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Aqua X 3

Aqua X 3 -- What is it? Aqua X 3 is a world of dreams, a world different from our own, created by Aliens as a breeding ground for fighters who would help take over the galaxy.

Aqua X 3 gets its curious name from the fact that it was the third experiment in which the Aliens created a water based planet, like our Earth. However, Aqua X 3 is a planet that is made out of one hemisphere of rock and another of water.

Our group is writing tales for this world, which we will be posting soon! Also, coming up is a timeline and a history of our great planet, and more information about the planet that you can base your story on.

You can write your own story for our world as well!get this gear!

Flag of Szok
Flag of Szok, the main country in Aqua x 3

Copyright information is soon to come. Once we get our idea copyrighted, we'll tell you more about our world.