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CZ Download central

Here we've put together a list of some of the best stuff we've got on the site, and it's all for you, enjoy :)

Classic Zelda AOL InstantMessager® BuddyIcons (Click to set as your icon)

Triforce- Utilize the power of the godesses; Will you corrupt Hyrule, or will you send the land into its Golden Age?
Link's Bow and Arrow- Sniper off a couple of poe's with this exclusive CZI
Zelda Buddy- So you like Zelda huh? Notify friends and strangers of that fact with the original CZI

November 2001 Nintendo Power Wallpaper

By: Jaetei

Ok like I've mentioned on the news collumn I got my November issue of Nintendo Power and it had some cool GCN stuff. Among that stuff was a subscriber bonus. They gave you a freakin mini-disc in a cardboard holder shaped like a Gamecube full of teaser videos for all their 1st and 2nd party company games. Meaning no Eternal Darkness stuff... Well there was wallpaper in there and I took the liberty of uploading them onto the site, and probably for a limited time since it took up about 2MB out of 50. Well here they are choose the thumbnail you like and click on the size that'll fit on your desktop screen. After it comes up right click and choose set as wallpaper. Simple as that.

Note from BiGT: These files were removed because they were taking up to much space on the server. If you really want one though, we'll be more than happy to mail it to you, just specify what size and design with a subject line reading "Wallpaper Request" to (12/1/02)

Original Zelda Overworld Theme
-Once the theme on the homepage (removed due to mass amounts of loading error reports), you can now have this great little piece on your Personal Computer. (Preview Below)

-Right click this link and choose "Saver Target as:" to save the file

The Original Classic Zelda Banner
(Beta through Version 2.3)


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