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I used to have palmares lists for lots of races here but that stuff is pretty common these days so I've deleted most of it. The stuff I've kept is stuff that is less available in other places. Places I recommend to check for lists of winners of major European races include:

The remaining lists:
Current World and US records

This is stuff I got from the USA Cycling web site.

A complete listing of US Olympic cycling teams
US Olympic road results
US Olympic track results
US Olympic mtb results

The UCI maintains record history lists for:
The Olympics

I bought a book called Ten Years of Championship Bicycle Racing a while back at a bike shop that was going out of business. It lists high placed riders at just about every world and US national competition for the years 1972-1981. It was published by Velo-news back when it was owned by the Georges.

In the same purchase I got a copy of the 7-Eleven/Bicycling Magazine Grand Prix Training Manual II (don't know about manual I) which lists track racing results from 1977 to 1983 for the US and Canadian national championships along with results from the World Championships of that period including Junior Worlds. These are just scanned pages which is not the way to do it but who has the time to format it properly. I don't. Included are some more obscure results.

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