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Official Title: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Relese Date: Japan: March 2002 USA: October 2000
System: Nintendo 64

Synopsis: While searching for his lost friend Navi, feind steals his horse and items and Link inexplicibly found himself being hurtled into an alternate dimension (I guess these things just happen when you're the hero of time). To his surprise, Link found that this new land, Terminia, was in a bit of a predicament. Three days following his arrival, the moon is to smash into the planet, destroying everyone and everything. What's a hero to do?

Being Link, he can't turn down these people, so he gather's his items, reclaims his horse, and sets of on a journey to save the world. From the moon. Do do this, Link's going to need some help. In comes Tatl, the new fairy. Our hero will also employ the use of numerous masks that give him special powers, some are even powerful enough to transform Link into another creature. Above all though, Link once more manipulates time to his advantage. In this Twilight Zone-esque chapter of the Zelda series, you can expect "weird", but its "weird" in a good, Zelda type way.