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Guess Who?!

Get an inside look at Classic Zelda's Creators

BoyInGreenTunic AKA 'BIGT'
The original creator of Classic Zelda, BigT started out on an idea he had while moorooned in Yellowstone NP with no online access terminal. After things settled back down upon his arrival home, he set up Classic Zelda, it was a crappy little dink site with bad colors, but with a little help from a friend, Classic Zelda grew quickly into a full-fledged site (with good colors this time).
Jaetei, an old aquaintince of BIGT, finally made contact with Classic Zelda's original creator; upon the invitation, Jaetei joined Classic Zelda, providing great features like the Theology department, and an EZBoard.
Your Name could go here!!!
Classic Zelda is looking for individuals willing to help out with the page design, provide information and tips, write reviews, strategy guides, & code-hunters are also welcome.

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