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 "Angels are reminders from heaven above
To fill our hearts with kindness and love"



 The Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have all accepted the belief that there is, between God and mankind, a class of intermediary beings called angels. The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, meaning "messenger."

The Origins Of Angels

Angels are considered to be bodiless minds or spirits (see The Nature of Angels )
perform various services for God or for people on God's behalf. see
Angels Their Work and Ministry

Angels are good spirits.

Angels are frequently mentioned in the Bible, mostly in the role of messengers from God to mankind. Their appearances on Earth seem to have been in human form. In the Old Testament books of Job, Ezekiel, and Daniel, as well as in the Apocryphal book of Tobit, angels play significant roles. In the Book of Job the leading demon, Satan, is also introduced. But it is not until the New Testament that Satan is portrayed, under the name Lucifer, as the first of the fallen angels--the angels that rebelled against God. In the New Testament, angelsare present at all the important events in the life
of Jesus, from his birth to the Resurrection. In the very dramatic Book of Revelation, angels are portrayed as the agents of God in bringingjudgment upon the world.
Angels and the Last Days

Other New Testament writers also speak of angels. St. Paul especially takes note of them by
assigning them ranks.He lists seven groups: The Heirarchy of Angels
Early Christianity accepted all nine ranks and in the course of time developed extensive doctrines about both angels and demons. The latter were conceived of as Satan's legions, sent out to lure mankind away from belief in God.

I hold the Biblical belief about angels and my information comes from the Bible. Keep an open mind most of the information about angels does originate there.

This place is really a little bit of heaven, and the angels hope that you will find something here that will make you smile, lift your spirits, and make your day a special one. If you find some pictures or graphics here that you can use for your own site,that is what they wish for, but they do ask one little thing, and that is you link back here to tell others about their special little place .Thank you. To navigate the rest of this site, just click on the links on the bottom of this page. Note all graphics made specifically for my pages, are not for public use, please do not take the graphics from here. That includes all the pages which specify not to be used


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