Alert Button
When clicked a pop-up message will apear, put the code were ever your want the alert botten to apear on yout web page.

Fixed Background
If you have an image as your background use this to make it stay still while scrolling, put in your body tag. It is in all my pages as you can see.

Linked Image
A linked image, also u can type in a message that will say something on the bottom of your page when you put your mouse ever this linked image.

Linked Text
When you put your mouse over a link it will say something on the bottem of your page


Unabled Right Click

I bet your wondering why you cant right click sum sites, well this is the code they're using.

No Right Click Warning
When someone right click on your website, this will give them a warning to not right click again, if they do right click again they will get kicked off.

Banner Killer

To get rid of the popup window put the following code in the head tag (before the body tag)

to get rid of the pop-up and watermark place this at the very bottom of the page after the tag.

Tripod (USA)
insert this code after the tag and before the tag.

Hey! These are just a few code, if u want more visit Links and u can go to the website to get more help.