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Fred Durst Sucks

"Slipknot fans are fat, ugly kids."

Fred Talks A Lot Of Shit

"Creed should take a hint and spend more time signing autographs than writing about me."

"The boxing match sounds like fun, but I'd rather not resort to violence, since I'm busy doing a free tour." Finally, Durst says "So far, Creed has responded to anything other than what I said about them. Obviously, I must be right."

"Slipknot fans are fat, ugly kids"

Fred Thinks He Is All That

"But it is about being persecuted for something you're not guilty of," says Durst, "No matter how hard anybody tries to get rid of Limp Bizkit, which everyone is trying to, we're gonna live forever. Whether we die, whether we go to heaven or whatever, the CD is there, it's not going anywhere."

"Dude, I want to be massive," Durst says in the August issue of Spin magazine. "And I think I can do it. I've got crazy vision."

"We'll have ten times the security. I'm going to make the Woodstock people go, 'So that's how you do it!'"

Fred Is An Idiot

08.20.99 Not Guilty to Assault Charge

On Wednesday night, Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst introduced the Ruff Ryders at the 1999 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards. On Thursday, Durst's lawyer, Earl Gray, introduced his client's not-guilty plea at an arraignment in St. Paul, Minnesota's Ramsey County Court. That plea was filed in connection with Durst's alleged kicking of a security guard during his band's July 12 show in St. Paul. At the time, Durst claimed to have mistaken the guard, Pat Estes, for a rowdy concertgoer engaged in fisticuffs with his private guard. Witnesses reported that, during the show, Durst bragged that he had "kicked that punk-ass security guard in the head." Durst was arrested that night, and later charged with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault. Tom Weyandt, the city attorney present at Durst's arraignment, said that Durst's next court date will be Sept. 16, when his case is scheduled for a dispositional conference. The conference is a standard part of the city's pre-trial legal protocol and will not necessarily require Durst's presence. If Durst is convicted, he could face up to ninety days in jail or a $700 fine.

- Jenny Eliscu - RollingStone Magazine -

After high school, he served briefly in the Navy, got married, had a child, and divorced.

Bizkit had to cancel a show because Fred suffered injuries at a previous show when he was standing under the intense pyrotechnics display during "Take a Look Around" and sucked a good amount of the firework dust into his throat.

Freddy says, at the Grammy Awards, "I hope we are in agreeance that this war should go away as soon as possible." Newspapers across the world said that Fred was dumb. The Orange County Register called him illiterate and the weekly standard named him Fred Dunce. Fred responds with, "Agreeance is a word according to the Oxford English Dictionary. So the dumbasses at the Orange County Register and everyone else are welcome to intern at Flawless Records until they learn enough about journalism to write for a major daily newspaper." It was then stated that actually agreeance is listed as obselete. The word has not been used since about 1714.

Fred said on the Howard Stern Show, "Enough already about the Fred and Britney thing." Then he wrote on his website, "I'm gonna do my best to put it behind me. The word is out and echoing around the world. I am colse friends with Larry, who manages our princess and he, Britney, and I have agreed to shut it up." Then he adds, "So there." But now he's saying something there isn't he?

Courtney Love says, "He's creepy -- he's just creepy and he's also gone. When Fred said to me, 3rd person, 'You need to hear my acoustic songs -- it's another side of Fred Durst,' that was his Bret Micheals moment and then the Strokes buried his ass in sand. Watching him struggle will be ugly, so turn your head."

What Is Slipknot Doing?

"I'll give him credit for being a very, very, very shrewd and brilliant businessman, but I don't think he backs up anything he says, I don't think he feels anything he does, and I don't think anything he does in the future will mean anything." - Slipknot frontman Cory Taylor told "Metal Hammer" of durst.

Chris Fehn (3) says: "We haven't run into that guy yet, (Fred Durst) but when we do, IT'S ON!"

Joey Jordison (1) says: "Fred Durst is gonna fuckin die!"

"You EVER talk shit about my fans again, I'll kill you myself..." Corey

During concerts, Corey will make a speech about Fred before "Surfacing" and WILL NOT START THE SONG, until the entire crowd is chanting "FUCK FRED DURST!" over and over and over again.

They will talk about Fred and all his bad characteristics in any type of much bad press as they can get for Fred.

At a record signing in New York City... Corey took one of the markers used to sign with, and wrote "Fuck Fred" on the palm of his hand, and constantly waived at every person to come in to see them.

Maggots have reported that Slipknot has burned pictures of Fred on stage along with the drum heads.

Fred Is...SORRY?!

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit is reported as saying that he is sorry for saying anything bad to other bands following the terrorist attacks in America. More shockingly, he said he plans to work with artists such as Eminem, The Goo Goo Dolls and SlipKnoT.

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