America prophecy of Russia-China nuclear attack

America Facing Surprise Nuclear Attack?

America is disclosed to be the target of a nuclear attack conspiracy by Russia & China & the Islamic Arab world, leading to World War III.

Top defected Russian spy Col. Stanislav Lunev, investigative journalist Bill Gertz, and other experts on national security and foreign policy have released alarming research on the Russia and China threat to the U.S.A.

This research along with news reports about international defiance (e.g. communist and rogue or terrorist states) to U.S. hegemonism and U.N. sanctions, are showing trends that incredibly coincide with prophecies in the Bible...

U.S.A. has been revealed to be the "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation (chapter 17), also known as "the great harlot/whore", hated by a group of ten nations who will "burn her up with fire" and make her "desolate". Hated for her moral degeneration and prideful dominance in international affairs, she is destined to receive the fiery judgment of a nation turned shameless & unfaithful to God.

America is viewed by the Islamic and culturally/religiously orthodox world as a major source of worldwide moral contamination and destructive materialism.

As Israel's only unconditional ally, hatred towards America is also growing in direct proportion to hatred towards Israel. And Russia and China are the only military superpowers with the technology to empower Israel's enemies and unite with them in removing the U.S. roadblock to the obliteration of Israel.

America is destined to be brought down in order for Armageddon to come about...
U.S. National Security and Prophecy
U.S. of America nuclear attack in Bible prophecy
November 2000

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