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The Top 10 Deadliest Sharks

Below I have constructed a list of the most dangerous sharks to mankind. This list in no way shape or form means that sharks are a major threat everytime we enter the water. Keep in mind that human beings are not at all on the prey list of any shark. In almost every shark attack incident the accident occurred because of human error. There are only a few cases where it is soley the responsibility of the shark. Every time you enter the water you are entering the domain of the shark. It's their playing field and it's their rules. This list is only for the common knowledge of the public. I am not trying to scare anyone. If I give you the facts I hope that this knowledge will replace the fear you have for these beautiful creatures. It took lots of calculating to come up with this list.

10.) Lemon Shark- 8 ft. long full grown; easily provoked; 22 recorded attacks; 0 fatal

9.) Blue Shark- 8-10 ft. full grown; 32 recorded attacks; 3 fatal

8.) Hammerhead Shark- 20 ft. full grown; 33 recorded attacks; most manueverable of all sharks; Great Hammerhead is the most dangerous to man.

7.) Sandtiger Shark- 7 ft full grown; 64 recorede attacks; 2 fatal; Species goes through approximately 5,000 teeth in a lifetime.

6.) Reef Shark- 7 ft full grown; 8 recorded attacks; highly developed human-like ears.

5.) Mako- 13 ft full grown; 42 recorded attacks; 2 fatal; fastest shark in the ocean traveling at 30-60 mph; body temp. is 7-10 degrees warmer than the ocean around it.

4.) Oceanic White Tip Shark- 5 attacks; not many attacks recorded because victims are usually invovled in deep sea accidents such as plane crashes, shipwrecks, and things of that nature. Victims bleed to death are in some cases are actually eaten by the sharks because White Tips live in an oceanic desert and there is not much to prey upon. Shark is possibly responsible for the U.S.S. Indianapolis disaster after the ship was sunk. 900 of the ships crewmembers went into the water and 5 nights later only 316 were rescued. This is the largest disaster in U.S. Navy history.

3.) Tiger Shark- 20 ft full grown; 116 recorded attacks; 29 fatal; shark may have seasonal knowledge, studies have shown that Tiger sharks make a trip to certain islands to feast on Albatross chicks that are in the water.

2.) Great White Shark- 15-25 ft. full grown; 348 recorded attacks; 67 fatal; shark prefers cooler water; breeds slowly; considered endangered species; has undeserved bad reputation.

The Most Dangerous shark to humans.

1.) Bull Shark- 11 ft. full grown; 82 fatal attacks; other attacks unknown; only shark capable of life in fresh water. Found 2,000 miles up the Amazon River.