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The Diamond and Pearl Ornate Tiara that Princess Beatrix choose for her wedding day is one of the most awesome jewels of the Dutch Royal Family, and was created by jeweller A.H. Kuhn in Stuttgart for Princess Sophie of Württemberg on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Willem of the Netherlands (later King Willem III), in 1839. Later, jeweller Schuermann in Frankfurt remodelled it for Queen Wilhelmina in 1897, and the Queen wore in an official picture made for the occasion of her enthronement.

The pearl and diamond brooch Princess Beatrix wore on her wedding day was part of a tiara in form of coronet owned by Queen Sophie. In the 1920’s the leafy designs were replaced by pearl buttons, and as such this tiara was worn by Princess Margriet on her wedding day and by Queen Beatrix on the day of her enthronement, in 1980. The leafy elements were then transformed into brooches, such as the one the Princess choose.

Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina wearing the Ornate Pearl and Diamond Tiara and posing for an official photograph ahead of her enthronement. On her side the crown and sceptre of the Netherlands and on her shoulders the historic ermine and velvet robe. Above, drawing of the Ornate Pearl and Diamond Tiara.

Painting by Nicaise de Keyser, dated 1852, depicting Queen Sophie wearing the coronet with the leafy designs still on it. The brooch on De Keyser's painting is one of the pearl buttons which are now on top of this tiara. The above picture shows in detail the brooch worn by Princess Beatrix at the wedding.

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