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Sw33t Destiny

Unleashed Da Dragon
He have sum great pics of dragons... Hope u can go to it..

She gots lots of thing especially dbz and gundam wing. Its pretty nice and if u do go there remeber to clik the silver ball!

Wise Guy HTML Help Guide
This is where i got most of my javascript. It has hundreds of javascript and more!!!


Cute site. Reallly nice layoouts with cute lil blobs and backgrounds^_^.

Tokyo Train Style

Has great wallpaper which i use for backgrounds. It has Dbz and all the anime stuff.Really nice!


Great if u have nuthin to do!

The XRS Network
The XRS Network - XRS.NET

If u have a site and want shorter url address. This is the site for u and there isn't any banners!

Lissa Explains It All
Lissa Explains it All
Do u want to make a website of ur own? Well without her site i couldnt built this site. Its really easy and cool. She is good.

Azn Dynasty
Really nice site. Lots of azn pride stuff and stuff. HTML help too!

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