownies, and Unkempt Druids. Maldyn is the rarest spawn in the Rathe Mts. and is on a strange spawn cycle that goes thru "a drake, the generic place holder, Hasten Bootstrutter, Brother Zephyl, and Maldyn the Unkempt" I have read that Maldyn will usually appear after Hasten has been killed, and that, Hasten usually pops after 3-5 drakes. Complicating matters even more is that fact that Maldyn is a roaming NPC. I have read reports that his place holder is at the round rock near the Freerot zone near where the drake and Hasten usually spawn. After Maldyn spawns he will then proceed North towards the Druid ring. Of further note Maldyn is KOS to Giants and Cyclopse, and often the Giants kill him, causing the players camping him much frustration.
B) Retrieve part B of Morin's Bow from Slaythe the slayer, a froglok NPC found deep within the Lower Guk on the Live Side. Turn in both parts of the bow to Leaf Falldim and you will recieve the nice resist gear gloves.
Ivy Etched Gloves 11AC +7svCOLD +7svFIRE.

Ivy Etched Tunic
To comlete the quest for the Ivy Etched Tunic you will need to obtain the following
A) The Skull of Meldrath (in the mino cave in the Steamfont Mts.)
B) Right side of the Rune of Ivy from Thistle Underbrush (named brownie in the Lesser Faydark)
C) Two Rubies
Ivy Etched Tunic is 19AC +3STR +5WIS +30HP 6.0wt

Ivy Etched Leggings
To complete the quest for the Ivy Etched Leggings you will need to obtain the following
A) Star of Odus (purchase in Erudin jewlery Shop)
B) The Quiver of Kithicor from Wiltin the Theif (a very rare spawn [long camp], found in the OOT found on Seafury Isle) Wiltin Windwalker's place holder is the Buccaneer who can be found at the small camp of pirates where the tents are set up around the campfire. Once the Buccaneer is killed the next spawn time is 45 min to an hour.
C) Six Named Arrows from the Brownie Outcasts in the Lesser Faydark. Names of the six NO DROP arrows are; acknowledgement, bravery, defiance, gallantry, fortitude, and recognition.
*additional information* Once the six named arrows have been obtained combine them in the Quiver. Then return the combined quiver and the Star of Odus to Leaf Falldim.
Ivy Etched Leggings are 12AC +5AGI +5svFIRE +5svCOLD 4.2wt

Ivy Etched Boots
To complete the quest for the Ivy Etched Boots you will need to obtain the following
A) Ronium
B) Two pieces of Mistmore Granite from the gargoyles in MM. (one piece of granite is used to make Ronium [see below], the second piece should be given to Leaf Falldim, when the Bar of Ronium and the gold is turned in)
C) 2000 gold (very encumbersome)

*Additional Information* The Bar of Ronium is not a drop item, but rather is a side quest.
To Make Ronium you will need to do the following
1) Obtain the mold from Lord Searfire [Dwarven Smith], in the Temple of Solusek Ro. He must consider you amiably before he will deal with you. To raise faction with him you can either hunt the shadowed men or you can give gold 30gp at a time (very expensive) to an Erudite NPC in the Southern Desert of Ro until he cons amiable to you. Once your faction is high enough return to the Temple of Solusek Ro, and hail the Dwarven Smith and then say "What Ronium" and then he will give you the sol cauldron, and then he will tell you the ingredients that you must acquire to make the metal ronium.

The ingredients to make Ronium are the following
a)Melatite (Dropped by MB and MC Clockworks in Solusek's Eye aka Sol A) sometimes you can buy this from the gnomes in Sol A because many players sell them to the NPC's. This will prevent you from taking any faction hits with Ak'Anon
b) Two Bars of Enchanted Platinum [side note] you can buy the Platinum Bars in the upstairs of the Blue building in North Freeport, then hire an enchanter of at least lvl 34 to enchant the bars for you using their enchanter's enchant platinum spell
c) One Mistmoore Granite (Pieces of Mistmoore Granite can be found on Fouting Gargoyles, Jeering Gargoyles or Leering Gargoyles in Mistmoore). The granite is a rare drop off the Gargoyles outside of the castle, but is a common drop on the Gargoyles inside of the castle.
d) The Sands of Ro (from Sand Giants in the Oasis of Mar)
e) The Soil of Underfoot (Get from the Priestess Ghalea in the Kaladim cleric's guild for 4 fairy dusts [need at least amiable faction for this], you can raise your faction with Priestess Ghalea by turning in skeleton bones (lot and lots of them), to Gunlok Jure an NPC dwarf in the paladin's guild in North Kaladim. Also remember not to kill faeries because you will need good faction with them later to complete the Epic quest to Enchant your Trueshot longbow into the Raincaller. I would advise buying the Fairy Dust or hiring another character to kill the fairies

Once all of the ingredients have been obtained place them in the cauldron and hit the combine button and you will get one bar of ronium. You do not need any blacksmithing skill to combine these. Turn in the bar of Ronium, with the Mistmore granite, and the 2000 gp to Leaf Falldim to recieve the boots.
Ivy Etched Boots are 10AC +5STA 3.6wt

List of NPC's and Their Lvls


If any Young rangers have some questions about any part of the Etched Ivy Quests Feel free to E-mail me.