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Why America is Mystery Babylon

Also see Revelation 17
America at the Crossroads: Judgment or Revival?

God's angel clearly explains to Dumitru Duduman:

DUMITRU: "If you are the angel of God, everything you tell me has to be written in the Bible. If it is not, then I can't tell the Americans."

ANGEL: "Tell them to read Jeremiah 51:8-15. He named it THE MYSTERY BABYLON, THE GREAT ADULTERESS. Also read Revelations Chapter 18, the whole chapter. There it says clearly what will happen to America."


ANGEL: "Tell them because all the nations of the world immigrated into America, and America accepted them. America accepted Buddha, the Devil Church, the Sodomite church, the Mormon Church, and all kinds of wickedness. America was a Christian nation. Instead of stopping them, they went after their gods. Because of this, He named them THE MYSTERY BABYLON."[1]

"Tell my people to be prepared and be careful," says the Lord, "for everything I have decided will happen. Do not say in your hearts that the Lord has said many things that have not happened yet because all things are decided by Me and everything has it's appointed time. Draw closer to the Lord your God and cease doing evil things that I may give you victory. I the Lord will work in ways that you cannot even imagine, but be holy.

The sin of the GREAT WHORE has spread throughout the world. The stench of her sin has reached me and it will not be long until I will raise the whole ARAB world, the RUSSIANS and other countries against her, that they may destroy her." [2]

REF: [1] Excerpt from Through the Fire Without Burning, Dumitru Duduman's testimony
[2] Excerpt from "A Revelation (Nov.8, 1992)" in Dumitru Duduman's compilation Dreams and Visions from God.