My very first MST!
Twin-MST (Immortal Style)

Author's Notes: This was my first MST, and to prove that I don't always pick on other people, this MST was done to an early YWT fic of mine. I hate it soooo much.^_^;;;
The MST will be in blue. And no, the immortals don't always act this way. (Do they ever act this way??^^;;;)

Lastly, all standard disclaimers apply. The Advisor and Cerberus are original characters, so don't take them without permission.

The Sentinel of Lost Souls is looking into his candelabra when he notices something strange.

Sentinel: Huh?! What is that. . .?!

Before he could finish, his room explodes in bright light.

* * *

The Advisor is taking a quick walk around the deserts of Letheron. He decides to go to Cerberus’ house to see how his friend is doing. When he reaches there, however—

Advisor: Strange. . .what *is* that light surrounding his house?! Cerberus?! Are you okay?!!!
Cerberus (opens up the door): Advisor! Stay away from here! Something. . .!!!

Suddenly a huge sand storm just starts up and both are swept into the air. Before they could comprehend what is happening, the swirling sands engulf the Advisor and Cerberus.

* * *

Charon is strolling along, minding his own business, when he notices that someone’s about to die. Quickly, he walks over just in time to see a girl get hit by a car. Charon is about to pull the soul out and take it to the next world when—

Charon: What the. . .?!

He can’t move! In fact, something odd is happening. Why is he disappearing?!!!

* * *

When the Sentinel opens his eyes, he is startled to see Charon, the Advisor, and Cerberus all in his room.

Sentinel: What are you all doing here?
Advisor: Good question!
Cerberus: A freak sandstorm swept us up.
Charon: I just teleported. . .without meaning to.
[All four stare at one another, not quite sure what this means]

Suddenly, they all heard—

Evil voice: Mwahahahaha!!! I have you all trapped!!!
Charon: Who?! What?!
Sentinel: Trapped?! [Gets up to open the door. Face constricts in horror] It. . .it’s locked!
Cerberus: Well, unlock it!!!
Sentinel: I can’t!
Advisor: Oh no! Don’t tell me we’re stuck here!
Evil voice: ‘fraid so! I’m your worse nightmare! To get out of here, you’ll have to read what I send you to read. . .if your minds are still sane after the horrible pieces of garbage you are forced to see, everything will be back to normal.
Sentinel: We do *not* have to listen to you!
Evil voice: Too bad, you do.

Candelabra’s flames suddenly flare up intensely, and the room dims.

Charon: Sentinel, what are you doing?
Sentinel: I’m not doing any of this!!
Evil voice: ‘course not. I’m doing it.
Sentinel: Hey! Don’t play with my things!!!
Evil voice: Hahaha!! Take a look in your precious candelabra.

All immortals look and then recoil in horror.

Cerberus: It’s fanfiction!!!!
Evil voice: Yes! And you must read it!

Flames increase until a person can see the words even standing next to the wall. . .whether they want to or not. Three other armchairs appear next to the Sentinel’s own seat.

Sentinel: Excuse me! This is my room! How dare you make furniture appear in my room!?
Evil voice: I’ll keep you all trapped in this room and I’m going to play heavy metal for you until you go deaf if you don’t sit down and read.
Advisor: I can’t believe it. Threat upon threat.

Not having much of a choice, the immortals all sit down in their own chairs.

Charon: I guess the only way I can get back to work is to read this.
Cerberus: You’re right. I tried to teleport out and nothing happened.
Advisor: Maybe it won’t be *too* bad.
Sentinel: I hope. (Sighs) Well, I guess we better read this. You two want to go home, Charon and I want to work.
[Sigh in unison and begin to read]
Evil voice: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Charon: Would you stop laughing? We can’t concentrate.
Evil voice: Oh, sorry.
[All groan and sigh and groan a bit more before returning to the story]


Advisor: Okay, be prepared for one of us to have a twin we never knew.

Author’s notes: Hi, I’m Liana. (It’s a pen name.)

Sentinel: Liana? Hmm, I’ll remember that. Maybe she’ll use the pen name when she accidently dies and comes here.
Cerberus (checking his cutlass): Invite me over when she comes.
Advisor: Come on now, we didn’t even read it yet.
Charon: Well, the story is so bad it simply radiates foul energy that’s making us all edgy.

This is a little story I wrote about Yami Wa Tsudou.

Sentinel: Yami. . .wa. . .Tsudou. . .
Charon: Uh oh.
Cerberus: Good! We’re not in it!
Charon: Hey, Yami Wa Tsudou is more about you than me, so it’s probably not me!
Sentinel (moans): Oh no.
Advisor: Cheer up. It could still be Charon.

It’s mainly about the Sentinel.

Sentinel: I’m doomed!!!
[Charon breathes a sigh of relief]

It’s also sort of angsty, so be warned. I’m a sadist.^_^

Advisor: And she smiles about that?!
Sentinel: Oh, why me?!

Okay, I think that’s about it. You can read the story now. I hope you enjoy!

Cerberus: Is she mocking us?

Watashi wa namae suki wo daite, Yami Wa Tsudou.

Charon: What the. . .?!
Sentinel: And that translates to, “I am name embracing like, the darkness gathers.”
Cerberus: The hell?!
Advisor: You can just tell she’s trying to show off.

The story begins. . .

*This is a very unusual case.* The golden haired boy, seated in his armchair, looked towards the family...

Charon: Watch this. Is it a family?

yes, family...that was seated on the couch. He’s had two family members come in one after another, or maybe even at the same time...but the entire household? That had never happened before in his long eons of working here, and he was curious as to their reason for coming.

Sentinel: What are you talking about? It most certainly happened before!
Advisor: Now, now, they wouldn’t know that, would they?

They had died in a car crash, that much was certain,

Sentinel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. How did I know this? They didn’t start telling me their stories yet!
Charon: Evidently the author thinks you’re omnipotent.
Sentinel: Sorry, but no cigar. It would be nice though.

but did the entire family have regrets? Or was it some sort of freak accident and not one of them were actually supposed to die? Or was it...

Cerberus: Instead of sitting there thinking uselessly, why don’t you start talking to them?!
Sentinel: Don’t ask me! Ask the author! She wrote it!

He shook off the thoughts and turned to the souls, who

Charon: Had all fallen asleep from waiting for the strange kid on the armchair to start talking. The end.
Advisor: I wish.

looked back at him expectantly. “If all of you are comfortable, we can begin.”

“I think we’re all fine,” the father, Dr. George Johanssen, spoke respectfully.

“Speak for yourself, dad,”

Cerberus: Would he speak for anyone else?

his 20 year old son, Benedict, snorted. “I still don’t see why we have to listen to that creep.” Beside him, his sister Pearl shushed him hastily. Their mother, Helen, simply sat silently,

Advisor: Hey! Alliteration!
Sentinel: This author can sign up in the contest for “Terrible Usage of Good Literary Devices”.

holding on to their 5 year old girl-Constance.

Advisor: My, my! Their parents like to spread things out, don’t they?

“Excuse me,” Pearl asked hesitantly, “May I ask you a question?”

Cerberus (Sentinel): No, just shut up and go away. I’m trying to figure out how you got here.
Sentinel: I wouldn’t say that!

The red eyes regarded her kindly, “Please.”

Charon: Oh yes, Sentinel, I suppose you were on vacation and left your eyes behind?

“ begin with, where are we? I mean, I know you said that this was between life and death, so what does that make us? Are we alive? Or are we...” she trailed off.

Sentinel: Like I said, you would be between life and death.

“For the moment, Miss Pearl, you and your family are dead,” he replied calmly.

Sentinel: And I answer her? What was wrong with me in here?!

“Hey! Excuse me!” Benedict yelled, jumping to his feet.

Advisor: As opposed to jumping to his hands, maybe?
Charon (Benedict): Wait! Feet, come back!

“Are you crazy?! I’m not dead!”

Cerberus (Benedict): That’s why I’m in this room with a wacky eared short kid!
Advisor and Sentinel: HEY!!!

George hastily yanked him back down in his seat.

Choosing to ignore the less than respectful son, the Sentinel continued, “But, for whatever reason, none of you were able to cross over. Therefore, all of you must tell me your own stories. Using your explanations, I can then decide whether your life ends here, or if you can continue on with it.”

Sentinel (muttering): At least she has the explanation right.
Charon: Well, they have to know something about you in order to write a story.
Sentinel: No they don’t.

“This is insane,” Benedict muttered, “He can just choose our fates according to what he wants!”

Sentinel (whiny): Yes I can! So there!
Advisor: Goodness, is this what you have to put up with?
Sentinel: Believe it or not, yes.

“Are there any more questions?” The Sentinel asked.

Charon: Yes. When will the torture end?
Advisor: It’s not that bad yet!
Cerberus: I doubt you’ll be saying the same thing once we get further into this story.

“No, I don’t think so,” George replied, looked a tad stunned.

Cerberus: Just a tad?! This man’s not very emotional, is he?

“Very well. Now we can begin,” he turned to Helen. “Mrs. Jo....”

Charon: Shmoe.
Sentinel: Alright, that was just lame.
Charon: So who asked you?!

A sharp rap on the door interrupted him. The Sentinel turned in his armchair

Advisor: I thought you turned in test papers?
Sentinel: I was *IN* the chair?! What?!

to stare at the door.

Cerberus: See anything yet?
Sentinel: Nope, just wood.

*Who was that? Why in the world didn’t I sense him immediately?*

Advisor: Sentinel, you can’t sense the person, but you know the person’s a boy?
Sentinel: Look, it’s not making sense to me either.

An uneasy premonition started to settle in the pit of his stomach.

Charon: Must have been the sour apples you ate.
Sentinel: I don’t eat.
Cerberus: Do immortals even *have* stomachs?!

The strange case with an entire family of this knocking from a person that he didn’t (or couldn’t?) sense....what did it all mean?

Charon: It could mean that the demons were just playing a little trick on you.
Sentinel: They wouldn’t do that. I feed them!

The knock resounded again,

Advisor: If the knock resounded, isn’t it kind of redundant to add “again”?
Sentinel: See, proof that the author has no idea what she’s talking about.
Cerberus: Do you pronounce “resounded” like re-sounded, or like re-zounded?
Charon: It doesn’t really matter, Cerberus.

and this time, the Sentinel stood and walked to the door.

Charon: Oh, so you open the door for a stranger and not for me?!
Sentinel: Now obviously this person’s never read “Yami Wa Tsudou”.

He placed his hand on the handle, still trying to figure out who the person was. He vaguely heard Pearl ask if it was another one like them, but he knew it wasn’t. A soul he can sense....

Advisor: So he just stands there.
Charon (stupid voice): Duuhh. . .what was I doing in front of the door again?
Sentinel: Excuse me!

Finally, the blond Sentinel opened the door to see who the entity was. If he hadn’t braced himself, he would have fallen back in 100% shock.

Cerberus: Instead of falling back in 10% shock.
Sentinel: If I were only 10% shocked, I wouldn’t be falling back.

A figure stood before him, swathed in a long bolt of silk as dark as night.

Charon: Yes, the night is so dark, what with the moon, the stars, and all.
Advisor: Must not be a very dark “bolt of silk” then.

He couldn’t quite see the face, but he could see a bit of the sleeve, and the hand that kept the silk from dropping off. He recognized it.....

Cerberus: You know, it takes skill to recognize someone by their *hands*!

For what seemed like a long moment, the golden haired boy simply stood there, one hand on the door, staring. Finally, he asked, “Aren’t you....” then trailed off.

“Not sure of who I am, are you?”

Sentinel: I thought I recognized your hands!
Cerberus: And I thought you were omnipotent.
Sentinel: If I were, I would’ve figured out a way not to be reading this thing.

The person spoke for the first time, his voice as smooth as the silk he covered himself with, and the hand reached up to the black hood darkening his features. It fell back.

Charon (person in black): Confound it! Features fell back again!

“How about now?” The souls seated saw the Sentinel’s hand tighten on the door handle. Everyone strained to see the strange figure.

Sentinel: Why don’t they just stand? It’s not as if I strap them to the couch or anything.

Helen gasped, being the first to catch a glimpse of the face. * looks just like...

Advisor(Helen): My long lost lover!
Sentinel(ditto): Brad Pitt!

like him!*

Cerberus: I hate to say this, but, “Duh!”
Charon: Him?! That just explains everything!

Hearing the gasp, the mysterious individual looked over the Sentinel’s shoulder.

“It seems that even the souls notice our resemblance...”

Cerberus: Oh! So that’s who Helen meant by “him”.
Charon: Why couldn’t she have said, “It looks just like the Sentinel!” then?
Cerberus: Because then the fanfic would flow, and we can’t have that, can we?

he chuckled, amused. “Well? Aren’t you going to let me in?” The next few events happened so quickly it seemed to take no time at all.

Sentinel: That wouldn’t be too difficult considering TIME DOESN’T EXIST here!!!
Advisor: Calm, calm! It’s okay!

Without warning, the Sentinel immediately tried to shut the door. A black shrouded hand shot out,

Cerberus (person in black): Yeah, I just go shooting my hands at people everyday!
Sentinel: Ah! This person’s a living machine gun! I understand now!

stopping the door’s progress abruptly. The two stood glaring at one another, one straining to close the entrance, and one straining to keep it open.

Advisor: Hmm. . .Newton’s Third Law, I believe.
Cerberus: Newton’s 3rd law is two immortals pushing at a door?
Advisor: No, it’s action force=reaction force.
Charon: I realize science class might be more interesting than this fanfic, but we’re never going to get done if you keep stalling.
Cerberus, Advisor: Darn.

“I see you haven’t changed at all...” the silk-wrapped boy smirked.

Charon: Silk wrapped is usually used to describe the cocoon stage of silkworms.
Cerberus: What makes you so sure he isn’t a silkworm?! Huh?! Huh?!
Charon: Oh shut up.

“You don’t belong here,” the other retorted. Finally, he stopped trying to close the door, but still retained a commanding grip on the handle. “What do you want?”

Sentinel (silk wrapped boy): I want this fanfic to end.
Cerberus (N’Sync): I want you back!!
Advisor: Never mind the fanfic author, Cerberus is the one who needs help!

“It’s about time you stopped trying to resist me...” the boy standing outside muttered.

Advisor: And that has some nasty connotations right there. . . .

He stopped pushing, but kept his own hand on the door also. “Now, let me in.”

“First tell me why you’re here,” the Sentinel repeated, feeling irritated.

“I’ll tell you nothing until you let me in...” his eyes met the former’s own, “”

Charon: Bum-bum-bum!
Sentinel: And out of the blue.
Cerberus: Your brother’s a silkworm?

The red eyes narrowed defensively

Cerberus: Sentinel, you’ve got to keep your red eyes from popping out and doing things. . .it’s disturbing.

and he hissed, “How dare you...”

Sentinel: Oh so now I’m a snake too?
Advisor: I’m sure the author didn’t mean that.
Sentinel: Actually, I do have fangs. . . .

“My, do seem to have no patience with me at’s a wonder you can actually sit through all those long talks the souls give,”

Sentinel: That’s because they’re interesting! As opposed to you!

the stranger replied flippantly. If he expected a violent reaction to his action,

Charon: Everyone, laugh! I think that was supposed to be humor!
All (unenthusiastically): Ha, ha, ha.

he was disappointed. The Sentinel merely shut his eyes for an instant, a small smile on his face, then reopened it.

Sentinel: I reopened my face. How illuminating.

Now he looked completely clam.

Sentinel: I am going to murder the author.
Charon (excited vendor): Shellfish Sentinel, on sale today!
Cerberus: How does one look like a clam anyway?

Glancing over the other carelessly, he allowed that mysterious youth to access the room. Fixing his black silk, the entity strode in.

Advisor: Now why didn’t that person just push past the Sentinel while he had his eyes closed? You get the feeling he's not exactly a polite guy.
Sentinel(person in black): Despite the fact that I'm the evil villian who lives to be evil in this ridiculously transparent plot, being rude somehow bothers me.

He regarded the golden haired boy, who was leaning against the back of his chair, arms crossed.

Charon: Leaning against the back of his chair?! But I thought. . .he was holding the door handle. . .?!
Cerberus: Did your room suddenly shrink?

“Well, you’ve certainly improved. That was an impressive performance, really. I used to be the only one that could truly anger you. Now, I suppose that honor is stripped of me as well?”

Advisor: What, was he playing strip poker or something?
Cerberus: Ugh. Let’s just keep reading.

The Sentinel looked away, emphasizing his delicate profile, “Actually, I haven’t changed much, and you still have that honor.”

Advisor: Oh good, nothing was stripped.
Cerberus: Would you get *off* that topic?

“At least you can disguise it most convincingly...” he murmured, voice as smooth as ever.

“That is only because you came at a most inconvent time for me to be angry...”

Sentinel: I might be just stupid, but what sort of time is inconvent?!
Advisor: I suppose time without any nuns?

the red eyes narrowed,

Cerberus: My word, your eyes are so energetic!
Charon: Cerberus, I think the eye jokes are a little old now.

and the cloaked being glanced slyly over at the family of souls seated on a couch. *Ah...he hasn’t changed...Still the same righteous person I knew so long ago

Advisor: Wait a minute. Who is he talking about here?!

...and still those childish features...*

Cerberus: And that has to do with the story because?
Sentinel: I think he was talking about me.

His reverie was interrupted when the subject of his thoughts spoke again, “Well? Why are you here?”

Advisor: You know, this could be either the Sentinel or one of the souls, depending on how you interpret his thoughts up there.

“To visit you, my dear brother! Is that a crime?” He asked, knowing that the title of ‘brother’ would irritate his opponent to no end.

The Sentinel stiffened,

Advisor, Charon, Cerberus: EWWWW!!!
Sentinel: That wasn’t what the author meant!!!

“Don’t address me in that fashion.”

“Alright. You are so difficult to please...” Abruptly, the boy dropped to his knees and bowed in mock reverence.

All: HUH?!!!

“Is this better, seeing as you are so powerful and all?” Hidden in the security of his cloak, he looked up to see the other’s reaction. Sure enough, he was ready to explode.

Sentinel: Why, because he knelt down in front of me?
Advisor: I don’t remember you being so volatile!
Sentinel: Oh, ha ha. What a pun. That’s so funny.
Advisor (confused): Huh? (Gets it) Oh! I didn’t mean it like that!

There was a silence before the golden haired immortal managed to speak again, his tone carrying a slight shake,

Cerberus (Tone): Hey, do you know where I can put this down this Slight Shake?
Charon (Slight Shake): No! I wanna keep piggy-back riding!!!
Sentinel: And that makes lame joke number two thousand and one. . .
Advisor: You're exaggerating again... but yes, that was pretty bad, guys.
Cerberus, Charon: Oh, shut up!

however cold it may seem, “Get up, you fool.” He didn’t say any more, and the youth guessed that it was because he no longer trusted his voice to hide his flury.

Sentinel: I no longer trusted my voice to hide my light snows, which, coincidentally, is spelt incorrectly. . .this fanfic makes so much sense now!

Obediently, the boy stood up.

Cerberus: Thank you for clarifying. For a moment there, I thought he stood down.

“Oh...are you angered by my actions?” He teased.

“Why are you here?” The Sentinel repeated his question, carefully controlling his tone.

Charon: Didn’t he ask that a few lines ago?
Sentinel: Well, I seem to have an IQ of 2 in this story.
Cerberus: Immortals have IQs?
Advisor: All except you.
Cerberus (growling): Take that back. . .

“To visit you. To see how my dear brother is doing,” he answered.

Charon (Sentinel’s brother): Yes, and while I’m at it, I might as well say, “My brother, your brother has come to see you. After all, I am your brother!”
Advisor: I don’t think he was being that obvious.
Charon: I do.

“Your true reason!” The other nearly shouted, his deep red eyes burning.

Sentinel: ARGH! My eyes are on fire! Put it out! Put it out!
Advisor: Okay, that’s just absurd. . .
Cerberus: And you tell us we make lame jokes?!

“Why do you despise it so when I call you my brother? After all...” the hood fell away from the mysterious individual’s face.

Cerberus: How did Helen manage to see this guy’s face if a hood was covering it the whole time?
Advisor: It wasn’t. The hood fell back earlier on, remember?
Charon: No, that was his features.
Cerberus (confused): Then why is the hood falling away from his face again?!
Sentinel: Don’t think about it. You’ll hurt yourself.

The souls present in the room, who were watching the conversation, all gasped as one.

Advisor: Did they all forget that Helen already said that this person looked like the Sentinel? Or are they all ignoring her?

In the light,

Sentinel: What light?! I turn off the lights in my room when I talk to souls! What light are you talking about?!
Charon: Calm down, Sentinel. They wouldn’t know that.
Sentinel: Do research!!

that youth was shockingly similar to the Sentinel. Same build, same large eyes, same elfish ears, same hair style, and same cut of clothing.

Charon: Same height, same attitude, same bad-habit-of-asking-questions-he-knows-the-answers-to. . .why, it’s a clone of the Sentinel!

Except...the stranger had jet black hair and grey eyes.

Advisor: You know, considering this is a manga, eye color and hair color make a big difference.

His skin tone was identical to the other’s, but the color of his outfit was a much darker blue.

Cerberus: I might be missing something, but what do skin tone and outfit color have to do with one another?
Sentinel: You have to consider one when you choose the other.
Cerberus: Okay, gotcha. Consider outfit color when choosing skin tone.
Advisor: No, no, no!

“Or is it because you think that’s incorrect? Maybe I should address you as my twin?” He took a step closer to his kit, eying the Sentinel closely.

Advisor: The Sentinel turns into a kit. . .now I’ve seen everything.

The red eyes finally locked onto his own. “You...disgust me. It seems that the only reason you are here is to irritate me with your nonsense and prevent me from doing my work. What do you hope to accomplish? And if you refuse to tell me, then answer this: How did you get out?”

Charon: Well that was just a pointless bunch of blabber.
Sentinel: What makes me think he’s going to answer the second question if he won’t answer the first one?! How stupid does the author think I am?!

“I thought you’d ask that....” his twin replied carelessly. “I...had some help.” When he saw his brother’s eyes narrow, he knew that the Sentinel had figured it out.

Cerberus: Yes, eye narrowing always tells me so much, you know?

“You trapped me in that realm, knowing that we can not undo each other’s actions...all because you wanted superiority...”

Charon: You ever notice how it’s some kind of obsession with villains to recount all their past woes?
Advisor: It’s so people will feel sorry for them.
Sentinel: It’s not working yet.

“No. I trapped you because you were a murderer,” the other answered coldly. “Using the knowledge that neither of us can undo what the other did, you continuously hassled me by killing the souls!

Sentinel: Um, the souls are already dead. That would be why they come to my room, right?

Life meant nothing to you... How can I let someone like that stay here?” A loud cry suddenly interrupted both of them. Each turned to look at the family. Constance had started to ball,

Charon: Um. . . .
Advisor: It’s a spelling error! Ignore it!

and Helen was frantically trying to shush her. The evil twin looked annoyed.

“I should have known not to let the child come in here...” he muttered.

“You?! You were the one that sent them all in here?” The Sentinel asked, furious.

Sentinel: You’d think the author would at least give me credit for the ability to put two and two together.

“Oh...yes,” the black clothed boy answered, undisturbed. “Children are so annoying...there’s no need to be so loud just because they are sensitive to evil...”

Advisor: Not to offend you or anything, but I would say that’s a very good reason to cry loudly.

Constance continued to cry hysterically.

Pearl looked faint, “...Evil?” she whispered, staring at the dark carbon copy of their helper.

Charon: It strikes me how incredibly dense good people always are. I mean, she must be deaf not to have heard all that stuff the Sentinel just said the guy did.
Sentinel: She probably didn’t believe me. Souls have an annoying tendency to do that.

“Yes, my dear...evil...”

Cerberus (Person in black): Yes, my dear Evil! Nothing shall harm you!
Advisor: See, he forgot what to say after “my dear”, so he picked the first thing that came to his mind, which happens to be “evil”. It would explain the inexplicable trailing off, wouldn’t it?

A dark sphere suddenly flew out of nowhere, aimed directly at the sobbing child. “Shut up, you annoying little brat!” It never reached its target. A steak shot past him,

Charon: Followed by ham, turkey, and chicken.
Sentinel: This fanfic is practically begging for insults.

encircling the souls and refracting the sphere. It was fluttering, snow colored silk

Advisor: You know, snow-colored could mean white, grey, or this icky brown color.
Cerberus: Considering how badly the author’s been treating the Sentinel, I would say it’s probably a mix of the last two.

that slowly became a transparent shield, protecting the 5 people encased in it. “You...” he turned to glare at the Sentinel.

Charon: You can do that?
Sentinel: Beats me.

“Don’t. Touch. Them.” He warned coldly.

Advisor: Why. Is. He. Stop. Ping. Like. That.

“Who are you?”

Cerberus: A bit slow on the uptake, isn’t he?

Dr. Johanssen cried, the paternal instinct overtaking his calmness.

“Who am I,

Charon: Yes, usually when people ask questions, they want you to repeat the question.

the old man asks...” the dark-haired one snorted.

Advisor: Assuming this “dark-haired one” is immortal, he has no right calling *any* mortal an old man considering he would be older than all of them *combined*!

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked the souls. “Look at me!

Charon: Where the heck did you think they were looking? At the ceiling??

I am the exact opposite of that overly righteous being that protected you...I am his... shall we say...evil twin? You humans always seem to adore reading about such things.” He laughed, “I am the Antisentry. The one who fatally confuses the souls instead of guiding them to their right paths.”

Sentinel: It takes this guy four lines to give a four word answer!

“That is enough!” The Sentinel interrupted. “I don’t know what Satan was thinking when he released you...I can not believe he was foolish enough to believe whatever lies you’ve told, butttttt...”

Charon: Um. . .
Cerberus: You sound like a talking toy running out of batteries.
Sentinel: Good grief, this is pathetic. . .

The Antisentry cut him off, “Simple enough, my brother. He was so desperate to destroy you that he was willing to gamble anything. As soon as I said that I would hand you to him on a silver platter,

Advisor (Antisentry): Would you like sauce with that, sir?
Sentinel: Ugh! Satan wants to *eat* me?!

he lost his senses

Charon (Satan): Where oh where did my senses go? Oh where oh where can it be?!
Cerberus: Charon, get some sleep.

and freed me immediately. Of course, he doesn’t really know what I plan to do...or, more specifically, what you plan to do...” his grey eyes glittered dangerously.

“I will never help you, if that is what you are hinting at,” the Sentinel replied.

“Help me?” His twin chuckled, “No, you won’t help me...not willingly, anyway.”

Advisor: If you help someone unwillingly, it’s not really called helping anymore.

The golden haired boy noticed the obvious threat immediately, “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean...I have you trapped.” The Antisentry grinned sadistically. “These souls will never be able to leave the realm.

Sentinel: I think he means room.
Advisor: Just leave it.

I have placed a seal

Charon: One seal isn’t big enough. We also need walruses, dolphins, and whales.

around this room. And I have made it so that only I can send them away to safety.” He heard a suppressed gas

All: [laugh hysterically]
Sentinel [trying to stop laughing]: That’s it. . .somebody hates me. . .!

and glanced at his sibling, who turned sharply away, heading towards the door.

Sentinel: I thought I was leaning against the back of my armchair! Doesn’t the back of my armchair face the door?! Why would I need to turn sharply away?!
Advisor: Plot contrivances.
Sentinel: Well, it’s a stupid one!
Advisor: Since when were plot contrivances not stupid?
Sentinel: Oh. Well, good point.

“Open it. You will see that I’m not bluffing.” The Sentinel nearly yanked the ornate door off to look outside.

Cerberus: I thought the door was open.
Charon: Yeah, he’s just yanking the door off because he feels like it.
Cerberus: But the door never closed! How do you open a door that was never closed?!
Charon: Cerberus, forget it.

A shimmering mass of something that seemed like black mercury wobbled

Charon: Look, Sentinel! The darkness turned into jello!

around in the immediate vicinity of the entrance. He stared at it for a long while, speechless and in shock. Soft hands touched his shoulders and squeezed.

Cerberus: The Sentinel’s a tube of toothpaste!
Advisor: Is he trying to give you a massage?

A voice floated mockingly to his ears-“You...realize the implications, don’t you? I shan’t have to explain any of this.”

Charon (British accent): Oh, I shan’t! I really shan’t!
Sentinel: You know, I don’t recall even Sages talking like this.

He whirled around, shaking the Antisentry’s hands off, “But you’ve blocked off the realm completely.” It sounded like a statement, but in truth, it was a frantic question.

Cerberus: Well, if it’s *any* kind of question, there’s usually a question mark at the end of the sentence.
Advisor: How frantic could the question be if there’s a period at the end of it?!

*If he blocked off the entire realm...then no souls would be able to come in at all. That is better than only sealing off the room... what if the demons...?*

Charon: Is anyone understanding this?
Sentinel: The implication that I tend to stutter in my thoughts is completely erroneous.
Charon (to the other two): When he gets traumatized he starts using bigger words. . . .

“Are you stating a fact, or are you asking?” His twin replied calmly.

“Did you block off the realm completely?” The Sentinel restated his words, desperately trying to hold back all emotions and keeping his tone neutral.

Cerberus(Sentinel): Halt, emotions! Stay! Desist! Don’t come any closer!
Sentinel: What’s a Tone Neutral and how do you keep it?

“Maybe I did...maybe I didn’t,” the Antisentry shrugged.

“Answer...” he began, but a piercing scream abruptly cut him off. He pivoted sharply

Advisor: I’m guessing the Sentinel’s affixed to a rotating platform, right?

to look at the liquid-like shield, then slowly turned back, meeting the gloating expression in his sibling’s eyes.

“I answered,” the black cloaked one smiled.

Charon: Hey, I take offense! Can’t they be a little more specific?

He twisted around to regard the souls,

Sentinel: I suppose now he’s Richard Reed.
Advisor: Nope, just a wannabe.
Cerberus: Don’t anybody sing the Spice Girls song!
Charon: Being from Letheron, how in the world would you know about Spice Girls?!
Cerberus: . . . .

still protected by the transparent blockade. “Hmm...I think I really should explain this to them. After all, they are going to be the witnesses to the next event...” A sadistical

Sentinel: Being a supporter of correct spelling and grammar, I’d like to point out that “sadistical” is not a word. Thank you.
Others: Yay.

smile flashed again. “You see, outside the door, demons reside. They love to eat lost souls such as you. Of course, my righteous twin here refuses to feed any of the ‘good’ souls to them, saving only the evil ones, such as your ax murderers...etc..

Advisor: A note from the political correctness supporters: Ax murderers belong to all people!

If I block off the room to any lost souls that wander here, they will no longer be able to see that door. The demons will devour them after a while, because those idiots think that their ‘master’ isn’t going to open the door.

Sentinel: Gee, thanks for the great explanation to those souls who have no purpose in this story except to act as plot devices.
Advisor: Since when were you the demons' master?
Charon: Since the start of this terrible fanfic.

However, if I block off the entire realm, no souls will come in at all. Therefore, although the larger shield will make his job quite dull, this small one certainly causes much more damage...” here he looked over at the Sentinel, “Isn’t that right, brother?”

He was silent as he closed the door. Then he turned and asked, in a completely deadpan tone,

Cerberus(Sentinel): Oh woe! The pan. . .the pan is dead!
[Funeral March plays]
Sentinel: Cerberus, why do you keep pretending to be me?
Charon: Don't you know? He's secretly in love with you.
Cerberus: Hey!!!

“What do you want from me?”

“I? What do I want?”

Advisor: And yet again! The marvelous repetition of someone else’s question!
Sentinel: Is he trying to impress people with his good memory, or what?

The Antisentry laughed, shaking his head. “I think you know perfectly well what I want from you. After all those eons spent in your trap, I finally get to repay you for the ‘kindness’ you’ve shown me. Finally.”

Advisor: Ooh. . .kindness is in quotes!
Cerberus: What did you do to this guy for him to hate you so?
Sentinel: I don’t even know him!

“You deserved it. All of it. You murdered the souls...just like you are doing now.

Charon: Does he murder souls by talking to you, Sentinel?
Sentinel (exasperated): I don’t know! Ask the stupid author!

Trapping you there was closest I can get to killing you.”

“My dear are so just with those pathetic spirits.”

Cerberus: He is so just what?
Advisor: I think he means “just” as in “fair”.
Cerberus: Well why didn’t he just say so then?!

“And what do you plan to do with them?” The Sentinel gestured to the family.

“It depends on you. If you agree, I will send them all back. If you disagree...well, I guess the monsters will have a wonderful feast. Or maybe I could make Satan very happy...”

Sentinel: What’s he gonna do, propose marriage?
Advisor: You know, that's a good way to get Satan out of your hair forever.
Sentinel: Hey, you're right! Maybe hanging around with this stupid villian will make Satan dumber too!

He shook his head in mock pity, “Such a shame too. Constance is a beautiful child, really.”

Cerberus: You can just tell that Constance is important to the story. I mean, what subtle hints the author is throwing at us.
Charon: The author makes it sound like Constance and the Sentinel are having a love affair.
Sentinel: Charon, one more comment like that and I’ll feed *you* to the monsters.

“If I give you what you want,”

Charon (singing): If I give you all I have, would you marry marry me. . .
Sentinel: Oh please. It doesn’t even match what I said.

the ruby red eyes flashed with intensity. “What will you do?”

“I will send this family back to their rightful place, unseal the room, and make sure all the lost souls that come here will be directly sent to heaven.” Knowing that the last part was displeasing,

Charon: Yeah. He wants them to all go to hell.
Sentinel: There’s no such *thing* as hell!

he added, “Going to heaven would be better than perishing at the hands of those demons. But this is only if you give me all your power...”

“Is that a deal?” the Sentinel asked, knowing that the answer was going to seal of fate.

Cerberus (random immortal): You have just won the award for being in the worst story ever! What are you going to do next??
Charon (Answer): I’m going to Seal of Fate!

The Antisentry narrowed his eyes. “In exchange for all your power, I shall unseal the room, make sure the lost souls are sent safely to heaven,

Sentinel: But they’re *lost*. That means they’re going to wander around in the darkness until I let them in. And for the last time, there’s no such thing as heaven!!!
Advisor: You’re going to get in trouble with a lot of religious fanatics for that.

and place this family back to their rightful place.” He smiled. “Yes, it’s a deal.” The cold grey eyes met his twin’s ruby red ones.

Charon: As opposed to meeting his twin’s ruby red twos, maybe?

“You and I are now both bound by this unwritten contract. To break it means that reality will warp and we will no longer exist.” The Sentinel intoned emotionlessly.

“I know.” The Antisentry replied. “I am not like Satan.

Sentinel: Let’s see. . .hates me, like Satan. . .a sadist, like Satan. . .confuses souls, like Satan. . .an opportunist, like Satan. . .why no, not like Satan at all!
Advisor: Your sarcasm astounds me.

I have no use for those souls. I only want you.

Sentinel: Ahem.
Advisor: Well.
Cerberus and Charon: Good heavens, incest!

And I’m sure you realize that.” The other nodded without speaking.

Advisor: I see you approve of incest, Sentinel.
Sentinel: No! That’s not me!

“Then...” the golden haired boy gave his room one last look, touching the armchair almost tenderly.

Sentinel: *sob* I. . .I just love my armchair. . .oh. . .I can’t part with it. . .my dear armchair. . . .
Charon: He’s the one who needs sleep.

His gaze fell on the family of souls that were staring at him, stunned. Constance, although she could not talk, cried out emotionally.

Cerberus: But I thought she couldn’t talk!
Charon: She’s not talking. She’s “crying out”.

He turned to his twin and offered his hand.

Smirking, the silk draped arm reached for him...but suddenly stopped. The Sentinel narrowed his eyes. “What? You can’t black out.”

Advisor: Yeah, and you can’t white out either.
Sentinel: Does this person even read what she writes?!

“No. I don’t plan to, brother. But you see, I nearly forgot. There is another way I can take your power. A longer, more intimate, and very painful technique.”

All: Ooohhhh.
Sentinel: Should I be worried?
Advisor: The way this story’s going so far? Definitely yes.

His lips curved into a deadly smile, showing his sharp, glittering fangs. “And I’m going to use it.”

The Sentinel immediately knew what he was referring to. He sighed, dropping his hand to his side. “Fine. Torment me all you want. I can’t object.”

Sentinel: Whoa. I am so out-of-character in this fanfic, it’s embarrassing.
Charon: Hmm. Don’t remember you giving up so easily.
Sentinel: The author hates me, okay?

“You’re resigned. Good, that makes this easier.” The Antisentry sneeed.

Cerberus: What the hey?! He “sneeed”?!
Sentinel: Somehow that fails to strike fear into my heart.

He looked over his slightly younger sibling.

Charon: I thought they were twins.
Advisor: Key word. “Slightly”.
Charon: So slightly it doesn’t even matter! They’re twins for goodness sake! Good grife!
Sentinel: Good grife?
Cerberus: And with a lousy fanfic, comes the time for creative substitutes of curses.
Advisor: I love euphemism, don’t you?

“Turn around and don’t move.” Those beautiful ruby eyes regarded him for an instant, then he obeyed.

Advisor: The Antisentry obeys himself?! Whhaaattt?!

With a wave of his black silk coverings, the evil twin stepped forward,

Charon: And knocks the Sentinel over after tripping on his ridiculously long “silk coverings”.
Sentinel: You might as well be talking about yourself.

stopping immediately behind his brother.

Charon: Oh darn it.
Sentinel: You *wanted* him to knock me over?!
Charon (meekly): It would have been funny. . . .

He draped his arms over the other’s shoulders and whispered silkily,

Advisor: Why is it everything this guy wears or does is “silky”?! Why can’t it be cottony?! I like cotton!
Cerberus: I don’t know, Advisor. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that people can’t whisper “cottonily”.
Charon: Yeah. It’s not threatening enough.

“I will make you suffer....” He touched the tender skin on the Sentinel’s vulnerable neck.

Cerberus: Your brother is a sadist!
Sentinel: The author is a sadist!
Advisor: You know what they say, “No sadist but the author. . .”
Charon: No author but the sadist.
All: Amen.

“I know you will...” the latter answered softly, feeling an instinctive shudder past through him.

Sentinel: “I know you will”?! What kind of a dumb reply is that?!
Charon: It’s like saying, “I hope to see you soon” to the driver of a hearse!
Advisor: No offense, Sentinel, but you’re really *stupid* in this fanfic!

The tranquility of his victim did not fool or confound the Antisentry.

Sentinel: Aren’t they the same thing?
Cerberus: Just nod and smile.

He knew that the other was dreading every moment of this, but steadfastly refused to show any fear.

Advisor: The Antisentry refuses to show any fear?! The hell?!
Sentinel: You’re really confused by what this jerk does, aren’t you?

Leaning closer, the dark-haired twin kissed his brother’s neck,

Charon: OH my gosh. *Tell* me this won’t turn into a lemon.
Cerberus: If it is, I’m leaving.
Sentinel: If it is, I’m burning this fanfic.
Advisor: You mean you weren’t going to before?
Sentinel: Good point.

pinpointing the area he was going to pierce. He felt the other shiver, and smiled.

Sentinel: I don’t know about you, but this is beginning to make me sick. . .
Charon: Poor Sentinel. . .I’m glad I’m not in this story.

Slowly....slowly, the Antisentry opened his mouth, fangs glittering. They scraped the soft skin, leaving two barely visible cuts that he knew would sting.

Sentinel: Considering I’m a pretty powerful immortal, why didn’t I just get rid of this sicko?
Advisor: Weren’t you paying attention?
Sentinel, Charon, Cerberus: NO.
Advisor: Well, the author explained that you two were bound by the contract.
Sentinel: Oh. . . hey, wait a minute! That’s not right!
Advisor, Charon, Cerberus: What?!
Sentinel: That means this fanfic is actually making sense! That. . .that’s impossible!
Cerberus: Uh oh! Maybe we’re becoming as crazy as the story!
All: ARGH!!!

As he expected, his twin tensed, his entire body becoming rod-like

Sentinel: Excuse me, rod-like?!!!
Advisor: You know, like hard? Rigid?
[The others stare at him.]
Cerberus: You know, that just doesn’t sound right at all.
Advisor (blush): That wasn’t what I meant! You’re all perverts!
Sentinel: I am not! But what else would you think with a phrase like “rod-like”?!
Advisor: I’m so grossed out.

with the horrible anticipation that the final bite was going to come. Then he felt the boy try to relax immediately. They both knew that

Charon: This story was terrible and they should just stop the incest and go home.

if one tensed before the bite, pain was going to increase its intensity by a hundred-fold.

Sentinel: Liar! I didn’t know that!

Grinning like a maniac, the grey-eyed youth wrapped one arm around the other’s slim waist and pulled back, knocking out balance.

Charon (Wrestling referee): And a swift right hook sends Balance crashing to the floor!
Cerberus (Balance): Ouch.

He knew that The body

Advisor: It’s no one else’s body, just The body!
Sentinel: Anybody’s body, or nobody’s body, just a plain old body.
Charon: I think you’re both wacked.
Cerberus: Wouldn’t you be if you were the main character of this bit of sh--uh, garbage?
Charon: That only excuses the Sentinel.

would tense instinctively for impact if it was off balance. As soon as that happened, he bit down, sinking his fangs into the sweet flesh.

Cerberus: Let me see, Sentinel. Is your flesh sweet?
Sentinel: Gah! Get away from me!

The Antisentry heard a choked gasp and smiled, knowing that the agony was quickly becoming unbearable.

Advisor: In my experience, when something’s bad enough to be called agony, it’s usually pretty unbearable in the first place.
Sentinel: Hmm. . .this means the author doesn’t know the meaning of agony. . .who cares to show it to her?
Others: Oh me! Me! Pick me!!

It was impossible to relax and ease the pain now. Eagerly, he began to suck out magical energy from the two punctures, savoring the feel of his brother’s shaking frame in his arms.

Cerberus: The author writes about you like you’re a carton of juice.
Sentinel: I wouldn’t be surprised since she thinks I have the intelligence of a carton of juice!

Power surged through him, just like he’d always dreamed it would,

Advisor: He *dreams* about this?!
Charon: The man needs help.

and the Antisentry could sense his twin becoming weaker. How do you feel now, brother? This time, I am the one who has the ace...

Cerberus: First strip poker, now aces! This guy has cards on his mind.

The answer came back sharp and quick, Just shut up and get it over with!

Charon: Sounds like you’re telling someone to kill you.
Sentinel: Paradise doesn’t exist, Charon.
Advisor: Whoa, that’s a little far, Sentinel.
Sentinel: In the face of this? Nah.
Cerberus: You’re immortal, Sentinel. No one can kill you. Come to think of it. . .so are we. . .
All: We HATE being us!!!

Annoyed, the Antisentry scraped his fangs against the already sensitive punctures that he had made. A mental cry of pain sounded in his mind; he knew it was the Sentinel.

Sentinel: No, actually it’s the author being tortured by the Sentinel for writing this piece of junk.
Charon: Feeling dark today, my friend?
Sentinel: You got it.

Their relation made it overwhelmingly simple for the dark twin to hear the Psyche,

Cerberus: Why does the author feel the need to capitalize words that don’t need capitalizing?
Sentinel: Actually, Psyche’s a character in Roman mythology who falls in love with Cupid.
Advisor: Oh, I see. . .wait a minute. . .
Charon: And this is important to the story because?
Cerberus: Sentinel, you’re going to fall in love with Cupid!
Sentinel: Heaven forbid!!!

even if his brother didn’t physically cry out.

Oh...does it hurt so much, dear brother?

Charon: Gee, do ya think?!

Here, let me make it better... He tore the skin next to the two neat holes, enlarging them. His twin’s mind screamed as he began to lick the wound.

All: Ew, ew, ew!!!
Sentinel: I’m related to a vampire. . .wonderful.
Charon (accent): Vonderful, dahling, vonderful!
Cerberus: For the last time, Charon, get some sleep!

It almost surprised him when he heard a real, physical groan emit from the Sentinel that was quickly suppressed. Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.

Sentinel (immensely sarcastic): I’m sure. . . .

He mocked sweetly.

DON’T DO THAT TO HIM!!! A childish voice shrieked in the Antisentry’s mind.

Cerberus: Who is this?
Charon: Assuming Pearl and Benedict don’t have childish voices, I would say it’s probably Constance.
Cerberus: But I thought she couldn’t talk!?
Charon: Didn’t we go over this already?

In his half- conscious daze, the Sentinel heard it also,

Advisor: But I thought it was in the Antisentry’s mind!

and held on to it mentally, so as not to lose all senses. Shocked by the sudden interruption, the dark twin jerked up from his feast,

Charon: Oh, I get it! Satan doesn’t want to eat you, your brother does!
Cerberus: That’s disgusting.
Advisor: It’s beyond incest. (All four gag.)

trying to see who spoke. Weakly,

Cerberus: Quick, what color hair and eyes does the Sentinel have?
Charon: Huh?!

the golden haired boy opened his red eyes and gingerly turned his head,

Cerberus: Darn you, stupid fanfic! I asked Charon!

only to lock gazes with the little girl, Constance. Noting this, the Antisentry growled furiously. He let go of his brother, who immediately dropped to the ground, unable to support his weight any longer.

Sentinel: I wasn’t supporting any weight. *He* was holding me.
Advisor: I think the author meant your own weight.
Charon: And meanwhile those other souls are just sitting there, doing. . .?
Cerberus: Enjoying the show, probably.
Sentinel: Are you saying it's fun to watch me get tortured by some loon who thinks he's related to me?!

“You little brat...” he muttered, “Not only do you annoy me with your constant tears,

Charon: Hence why she’s called Constance!
[Other immortals gasp appreciatively]

you must interrupt me in my moment of triumph? Who do you think you are?!”

Cerberus: This fanfic is rampant with Spice Girls songs!
Advisor (raises his eyebrows): And how would you know that?
Cerberus: Err. . . .

A glow appeared around his form, showing that he was drawing out his own energy and the Sentinel’s.

“No...don’t hurt can’t....” From the ground, guardian of souls pleaded weakly

Sentinel: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t plead. Not even *slightly*.
Charon: Yeah, I can just picture him. . .
Sentinel (glaring): You want a candelabra down your throat?!
Charon: *gulp* No, no, never mind.

with his brother. The Antisentry turned slightly to regale him.

Sentinel: He turns slightly to entertain me. This makes NO sense!
Advisor: Talk about malapropism, this takes the cake.

“Oh, but I can...I don’t have all your power yet, my brother. That means I can do whatever I want with these souls...especially that little girl...”

Sentinel: In case people haven’t gotten the picture yet, I would like to take this moment to say. . THIS STORY-----mmmuphhtt!!
Advisor (covering his friend’s mouth): Now, now! There are children reading this!
Sentinel (pulling away): I was just going to say, “This story was terrible”!
Advisor: Oh.


Cerberus: Um. . .where’s the rest of this fanfic?

[All four stare at one another in disbelief]

Charon: You. . .you mean, it’s *over*?!
Advisor: Wait a minute! What kind of a stupid story is this?! The author just leaves us hanging?! She doesn’t even *finish* her lousy work?!
Sentinel: What, do you want to read more?
Advisor (shudders): No, but still. . .!

[All four cheer]

Cerberus: Thank heavens it’s over!!! I thought I was going to go mad!
Sentinel: You?! You weren’t even in the story! [Flames begin to appear around his body] If that author ever has the bad luck to come to the room, I am going to make her suffer so badly, she’ll wish there was a hell to go to.
Charon: Uh oh, fire! He’s definitely mad.

[Advisor, Cerberus, and Charon proceed in a frantic attempt to stop the Sentinel from burning up the room.]


Evil voice: Ha ha ha! I see you’ve survived the first mind-bending horror! Don’t worry, I’ll destroy all four of you soon enough!
Cerberus: That’s it! I’m going to *kill* him!
Advisor (sword appearing in hand): I second the motion.
Sentinel: Right behind you.
Charon says nothing but joins them as well.
Evil voice: Don’t worry, you’ll all go back to where you came from. When I’m ready with a second terror, I’ll bring you back for sure! Mwahahahaha!!!!

[Bright blinding flash]

* * *

The Advisor and Cerberus both drop onto the hot sand right in front of the Oasis. They stand and look at one another.

Advisor: Tell me that was a dream.
Cerberus: I wish.
Advisor: Let’s hope whoever this is doesn’t find a terrible story for a long time!

[Cerberus and Advisor say goodbye, and Cerberus goes to his own house while the Advisor steps into the Oasis. Both are in desperate need to rest their minds.]

* * *

The Sentinel jolts up in his seat and realizes that everything’s back to normal. At least, his candelabra isn’t showing him terrible fanfiction anymore.

Sentinel: That was a nightmare!!!

He promptly turns off the lights in his room, fulling intending to heal himself of mental wounds before the next soul wanders in.

* * *

Charon: I’m back!

He looks around at the familiar surroundings of the human world.

Charon (thinking): Hopefully this is the end.

He looks around again and decides that the story had been too much for him and he needs rest. Nodding thoughtfully, Charon vanishes.

* * *

[Knocks on door]

Sentinel: Don’t come in, whoever you are. I’m resting.
Charon: Forget it, Sentinel. I’m coming in anyway.

[Appears in a nearly pitch-black room]

Charon: Tired?
Sentinel (groggily): What do you think?
Charon: Well, it’s too loud out there. I’m going to sleep in here.
Sentinel: Be my guest.

[Couch appears in the corner and Charon stumbles to it, just barely reaching the couch before collapsing]

The Sentinel sighs and prays that the Evil voice won’t decide to torture them again too soon. He drops to sleep in the armchair.

Meanwhile. . .

Evil voice: Hahaha!! Look how that first fanfic has drained them! I must find another quickly!

How will our four immortals fare in the face of this new threat!?
One can only pray that their wills are strong enough to withstand such horror!
Until next time. . . .