Hope you enjoy my page. I have both of mah site up the clouds and the star version of it... so hope u enjoy them... im still workin on the other one... but i guess aite for now... Well please sign my g-bookie now and go to the links and visit my friends page. If u take anythin off my page please link back to me (go to links)

February 18- I almost change everything. I made the font different color and change the scrollbar color... and more changes to come. February 17- Yikes! Super long time since i added any new updates. Yea, it's b/c i been workin on my new site... but today i added dragons pic. check it out! I also added the border around this box... i dont noe wat color it should be if u ahve any idea... tell me!
October 27- Took a while didnt it? Well i put in sum Bin Laden Humor today! Not a lot tho. Gonna put in sum more asap but o wells... and im gonna try to update as frequently as possible!
August 23- I finally updated sum things. Lets see I added the Jokes section with sum blondes and dirty jokes. Im gonna add more sum soon. And if you dunt like sumthin bout my site email me and tell me.
July 23- Okay so today i put in Sailormoon Info. Still lookin for that got rice midi. well ne ways thats all for now.
July 22- Hey wassubi peeps! I been updatin the site a lot but not anyhting major, so i didnt put it in here(Updates Info). Okay so wat i put in today is Azn Pride Pics. The lil thing i put in but didnt write it in here is the crosshairs stuff on ur navigation bar, change the guestbook thing, and put up more links!
June 28-I added sum more links to the Links page and also added Web Help. If u need any help or nething , remember to email me!
June 26- Changed the right hand side of the frames, added asian pride, and added dbz info.

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