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Stevie's Music Videography 2

"Talk To Me"-1985

This is a good video. It begins with Stevie sitting on a fur rug on the floor inside a beatuiful room. She is bobbing her head back and forth in slow motion and very violently. As the camera pulls away, it is a huge dark room with two people sitting across from eachother at a very long table. There are two candles lit on the table. And then the camera pulls away even more to show a vague image of Stevie sitting on the fur rug again, as she slowly looks over her shoulder. Then over THAT, an image of Stevie shows up. It is a close up and she is singing the song with a big smile on her face. She is wearing red in this part. Then for the majority of the video, she walks around in a huge white room with four windows. One showing her sitting on the fur rug, one of a sunset, another of some sort of candyland, and the other of the two people sitting at the table. There are three steps in the middle of the room. Her and some backup singers and dancers join her for the rest of the video.

"I Can't Wait"-1986

Stevie goes crazy in this video! There are a lot of stairs in this video. She sings at the mic, and plays her tambourine and dances on the stairs with her back up singers and some other people. There is a shot where we are looking down at Stevie as she is stuck inside a tiny, but tall, brick room, and it looks as if she is trying to get out. Finally, at the end of the video, she runs out of the room in slow motion.

"Rooms On Fire"-1989

This video starts out with Stevie singing in red, and she dances around in a fancy room. She is sitting at a table by herself at a party, and she looks unhappy. Finally, a man comes up to her and asks her to dance. They end up dancing outside by the pool. (I'm guessing) That they fall in love and have a baby, because Stevie is seen holding a baby. And then, the man dies and at the very end, he comes back to take Stevie with him to heaven.