The below urgent message is forwarded from Sara Ballenger, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners.  She is forwarding a message from Sister Gwen Shaw, President of the End-Time Handmaidens, who received a call from John McTernan, who co-authored the book, "Israel: the Blessing or the Curse," with Bill Koenig.

(I prayed against this storm Saturday, that it would veer away from land.  Please agree with me.) 


You may have heard of John McTernan. He is the man who co-authored the book, Israel: the Blessing or the Curse, with Bill Koenig.
John is a former policeman who speaks with authority. Yesterday, he called Sister Gwen Shaw, the President of the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, and gave the following information about Hurricane Isabel. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS STORM AND MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.
This alert is a call to the intercessors to PRAY that this disaster might yet be averted. With President Bush speaking with Jordan's King Abdullah this week at Camp David regarding the Road Map in Israel, JUST ON THE VERY DAY THAT THIS STORM IS FORECAST TO HIT D.C., we are asking urgent prayer on the part of all intercessors.
"He spoke to the wind and the waves, and they obeyed Him." (Mark 4:41)
Thank you and God bless you,
Sara Ballenger
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners


Beloved intercessors,

On Sunday, Sept. 14 at 3 p.m., we received a phone call from John McTernan, asking us to call the
intercessors to pray for God to have mercy on our country and save us from Hurricane Isabel which is
threatening to destroy much of our nation on the east coast. I am giving you a transcription of much
of our telephone conversation:

 "Right now the meteorologists have it coming directly over Washington, D.C. It is a category 5
hurricane. That is the worst category. It is 155 mph winds, or more and creates catastrophic damage.
It is equivalent to an eight point earthquake hitting California.

 "There were only three category 5 hurricanes that ever hit the United States. Hurricane Andrew was
the last one, and that was a baby one. Although the winds were strong, size-wise it was very, very
small; and still it did 40 billion dollars damage. It hit on the very day that the Madrid Peace
Process began on American soil for the first time. There was only three hours difference between the
start of the meetings and Hurricane Andrew.

 "The Madrid Peace Process started in Madrid, and was transferred to the USA. The very day they
first met on our soil, for the purpose of carving up Israel, Hurricane Andrew struck Florida.
 "Last Friday, President Bush and Secretary of the State, Colin Powell both condemned Israel for
even talking about deporting Arafat. Hurricane Isabel was weakening at that time. It had been a
category 4 hurricane, and it had become a category 3. And the same day that they did that [condemned
Israel], it surprised the meteorologists by leaping from a category 3 to a category 5 within a
matter of an hour or two. It became a ferocious category 5, sustaining winds right now of 160 miles
an hour, with much higher gusts. There is no building made that could stand a direct hit by a
category 5 hurricane. The tidal surges on these hurricanes are 30 feet.

 "They are projecting that Thursday, (unless the Lord intervenes) this hurricane will hit the USA.
It has passed the point where they turn in the ocean away from the United States. All the projected
models have it hitting from Norfolk, VA to Long Island, N.Y. The main one right now, [the
meteorologists are saying] will strike the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, go up the Chesapeake Bay to
Washington, and literally come right over Washington. They have it directly over Washington. If it
does that, the Chesapeake Bay, with the rivers that flow into it, will back up, and you will have
unprecedented flooding. I mean, you have some very large rivers that flow into Chesapeake Bay. They
will rise up, and you'll have the 30 foot tidal surge, you'll have 160 mile an hour wind, you will
have the torrential rains of the hurricane, plus the backing up of the rivers that will cause
flooding. This could be unprecedented. This is like the San Andreas Fault rupturing in California.
This literally (I mean this in all sincerity) has the potential to wipe out states -- nothing less.
Trees gone, buildings gone, bridges gone, roads wiped out, people gone!

 "God's wrath has been kindled against America because of what we are doing to Israel. Everyone

knows that Arafat has sworn to destroy Israel. He has never rescinded that oath. He has killed

thousands of Jews. And here, the President of the United States is interfering with Israel, even

with this terrorist, whom I believe God wants dealt with now."

 Sister Gwen asked John, "What has happened to President Bush?"

 He answered, "All the forces around him are against Israel. Any of his political advisors, from

what I understand, are all believers in replacement theology, if they are believers at all. The

Catholic Church, the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches have been

pressuring him over Israel, the European Union is pressuring him, the United Nations are pressuring him. The Oil Industry, the Banking Industry, the Arabs pressure him. The only one who takes sides with Israel is us.

 "Every Pastor who believes like we do should be shouting out the truth from the roof tops. The

phones should be ringing off the hook in Washington, the Senators, the Congress, the State

Department, the President, that we are supporting Israel.

 "We are tampering with legalizing homosexuality. And then, the killing of the babies [abortion].

But right now, what we are doing with Israel is kindling God's wrath. God is serious!

 "Delaware, literally could be wiped off the map. If it continues on its course, the eye of the

hurricane will go directly over Delaware, and you wouldn't have a building left in the state.

 Doreen asked, "How long will we have to wait before they alert the public?"

 John answered, "It has to be real soon now. Monday or Tuesday they are going to start alerting the public. You will hear them telling them to evacuate from the coast of North Carolina, Virginia,

Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and probably Long Island, and N.Y. Because the hurricane could swing quickly, and you might be evacuating one area in the morning, but then, in the evening the hurricane could have shifted course a couple of degrees, and it could effect another area.


 "I have been studying this for years. I have been waiting for the kind of disaster that would cross

the threshold. I believe 911 was one of them, but it wasn't a natural disaster. Now, because we are

coming against God's covenant with Israel, I feel that we are facing a disaster so great we will not recover from it. It will wipe out businesses, power lines.


 "When this storm is finished you could have the entire North East blacked out, with no hope of

turning it around for two years. Think of thousands and thousands of miles of power lines all gone

because trees are ripped out and torn down, and mainlines are torn down, and power stations blacked out. What I am talking about is the physical destruction of the power-grid of the entire region.  Every lineman in the country would have to come and it would take months and months to put it together. How long would it take to restore every telephone line and power line?


 "It could leave several million people homeless. The hurricane is predicted to come directly over

my house. They have predicted that it will be over Washington on Thursday and over my house on

Friday." (John lives in Harrisburg, PA).


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   Sister Gwen