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The history of M30 Productions

Here I'll reveal to you how M30 Productions came into being.
Though the company has often times drifted into non-existance, it's been crucial in the development of Classic Zelda, and has served as a Trademark™ for some of my greatest works.

The actual discovery of the characters themselves happened one day when I was playing an arcade at the local pizza place. I got a high-score, and was wrought with the task of picking 3 characters to distinguish my self as a high-scorer. I randomly picked three, and what came out was M, 3, and 0. So that was their beginning.

Return of the Characters
Those three characters seemingly escaped for another year or so, until I was wrought with the task of creating a simple machine for a science course. My small carrot-chopping machine also bore the imfamous characters....

Taking Control of the World Wide Web
Yet another celestial unit later, I got some poe-dink notion in my head I needed to build a website. I'd concered the search engine, the E-Mail, and now here is this new fronteer for me to yet again explore and master. And hearken! Here began the '50megs' dynasty. I had at least 4 or 5 websites going at one given time. But alas, interest was lost, and a site died w/ in a month of creation. This was definatly not working.

HTML Comes into the Picture
Me and a fellow webber once stumbled upon a site that spoke of the currious 'HTML' file. My friend lost interest, and I was once again alone in my prusuit. With 50megs fast growing old and inadequet for my needs, I saught after the secrets of this file, and learned its ways from a local guru. After a week of training I set out to find a place that could channel my HTML to the rest of the world. ENTER: Angelfire.

In this wonderful haven of web-creation, I finally laid a solid foundation for a real website. All was going well when suddenly, all of my subject matter supply lines were ubruptly cut off (Visit this doomed website here). Though this website never really got of the ground (mainly due to poor promoting efforts), I still consider it to be M30 Productions first real project, and a great milestone for the company as a whole.

Alone in a bleak wasteland dotted with motels and resorts. This is the hell of Yellowstone, Nation Park. About 8 days into this family vacation I started to kind of lose it. I'd been away from the internet for over a week, and I was very desperate. I almost got left behind when I left the gas station we had stoped at and went into an internet café. It was here, in this desolate location of the United States that Classic Zelda was concived.

Disapointment and Woe
Upon my arrival home, 6 days after the internet café incedent, I went to work. I shut myself up with the computer for about 3 days, working, tweaking, and re-working. And from the mangled mumbo-jumbo of my code came forth Classic Zelda. I was disapointed however, because it sucked. I my skills had grown dull in the past 2 weeks and the site was really bad. I had known little about any other Zelda's then the original GB game, and the 2 for N64.

A Memory from the Past
While re-honing my skills on a job for some kid at my school I remembered something.... The year after the carrot cutting machine Ocarina of Time came out. I remembered vividly how my friends and I had all gotten the game (I had also got my 64) for Christmas. We raced into 1999, seeing who could finish the game first. I didn't win, but I was second only to One.

An Old Friend, and a New Horizon
This 'One' I speak of was Jaetei, the one and only. Now, jumping back the the present, I quickly got in touch with my old friend, and asked him if he was interested in a co-op job. With his help and my web-skills now restored to their past glory, we created the New Classic Zelda. This has been M30 Productions' greatest work to the day.

To be continued....