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Weird stuff Archive

Item# CZWS001
OK, I've seen a lot of the Zelda art, most of its actualy posted on the OoT page, but this is just wild, I've never seen this picture, I just found it this morning, (8/17/01) on some spanish Zelda site. I don't subscribe the Nintendo Power, so it could've been in there, but why hasn't it been seen on any major sites?! Of course, there is the possibility that it could be fan are, but come on, thats way to good to be fan art, or if it is, the fan must be a professional at this or somehting.

Item# CZWS002
I'm pretty sure everybody's seen this picture, its from the beta version of the game. The question is not where it is, its what purpose this was suposed to fulfil; Did the ocarina do other things besides warp and move doors/blocks? I'm begining to think that prehaps JabuJabu only opens his mouth to eat valuble objects, and you were suposed to feed him the ocarina, get it back, and save Ruto. Of course, we'll never know.....

The Windmill Cucco

Game: Ocarina of TimeItem#CZWS003
Who doesn't know about this oddly placed bird? You can find it by Longshotting from the roof the guy's on into that window with the wood peg in it in the windmill. In it you'll find a flight of stairs that lead to a higher placed window with a cucco hanging around. Besides a good view and a chance to land on the roofs with the cucco it really serves no perpous. Those reasons could be good enough, but all this can be done with the Longshot. It's also been theorized it was there so you could perform a glitch that involves Link being able to get past the fence behind the windmill and fall off the edge of the area. I would really like to know why the creators of this game made a glitch in the game perpously available. So there really is no reasonable explanation.

The Doorless Building

Game: A Link to the PastItem#CZWS004
Another Kakariko Village mystery. In the bottom left corner of the town behind a bunch of bushes is a doorless house. There's no way to enter bombs or otherwise as I have found. In the Dark World it's busted open, I think, but there's still nothing in it.

I have no idea what to say about this, it looks like a prelim for the OoT box art, but then again the triforce makes it look staged. On the other hand though, if it is a fake, someone took a lot of time in shading Link with red on the right side.