Always Be With You

I will always be with u
Because our friendship is true.
I will be your light when there is darkness
The hidden smile when there is sadness
I will be the hand that keeps you from falling
The push that gets you starting
I will be next to you to wipe your face when there are tears
Beside you to hold your hand when there are fears
I will be the company that keeps you from feeling alone
The doctor that keep you from getting sick when you groan
No matter what your feeling
I will always be there helping

I will always be with you
No matter what you do.
We will always fight and argue
But that is only a few.
Even if you hurt me so
I will never hurt you back though
I will know when you r down
Even when you donít make a sound.
Even though our friendship sometimes stray
I still have one thing to say


The First Time

The first time I met you,
I knew it was meant to be
That there was no one else,
Youíre the only one I wanted to see.

The first time you smiled,
I knew all my sorrow would go away.
My whole day will be brighten
Because Iíll be thinking of you all day

The first time we talked,
I knew it was too good to be true.
Youíre the only one I wanted to be with,
I wanted you to be my boo.

The first time I saw you with her,
I knew my heart would break.
You got me to think,
Is liking you a mistake.

The first time I liked sumone,
It brought me great pain.
It made me wonder,
Can I ever like anyone again?


(Dont noe Title) when i first lay eyes on you,
i didn't know what to say.
i just wanted to be with you,
and never go away.

i wish your here wit me,
so i can have someone to talk to.
there are no other like you,
baby girl your my dream come true.

if i had one wish,
i'd wish to never leave your side.
my feelings 4 you are too strong,
to be kept hidden inside.

whenever your down,
i'll be here for you.
making sure youíll be alrite,
cause baby gurl...I LOVE YOU

Dont noe by who

If Only You Knew

I canít seem to find the right words to say,
to tell you that I feel this way
I want you what can I do,
to make you want me next to you
if you look at me youíll understand,
all I want is to hold your hand
I felt this way oh for so long,
and it hurts me that I donít belong
wanting you to want me its all a dream,
my heart aches I just want to scream
I smile and laugh just thinking of you,
together here I wish it was true

I always imagine of your gentle touch,
if only you knew that I felt this much
not being with you Iím falling apart
cause I donít know how to get your heart
if you could only see the love in my eyes,
of all those nights when I sat and cried
just look at me Iím standing right here,
just call out my name and Iíll be there
how long the wait I do not know,
but when that day comes Iíll let it show
if only you knew my feelings for you,
I`ll stay hopeful youíll feel the same way too


You were always there
When I needed you the most
You never left me
When I was in trouble
You comforted me
When I was feeling bad
Every single secret I told you
You never told anybody else
You were there
When everybody left me
You never betrayed me
You were always on my side
When I was confuse
You would always give me advice
You could always make me laugh
Even when nobody else could
You pick me up
When Iím feeling down
You always took the blame
Even if I did it
You never let me down
You were always around
I know I canít repay
What you did for me
I love you
Like you were my family
You were my best friend
Until the end