Hello, and welcome to my KiSS page. I'm hoping to make some dolls soon, so stay tuned! Once I figure out how to host downloads here I will certainly do so.

Dolls I'm hoping to make(No pics yet):
Dante: Dante is an original character that my friend J-chan made up for our manga, The Unholy Terrors. He's the romantic interest of one of the demon girls. He's a bit vain, but lovable once he loses interest in obtaining control of the girls (Me and J-chan) This one isn't going to be too fancy.

Nae: Yes, I'm doing a doll of myself. I hope to have a huge wardrobe for this, including some alter-ego outfits.

Andy-kun: One of my male friends that J and I mercilessly poke and tickle. We can't help it. He's just so darned cute!! Won't be too fancy, either. And yes, it's "digital underwear"

That's about it, really. It takes a lot. Oh yeah, Silent Angel is the one who made the template for my Dante doll, and thanks to Emby Quinn for the rest. Arigato!!

Screw you guys, I'm going home.