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Stevie's Music Videography

"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"-1981

This is Stevie's first video as a solo artist. It is very simple. It just has Stevie and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers just jammin' and singing the song. Stevie has about five little braids with beads on each side of her face. She is wearing a black outfit.

"Stand Back"-1983

In this video, Stevie looks ravishing. She stands in the spotlight singing, and there is even a cool shot of her on a giant treadmill with a flashing blue border around the bottom! The back up dancers look like they belong in a michael jackson video, and the video ends with stevie twirling in the spotlight with both arms raised in the air, and she is holding some black lace. The picture to the right is Stevie and i think thats the guy who coreographs her videos...she looks awesome.

"If Anyone Falls"-1983

This is one of Stevie's best videos. It starts with Stevie sitting in a movie theater and a man comes and sits next to her. Then, she and Mick Fleetwood walk past behind Sandy Stewart who is playing the organ. Mick is dressed as Ivan the Terrible and Stevie just looks like an angel. There is a lot of cool ballet dancing in this video, and everyone in this video looks like a ghost (the fog machine helps out with that). The video ends with Lori (one of her back up singers and her sister in-law) watching Stevie and the man in the back of theater.