The Rough, The Smooth & The In-Between
by Glamour Ghoul

Title: The Rough, The Smooth and The In-Between
Author: Glamour Ghoul
Rating: NC-17
Pairing:: Logan/Jean/Remy. And yes, I mean Logan/Jean/Remy that way. Comicverse. AU.
Warning: This fic contains multiple naughty situations, including but not limited to m/m interaction and slightly non-consensual sexual activities. Do not read this story if these things bother you. Iím serious. Really.
Disclaimer: All characters are property of Marvel, who doesnít deserve them because they never let them do fun stuff like this, and they keep killing them. (R.I.P. Betsy. If Iíd known at the time that you werenít long for this world, I would have let you have some fun too.) No harm is intended and no profit is made.
Feedback: If you are so inclined. Flames will be gleefully posted and mocked in The Hall Of Flame at And Iím a real bitch.
Archive: Eiluned. Teethmarks. All others please ask.
Thanks: To Eiluned and Paxnirvana for the betas. (Eilís husband can thank me later.) To the other Naughty Kitty for not hating me after she read this.
Notes: This sat on my hard drive for months, until I read Paxís Sledgehammer. There was a slight similarity between our stories at one point, and I started thinking it would be kind of cute if I had Remy make a reference to it. That was the first step toward this fic seeing the light of day. Now, all these months later, here it is. I think it aged well. You need not read Paxís story to understand this one, but you should anyway, just because Gambitís ass is in it.
Another note: This is your last chance to not read this story. Turn back now.

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