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The Bluescale Campaign Setting

This page is dedicated to the Bluescale D&D campaign of my own design. If you wish to use it on your own, please email me and let me know how things are going and provide me with any suggestions you can think of. Also, If you have any questions, please forward them to me as well. I may be able to help you out as I created this, and there is bound to be something left out (I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, plus I'm pretty sure most of the shed's roof blew away in the last heavy bout of wind we had).

Detailed on this specific part of the page will be the various parts of the Bluescale campaign setting. If you are interested in the various scenarios and adventures I have created in corrolation with this setting please click here.

The One, The Only, The Stupidest Line Of The Night Award!

We compiled moments, events, and statements that we found worth keeping track of in the Stupedist lines of the night awards. It's important to note that we tried to limit our awards to 1 per night, but sometimes people got very, very stupid. I blame it on the decay of western civilization. That or lack of coffee.


The Realm Control Sheet

The Realm Control Sheet is an excel document with multiple tabs, including one blank. I found some interesting rules in a Dragon magazine (Issue 293, Author Ray Winninger, Illustrated by Jeremy Jarvis) that I fould adaptable to any campaign. I used them to create a codified set of statistic blocks for each of my empires. If you have this article feel free to use the blank sheet to create your own excel Realm Control sheet. I, of course, can't post these rules online, but you might have look locating the issue at your local hobby shop.

Maps Roake Peninsula (Political View) Religions Temple of the Coin
Metavin and Crenf (Political View) The Temple of the Divine Eye
Roake and its general surroundings Followers of Erät
The Cult of the Moon
Realms The Confederacy of Galt Temple of the Sititched Eye
Temp2 Temple of the Drowned Maiden
Temp4 Bretheren of the Tactician
Temp6 The Beast's Pack