A Day of Infamy!
Jim Bramlett
Aug 27, 2003

Dear friends:

The national symbolism of the Ten Commandments debacle in Alabama far eclipses its local significance.  It is interesting that God is allowing this to be a public spectacle, widely covered by the networks, as media pundits are gleeful at this defeat of those who love and honor God's Word.  Round the clock, hour after hour, the world watches and mocks as God is mocked in America, the nation founded by Him.

But God may be sending another message of His own -- on this very same day  Isn't it strange that the actual removal by the government of the Ten Commandments in Alabama happened today, August 27, 2003, THE VERY SAME DAY that the planet Mars, the planet of war, comes closest to the earth in some 60,000 or more years, scientists say?  This cannot be a coincidence.

I may not have thought of that unless I had received the following email from Larry Taylor, revealing his remarkable experience on this day.  His story follows.


Larry W. Taylor          August 27, 2003

Hyssop Chronicles

WARNING - Update       August

" The Day of Mars - SIGN "

I was awakened this morning about 9am and was struggling not to get out of bed, as I usually sleep to 11am, due to night shift work. However, I got up and started some coffee then turned on the Fox News channel in time to see the removal of the 10 Commandments Rock from it's location in Alabama.

As I drank some coffee the Headlines came on again as I was trying to wake up. I again saw the removal of the 10 Commandments
Rock and the next news article was a story on how today, August 27th, was the very day that Planet Mars was closest in over a 60,000 year period of time.........................

All the sudden, I found myself suspended in the air over America and saw a great white wall surrounding the nation. It was a wall of protection around the nation that had been placed there by God. The great
white wall had many cracks in it but it was still intact in guarding the nation. All the sudden I saw the wall crumble and fall into nothingness and it was completely gone. The wall had been removed in an
instant and was completely gone. No more wall!

In my spirit, I heard a voice say, " Today this nation has demonstrated it's will to declare WAR on Me --- the God of the Bible and Author of the Words on the Rock that they chose to remove by force of their new law ---- what's right in their own eyes! This demonstration by the rulers of America is a direct declaration of "WAR" upon Me and Righteousness."

Then I heard, " Therefore, I do remove the Wall of Protection from this nation and it will not be rebuilt." 

I felt a great heaviness come upon me but could not pray for the nation as my mind was stayed upon this terrible act of rejection by this nation to the very God who had protected it so well. But no more ---- the Wall is down now!!!

Then I remembered the date: August 27th, 2003. The very day was here that MARS - "god of War" is closest to the Earth!

The very SIGN was in the sky that WAR had been declared upon God's Word and this nation demonstrated it's leadership will to remove it!

It is done-------and can this nation afford to pay the price---------NO WAY.......

Then came to my mind Jeremiah 7 verse 16: "Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to Me: for I will not hear thee."

Jeremiah 7 is a chapter of the Bible where God, Himself rejects the people!!!

Well, August 27th, this year of 2003, has arrived with MARS "god of War" at it's closest approach to the Earth and the National demonstration of the removal of the Rock of God's Word supernaturally given to His people for all time. Can the SIGNS be any plainer than that?

Now we face a future with the Wall of Protection completely down and the downward spiral of this Nation as God
rejects this people...............................

There is always a remnant and a witness in the land. Keep close to God as we see in the days ahead, judgment upon a nation
that rejects God and remember, from this day forth, August 27th 2003, the Wall of Protection is NOW DOWN !!!

Larry W. Taylor

P.S. to Day of Infamy
Jim Bramlett
Aug 28, 2003

Dear friends:

Yesterday I called August 27, 2003 a Day of Infamy because of the symbolic significance of the highly publicized removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama court house occurring -- the very same day that the planet of war, Mars, in a most rare position, is closest to the earth.  I included a supernatural experience of Larry Taylor revealing that God's protection had been removed from America on that same day.

Today, a friend pointed out another amazing thing -- also yesterday, August 27, 2003, the Dow Jones Industrial stock market average ended down exactly 6.66 points!  I confirmed it in my local newspaper this morning.  You know the meaning of 666 in the Bible.  

This does not seem like all coincidence to me.