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This website founded/owned/ran by Piccolo.
This site was last updated 7/16/02 at 4:40 PM

7/18 - I'm sick of people not doing anything. So the game's paused until people talk to me.

7/9 - Aight, too many people are not active. So, everybody with a * by their name will be deleted on the 20th if they don't talk to me first.

7/8 - It's 3:15 am right now and I just updated the site for 7/7. Sorry about the late update, I had a virus eating at all my files and I was forced to reboot my computer from factory condition losing everything I had.

7/5 - I just thought of something. I wonder if having different battlefields would be fun. You could spend a turn moving to a location that gives you a plus % to a certain thing like damage reduced or dealt. If you like the idea or have improvements on it, let me know.

7/4 - I just realized that most of the moves aren't worth learning. So, I changed energy attacks types E and F, a few energy defends, and physical attacks types C and D around some.

7/1 - Aight guys, I've been nice so far but not anymore. I haven't been attacking anyone who hasn't distributed their stats but you've had over a week to realize the site's up and running. So now I'm going to start attacking people. I just realized those guys that are working together are about to start ruling this game and I don't want to be left behind. When I'm fighting someone I won't do that style crap, I'll do the most intelligent moves either of us can do.

6/24 - By the way, a game day is from one time I update to the next. I update once a day but the actual time is pretty random. Don't forget to check thew message board often. If I change something on the site I'll probably tell you about it there.

6/23 - Alright, I know you all have been waiting a long time so I've started the game. Right now I'm trying to learn Java in the hopes that I can update the site automatically and/or create a better way of battling. Email me at or my aol instant messenger screen names are Real Juggler and DarkLordPiccolo.

If I find out you have more than one character I will delete all of your characters. Save us both the trouble and have only one character (I can read your IP address, so give it up).

Where are the days gone by? The young kids playing in the garden, killing the rabbits. Ahhhh, the days of yore, when rabbits were extremely deadly with their poisonous bite and steely hair. I sure do miss how easy they were to catch then, now they're small and quick. They've been tamed but they're planning their revolt. One day, their leader will bite you without holding back his sweet, sweet venom. Then, and only then, will the rabbits take over. Good god, we're in for some tough times.

Popups annoying? Be grateful there is only one, and that it doesn't freeze your computer like most others. Sometimes, if you minimize the popup and ignore it it won't come up each time you go to a different page.

This website runs on eastern time.

This site was completed 6/23/02.