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Why we all like Zelda

Here is a small worksheet explaining why we all like Zelda, even if we don't enjoy the game. Feel free to print this off and fill in the blanks.

You, your name get up every morning and go to your job as a your profesion and spend hours you work at your job hours doing nothing but that. Our friend Link on the other hand, doesn't sleep at all, and what does he do with all that time? He saves the world, battleing monsters and solving puzzels, gaining new weapons and abilities. Now, to make this more obvious, I'll create a small table:

A) Typical 9-5 office worker B) Link, Hero of Time
Pen Sword
Radio Ocarina
Your BossEvil Pig-Monster Ganon

Now come on, which would you rather be? That's what I thought, and that, right there, proves why everybody loves Zelda.

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